Jamie Oliver Welcomes Son Buddy Bear Maurice

09/16/2010 at 05:30 AM ET
Joanne Davidson/PictureGroup

Update: Baby’s name is Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver and he weighed in at 6 lbs., 9 oz. Maurice honors Jools’ late father, who passed away in 1997 after a stroke.

“The whole family is thrilled,” a spokesman for the couple said in a statement.

Originally published Sept. 15: It’s a boy for Jamie Oliver and wife Jools!

The chef Tweeted the happy news, posting, “It’s a baby boy guys!!! I’m shock[ed], we’re all very happy, mum was amazing and both are well and happy x4 kids!! What a great day!! Now I have to pretend to know about football!! All tips on boys [ac]cepted.”

The new addition was born naturally Wednesday, Sept. 15 in London and joins big sisters Petal Blossom Rainbow, 17 months, Daisy Boo Pamela, 7, and Poppy Honey Rosie, 8Β½.

The pregnancy — which was a bit of a happy accident — was announced in April.

— Sarah Michaud

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Ella on

Congrats to them!
Can’t wait to hear the name!!

Shannon on

I’m scared to hear what his name will be…

Mia on

yay!!! A boy-finally πŸ™‚ congrats to them!!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

He got his boy! and although I hope his girls don’t get put out, feel less important, which they wouldn’t be as I’m sure he loves them all to bits, no doubt a boy is just the icing on the cake! Nice for him to experience having a boy in the house since he’s been so open in the past about wanting a son. Having a son myself, anything with wheels goes down well of course, the usual cliches, and he loves wanting to just ‘do’, real active, trying to work out things work, take things apart to put back together, very inquisitive, active, and lots of fun – and loud!

Also nice for his wife Jules to have a boy and experience the mother/son relationship too as boys can be sweet to their mums too (not that daughters aren’t of course, can be close, but a diff dynamic as with dads and their daughters, as I notice with my daughter and her dad!).

Wonder what sort of ‘unique’ name they’ll come up with for their new addition?, hope it’s not too out-there/cruel, but time will tell….!

Colleen on

Congrats to Jamie and Jools! I follow him on Twitter, and of course the one day I am not online for several hours is the day he’s born! Cannot wait to hear his name!

Mel on

I think the girls’ names are sweet. Congrats to the family, and good luck to that little boy with three big sisters!

meghan on

Looking foward to the name! They are always lovely. Their family is like the opposite of mine–three sons, then a daughter. Congratulations!

Ednise on

Congrats! Do give him a name that won’t get him teased.

Julie on

Congrats to Oliver and Jools! I’m sure their boy is beautiful. I’m glad they finally got the son that Oliver really wanted, although I’m extremely curious and more than a little nervous to hear his name.

Jess from Ohio on

I am going to guess the name Leaf. Congrats to the happy family on the bouncing baby boy!

JMO on

Gee I can only guess what the name will be. Probably, Wilted Leaf Stem :eye roll:

Hannah on

Dibs on Oyster Oregano Oliver

Brooke on

I actually hope they just stick with the name Buddy. That would be better that what is most likely to come.

Mallory on

Awww, how exciting that he finally got the boy he’s been wanting.

Melodie on

With the theme of flowers going on with the names of their girls they should consider the name Dandelion (and call him Dan) or “Weed” for being the “happy accident” LOL!!! Kidding aside, CONGRATS to the happy couple!!!

Crystal on

I have been waiting for this news since I found out Jules was pregnant!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! OMG! I’M SUPER EXCITED FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!! A BOY!!! FINALLY!!! Ok guys don’t get your panties in a bunch. I’m not saying that their girls were just practice for their eventual son I just know that Jamie has been wanting a boy and he finally got the answers to his prayers!!! WONDERFUL! Congrats again! I can’t wait to hear the name. Jamie Oliver Food Revolution was one of my favorite shows. My mom and I would watch it every Friday. He won and Emmy for the show and now has a son to go with his beautiful wife and daughters. He is a very lucky man!

Kresta on

Congrats to Jamie, Jools and family and welcome to their baby boy.

Crystal on

I’m sorry Jools! And he won an Emmy. I was so excited I had all sorts of typos in my post! lol!

Manal on

some sites are saying that his son’s name is Buddy!… congrats!!

NYC_Nona on

Congrats to Jools and Jamie and girls~…They’ve announced his name…It’s Buddy…you can check the super cute pics of him on dailymail.co.uk …….beautiful baby!

Barbara on

Just her name, Jools, is odd-spelling. So we can expect a rather odd name for his son, and probably one that he will be teased about his whole life. Oh my.

