Tiffani Thiessen: I’m Okay with My Post-Baby Body

09/16/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Joe Buissink

After giving birth to daughter Harper Renn in June, new mom Tiffani Thiessen isn’t stressing about losing the baby weight.

“I’d love to be my size again but my body is just not that way,” Thiessen, 36, told PEOPLE at the launch of Crest Pro-Health Clinical Gum Protection Toothpaste. “It doesn’t work that way for me and I’m okay with that.”

The White Collar star, who gained just under 50 lbs. while pregnant, said that although she lost 30 lbs. right away she is having a much tougher time with what remains.

“These last 20 are really super stubborn,” notes Thiessen.

“When you’re running on four hours of sleep it’s a little hard to get motivated but I am definitely trying. I’m going to the gym three to four times a week and I started to run again. It’s about trying to balance and find the time to do it.”

One thing that the former 90210 star never has to find time for is spending time with 3-month-old Harper.

“She is a definite momma’s girl. She is very attached,” Thiessen said. “”When I’m nursing she just sits there and looks at me. She’ll sit there, then she’ll pull off and laugh. She is totally playing a game.”

So what’s next for this first-time mommy?

“I’m starting a new line [called] Petit Nest,” said Thiessen. “It’s baby furniture, bedding and wall art. We launch in October.”

— Isley Kasica

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cris on

Why do we get the same “after baby” article with every celeb mom on here?

Leah on

At least she’s being honest about having a tough time losing the weight. She’s not saying she’s nursing and it just “melted right off.”

Kristen on

It has only been a few months; give yourself a break! It took more than 9 months to create that baby, a few months to take off the extra weight should not be that big a deal.

ForeverMoore on

I gave birth just a week before Tiffani and had a very similar birth experience…also like her, almost all of my weight dropped off very quickly but yes, those last 15-20 pounds are very stubborn! But when you have God’s greatest gift in your life, a few pounds seems trivial. Harper is gorgeous, so happy for Tiffani!

Stella Bella on

I can really relate to what she’s saying.

Kat on

This poor woman has always been hounded about her weight. I remember the issues they gave her on 90210 because she has a wider face, even though her body was tiny. Hopefully she just continues to do what is comfortable for her, and just enjoyed this time with her little one.

Mom of 1 on

my daughter is 4 & my body hasn’t gone back to post-pregnancy…i’ve lost all the weight, of course but my body hasn’t looked the same especially the mid-section…i’m okay, though!!

sortacrunchymom on

She says she’s okay with it, but she’s going to the gym four times a week and she’s starting to run again. Sounds to me like she’s *not* okay with it. Which is fine…I wouldn’t be happy with 20 extra pounds, either!

Maritan on

I can totally relate to Tiffanie. I felt the same way after my second baby. The weight did not come off easily, but who cares? I am still coming to terms with my current shape and I am not entirely unhappy about it. I have a wide face with big cheeks and people used to say all kinds of things to me because they assumed I had a full figure to match.
I hope she enjoys her little girl. Harper is adorable.

Sarah on

I had my son in June (’10) and I gained 35lbs. I still have another 10lbs left and it is SO stubborn to get rid of. With taking care of him full time I rarely get to work out. Still praying it just “melts away”. haha.

KH on

Forget the talk about post baby bodies! I’m just really glad that every one of her interviews talks about the joys of nursing. It’s nice to see someone not trying to hide it like It’s a gross and/or unpleasant process.

Julie on

Why do so many celebrities feel the need to come out with a “new line” after they become parents? Ali Landry, Charlie Sheen, Kimora Lee Simmons, Joel Madden, Nicole Richie, Tori Spelling, Nancy O’Dell, Soleil Moon Frye… Who’s next?

Few, if any, have a design background. Do we really need another one?

Melissa on

Finally a new mom that comes on here and makes us regular women feel like crap. The older you have a child the harder it is to lose the weight. But they are worth all the sacrafices and hard times. Love my child!

