GroVia and Charlie Banana: Two New Cloth Diapers We Love

09/17/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy of Charlie Banana and GroVia

We all know that having a baby usually means changing a lot of diapers. And with the recent resurgence in cloth diapering, some parents worry that it will be difficult, inconvenient and too much work. Don’t fret! We’ve found two new brands — GroVia and Charlie Banana — that will make your cloth-diapering woes a thing of the past.

Both companies offer super cute eco-friendly styles in a variety of gorgeous colors and prints. And both fit babies up to 35 to 45 lbs. But what really separates them from the rest are their reusable cotton pads and biodegradable disposable inserts. Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, there’s an option that works with your situation.

Ready to make the switch? You’re not alone. Celebs including Matt Damon, Tiffani Thiessen and Bethenny Frankel are big fans of GroVia. Plus, Charlie Banana gives back — they donate 1% of all worldwide sales to Operation Smile.

Check out both collections at and

Stephanie Phoenix

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Lindsey on

Yay for cloth diapering! I am so glad that it is finally getting the publicity it deserves! Thanks for this great article!

SKE on

We switched from disposable for our first two kids to cloth with our third, currently two months old. We use GroBaby (the previous iteration of GroVia) and LOVE it. Even my husband, who I thought would never be willing to cloth diaper, is just fine with them.

Carolyn on

Awesome! I wish more moms would embrace cloth diapers and not be so scared – this is great!!!! Love the Charlie Banana colors.

Meighan on

We started using GroBaby when my son was 12 months old–totally wish we had started cloth-diapering from the beginning! It’s so much easier than I thought it would be and has saved us hundreds! I think if everyone knew about all the awesome new diapers that are available now, a lot more people would ditch the disposables and go with cloth.

emflems on

GroVia is an amazing company with many wonderful diapering options for ever family. Cloth, hybrid and eco friendly disposables. We are GroVia lovers, not only because they have great products, but great service and their CEO is a mom of four going on 5 who started the business out of her home, I’m thrilled to support a green business with a mom at the helm!!

Adrienne on

I must say we have just started cloth diapering, eekk!!! I was so nervous and everything so confusing!!! BUT then I found Gro Via and seriously THE BEST!!! I am currently trying these and another brand out and I CAN NOT STAND the other brand either can the baby! Our daughter is 3 weeks old and weights 8 pounds and they fit perfectly, we are doing the Gro Via Hybrid. WE LOVE THEM!!!!

lori on

just switched over to grovia in the past month for our baby – SUPER easy and adorable. what more can you ask for?!

Jazmine on

Love GroVia, excellent products and quality.

Carolyn on

Charlie Banana diapers are wonderful!! They are seriously the softest, cutest, best diapers I’ve used. And I was hesitant about cloth because I thought it was too much work and I had to get a service. So NOT true – Charlie Banana diapers have the CUTEST colors and I’ve never had a leak or anything!! LOVE!

Carolyn on

This is great – so happy cloth is getting so trendy and mainstream! CHarlie Banana diapers are the most adorable, fashioable little diapers out there 😉

Candice on

Both my little ones are diapered with Grovia! An amazing company with an outstanding product!

Byron on

GroVia makes hands down the best cloth diapers out there! My wife is big on the cloth diaper thing and we have tried them all – Charlie Banana doesn’t hold a candle!

I recommend these diapers to any dads out there who are intimidated by the thought of cloth. Super user friendly and cute, too! Thanks for putting them in the spotlight. Go GroVia!

Saebbe Reidhead on

I love GroVia!! thanks for such a great article!

Leslie H on

Cloth diapering is so much easier than I thought it would be. Glad celebrities embrace them too!

Paula N on

I am so in love with cloth diapering, it’s become an obsession! GroVia are my husband’s favorite diaper system and our go to system for travel! I’m so glad to see cloth getting more exposure!!!

Laureen on

I love gro baby they are great!! We love to CD, much cheaper the disposables!

Leslie on

Love seeing mainstream media and celebs talking about the benefits of cloth diapering. Love Grovia although I haven’t tried Charlie Bananas!

GJ on

We love the GroVia system. They are incredibly easy to use and very cute. Even my husband willing uses them, saying they are practically easier to use than a disposable.

mmiller0912 on

I have been cloth diapering for almost 2 years now, and GroVia products have been a part of it!
I love that I am not creating more waste every time I change my daughter’s diaper, and really adore how cute they all are!