Luna on

Today I was just thinking, ‘when is jamie oliver’s baby going to be born?’ Guess I got my answer. Haha. I really hope the name he gets will be sweet like his sisters’, but maybe not so out there. However, I do find the names kind of cute. They sound like spring and smiles and sunshine to me. I know his name will be just as good. Congrats Jamie, Jools, Poppy, Daisy, and Petal.

susie on

Scared to hear the name….Poppy, Petals, ??

dawn on

Basil is most likely going to be part of the name

Splum on

Hmmmm,,,,,please not “Pansy”….

D on

Teach him to cook. He doesn’t have to know about football.

susaner on

Congratulations, marvelous. My son likes to cook and bake so get him in the kitchen young!!

molly on

Congratulations! Oliver and Jools. Boys are awesome!–his sisters will love him to bits!!
Buddy sounds great!Go for it!

Kristin on


For those that are saying his name is buddy, if you read the post and Jamie’s messages he says Jools will be the one to announce the full name later. It sounds like they are just calling him buddy as a pet name right now.

susie on

Peanut Oil Oliver

molly on

Congratulations! and welcome to the kitchens of the world ,Buddy!

Sky on

No doubt there are gonna be negative comments here. Personally I’m thrilled for the entire family. The girls have a little brother to take care of and mom and dad got a little prince! Congratulations!

Tammy on

I have no idea who these people are but…Congratulations to them!! Judging by the names of the girls, they have a flower theme going on. I can’t honestly think of a masculine sounding flower name so maybe they’ll call him Bush or Twig or maybe even Branch. πŸ™‚

Stella Bella on

Man, I’m excited to hear the name. Whatever it is, you know it will be original!

meghan1092 on

Petal….Blossom….Rainbow!?!?!?! this kid isn’t going to have a good name….

Jody on

That is terrific news, I was hoping he would finally get his boy in the end! Great news, I too am scared about the name…

Betsy on

I’m betting on Cedar Buddy James… or something like that. Cedar, Leaf, Birch, River, Fox, Wolf, Clover – definitely a naturey name – can’t wait to hear!

Heather on

-I have been checking this site daily to see if they had their baby yet. I’m so excited that they have a baby boy! I wonder what the name will be? I know I’m crazy but I think the girls names are very cute. Congrats!

Sarah M. on

I rather like Sage for a nature-y boys name. I also get that Buddy is a nickname and they will release the real one later. Perhaps Buddy will be included in it…

Congrats to the family and I can’t wait to hear the name!

Lou x on

AAAW! i’m so happy for them! Cant wait to hear the name either, i’m sure it’ll be well thought out and Jools will choose something fitting.

As a side note, someone commented on Jools’ name spelling: i’m pretty sure she’s a Juliette, and Jools is a nickname.

Also, i always thought the older girls were poppy honey and daisy boo, i didnt realise each had another middle name? strange that they never get mentioned in the UK or on American sites, who usually list full names! Tres odd.

Once again, massive congratulations to the Olivers! x

Tess on

I’ll guess Herb.

Lacey on

Daily Mail, is reporting that it’s Buddy! Congratulations!

Ella on

I’m so happy they got their little boy! I know their little girls are so excited to see their new brother. I’m wishing them all the luck, as for having four kids, it’s a beautiful but challenging number of kids. I’m thrilled for them and I can’t wait to hear the name for this little guy!

Lacey on

Nevermind! I re-read it. LOL

Jennifer Chew on

I understand that the parents are trying to be creative with the names of their children, and that’s fine. However, those aren’t names, that’s torture. I can’t imagine going through life with names like their daughters have. I rather stick with the common name that I do have. Trust me, kids that their daughters are going to go to school with are going to tease them about their names. That’s how kids are, they can sometimes be cruel.

jessicad on

I’ve been waiting for this news too, so excited for them!! I thought this would be a boy for some reason. I also wonder if they planned this one so soon after Petal, I think it’s so sweet when a surprise baby turns out to be a different gender than the other 3. Who knows though, none of my business of course:) Congrats and can’t wait to hear his name!

Ellea on

Wow!!! lol thats pretty cool. The son and the baby!

LisaS on

Yay! So glad to hear Jamie’s got the boy he’s been longing for!

As for names, um, how about Rowan? I think it sounds kind of masculine.

Sarah M. on

LisaS – It’s funny you say that. I think of Rowan for for a girl, not a boy. All of the Rowan’s I’ve heard of or met have been girls, too!

jessicad – I think they said that they had problems conceiving Poppy, then after they had her they unexpectedly got pregnant with Daisy (not trying to have them that close together). That they then had problems conceiving Petal, then unexpectedly got pregnant with their son (not planning on them being that close, either, but liking that the first 2 were close together and then that the last 2 were close together).