Lila on

She is gorgeous, and always has been. I am glad that she is not starving herself to get into a size 2. And Harper is adorable!

I agree that nursing is a wonderful experience, I nursed for a year and loved it (except the pumping). But it also won’t melt the fat away for most people. I have had to work really hard to get most of my baby weight off, but if you exercise daily and eat right- it will come off.

SP on

It’s so refreshing to hear a celebrity be honest about postpartum baby weight! It is a long process to get your body back even if you are working out nonstop–and it’s great she’s working out. She should feel good about herself in a healthy way-she’s beautiful! I am still trying to work my baby weight off after 7 months–and making time to work out is definitely as challenging as she describes. Congratulations to her-what a beautiful baby girl!

Sam on

Who gains 50 lbs for a baby? If you don’t pork out during pregnancy you won’t pack on the pounds. So many women think pregancy is a reason to just let themselves go. Yuck!

Renee on

I support you. I had my 3rd child 2 months ago. I gained 22 lbs. I lost almost all of it. it’s my body the needs to be toned and reshaped. I’m on Michael Thurmond 6 week body make over. I’m on my 2nd week and I feel alot better so far. I can hear my size 4 jeans calling for me. good luck, you have the right attitude

Penny on

It’s great read about a celeb who has spent the weeks following the birth of their child actually nursing and nuturing their baby rather than selfishly focusing on getting back to the pre-baby weight. It’s been a few months, the weight will come off eventually Tiffani, just keep being a good mom!

Heidi on

Cris – we get the same “after baby” article with the celeb mom’s because…..they are all asked about it AND as this is a mom and baby site it is posted here.

Hope on

I love her and can also totally relate! It’s refreshing to see a star not freaking out about a few extra pounds!! Harper is beautiful and I am so happy for her!

Renee on

Love that she is so “normal” and down to earth. I’ve seen pics of her recently and I think she looks amazing! no need to rush it. everyone’s body is different. and what baby would not be a mamas girl with Tiffani as your mommy! 🙂 They are both beautiful!

Kat on

Thanks Sam for adding the always present ‘unhealthy pregnancy weight gain’ troll post. You can return to your hole.

Tara on

To be completely honest-i could care less if she gained 5 pounds or 50pounds. Ive always thought she was beautiful and she seems like she would be a very wonderful person. i had my son in November of 2009 and i still havent lost all the weight (went from 140 to 192 from start to finish in pregnancy) and although it is depressing sometimes to not fit into old clothes, i always find myself stopping my train of thought on that subject with thoughts of my son. Becoming a mom was the best thing thats ever happened to be and i wish her the best of luck. Her baby is beautiful and healthy and so is she-thats more than enough to be thankful for in my book! CONGRATS!

Shannon on

Love that she is focused on her baby and NOT Hollywood standards! Hip Hip Hooray Tiffani!

daysee on

I think she looks great.

Shannon on

Good for her! Every woman is different!

Katie on

TO SAM: I gained nearly 40 lbs. when pregnant with my daughter and I sure didn’t “pork out” or “let myself go”–in fact I ate healthier than I ever had before in my life and also exercised daily. And guess what? After two months, I only have about 10 lbs. to go and am back in most of my clothes. Everyone is different and everyone’s body responds differently. Please give credit to all women who carry a child for nine months, no matter how much weight they gain. Every pregnant woman and mother is beautiful and not “yuck.” Congrats Tiffani and don’t worry about your body–it’ll go back!!

gdfg on

sortacrunchymom, I agree! But if she said the 20 lbs bothered her she’d get a lot of flak for it.

Jacq on

She is too cute I really like her she way down to earth and I love that.

Pam on

Funny coincidence. I have a daughter named Harper and gained nearly 50 pounds in pregnancy. I felt compelled to comment because being rather thin, that weight gain was with my doctor’s approval. I expect the same thing happened with Ms. Thiessen. Within 6-8 months, I was back to my original size. Losing weight slowly with an exerise program is smart for the long term. Fad diets are not healthy for nursing mothers, and generally don’t keep the weight off. Congrats to Ms. Thiessen on her beautiful and healthy baby girl.