æKristina on

We’ve been cloth diapering our 10 month old since she was 3 months old – using a mix of Dreameze and GroBaby and GroVia. Cloth diapers have been so good at containing the mess (our primary reason for switching), and the laundry upkeep has been a breeze! It really has been not alot of work, with a tonne of reward!

Julia on

I started cloth diapering my son at 14 1/2 months with GroBaby (GroVia’s prior name) and we LOVE it! It’s so much easier than I ever expected and I love the versatility of the diapers! I think it’s great that cloth diapers are becoming more mainstream!

jljmommy on

2 Great Companies offering wonderful alternatives to disposable diapers! It is great to see cloth diapering getting mainstream exposure!

Sarah on

We’ve used cloth diapers for all three of our boys. We love cloth diapering! GroVia makes it really simple so even my husband has no problem changing diapers! I’m glad cloth diapering is getting so recognition in the press – YAY FOR CLOTH!

Margaret on

I have been cloth diapering for about 4 years now and am continually amazed by how easy and how cute cloth diapering is. So often when you do something good for the environment you end up spending more, but cloth diapers cost so much less than their disposable counterparts!

Michelle on

We LOVE GroVia diapers. We started using GroBaby diapers (GroVia’s former name) when they first came out, and that’s all my daughters stash consists of. Now with two in diapers I couldn’t ask for a simpler, cuter system!!

Brandi on

I’m not cloth diapering yet, but will be when my baby is born in February! I’m looking forward to using Grovia. I love the different options and adorable colors that they offer!

Lindsay on

I love GroBaby’s. We’ve been using them on my son since he was about 2 weeks old and they are my favorite diapers. So easy with reusable covers. I love the GroVia company. Great diapers!

Erin Patrick on

Thanks for discussing cloth diapers! I started cloth diapering my son when he was 2 weeks old with GroVia and we haven’t looked back (he is now one year old). We love cloth diapering and GroVia has made it so easy. My son starts daycare next week and when I showed them his GroVia diaps the daycare workers were excited too. So easy!!

Melody W. on

We LOVE our GroVia! We’ve been in cloth since our son was born, now #2 is on the way and I look forward to even more fluffy diapers! 🙂

Lisa on

I have been cloth diapering for the past 8+ years and in the past couple of years some really awesome diapers have come onto the market. The Grovia diapers are my absolute *favorite* diapers. They are trim and comfortable for baby and so good for their skin. No chemicals, no worries. Grovia is also a wonderful company! If you are a disposable user, consider switching to their cloth, hybrid, or eco-disposables. You won’t regret it.

Abby C on

we are on baby #4 and will be cloth diapering. what fun colors and prints from these companies! best of all, they seem uber daddy-friendly!

cris on

So, noticing the amount of posts for these diapers in such a short period of time…and noticing that most of the comments read like advertisement for the company, I have to wonder how many of these posts are from the company or friends of?

Shawnda H. on

Our family loves cloth diapering!! We started with our son as an part time alternative to disposables. Now we are full time in GroVia and expecting baby #3 in November and we have her nursery complete with GroVia diapers as well! It is alot easier to cloth diaper than it was years ago thanks to inovative companies like GroVia and Charlie Banana!

Carlee H on

We just switched to full-time cloth diapering and we LOVE our GroVia!! It’s the first one I reach for out of all the brands in my stash.

Sara Hughes on

I love cloth diapering so much I became a rep with to spread the word! We carry GroVia and can help parents find the right diapering system for their family and GroVia is an AMAZING system!

Nancy on

Yay for cloth diapering! After calculating that we spent about $5,000.00 on disposable diapers for my first-born, I decided I wanted to give cloth diapering a try. I heard about GroVia’s hybrid system and a lot of rave reviews so my family took the plunge and we have been cloth diapering my second child since he was just four weeks old (he’s now 13 weeks). Even though it is a huge expense up front and I wish I had spent the nine month of pregnancy accumulating diapers slowly over time, we figure that we have already saved at least $4,000, especially since we are also using cloth wipes. I LOVE that GroVia’s diapers will stay with my son until he’s potty trained. Their company, customer service, and 100% guarantee always leave me happy with my decision.

michelle on

I started using cloth diapers with my second daughter and I wish that I had started with the first. I love them, the are easy to use, healthy on her tush and great for the environment. Our garbage was cut in half! I use Grovia almost exclusively and love their diapers and the company! I would highly recommend cloth diapers to any parents!!!