Devon on

Poppy and Daisy aren’t that uncommon in the UK, or at least that’s my understanding. Petal is, I think, a little different but it’s not weird. No one gets called by their full name anyways, so there is nothing wrong with the names Poppy, Daisy and Petal. People are so hypercritical behind their computers. Sheesh! I love the names and I’m with those who think their son’s name is going to be nature them. Basil, Sage, Fox, River, Cedar (although the only Cedar I know is a girl), Forest, Loch…something along those lines.

I’m happy for them that their 4th was a boy. I could imagine, after 3 of the same sex you’d prefer the other so you could have the best of both world.

Siobhan on

I get the feeling Buddy is his first name. From the message he posted on Twitter, it wounds as though when he says Jools will announce his ‘full name’ later, that means his middle names…

Anyway, so excited to read this news, and delighted for Jamie and Jools!!

Andrea on

YAY!! He’s got his own feature football player! Must be over the moon to finally welcome a boy! Jamie Oliver I can’t offer you football advice but if you by any chance read this tell you wife 1 very important thing: Please give “Buddy” a normal name. Buddy compared to Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom Rainbow & Poppy Honey Rose is indeed, perfect. Just Buddy not Buddy Hurricane Thunder.

Colene on

I am so happy for them all. Jamie is quite a guy I watch all his TV shows. Jools & Jamie are such a cute couple and their children are so cute. Good health and happiness to the Olivers.

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to them! As for the baby’s name, I think Cedar would be a great name! And for the record, I actually LIKE the girl’s names! Yes, they may get teased with them…..but kids will tease just about any name. Some people seem (note the word SEEM. I realize I may be mis-interpreting!) to think that having a “normal” name automatically means that you are immune from teasing about your name.

Well, that is far from the truth! “Normal” names can and do get teased as well. Not only that, but “odd” names certainly aren’t the only ones that can have negative connotations attatched that can be teasing fodder.

Take the name Lucy, for example. Nice, short, “normal” name, right? Well, guess what? “Lucifer” sounds similar to Lucy, so some kids will use that as a teasing nickname. Or what about the name Mary? That’s got to be one of the most common, “normal” names on the planet….and it’s tease-proof, right? Wrong! There’s a nursery rhyme that begins “Mary, Mary, quite Contrary…..” Need I say more?

And for boys…..Well, can you imagine the teasing that a name like, say, Dick (which, granted, is almost always used as a nickname for Richard, not a name on it’s own. But if someone uses the nickname Dick in his every day life, that’s the name he’ll probably get teased for), can get in Middle and High school?

Okay, off my soap box now!

M on

I am sooooo happy for them and for Jamie especially, I know he wanted to have a boy as well!

Bay on

You know it is normal in England to name children after flowers and fruit right? Apple, Peach, Daisy, Rose, Poppy…all normal there.

Bay on

Those are completely normal names in England

Mallory on

I thought when Petal was on the way he said if she was a boy he was going to name him Elvis

Rach on

Thank God it’s a boy. She can stop being pregnant now. Pleased my husband wouldn’t put such pressure on me. I feel sorry for the older girls. As a teacher I know it’s the worst to have a boy at the bottom end of the family. Much better to have the boy first. 3 older sisters. Oh dear.

SAR on

Great. Now he’ll finally shut up about wanting a son.

Allie-Rose on

Awwww!!! Congratulations to Jamie and Jools! I’m sure they’re thrilled to have a boy!

Wonder what name Jools will pick this time

Emily on

Aww yay a wee boy! Besides the fact Jamie clearly wanted a boy, I think having a boy is just perfect for them. Congrats Oliver family!

sandra on

Congratulations to them:)

Natashya on

Bay; Speaking on behalf of Britain, as a UK native, I can assure you names like Apple and Peach are NOT in any way, shape or form ‘normal’. Maybe leave it to those who live in the UK to declare what is normal over here, because I can assure you, you are way off on that. You must not have ever been to the UK. The only ‘Apple’ I know of it Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter. Poppy & Daisy are not unheard of, but certainly not common names.

Linsey on

Congratulations! So pleased they got the boy they longed for, can’t wait for the name to be confirmed.
The girls don’t get called by their full names, just Poppy, Daisy and Petal which are nice normal names in the UK (Ok Petal is a little diffrent but still cute!)

Sophia on

How wonderful for them! It’s nice they got a son after all those girls, not that girls aren’t fantastic (I’m one of six girls!), but I just know how much he wanted a boy too πŸ™‚

I was so certain they’d have a fourth girl! But anyway, I can’t wait to hear what they name him. I love their girls’ names so I’m sure it’ll be charming.

Apple... jokes on

Um, Bay… Apple and Peach definitely aren’t normal names in England. You read too many gossip magazines, English celebrities and their insane names aren’t representative of the general public!

