Hey New Moms! Walk It Off with Skechers Shape-Ups!

09/19/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy of Skechers

Baby has arrived — and so has the extra weight!

But in the hustle and bustle of adjusting to life with a new bundle of joy, you struggle to find the time — or the energy! — to hit the gym.

Now you can spend hang out with your little one and burn calories with Skechers Shape-Ups ($95 – $120) like celeb moms including Jillian Reynolds, Constance Zimmer and Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon.

The super soft wedge, which extends from heel to toe, features a unique cushion that creates a natural instability, making your leg muscles work to keep your balance.

And while they’re working to better your balance, your back and joints get stronger and are given a chance to rest.

From full-on sneakers to cute Mary Janes, Shape-Ups are available in a variety of cool colors and styles. Check out the full collection at Skechers.com.

— Anya Leon

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A. on

I’ve heard that the Shape-Ups don’t work… has anyone else heard this?

TC on

How long before sketchers announces a giveaway for the people who post on here giving it glowing reviews?

Bethan on

They don’t work. I’ve had a pair for the last six months, used them everyday for the school run. And I haven’t noticed any difference at all!

Georgina on

Have you actually seen these in the flesh? They look like clown shoes, just really really ugly! And for that price, I just expect something better.

Other companies like Reebok do better ones, cheaper too, I couldnt get past the giantness of the shoe to try them!

Janna on

I don’t know if they “work”, per se, and they do take a little getting used to because they do throw you sort of off-balance… BUT these are the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn. Ever. By far.

poppykai on

I have had the flip flop/birkenstok syle called shape ups for about a year. I wear them nearly everyday because they are sooo comfortable but I wouldn’t say that they have done anything to “shape me up”!!! The runners are just huge and ugly and they would have to work miracles for me to buy those!!

poppykai on

oops. My flip flop style are called tone-ups but they still haven’t accomplished that in a year.

diablaroja on

Every unbiased consumer test I’ve seen for these and similar products have determined that they don’t work. None of them. Why would someone wear an ugly shoe that doesn’t come through on its stated purpose? (I sense a giveaway coming too, TC.)

Shelby on

Pregnant or not, I would not be caught dead in those shoes. They are incredibly ugly and honestly, who believes these would work? Just another reason a majority of America is obese, always looking for the next big trick or gimmick to get them “in shape”. I’m in shape and you know why? I’ve adjusted my eating habits and get out and do things, put on a pair of normal walking shoes and spend just 30 minutes a day brisk walking. I guarantee that will do more for you than a year in these waste of $90 shoes.

Michelle on

I’ve never worn these (or any of the ‘shape-up shoes’), but if they create a “natural instability”, are they really a good idea to wear when you are pregnant? I remember I was incredibly clumsy when I was pregnant, especially towards the end. Between my belly and the expected loosening of my hip and leg joints, I was stumbling around like a drunk person in regular shoes. I can only imagine if I’d put on a pair of shoes meant to throw me off balance.

Bugs on

I’ve never been interested in them. I mean, how would they shape me up? Companies come up with the silliest things possible to sell a product. I already have comfortable shoes to walk and do exercise. Not to mention i have a knee problem, and i don’t need shoes that will put my balance in jeopardy. Cause i’ve heard that’s what they do. I don’t know.

Tracy on

I agree with Shelby – I’ve been trying to “shape up” by decreasing my portions and putting on my ratty old tennis shoes and walking. I understand the intrigue in these types of shoes – who wouldn’t want something to help them shape up when you’re just running errands around town? I just think it’s another way to appeal to our desire to lose weight/shape up/get fit without doing any real work.

Steph on

You still have to do the work…heart rate raised etc. they are a great marketing scheme! Personally, I really like my MBT’s. They are comfy, better looking than they used to be, and my calves now look pretty good (plus I don’t have to wear my orthotics with them)!

CMS on

I have to echo previous posters in saying that scientific studies have proven that these shoes do NOT do what the manufacturers claim.

I do have a tip for women of toddlers, though — I’ve recently started carrying my two-and-a-half year old everywhere around town on my back (in an Ergo carrier), and it has helped me lose quite a bit of weight in the last month. We walk miles every day, and it is so much fun because we can easily have conversations while he is back there (unlike using a stroller, when it’s typically much harder to talk with your kid). Whenever we’re running an errand that’s less than a couple miles from home, I carry him on foot instead of using the car, as I normally would.

I understand that this approach is not for everyone, because walking takes longer than driving, of course, and I’m lucky enough to live in a city where many things are within walking distance. But even if you live in suburbia, you can walk around the neighborhood for fun and even talk on the phone at the same time. Walking is a good of an exercise as running or using machines at the gym, and if you’re carrying a 30+ lb kid on your back, it’s even better.

P.S. I’m not affiliated with the company that makes Ergo. Any brand of baby carrier would work, of course. 🙂 I was surprised that it would be so easy to carry a chunky toddler because I didn’t carry him much when he was younger, but with a carrier it’s really comfortable.

Amanda on

I have a pair of Shape-Ups, and I have worn them almost every day for close to a year now, and I haven’t noticed any weight loss what so ever. I do, however, LOVE my Shape-Ups, cause they are the comfiest sneakers I’ve ever owned. They did feel a little funny at first, but I got used to them in no time, and just love them now.