angie on

What a great article! We began cloth diapering with grobaby/grovia cloth diapers when my daughter was three weeks old, and we’ve never looked back!

tx mommy on

So glad to see cloth diapering getting more exposure! I recently converted after using disposables with my first-born. Hubby and I are cloth diapering our second-born and love how convenient and easy all these cloth diaper manufacturers have made it. It’s so much friendlier on the environment, saves LOTS of money, and is gentler on babies’ skin. I recommend cloth diapering to friends and GroVia happens to be one of a few brands in my diaper stash. After spending what we calculated as almost $5,000 on diapers alone for our first-born who was potty trained at 35 months, switching to cloth was an easy and HUGE money-saving decision.

Sarah on

Chris I just think people who do things “not the norm” get super excited to see a post on it! I know my heart started pounding when I saw this was for cloth diapers =) It’s just … awesome!

I have been curious about this brand of diapers. Right now I use Motherease and Kawaii covers but have been seeing more and more on the GroVia and was curious about how good they were. Looks like I might be making a purchase!

Kelly Connolly on

We just started CDing our 3 month and 16 month a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier! GroVia’s have made all the difference, they are easy and super cute! Can’t wait for the new colors so we can add to our stash!

abevill on

I love cloth diapers! They aren’t the old school crappy ones anymore and GroVia are some really easy to use!

Love them!

lisa on

We LOVE our grovia diapers. we use washable inserts almost all of the time, but if we’re out for the day we’ll take the biosoakers, which are also great for when the baby has a rash problems! they’re awesome.

Angie B on

I started cloth diapering when my son was 3 months old. At first I didn’t know where to start so I asked one of my friend’s who is a pro. She said that I should try Grobaby/Gro-via as they are the best. I have been using them ever since and absolutely LOVE them!!! I have never had one issue with these! And the company is fantastic to deal with; I have sent general questions and have had answers right away!!!

lisa on

Our GroVia diapers also helped us become more “green” in other ways. when you’re using cloth diapers, it makes it easy to switch to cloth other things, wipes, paper towels, sandwich bags and a host of other things that we’re no longer using new resources to make and we’re keeping them out of our landfills. i started cloth diapering quite a while back, just because they were so cute and now, with all the benifits i couldn’t imagine it any other way. GroVia ROCKS!

Chrissy P on

We’ve cloth diapered our baby girl since birth and we LOVE it! GroVia/GroBaby diapers are one of our very favorites… we never have leaks and get many compliments on the adorable prints. My personal favorite is the bluebirds print 🙂 Looking forward to adding the new colors to our stash!

Beth S on

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Gro-Via. With the biosoakers, it makes it so easy for my mother in law and husband to cloth diaper. Love em!

iz on

ummm i’m sensing some more creepy fake comments!!!!! lol

Emma H on

I’m so glad cloth diapering is getting some exposure. I love cloth and it’s so much easier than I thought it would be. I had soooo many more leaks with disposables than I have had with cloth. Love GroVias and BumGenius.

Nicole on

GroVia’s are amazing! I’m using them with my first child, and it’s amazing how easy they are. When someone first mentioned the idea of cloth diapering my first reaction was negative…my image was the old style prefolds with pins. But when I saw GroVias I realized that cloth diapering has come a long way since then. They are just as easy to change as a disposable, they are cuter, cheaper, better for the environment, and better for baby. I can’t imagine putting my baby in disposables now!

Anna B on

We love our GroVia diapers! We’ve been using them since Nora was 4 months old, and we tried other systems too in the beginning, but nothing compared to GroVia! We even have several friends who are now devoted GroVia families since seeing ours! 🙂

Margo on

We’ve used cloth diapers for 2 of our 3 kids. Once we started we never thought to go back to disposables. I currently have a mix stash of Fuzzi Bunz and Grovias and they are fantastic. I think alot of people are scared to try cloth diapers because they think they have to use pins and dunk diapers. We don’t do either and they really are easy.

Oh, and I’m not shocked about the comments and responses. Grovia and cloth diapers in general have a huge following on parenting forums and Facebook.

Nichole diemert on

First purchased cloth diaper was Grobaby which is now Grovia. Seriously love these diapers. I alternate between these hybrids and pockets but I love the fact I can use throw away liners in the Grovia! So easy, and So cute!