Tara on

I love the names of their girls and am curious to find out their son’s name. Whatever it is I’m sure it will be charming, whimsical & perfectly suited to their wonderful new addition. Congrats guys!

Tina on

Full name of the little boy is: Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver !!!

Olivia on

If you see Jamie’s website, they have announced his name – ‘BUDDY BEAR MAURICE OLIVER’…


veronicka on

so happy for Jamie and family. hope the name will be a fitting one and not off the wall like his daughters’ names.

Anna on

I’m am really curious what they will name him! Quite sure it will be a cute name.

Evier on

Living in London I can assure you those names are not too unusual at all. My daughters best friend at playschool is named Daisey Leigh and my neighbour has a niece, who is about 16 now, called Poppy. Also, at work a co worker of mine had a baby girl last year whom she named Poppy! I think they are all beautiful names!

Ali on

Jamie’s website says that his full name is Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver πŸ™‚

AJ on

I don’t mind Daisy, Poppy and Petal by themselves but when you add middles names like Honey, Blossom, Rainbow and Boo it becomes a little too much, lol.

Congrats on their boy, though. I also get the impression that Buddy is his first name and the middle names (probably two like his sisters) will be announced later.

nicole on

awesome! at least the names come from nature. not like the names other celebs pick, some of those are just wierd.

Sonya on

Full name is Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver!!

Announced on Jamie’s official website:

Amy on

Awwwww I am SOOOO happy for them!!

Ali on

According to Jamie’s website, their son’s full name is Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver.


Veronica on

From his website:

Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver

Soph on

@Barbara Jools is short for Juliet.
I’m quite amazed at how many people presume he will give his child a ‘cruel’ name. Some of the names given out to poor children in Hollywood are absolutely abysmal. Poppy and Daisy are both in the top 50 girls names in the UK and Petal isn’t unusual.
Look at the names Brandon Flowers has given his two boys. Nobody’s shrieking that they hope he doesn’t call his new baby something ‘awful’.

Jules on

Very cool! Hooray for your family!

Vicky on

I have no idea how much of this is true but the Press association have the baby named as Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver. (Maurice after Jool’s father who died in 1997)

Dominique on

Wikipedia says his name is Buddy Bear Maurice.



Jade on

Over here in the UK where Jamie and Jools are from Daisy and Poppy are rather common names. So they won’t be teased at all for it or made fun of the way some commenters appear to be doing. Other British parents aren’t going to be saying in the playground behind their backs “What ridiculous names. What were the parents thinking??” So concern noted and dismissed. It’s not like the first middle name is going to be used every day and even so it actually sounds nice with their first names. Their second middle names are perfectly standard normal names.
As for Petal well she’s definitely got the most unique moniker. Blossom’s not exactly rare, but Rainbow well that’s certainly not one you hear everyday. Again it’s not like middle names get used often. It’s certainly better for her to have a feminine name than a boy’s name just because they wanted a boy didn’t/couldn’t think of any girl’s names and just made her stick with it in the hopes she’d make it work. At the end of the day Jamie and Jools are the parents, they’ve thought about these names and for whatever special reasons chosen them. People have a right to express their opinion, but to be so judgmental, rude and critical shows them little to no respect and that’s pretty sad.

Shelly on

What ugly names. They really want their kids to get picked on don’t they.

Lady on

OMG!!!! This almost made me cry…what amazing news, not that a girl wouldnt be just as amazing…but it’s just exciting they got a boy!! With all those beautiful interesting names, I really hope that Buddy isnt the final name decision! Congrats to the Oliver family!!

Michelle on

So…word on the street is that they’ve chosen the name Buddy Bear Oliver. It’s very cute now, but what about when he’s an adult?

klutzy_girl on

Interesting name! I’m kinda disappointed it wasn’t something related to flowers or anything, especially after the girls, but I still like it!

Congratulations to them!

Sarah S. on

I love how all they have 2 middle names–is that an English tradition? Also, I actually like how all the kids have a “y” sound at the end of their first names. Congrats!! πŸ™‚

urbanadventurertales on

I love Jamie Oliver, but honestly the names they choose for their children sound like a 3 yr old naming their pet gold fish!

Lou x on

@ Klitzy_girl… i kind of did take it to be flower related…’bud’ ?

Well…its different, but sure it’ll grow on me! he is such a cutie, there’s pics on the daily mail and jamie’s twitter pages.
Seeing as the older girls second middle names are generally not mentioned on blogs such as this one, Buddy Bear Oliver doesnt sound too bad!

Macy on

I was hoping they’d keep the nature thing going. I was thinking something along the lines of “Sky, Ocean, River, Forrest, etc.”