Momoftwo on

Sam, you obviously know NOTHING about being pregnant. It is normal for a woman to gain anywhere from 30-40 pounds when pregnant. So, I don’t think gaining 50 lbs is by any means “porking out”. When you get a clue, feel free to post.

Shannon on

Sam: I gained 48lbs with my second pregnancy and I was by no means “porking out”. I ate no more than normal and I’m pre-pregnancy 5’1″ and 115, surely not underweight. My baby was born last Nov. and I’m still working on losing my last few pounds. I’m back into a size 2 but with the stretch marks and baby pooch, I probably won’t ever wear a bikini again! Its ok though, my husband still thinks I’m beautiful and I love my kids more than anything! Makes it all worth it!

susie on

I only gained 25 so dropping the weight wasn’t hard!

jmk on

She’s an older first time mom – I think she is being realistic about her body. And that’s refreshing.

Rachel Brittin on

I so relate to this. I had a baby in early June after gaining 50lbs. Although I too have lost all but about 20lbs of it, my body is far from the same. However, when I look a my little girl, I don’t care. When lack of sleep is no longer and issue, when I’ve gotten used to being a working mom, and when my daughter is a little older maybe then I’ll work on it. Until then, I’m just getting by with a little extra me. She might be 18 years old – ha!

Terri on

Going to the gym doesn’t mean that she’s not okay with it. It means that she’s going to continue to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of her body even if she doesn’t get down to the same size. People work out for other reasons than being a size 6.

kim on

I think it’s really ridiculous that Hollywood mom’s are made to feel so pressured to be stick thin 10 minutes after they give birth!!!!! Good for her that she is not buying into that crap. Taking care of your newborn is the most important thing. Congrats to her, what a beautiful baby 🙂

Jessica on

I recently had a baby and gained 22 lbs (which is healthy). Women should not use pregnancy as a platform to eat unhealthy and totally forget all healthy habits. I have had 2 children and have kept both weight gains to under 25 lbs. Reason for that is because I wanted my baby healthy, a safe delivery and I did not want to be spending all my time post baby feeling disgusted with myself.


Julie on

For all you ladies out there that are having trouble losing the last 15-20lbs…please see your doctor and make sure your thyroid levels are where they should be (typically around 1.0-2.0 for most women). Pregnancy can cause the thyroid to be underactive, and that in itself can cause a heap of symptoms that aren’t much fun! Check out http://www.thyroid.about.com for more information.

Inka on

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy your baby and just love on her, keep on breast feeding and you’ll see that last 20lbs come off. I can’t imagine having the world’s eyes on you while going through what is supposed to be the most enjoyable time of your family’s life and some concentrating only on the waist line. And I always say, ‘If my husband doesn’t complain why should I?” 😉 God Bless!!!

Lola on

Jessica: since when are you the staple for how much a woman should gain when pregnant? It sounds to me like you were only eating enough for one – NOT TWO. Besides, everyone’s bodies take on food consumption differently. What you did doesn’t sound healthy at all – instead of curbing your appetite, maybe you should’ve gone the more healthful route with prenatal yoga and exercise. PS – if you don’t want to deal with weight gain, then maybe you should consider adoption in the future..

Kim on

Every woman is different and I’m sure she could afford the best doctors. If 50 pounds was unhealthy I’m quite sure they would have told her so. Why do people have to be so judgemental. What’s right for one person doesn’t make it right for everyone else. Some of you people are ridiculous! “Oh I only gained 20 lbs!” SO WHAT? You aren’t EVERY woman.

Natalie on

Jessica and others,
Have you ever heard of edema? Diet and exercise has nothing to do with the physical complications that can arise during ANY otherwise “healthy” pregnancy, and several extra pounds from water isn’t unheard of. Quit being so quick to judge — myopic opinions are worthless opinions.

runningmommy on

As a mommy of two, I workout 5-6 days a week, and while losing weight is an added bonus, I do it for my sanity. Staying home and taking care of the kids is a blessing, but everyone needs a break, and exercise is mine. Maybe it is Tiffani’s too, so she could be okay with those extra 20 pounds and just enjoys the high from running.