Milli D on

I love my GroVia diapers. They fit so well and aren’t bulky like a lot of the other cloth diapers I have. Everywhere we go, people see them and want to know where we got them. I think it’s awesome that a lot of people are finding out that using cloth is so much easier than pins and plastic pants!

Wendy B. on

I have been using GroVia diapers (actually GroBaby…their earlier product line) for about 3 months now, and I love them! I have some other types of diapers, but these are definitely my “go to” diapers. Thanks for the great article!

Carolyn on

Well, i think it’s VERY strange how many GroVia comments there are – I think the GroVia people are pressuring people to respond! I think I’ll try Charlie Banana just for the fact that they aren’t asking people to post! However, cloth diapers all around rock and ALL mamams need to take a look.

Carolyn on

Yes…my wife asked me to post this, BUT my wife uses Charlie Banana – they are great (even though I don’t always help stuff them) but she loves them and I’m so glad we’ve been using them the past few months. Our daughter has started to potty train becuase of the cloth diapers. Parents need to realize cloth are easy and cost us dad less $$$!!!

Missy on

Love the Grovia’s! cloth diapering is so easy and economical, more people should consider it!

Cheryl on

I bought a bunch of GroBaby (now GroVia) diapers for my son, because they’re the only one size diaper wrap I could find. If you want my recommendation on saving some serious cash, buy the wrap without the insert and buy a bunch of prefold seconds. My son is 12 months old and has gone from a scrawny little early crawler to a chunky monkey toddler in his GroBaby wraps using the same infant sized prefolds I bought in the beginning.

One word of warning, though: if you want to cloth diaper at night (especially for boys), you’ll probably need to buy something heavier duty.

AH on

We LOVE GroVia! I have both a 2yr old and a 5mo old in them and they are great! Since starting to cloth diaper I have tried a few different brands and GroVia is by far the best fit. They are never bulky- even when stuffed with a few soakers for night time heavy wetters! Hands down this is a great product, simple to use and has converted me from a disposable user to a full time cloth dipering mommy!

Sydney on

I love Charlie Banana!! Great product and cute colors. Would love to see more on their products!

Laili on

So nice to see Charlie Banana here!!! They are such great diapers.
Their fit is so trim and we love the colors…Their customer service is amazing:)

Laili on

WOOOAAA!!!! Congratulation Charlie Banana – My son is cruising around in his Shanghai Green diaper and he loves his Digger one the best. I need to get more as that is all he wants to wear!
Thank you for revolutionizing my diaper world. Until you came along I was scared to tried cloth diapering, now i am an expert!
So nice to see you at Babies r US

Laili on

Charlie Banana you are the KING!
Thank you for revolutionizing my diaper world. Until you came along I was scared to tried cloth diapering, now i am an expert!

sinclair on

OMG with all of the fake posts on here…and the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really, ppl. Too obvious…..

amandamay on

anyone else notice that “nancy” and “tx mommy had nearly the same comment… parts even exactly the same?

nancy said: “After calculating that we spent about $5,000.00 on disposable diapers for my first-born”

tx mommy said: “After spending what we calculated as almost $5,000 on diapers alone for our first-born”

i’m not doubting both of these products are great, but 99% of these comments look fake to me. NEVER has there been an “ad” that generated so many comments in such a SHORT period of time that are all crazy positive. and so similar sounding! note to companies – when you do this kind of fake commenting, it makes me NOT want to try your product!

lisa k. on

I like Gro Baby diapers but LOVE LOVE LOVE Grovia diapers. I’ve been using them since my 9 month old son was 2 months old (bought a few to test out, then bought the LIVE package). They are so easy to use and super cute. I was scared of poopy diapers when I first started considering cloth, but with the flushable Bioliners, they are actually not bad at all.

Laili on

Sorry I could not hide my excitement:)

Soña on

We cloth diaper and use a mix of prefolds and covers, pockets like Bum Genius, Rumparooz and Happy Heinys, fitteds and just recently added some GroVia diapers to our mix. The impetus was I wanted to try a hybrid system so I could use paper inserts on the go. On vacation we’ve used ecofriendly disposables but at least when our daughter was younger she’d grow out of one pack of disposables before we used them all. The biodegradable GroVia/GroBaby inserts are a great compromise for those times when a paper diaper just makes more sense. I’m glad to see cloth diapering getting some mainstream media attention.