Allie-Rose on

You didn’t disappoint, Jools! :p

tara on

Buddy Bear? Oh boy… well, at least he’s a Hollywood kid. It won’t be so out of place.

JMO on

Buddy Bear??


Guess it’s no worse then Peanut and Pilot!

Romy on

I just have to lol. Buddy Bear?? I thought Jamie would have a little more say over a boy’s name, but maybe he likes it?

Millie on

I don’t get the big deal over their names. Poppy and Daisy are common names. Petal… not so much, but it’s nowhere near as weird as some celeb choices. If the kids are embarassed by their middle names, they don’t have to tell anyone at school what they are. I don’t even see what’s embarassing over Poppy and Daisy’s middle names. I can see the problem with Petal’s though. As for Buddy, I think Buddy Bear is really weird sounding together, it would have sounded better as Buddy Maurice Bear and less rhyme-y. I think they thought the bedtime story character sound of it was cutesy.

Mallory on

Oh geez, and I thought the girls’ names were bad. Buddy sounds like he’s a dog, not a child!

Sandra on

That sounds like a cartoon character. I’m sure he’s a cute sweet boy and Buddy isn’t a horrible name. But Buddy Bear is just strange.

Mari on

I’m sorry, Buddy Bear? Seriously? That woman is mad. The poor kid will be teased so much. Some people really lack common sense. Buddy is bad enough alone. People name their dogs Buddy, but not their kids but in that combination it is just plain ridiculous.

Lacey on

Buddy Bear. I don’t know. It not TOO bad. It’s cute and it goes well with his sister’s name.

stephaie on

Buddy Bear well to each his or her own there child What comes to mind in the name choice is Buddy Ebsen from the detective show forget the name.

Ryo on

It sounds like they’re naming pets, my goodness. Worst name of the bunch and with his daughter’s names, that’s saying something.

Laura on

Buddy Bear Maurice? It sounds more like what you would name a puppy…not a baby. 😦

Christina on

What is wrong with people? Don’t they realize that these children are going to grow up to be adults who have to use these names? Buddy Bear may be cute then they’re infants so use it as a NICKNAME why would you do that to your child?

Snow on

I agree that they should think more carefully about what name they give their child. They will have to live with them all their lives. Daisy Book & Petal Blossom Rainbow? What, are you guys high & is this the 60s?

Mary on

I have to say I’m slightly inclined to the name. We used to call my baby brother Buddy Bear when he was growing up, and now, even though he’s thirty, we still call him that.

B on

Buddy Bear…how cute!! πŸ™‚

kjc on

The name is cute, but i’m a little disappointed that they didn’t stick with the flower/nature theme.

tomfool on

what I don’t get is why he’s named his kids as if they’re gonna stay babies for the rest of their lives. like they’re a short term thing. They’re gonna grow up and feel utterly embarrassed for their middle names and stuff. It’s like babytalk. >.>’

Brooke on

KJC – they kind of DID stick with the flower theme though….

Buddy – Bud

I kind of like it.

Nicole on

Oh, their children have such unfortunate names. But I’m very happy for them! Congratulations!

rlrose328 on

I love all of the names they’ve given their children… creative and fun. Demi Moore’s girls have strange name and they have grown into them nicely. If the children don’t like their first or middle names at some point in the future, they can change them. And those of you who say they’ll be teased… that’s because YOU are the ones who would do the teasing. You and your children. Get a clue. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

Grats to Jamie and Jools. You have a wonderful family!

Lou x on

I’m not sure why everyone’s referring to him as ‘Buddy Bear’…his name is Buddy Oliver, Bear just happens to be his middle name!

Buddy Oliver is actually growing on me!

And when put with Poppy, Daisy and Petal’s names, does fit! X

brenda sheehanq on

Do you purposely pick names that will humiliate your children.

Debbie on

Congrats!!!!!! and god bless the new addition!!!

Stella Bella on

Not a name I’d pick, but they didn’t disappoint- it’s certainly unique!

San on

How are Jamie’s children supposed to survive as adults in the world with those freakish cartoon names? If you want to give something a name like Buddy Bear, why not buy your newborn son a teddy bear?

ack on

Happy for them…sad for the ridiculous names, come on now! The girls can use thir first names just fine but what’s his first name? Buddy or Bear? sounds like a pet’s name, people are so self indulgent, did they bother to think about the kids…don’t think it’s cute or unique…or any of the other things some posters are saying…just because other stupid celbrities name their kids “worse” names doesn’t make theirs choice any better…geesh!

dee on

I like his name. What did you all expect his name to be? Peter.