Tash on

Wow Tiffany, remember that you’re 36 now. Not a gal of 20 anymore when then your body would have snapped back like a rubber band. So don’t worry, be happy you have a tweet likkle cutiepie.

Stace on

Please enough with the ‘I just had a baby and now I”m designing a new baby line!” These celebrities hire people to design for them then they show up the day it’s being launched and come up with their story how they came up with the line. Did they go to school for this? Did they do the sketches? Please enough stories like these and who cares about her baby weight she looks great, kudos to her for nursing! Write more stories on celebrites that actually nurse and put their babies first or who actually take care of their own kids now that’s a rarity in Hollywood, that’s newsworthy.

jessicad on

She has always been one of my favorite celebs, she seems so down to earth and sweet, plus she’s freaking gorgeous! I love the name Harper:)

I think women like Sam and Jessica are just looking for attention or taking anger out here, we shouldn’t give in to that.

RocLa on

I agree with runningmommy I am a Mom of 2 who stays home and my only stress/sanity relief is exercise which I do 5-6 days a week. I also gained 40lbs both pregnancies and did not “pork out.” Without sounding repetative of the other posts we are all different and even though I am now thinner then I was before kids my body is not the same. As long as she is focusing on her child and not neglecting herself she will lose the last 20.

B on

Oh please – unless you are a doctor (and I highly doubt you are, if you are commenting on a People story in the middle of the day), you have no right to say what is or is not a healthy weight gain during pregnancy. I weighed 100 pounds when I got pregnant. When I checked into the hospital to give birth to my son, I weighed 172 pounds. That’s right – over 70 pounds gained. I did not get diabetes or have any other pregnancy-related problems. In fact, my pregnancy was normal and easy. My son was born an incredibly healthy 9 pound baby, with perfect Apgar scores across the board. Now, 9 1/2 months later, I am back in my pre-pregnancy jeans – size 25. Every woman and every body is different. Only a physician can say what is and isn’t healthy for each woman. My doctor was a little surprised at my weight gain, but not concerned at all. Oh, and I don’t have a single stretch mark either – and I’m over 30! Take that, naysayers.

Heather on

Hey ladies! All women gain different amounts of weight during pregnancy. I started at 5ft2in 125lbs. I gained 40 and 2 days after my c-section, I had lost 30. It was the only time in my life that I ate perfectly and excercised. She is not a porker for gaining 50 and only gaining 25 lbs is usually reserved for overweight people or you are just lucky Sarah. the norm is 30-40. Stop judging.

katie on

good for her!!

DianeM on

Sam, what a stupid naive girl you are. Grow up!

She had a baby 3 months ago and we’re already on the weight wagon. Soooo tired of it.

alr on

Why is it that so many people imply that unless you nurse you are not doing the most you can or your child. Some moms do, some don’t. Doesn’t make you better or worse.

coffeebean on

okay i gained 55 lbs during my pregnacy and i lost it all – i am 5 ft 2 inches and now weigh 115 lbs, so sam you can bite me. everyone’s pregnacy is different…i vomitted my first and second trimester. sue me if i felt great and hogged out the last trimester. it was the best experience of my life and i would do it all over again and btw, i am 35 years old. i walked my ass off with my child w/me at all times. i didn’t go to the gym once. so, you can lose those last stubborn 20 pounds. i’m done now.