Meighan on

Um, yeah, for the record my comment is not fake. And just like other posts are saying, people who cloth diaper are really excited about it and we just love seeing cloth diapering gettin some facetime because lots of people have old-fashioned notions about what it means to cloth diaper (think diaper pins and plastic pants, ugh!). And also, The Natural Baby Co who is the parent company of GroVia is a lot better known then Charlie Banana which is why most of these comments are from parents who use GroVia (it’s like the Nike of the cloth diapering world). So weird that people would think the only reason why someone would get excited about an article like this and comment on it is because they were “pressured” to do so and not because of all the benefits of using cloth.

Erica on

So happy to see CHARLIE BANANA here!

CHARLIE BANANA is the best I have ever used, first night alone after
just one wash, no leaking and no read marks around his thighs.
I’ve been cloth diapering for a year now and have used a lot of brands. Charlie Banana is a hybrid diaper that comes with 2 inserts and a disposable insert too and they make cloth diapering so easy, even my husband whose not into cloth diapering as I am commented that these are the best we have used and now it’s all he talks about when it’s time to change our boy.
“Where’s Charlie Banana?”, so nice to see him converted!

*These are the best hybrid cloth diapers I have used and real comment, when I saw this on & babies) I had to say something*

Ey Rg on

GroVia is pretty awesome. Super soft.

Guggie Daly on

I love love love the Grobaby/Grovia collection! The covers are super trim, not bulky or funky looking. I don’t have to buy special clothes or sizes to make thing fit. Being able to use the disposable biosoakers was great for when my husband was switching over and worried about cloth. Now he is 100% onboard! The Grovia (new line) is even better than Grobaby. I love the new 100% organic inserts b/c they have a waterproof backing!

Laura on

I don’t have any children yet but I hope to someday! And I’ve been leaning more and more toward getting cloth diapers when I do have one. I just have a few questions if someone would be kind enough to answer! Could you tell me the process of what happens after a child soils the diaper? Where exactly do you put the diaper? I’ve heard the term “wet bag” (I think?) but what is that exactly? How do you wash them in the wash? How often do you have to do that? (I guess that probably depends on how many cloth diapers you have and how many the child goes through in a day?) I know you are supposed to dump them in the toilet but isn’t there still a good amount of poop residue on them? Does it just go in the wash? Do you worry that it will get on later clothes that you wash in the same machine? And my last question… someone mentioned cloth wipes. What are those and do they pretty much go through the same process as the diapers after being used?

Those are the only questions I can come up with now but any additional information is highly appreciated. I don’t know anyone that uses cloth diapers or I’d ask them!

Al on

It’s great to see such exposure to cloth diapering, and I love the GroVia brand. The hybrids are super-easy to use and even my husband just commented on how easy they were to use and how fun they look compared to disposables. I was scared to try cloth diapering, but it’s so much easier than I thought it would be–the diapers fit great, are easy to wash, and are daycare friendly. I highly recommend this brand and company to anyone looking to cloth diaper! I have never heard of the Charlie Banana diapers, but it’s also nice to see cloth diapers being picked up in mainstream reatailers like BabiesRUs so a variety of people receive the exposure and think about cloth diapering since it is so much better for the environment.

Margo on

I posted above and am posting again. If you look these companies posted this link on their Facebook pages. I have fanned both. Grovia has been around much longer and has more fans. I don’t think anyone is being pressured to post. It is just so neat to see these cloth diapers being seen as cool.

Really, go read their Facebook pages or Babycenter or Diaperswappers forums and you will see just how excited people get over cloth diapers.

Jill on

I am a supporter of cloth diapers, but find it odd that there have been posts before about different brands and never this amount of comments and the same wording in them. I figured their had to be a prize or something for posting……So, I had to check out their facebook page……and here is why people are all over the board and posting fast….Well, I will go with another great company…not going to go with one who operates this way.

GroVia Post your experience with CDing in the comments here:

Post a link to your comment here on this thread. Tomorrow evening we’ll draw 10 lucky winners each to receive a Print Shell Set and BioWipes!!

amandamay on

jill – i’m with you. i get really annoyed when companies do this. these people might truly love the product but i find it disingenuous to make people think these comments are unsolicited and unbiased. people are being bribed essentially to post these comments in order to win a prize. not a fan. these are probably fantastic diapers and i’m all for cloth diapering but grovia has left a bad taste in my mouth and i will go for charlie banana.

i hope grovia reads these comments – please don’t do this again.

TC on

I’m with Jill and Amanda, I don’t like fake reviews and essentially that’s what this is. I too will go with a different brand because of this stunt, very much like a book review a few weeks ago when someone puffs up their comments like this it’s a HUGE turn off and it’s a guarantee I will not use their product.