Anyway, I think Buddy (and his sisters names too) will age just as well as the Kaylee’s and Jayden’s that populate today’s playgrounds.

daysee on

What in the hell’s name is Buddy Bear? I hate the name. This child is going to be so teased because of the name that it has. I was hoping that Jamie and Jools would of picked a name that didn’t sound funny. But I do hope that the new baby has a good life.

Amanda on

I know it’s been said before but, Buddy Bear? It is a cute name, sounds like something a mom or dad would lovingly call their little boy. But it most definitely does not sound like a man’s name, and that adorable little baby will grow up to be a man. I cannot imagine putting that name on the top of a resume! Poor kid.

I don’t think the girls names are all that bad, I actually really like Petal. The middle names are a little odd but how often do you really use a middle name?

Either way, congrats to the Oliver family on their sweet baby boy!

T on

Buddy Bear???? Are they trying to get this kid beat up when he goes to school or they just think its cute right now. If I was their kid I would be doing a legal name change ASAP

Julie on

Congrats to them!!

Obviously they can name the kids whatever they want, and the names are cute, but… Hard to imagine those on a resume. I would have kept the names as nicknames. ‘The child’s name is first middle middle last; we’re calling him blah, and his sibs call him blah. To each his own, and we’ll see how they age.

Lisa on

Eek. Buddy Bear? Maurice is not bad though (not a name I’d personally choose but hey.) But Buddy Bear? Poor kids…I hope they’ll be homeschooled.

Lyoness on

Ok. It’s so THEM but kinda I like it. It’s my brother’s nickname. He’s 30 and we still call him Buddy.

Is Jools a unique name in the UK? Does she have siblings and they have interesting names too?

Maureen on

First thing I’m reminded of is the Buddy Bear book series for kids with autism…I have to agree with a lot of other commenters–it might be cute for a kid but it’s not a name that will be taken seriously as an adult.

MarijaP on

Congrats to the family. Interesting name. I saw pictures and his big girls are so beautiful

Maritan on

Buddy is ok, but the full name is just awful.

Crystal on

I am not at all surprised by Buddy’s name. It is definely an “Oliver” name. When I first read it I laughed. Cute! πŸ™‚

Athassrd on

Oh those poor children! What were they thinking giving innocent children monikers like those!

Shannon on

Well considering the daughters’ names what did you expect? πŸ™‚

Laura on

It’s wonderful that they have a healthy baby boy to add to those little girls. I just don’t understand the thinking behind the names. Buddy Bear? They didn’t even leave him something to work with. What if he becomes someone very important in England. Do you think the country would want a Prime Minister named Buddy Bear?

I’m all for creativity but you have to think of the children and what they’ll go through when they’re in school. I’ll stick with my nice boring names and still wish them all the happiness in the world.

Victoria-Jane on

There seems to be a lot of negativity here on what is marvellous news. So Buddy may not be everyone’s choice – didn’t do Mr Holly any harm though did it?! Maybe we should spare a thought for Shannyn Sossamon’s child – Audio Science, or Erika Badu’s children Seven and Puma, Mia Farrow’s Satchel and don’t get me started on George Foreman’s 10 children aka George I – VI, Freda George and Georgetta! There’s also Rainbow Joan of Arc Phoenix to think about and Moon Unit Zappa! It should also be remembered that the Apple is actually the daughter of an american actress and UK musician. Personally a floral name seems fairly normal to me!

Fortunately for you who feel the need to make negative comments you won’t have to be concerned about shouting them in the playground or even about them being teased and I’m sure Jamie and Juliet Oliver will raise their children with love and with a sense of compassion for their peers and respect for themselves and others.

Simone on

Finally a boy…congratulations to them!!!

rlrose328 on

Personally, I’m astounded at the hatred being flung around on here… regarding a NAME! I’ve already said it, but those of you who are insisting he’ll be teased or crucified in school, that’s because YOU would be the ones doing the teasing and crucifying and you’ve taught your children to do the same. I told my 10yo son the name and he said, “Cool name… he’d be my friend.” To each his own. Name your children John and Mary. Some people prefer plain and traditional and others prefer fun and frivolous. NEITHER is right or wrong.

Shawn on

If those are the best names they can come up with for their children, this guy and his wife needs to JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS.

Elle on

When I told my OH the name, he said that if he got a job applicant with the name “Buddy Bear” he’d think it was some sort of joke. Geez, people, I don’t care what people end up naming their kids but seriously imagine what this kid is going to go through when he’s older with such an idiotic name.

Lisa on

Congrats to them! Where the hell do they get these names from?

Romy on

rlrose,no, I never teased kids for their names. I don’t say ‘adult’ things in front of my children, like wow that 5yo has a weird name. I know better. I was a teacher before kids, and a child and student before that. kids do get teased. they probably wouldn’t beat him JUST over his name, but they would throw it in his face while beating him up for something else (hypothetical of course!). I personally wouldn’t give a boy that name, but he’s not my kid. I expected something more like Leaf or Sparrow from them.