Mrs. R. on

So I have a pair, and I like wearing them when I’m walking my daughter to school or to the library. BUT… I don’t wear them when I have my baby in a carrier because the shoes make me so unstable that I worry that I might fall.

I think these are a TERRIBLE idea for new moms who carry their child. Pushing a stroller is another story – they are great, comfortable, and if it helps you to get out and walk, then great.

Amanda on

All you people that are saying the Shape-Ups aren’t “safe” for pregnant ladies, and mommies holding babies – what the H are you smoking??

You make it sound like these sneakers are like standing on balls, or something. That’s just beyond ridiculous. They’re not unstable in anyway, all that’s different from other sneakers is that they FEEL a little unstable at first cause the sole is a little different.

Jeez!!! *smacks forehead*

Carli on

I agree that the Skechers are hideous, but I know quite a few people who wear them and say they are comfortable. I’m not sure if they lost weight with them though.

I decided to go with the Reebok Easytones: they’re so much more stylish and I got a pair for $100 (which I figured is the cost of most Nikes and Adidas’s) While walking long distances I personally feel my leg muscles really being put to work (like in an “exercising way” not a “getting used to new shoes” way), but I haven’t been wearing them long enough to notice any weight loss. But they are comfy and I really feel work in my upper and lower legs.

Stephanie on

The shape ups dont work I have had mine for months and though they are comfortable they dont cause any weight loss whatsoever.

Jenny on

Every person I have seen wearing these…. or something similar (fit-flops, etc.) has either been in fantastic shape (not due to wearing the sneakers) but because they work out regularly and eat well or they have been overweight and seem to think that these shoes will be the magic answer to their prayers. Don’t waste your money on them. Invest in a good pair of running sneakers or cross-trainers…try to fit in some real exercise and watch what you eat.

MandyA on

I already have issues with having small feet (size 5 1/2). I have a feeling that these would make my feet look really tiny. No thank you.

Carrie Jo on

I got a pair last year and find that they actually hurt my back more. I do ind that my leg muscles have to work a little harder on the hills but it kind of defeats the purpose for me because I end up walking slower. With normal shoes I can walk a lot faster and farther, thus burning more calories.

Michelle on

Amanda, since I was one of those posters who made you *smack your forehead*, I just wanted to come back and say two things to you: first of all, I said right in the beginning of my post that I’ve never worn these shoes. Never even tried them on. So I have no idea what the whole “natural instability” is like. I still think I made a valid point, which leads me to my second point: you could have said what you said in a much nicer way. Maybe just pointed out that the feeling of being off balance only lasts a moment and then they are just like other sneakers. No need for the vitriol. Do you work for Sketchers?

M on

“Shape Ups work…”

Except not.

Mommyof2 on

I bought a pair, and LOVE THEM. While, they don’t show a difference after 1 use…I wear them everyday to work, and a lot of the weekends, and I can see and feel a difference. My pants aren’t as tight and I stand up straighter. Of course they are going to make your back hurt when you first use them…they make you stand up straight, and help with your posture. Mine came with a video, and once I watched it, all was clear. It does take a little getting used to..I wore them around my house for 2 days….and they are by far, the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn!! I would recommend them for anyone who doesn’t have the time to run to the gym everyday….sorry, I have 2 small kids, and work a full time job, and come home to take care of my home!!
LOVE THEM!!!! Worth the money!!

Amelia on

I’ve never personally used these shoes (they are awfully ugly). However, my dad has feet problems associated with his Type I diabetes, so he regularly see’s a podiatrist. He asked his podiatrist if those shoes work, and the podiatrist said, “Well, they’re great for giving me business!” Apparently after awhile of wearing these shoes, they can create all kinds of foot/ankle problems.

Janna on

I don’t know why everyone keeps saying how ugly they are. They don’t look THAT different than lots of regular sneakers. Look here: http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/skechers/shapeups/PRD~551735/Skechers+ShapeUps+Fitness+Junkie+HighPerformance+Shoes.jsp

Amanda on

LOL @ Michelle; If I was working at/for Skechers, don’t you think I would be praising how they work, and that I’d lost tons of weight!? So, nope, I do not work for Skechers, I just happen to own a pair.

Amber on

I have a pair and they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. And believe me, if you’re walking uphill or for extended periods of time, they DO work. I was so sore the other day and all I had done was walk in the shoes. Will they make you lose weight? Probably not. But if you aren’t already doing other things to lose weight, they are not going to help. I will say they have helped my cardio and have caused soreness in my hamstrings, calves and glutes and if you work out in them, it really adds a challenge. My husband has foot problems, and he bought a pair and they’ve really helped him as well.

MG on

I agree that these shoe’s aren’t the greatest looking design in the world, but I’ve found them to be the most comfortable shoe’s I’ve ever worn. People make comments when I wear them, but I don’t care, I’m on my feet all night, so I want to be comfortable. I never had to go through the horrible shoe break in period with these, however, after wearing them to work for 10 hours, my legs were pretty sore at first. They do help your posture. I notice I don’t drag my feet in them, which is something I do with other tennis shoes. After wearing them for 10 hours a day, 4 days a week since July, I’ve noticed certain areas are firmer. You have to wear them in order for them to work, but I also agree that you also have to do some other form of exercise in order to get the results you want. You can’t rely solely on the shoes to get into the shape you want.