Sheila on

I had my first baby in 1985, I started out at age 25 and 120 lbs and the day I had her I weighed 170…three days after delivery I weighed 125. My daughter weighed 8 lbs and 3 oz. My second baby girl I was 27 and started at 135 pounds and delivered her at 170 lbs and she weighed in at 11 lbs 2 oz, and I weighed 135 after having her. My third child, a son was two weeks early and weighed 10 pounds at birth, I started at 135 lbs and delivered him at 199 lbs. I was 30 when I had him. I weighed 140 after delivery and stayed at that weight till I had a hysterectomy at the age of 36, My uterus took a lot of damage due to my large babies. All pregnancies are different and each woman’s body will adapt and change with each baby they have…there are no set standards that can reasonably apply. A woman should just enjoy her newborn and let nature take care of the rest.
I am now 50 years old and have weighed between 180 and 200 lbs since I had my hysterectomy and I am toned and fit and don’t kill myself trying to lose back down to a size 7 jeans, my body was never going to be the same size it was before my babies came into this world and i don’t worry about it as long as I’m healthy. In the end, we are all just dust in the ground anyways, so enjoy what you have and don’t sweat the stupid things.

Amanda on

Just wanted to point out to Lola that Jessica didn’t say that she curbed her appetite or denied herself food when she was hungry. She just said that she kept her weight gain in the reasonable range. Nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. Anyway, every woman responds to pregnancy differently, some hanging onto every calorie they eat and some not being able to put on a pound no matter what they do. Different metabolisms, different rating habits, different lives…let’s not judge. We are all in this motherhood thing together. Time to do more supporting and less condemning and criticizing.

Brittanney on

I gained 53lbs. with my son born in 2007. My doctor said I was healhty and my weight gain is fine. I did not eat unhealthy–I ate lots of fruits/veggies and no soda, only water and cranberry juice. Just because someone gained 20-something pounds, doesn’t mean it’s the standard for everyone. I lost the weight in three months and am smaller now than pre-preggers. My son was born at a healthy weight.

Holiday on

By eating healthy and not being lazy you wont gain as much during pregnancy. I was had my 2nd in May and lost it all by 3 weeks but then again I didnt have much to lose and I am active and dont just lounge all day like lots of pregnant and post pregnant women.

Amy on

She seems to so happy and she’s glowingly beautiful in that photo. I love her daughter’s name. I wish them all the best.

Sandra on

Holiday, that is a VERY rude comment.

Like the others said; a woman’s body respond differently to pregnancy, so some women can eat and eat, and don’t put on weight, while others consider what they eat (and eat healthy) and gain 50lbs.

With that said, yes some women see it as an opportunity to eat all these unhealthy things and blame it on pregnancy, but I am a firm believer that the majority do what’s right for their baby.

So please do not judge every woman who gains more than 20lbs during pregnancy, because they can do everything ‘right’ and still gain lots of weight!

Now on the subject; I think it’s great that Tiffany is honest about how hard it is for her to lose her pregnancy weight. And she doesn’t say that she is ok with her body, she says she is ok with the fact that it will take her a bit longer with the last 20lbs.
I think she looks great, and Harper is just adorable.

Danny on

So Tiffani gained weight while she was pregnant?She brought another life into this world and seems ecstatic to be a mother and not obsessed with her body.It’s been documented interviews she has battled her weight since she was 18 with the female’s being larger women in her family.I am guessing this woman has worked her butt off to stay slim so she could continue to work in Hollywood and betting she was told she was still to heavy when she was a size 6 which is just an insane standard to have to live with but it’s the profession she has chosen.She has changed,she’s a mother,in her mid 30’s it’s not going to be easy for her to hold herself to a standard that she has for the last 20 years.She has enough reel for those who want the size 6 Tiffani but I am finding her more interesting and level headed about who she is now with a reality check that she’s just human with the weight gain from having a baby which is normal.She does not seem uptight about any of it!Congrats to Tiffani and her family on the baby!

P. Cooper on

I gave birth to quadruplets 5 years ago and I still weigh about 40lbs more that I did before getting pregnant I have come to terms with the fact that my body as I knew it is long gone. It was worth giving up my old body for the 4 beautiful children that I have now. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Oh yeah…Holiday, I have four 5 year olds, I may have lounged around while pregnant (not by choice, but by necessity) but I have done nothing but run in circles all day every day since giving birth.