Georgina on

Its kinda an america thing to say the whole name, when he starts school, he’ll just be Buddy Oliver, like Poppy is just Poppy Oliver and Daisy is just Daisy Oliver. The only time you get two names said on the register at school is if you give your kid a double barreled name like Sarah-Jane or whatever. So no why would calling your kid Buddy get him beat up? They live in Essex too, which is THE place for trendy names so he’ll probably be one little boy with a relatively normal name.

And yeah Daisy is probably the most common name, followed by Poppy. They are by no means “unusual” in England. Petal, well its more of a nickname, like sweetheart or babe, but its by no means out there. And its Peaches not peach that Bob Geldof (boom town rats) named his daughter. And Apple is half american so you can’t blame that one soley on us!

Anonymous on

Those poor children, did Mr.’s Zappa & Geldof teach them nothing?!

Georgina on

And It’s correct Jools is short for Juliette,

and it’s a well known fact that if you can you should marry a man with older sisters, because they know and are a lot more considerate to women due to their sisters. And they also have better dress sense due to the help =D

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Poor kid, a cruel name, as I’d said when I originally posted that I hoped he didn’t get!! I thought (& hoped!) Buddy was just a nickname until they came up with his full name when it was announced initially – a ‘normal’ middle name might have been ok (ie James, Jack, etc), and personally prefer it to Peanut, Audio Science, Bronx Mowgli, but adding ‘Bear’ makes him sound like a soft toy from a department store. Imagine the teasing when he’s a teen…

However, it’s their choice, they seem a nice family, happy for them they got their boy and that he arrived safe and well – and also sweet that they honoured her late dad though too in the name but aaarrgh. Having said that, at least Bear’s not his first name, LOL.

Terri on

Don’t worry about the football. Just teach him to cook! His future wife will appreciated that much more.

Twinwasp on

What is with this couple and the flakey baby names. Those poor kids are going to continuously get their arses kicked…Buddy Bear?! Petal Blossom Rainbow, Daisy Boo Pamela, Poppy Honey Rosie?!! What did the kids ever do to them?

Kim on

Buddy Bear? Oh yeah, that’s gonna rock when he’s 35. Jeez…

allison on

Buddy Bear? Seriously? It sounds like a cartoon character or someone you meet at an amusement park…

JMO on

Some people are just mean to their kids….nuff said.

Sure it’s just a name but I’m sure the child won’t be thanking you later on in life. I know I wouldn’t.

Sarah M. on

Soph – the last post about Brandon Flowers, there were actuallly quite a few comments stating just that. Saying that they must be obsessed with weapons because Gunnar reminds that specific reader of guns and Ammon reminds them of ammo. That, to me, says more about those specific readers thoughts than of the parents thoughts.

While the names certainly aren’t ones I’d choose, they could be worse. The majority of times people can go most of their lives without too many people even knowing their middle names. Poppy Honey Rosie has 3 known names, if not overly common in America. Daisy Boo Pamela: Daisy is common where they live, Boo is a nickname that either Jools has for Jamie or Jamie has for Jools and Pamela is a known and fairly common name. Petal Blossom Rainbow: none of them are at all popular, but Petal and Blossom are at least known names. Buddy Bear Maurice: Buddy reminds me of the movie ‘Buddy the Elf’ (one of my favorite movies), Bear reminds me of Bear Grylls (he has a show called Man vs. Wild) whose real name isn’t Bear but that is what everyone has called him ever since he could remember and Maurice used to be a common name and just isn’t used near as much anymore.

According to http://www.babynamewizard.com for popularity: Poppy is #28 in England, #71 in Scotland and #88 in Australia. Rosie is #61 in England and #72 in Scotland. Daisy is #24 in England and #57 in Scotland. Some of these numbered in the hundreds on many lists, also.

Famous people with some of the kids names: Poppy Montgomery (given name Poppy Petal Ema Elizabeth Deveraux Donahue- with 4 sisters that also have flower names), Rosie O’Donnell, Rosie Ruiz, Daisy Duke, Daisy Fuentes, Pamela Anderson, Buddy Holly, Bear Grylls (given name Edward Michael Bear Grylls) and Maurice Sendak. Some of these aren’t overly famous, but they have been big in the public eye and have been well-known at one time or another.

Sorry, didn’t mean to write a book!! I should just stop reading the comments section because many people on here seem to be getting more and more judgmental and hypocritical lately!!!!!