I’ve heard a lot about using cloth and it’s something I plan to try but I will cross off grovia off the list of possibilities because of this crap.

I will also be writing to grovia directly to tell them how dissapointed I am of their marketing technique.

Sara Roth on

I just got back from a month long trip to visit with the in-laws. Diapering with GroVia was SO EASY!! THe biodegradable inserts make it convenient and eco-friendly. I was using pocket diapers mostly at home but after my trip I think I will be making a switch to using more GroVia. They are great!

Sara Roth on

Cloth diapering has been so easy for me. I’ve tried many brands and have found that having the versatility of a hybrid diaper is really the way to go. Having a disposable insert that is also biodegradable and made from materials that aren’t hazardous to our health makes a huge difference to me. I have been using the GroVia hybrid system and can’t say I have any complaints. It is easy and when I take my little one to daycare the women there always say they don’t know why more people are using these diapers. I’d like to see more people switch and think they would if they knew it’s not too different from using a disposable. I am a satisfied GroVia user and would recommend that people give it a try.

CH on

I have been using GroVia on my son for the last 8 months. I LOVE THEM!!! He’s had no diaper rashes. The diapers are so easy to put on–velcro not pins. Inserts unsnap easily and you never have to touch the dirty part of diaper. Just throw them in the wash like any other load and you’re good to go. When we were on vacation we used the biodegradable disposable inserts–absolutely perfect! The diapers fit him with room to grow and he’s almost 30 lbs. Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these diapers!

JM on

i hate seeing all these fake comments. it kind of trivialises what is actually an important idea. especially posters like “sara roth” who has obviously tried to post twice as two different people. if companies are genuinely good they won’t need all these fake posts.

GJ on

We love the grovia diapers! We have been using them for several months and they are not any more difficult or consuming than disposables!

nicole on

We finally decided to start cloth diaper, and we chose GroVia. it has been the best choice. Great customer service, great product, what else more could we ask for?

Margo on

Oh BROTHER….if you read their Facebook post THEY SAID TO POST ABOUT YOUR CD (cloth diapering) EXPERIENCES….They did not tell people to come on here and spam GroVia.

GEEZ….what a bunch of dramarific people!

Felicia Sollitto on

I LOVE cding! These are my favorite so far. I just wish that I had cd my son. So easy and so good for your babe and our planet!

Tracy on

I know there are tons of comments on here with lots of hyperbole… so I’ll just keep it simple and to the point. I’m sure other diapers may be ok, but having found Charlie Banana they are everything I want – fit great, look great, and designed to last. What more could you need?

Jo on

I can not wait to try Charlie Banana on my little one! A friend of mine from mums group won some in a competition and said they are the best quality she has ever seen. The colours are so beautiful… can’t wait for my retailer to get their stock in!!

Rowan on

I like that Charlie Banana gives a portion of all sales to Operation Smile – a charity that does amazing work for kids around the world. I think it says a lot about the company, and how much they genuinely care about children.

Choosing cloth diapers is in part about expressing my eco values, but I’m a parent above all (and care deeply about children’s issues). It seems like Charlie Banana gets it, and I will definitely check out their products.

Tracy on

Love, love, love Charlie Banana diapers, great fit, easy to use, a the colours are soooooo amazing, I want them in every colour. Plus a potion of sales go to charity.

Sarah on

A lot of diaper companies do competitions like that. It is a great way to reach out to your fans and have them market the product themselves. The thing is, if you aren’t already a fan of the product, you won’t know about the contest. So they really are reaching out to people that they know already like their product. Why is that so wrong?

I personally love Grovia. We’ve been using both their AIO and their AI2/hybrid system for some time.

I do think I am going to try the charlie banana system, though. Just because, I always like to try something new! I’m just crazy like that though.

I do have to say that I doubt any system can beat Grovia’s disposable inserts. They hold EVERYTHING in, and have even lasted overnight for me.

Do the charlie banana inserts have gussets?


Shawna on

I’m no big fan of Charlie Bananas. They essentially stole their design from a small company called Evolution Diapers. I would not support them at all.

natalie on

Shawna, I know what you mean but Fuzzi Bunz actually completely ripped off of Evolution diapers design and charlie banana greatly improved the fuzzi bunz design. I would much rather buy charlie banana then fuzzi bunz any day of the week.