CelebBabyLover on

Sandra- I agree! The headline is a bit mis-leading. On another note, she sounds in love with her daughter! 🙂

b on

Well said, Amanda.

Tara on

I think a lot of people come on here and make fake comments about their so-called experiences. They just want to get a reaction from others and it seems to work. No one here can prove or disprove that what anyone writes is true so instead of getting riled up, just accept that whatever is said is probably untrue anyway. Make your comment on the article if you were planning to but if the only reason you’re commenting is to respond to what someone else has said … don’t bother. It won’t make any difference and you’re just causing yourself unnecessary stress!

M on

FINALLY! A celebrity who isn’t trying to tell us that it’s natural for her body to bounce back and then lists her nannies, her private trainer, etc. that make sure her body bounces back. Finally a celebrity is saying that it’s hard but it’s okay. I think she rocks!

Megan on

Seriously?? Why is this even a concern. It’s been 3 months since the baby was born.. losing 30lbs already seems good enough. As far as the 20lbs being ” stubborn “.. it’s only been 3 months! Anyway, after you lose all the weight you still need to tone the stomach so it won’t be too short of a journey.

Marsha on

Hey, I ended up losing about 10 pounds because I couldn’t keep anything down for the first trimester! I ended up gaining about 15 pounds from my prepregnancy weight. I happily gained the pounds. I had meat cravings like crazy (I usually only eat poultry). I would like to have gained all that my doctor said to but, I ended up having pre-eclampsia and delivered a 2 pound 12 ounce baby girl at 28.5 weeks. I gladly would not complain had I gained less than (or more than) 50 pounds because I was eating healthier than I ever had. My doctor was not concerned about my weight so why should I be concerned? Some women just gain more. It has nothing to do with “letting yourself go”. How disrespectful to say that about a pregnant woman! Some people pack on the pounds, some don’t. I think she looks great. Not everyone has the “Giselle” body that looks like you have never been pregnant 2 minutes after you give birth! Moms need to give other moms a break. My daughter is 4 and I now am back to my prepregnancy weight. Although, my body does not look the same. I figure if my husband likes the new me, who am I to complain?

Helen on

Tiffany- congratulations on a beautiful baby girl. Enjoy her, SHE is what is important. After losing my baby girl in 1999 (still birth), I would gladly gain 500 lbs if it meant I could have her back and I would love every minute of it. I have 2 other daughters (20 and 23), and I know what is important and what isnt important. As Inka rightly said, “don’t sweat the small stuff”.

The rest of us have got to stop feeding the trolls..just ignore them…they obviously have their own issues and think they are better and more superior than everyone else. Who am I to disrupt their own little dream world?

lil on

I had two babies, and have no idea what my weight gain was for both. I walked daily, and ate well. That was what was important for me during pregnancy. The weight was slower to come off for my second, it took about a year of hard work before I could fit back into my prepregnancy jeans, but it came off. It is harder in Hollywood, when there is so much pressure to look a certain way in such a short period of time.
Harper is a gorgeous baby, as in momma. I love the name too.

Helen on

Lets stop feeding the trolls. Thats all they are…people..and i use the term loosley. who just want to stir up s**t!
Congrats on your precious little girl Tiffany. Enjoy her.

Stella on

To the women who are saying that they gained a ‘healthy’ 20-25 lbs during pregnancy, sure that’s healthy… for someone who’s obese pre pregnancy. There’s specific reasons for the recomended weight gain for average weight women being between 30-40 lbs. A good portion of that weight gain is water, amniotic fluid, baby, extra blood etc. Sounds like you were selfishly thinking about your weight gain over the nourishment of your growing baby. Your weight gain should be one of the last things on your mind during pregnancy so long as your maintaining a healthy diet and staying as active as your doctor recomends. Every women’s body responds differently to pregnancy so weight gain will vary but generally its lower weight gain that gets doctors concerned.

Kudos to Tiffani, sounds like she has a realitic approach to life post pregnancy. So refreshing to hear a celebrity discuss how spending time and bonding with her baby takes priority over rushing to the gym to lose every ounce in a few months.