Jenn on

They couldn’t have just named him Buddy Maurice?! Lol! I wouldn’t have expected any less from Jamie Oliver…I think he’s so awesome!..and am glad they had a little boy πŸ™‚


What about Chicken Cordon Bleu? or Peach Melba? or Straw Berry Shortcake?

Jake on

Sounds like a True American Dog story, LOL!

Sooo Rich on

I love Jaime Oliver, but those are really, stupid, stupid names.

D on

His name is Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver. It says it right up there in the article.

heather on

Are these people mental? Those names are ridiculous.

felicity on

Congrats to both of them. But did he inhale too many spices or what..?? What kind of awful name is this for a boy?? Buddy Bear??? Imagine this bloke in 25 odd years being called:” hey, Buddy Bear!!

Jovi Al on

So now when the kid gets to be an old man, he’ll be known as “fuddy duddy Buddy”. Great! Remember, parents, the Johnny Cash song “A Boy Named Sue” You can make it so your kid has to defend himself just by the name you give him. He also has to apply for employment in the future. Don’t just give peace a chance, give your kid a chance too.

KT on

I’ve had/have Bichons named Bear, Flower, Blossom, Delilah and Daisy.
Lovely puppy names.

Sarah M. on

D – The name wasn’t released until later. So those posting before it was released had no way of knowing that was his name. Hence, the questions and curiosity of what the name is. πŸ™‚

paula on

congrats on the baby boys but whats with the name it is unusual…

Mira on

I think the names are cute. I agree that they seem to fit kids better than adults, but I think it’s quite endearing to give your child an innocent-sounding name. An old lady named Daisy Boo, for example, will be kind of funny, but maybe these names will help them keep the child in them alive always. Notice that both parents also have “childish” names– Jaime and Jools.

In any case, I much prefer these innocent “weird” names to the trendy names and the made-up names that abound these days. I’d take Petal Blossom over Harper Renn or some other pretentious, trendy name like that any day.

Welcome to the world, Buddy! Don’t mind the bitter ladies on this thread.

Linda on

@ Jennifer Chew, it’s the parents like you who encourage their children to tease others for having odd names. A kid would probably think nothing of the name until they go home, tell their parents that so and so has this name, and then the parent’s negative reaction tells them they should poke fun at it.

Janis on

That is a terrible name.

jimbo on

Boy Power !!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M.- “Elf” is one of my favorite movies, too (the main character is named Buddy, but the movie title is just “Elf”). πŸ™‚

Anyway, I think the name is cute, and if he doesn’t like Buddy when’s an adult, he can always go by Maurice! πŸ™‚

MiB on

Wow! It’s funny too see how many forget that he has 2 middle names, not just 1! What is this disregard for his full name? Besides, I have two names, my brother has three, and I doubt even or school teachers or best friends know our middle names, because we hardly ever use them except on official papers (if even then). They will be known as Poppy Oliver, Daisy Oliver, Petal Oliver and Buddy Oliver, nothing else (just out of curiosity, how many of you know Jamie Olivers middle name without googeling it?). And If they don’t like their first names, they have 2 other names each to chose from, and if they really, really don’t like any of their names, there is always the possibility of changing them later.

Also, well said Georgina and Sarah M.!

Linsey on

Wow, what a lot of opinionated people on here. Nobody will call him by his full name, it is normal when you have a baby to tell people the full name but that is not how he will be referred too.

Maybe things are done differently in America but all Jamies children are only known by the first name as are all children in the UK unless it is a double barrelled name.

Poppy and Daisy are popular names in the UK, as are many flower names. My children are called Lily and Poppy, they are taken seriously and no one thinks of their names as any different than Lucy, Kate, Jenny, etc.

Although Buddy’s full name isn’t to my liking, it doesn’t matter as he is not my child. I am sure he will grow into his name and people will love him for who he is and think nothing of his name, Buddy which is how he will be known.

Liz on

Buddy Bear Maurice – aw, that’s so cute! I love Jamie, not only for his cooking, but his love and devotion to his family. Jools, his girls, and now his boy are all so lucky to have this amazing man in their lives. And Jools is gorgeous! This is one COOL family. “Family values”? You’re looking at them right here.

jasmine on

I think the names cute but maybe not so much when hes older , still Buddy on its own is really nice i’m just not loving the bear bit :/ congrats to them – I’m glad jamie finally got his boy but I really hate it when people keep having kids till they get the gender they want . some people can’t even have a healthy baby 😦 a big family is always nice though πŸ™‚

Katie on

Buddy is my neighbor’s dog across the street!! Ugly name, but indeed will be a handsome little boy. Congratulations!! Wonder if they’ll try for no. 5?

eternalcanadian on

Lolz is all I could say at the name. Buddy Maurice is okay as it is, but to throw in Bear, well, I am amused. πŸ™‚