Big Kenny Adopts Son Dakota Jefferson

09/17/2010 at 12:30 PM ET
Rich Diamond/Getty

Big Kenny’s family just got a little bigger with the addition of a new son, Dakota Jefferson Holiday Alphin, adopted by the Big & Rich singer and his wife, Christiev, in July.

“When they put Dakota in our arms, he had the most beautiful smile, and the moment Kenny started talking to him, Dakota lunged toward him,” Christiev tells PEOPLE of their now 9-month-old.

“We both looked at each other and it was like, ‘Of course he is our son.’”

Big Kenny (whose full name is Kenny Alphin), 46, and his wife already have a 4½-year-old son, Lincoln William, together and they decided to adopt domestically after unsuccessfully trying for a second child.

“Having Lincoln as an only child was wonderful but I come from a large family and I didn’t want him alone,” says Christiev, 47. “Even when Kenny and I were dating I asked him about adoption and he said absolutely, so our hearts and minds were open.”

Lincoln “has had to learn how to be a sibling,” but he’s a quick study. “Lincoln is in love with him – he says Dakota is going to play keyboards in his band,” she says. “He’s aware of a beautiful responsibility.”

And though Dakota’s a newcomer, he’s already a perfect fit. “This child is so happy and so boisterous,” she says. “He lunges to kiss and hug and he sings all the time!”

— Eileen Finan

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CeeCee on

Congratulations to them!

Shannon on

How wonderful for them! Congrats to the happy family!

TC on

That is wonderful news, I’d love to see pictures of the 4 of them

meghan on

When I hear a story like this I am reminded once again how everything happens the way it is meant to. Dakota was meant to be a member of this family. Warmest congratulations to the Alphin family!

Macy on

Awww congrats to them. I love the name Dakota too, such a cowboy name!

Luna on

Love the kids’ names. And I love that they adopted. Congratulations to Kenny, Christiev, and Lincoln on baby Dakota. I’m sure their lives will be filled with happy times and blessings 🙂

FC on

Aww, loved reading this about Big Kenny and his family, including new son Dakota. The last line about him being so much fun and being so loving, lunging for hugs and kisses and his singing, that just melts my heart instantly.

Many congrats to the family on the new addition!

Jennie on

Congrats to Big Kenny, Christiev and Lincoln on your new addition. I am not surprised, Big kenny has a big heart.

LisaS on

Aww… This is such a heartwarming story.

I love how their sons’ names seem to have a presidential theme going on: Lincoln and Jefferson. Wonder if it was deliberate or just a coincidence.

Anyway, congrats to the Alphin family on their new addition. That is one lucky baby boy, and the parents and big brother are luckier still.

CelebBabyLover on

Aww, congrats to them!

Amanda on

Congratulations to them! I wonder why Christiev’s older boys from her previous relationship weren’t mentioned! Technically Lincoln wasn’t an only child before Dakota was adopted he has two older (half) brothers. [I use the term half/step lightly because I have four of my own and they are as much of my siblings as my full siblings.] That confused me a little especially around the time Lincoln was born they were spoken about quite a bit. Maybe they asked not to be spoken about who knows! But none the less congratulations to them I wish them the best.

annabelle on

Congrats to them! They were married in South Dakota – so it makes perfect sense to name their new little guy Dakota! Mount Rushmore (in SD) has the faces of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln …. hmmmm… so who’s next?

CelebBabyLover on

Amanda- I’m guessing that Kristiev’s other boys are probably quite a bit older than Lincoln, so I understand their comment about having him as an only child before Dakota came along. It’s like the situation with Suri Cruise. She has two siblings, but because both are quite a bit older than she is, she is an only child in a lot of ways (if that makes any sense!).

Also, I clicked on the link in the post to the PEOPLE article about Lincoln’s birth, and noticed that he also has Holiday as a second middle name. I wonder what the inspiration was for giving both boys the name Holiday as their second middle name?

Does anyone know whether Holiday was Kristiev’s maiden name?

Hea on

I’m thinking Doc Holliday?
Congrats to them.

Me on

As a mom of two adopted boys I can totally echo their feelings. No matter where your child came from you just know it’s yours the minute they are placed in your arms. And I am so excited to see a celebrity adopting domestically and internationally. So many people think adoption only happens over seas, but most adoptions from Americans take place domestically. Blessings to them all!

Becky on

Such a cute family..Love the names that they gave the boys..

Sarah M. on

Dee – ALL children that don’t have permanent homes DESERVE to be adopted by a loving couple! Whether it is from a couple in their ‘home’ country or a couple from a different one. No one child is any less deserving than any other!!

Sarah M. on

Statistically, more celebs have adopted from the US than other countries. I can give you a list, if you’d like, comparing the two. They are actually pretty even, if not MORE for the US side.

gdfg on

Dee, infants adopted in the US are not “needy.” There are WAY more people looking to adopt babies than there are babies available! Dakota was not a charity case! The kids who need adopted in the US are the older children who become available for adoption as non-infants. I’m glad Big Kenny was able to add to his family, but he definitely wasn’t “helping” anyone but himself. Many people adopt from other countries because the infants there ARE in need of homes, while here in the US there is an over abundance of people willing to adopt them.

Kristin on

gdfg- To down play domestic infant adoption with your comment above is absolutely ridiculous and insensitive. Taking on an adopted child from any country at any age takes a lot of faith and love. I personally think they are heros. Until you have walked in the shoes of someone that cannot have children biologically and are adopting, please keep these comments to yourself.

Holly on

I totally agree with Dee.

Brennan Sullivan on

Christiev’s older sons are around the ages of 18-20, so its understandable that Lincoln is referred to as an only child.