MissZ on

She had her baby only 3 months ago! Why would anyone even question when she plans to get back to her pre-baby body? Oh right, because all these other celebrity moms are in tight yoga pants and midriffs two weeks out. I wish people would respect that every woman is different and reacts diffently after giving birth.

amber on

Sam and Jennifer your comments really annoy me. Just because someone doesn’t gain your idea of the perfect 25lb pregnancy weight gain DOES NOT mean they are being unhealthy or don’t care about their baby’s health. When I had my first child I gained nearly 75lbs. I was not eating unhealthy or “porking” out. I ate healthy meals and snacks and exercised daily. My body just packed on water weight despite all my efforts for it to not happen. I lost over 45lbs in the first 6 days after my daughter was born. Clearly that weight was not due to unhealthy eating or being lazy.Not every body is the same, so therefor not everyone is going to gain the same exact weight. Your comments are rude and brash. Please think about the inner turmoil you may be causing a pregnant mom to feel because they are not gaining YOUR idea of the perfect weight gain.

itgirl on

I think they mean, the former ‘Saved by the Bell’ star? Not 90210

Melissa on

OK – – just because you gain over 50 pounds does not mean that you “pig out” during pregnancy. I gained over 60 with each pregnancy…and guess what……the majority of it was swelling…it all came off after delivery with each child within a few months. When did all of you become medical doctors that can dictate what is right for each individual person? No two people are the same; therefore, weight gain will not be the same person to person. Isn’t a healthy baby the most important thing here???

Lindsey on

She is a beautiful person no matter how much she weighs. I’m proud of her!! I too gained 50 pounds when I was pregnant and it is so hard to lose it.

Jessica on

I am a mother of 3 and a registered nurse. I feel compelled to comment on all the folks who are posting statments that 50 + lb weight gain is absolutely ok. If you are seeing an OB/GYN and they feel that much weight gain is not only acceptable, but healthy then you should run out of their office and find a new doctor. Has anyone heard of gestational diabetes? The effects of a large weight gain including high blood pressure are not only detrimental to the mother but could be fatal to the baby. I highest weight gain was 26 lbs.

I agree with Jessica- just because you are pregnant does not mean that you should eat unhealthy and forego mild exerice (I walked 3 days a week). Women become lazy with their eating and exercising habits then we have to listen to all of you complain that you can’t lose the last 15 to 20 lbs. GET UP AND MOVE- BE HEALTHY FOR YOUR KIDS.

Jessica on



jc on

Sam is an idiot.

CelebBabyLover on

Jessica- Have you even read any of these comments? Many commentors have pointed out that they ate healthy during their pregnancy….But STILL gained 50lbs (or more)! Every woman’s body responds differently to pregnancy.

Sometimes the amount of weight a woman gains while pregnant is out of her control! Whether we like it or not, our bodies are going to do what they’re going to do!

Jennifer on

For most people when nursing the weight doesn’t just fly off. Your body will hold on to some for awhile, because it take a certain amount of fat stores to be able to produce enough milk to EBF (this is not the case for all, but like I said, for most)

It takes almost a year to put it on, so give yourself a year to take it off. It’ll happen when your body’s ready to let it go.

Christina on

I had a baby 9 months ago and gained 43 pounds while pregnant, but a lot of mine was fluid. I am thinner now than I was before I got pregnant since I’m very active and am constantly toting my little one around. Every woman is different, and gaining 50 pounds isn’t bad at all. My doctor also said that most women gain between 30 and 40 pounds. As far as losing the weight, how fast you lose it just depends on the person. Tiffani, you are beautiful and so is your baby.

jordi on

Harper is so gorgeous! Tiffani looks so happy! Anyone know where I can get the little top/dress that Harper is wearing?

Ava on

Sam, Jessica and Holiday are total idiots…..wow you starved yourself and baby so you could brag and bring others down, do you want an award or something? Not everyone sits on their butts and gains useless weight while pregnant. Grow up!