Family Photo: The Olivers Introduce Baby Buddy!

09/16/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

First family portrait!

Chef Jamie Oliver, wife Jools and their children — Daisy Boo Pamela, 7, holding 1-day-old Buddy Bear Maurice and Poppy Honey Rosie, 8Β½, holding Petal Blossom Rainbow, 17 months — pose outside of the Portland Hospital in London on Thursday as they prepare to head home with their newest arrival.

“Buddy Oliver & Co leaving together … the family’s really happy to be home, settling in, thanks for all the loverly comments guys,” Oliver, 35, writes.

“I’ve got some family time off … full of admiration for Jools — top girl,” he says of his wife, who delivered Buddy naturally on Wednesday evening.

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Sky on

Now I know they’re standing RIGHT behind her but man I would be extremely nervous about my 7 year old holding AND standing with my 1 day old baby!

urbanadventurertales on

Very cute family!
I love Jamie and loved his show Food Revolution.
But I seriously think that the names they have for their children sound like something a 3 yr old would pick out to name their pet goldfish.

Heidi K. on

Aww… awesome pictures… so happy for them!!! And love all the names too πŸ™‚

MaryAnne on

Those girls all look like mommy. Maybe Buddy will look like daddy,

Sky on

Oh, but beautiful family and I’m very happy for them & their new addition!

Kristin on

To each their own. It’s their children they named, not ours. As far as the 7 year old holding baby, she’s been around a lot of babies in her lifetime. Plus, Jaimie’s hand is on her shoulder. I wouldn’t let my 5 year old do that with her little brother but she has only been around one baby and isn’t quite as old. Never know how you would do something unless you are in their shoes!

merry on

How cute is Poppy holding Petal?! Beautiful family, I am full of admiration for Jools. As for the names discussion, I still don’t get what is the problem. Can’t they just name their kids however they want? Kids get all sorts of nicknames anyway, so these kids have cute, bright and colourful names in their IDs from the beginning. As for the ongoing other-kids-teasing argument, I heard people arguing the same about kids from same-sex couples. How about raising your kid to be strong and proud enough so he or she can defend themselves.

Shannon on

Truthfully I was actually expecting a plant based name for him! Buddy Bear is rather interesting name. I’m guessing he’s really gonna hate it when he’s a teenager :/

Momof3girls on

Cute family. Horrible names. I would NEVER let a young child hold a newborn while standing!! I don’t care how many children she’s been around.

Hea on

Too cute! πŸ™‚

Paulina on

I’ve reads Jools’s book about her pregnancy and first year of Daisy’s life(falling pregnant with Poppy when Daisy was 3 months!) She’s so passionate about her kids, having kids is all she’s ever wanted in life. It’s great to see them have such a big family, their kids are lucky with such loving devoted parents.

I do thinks it’s a bit daft to have Poppy hold her baby brother, especially if you realize the situation isn’t exactly living room casual. They are standing infront of probably a dozen screaming photographers flashes and chaos, as this is right in front of the hospital they’re coming out of. I don’t think they really thought it out, it happens..thankfully all went well.

Dana on

Beautiful family, beautiful picture.
Some people should stop worring about every single picture they see on here.

Jennifer on

I think the names are adorable. Living my whole life with a very common name and having six or seven other girls in each class with the same name as me, I’m all for some individuality. They clearly love their children and that’s all that matters.

Congrats to them and their family!

aj on

I strangely like the names..and I’m so glad that Jaime got a son!

Terri on

Such interesting names!

Lacey on

I actually like their names. Cute family!

heather on

darling; my little girls call their big brother Buddy as his name is a bit hard for their toddler mouths, I think it’s cute :o) Sweet family.

Georgina on

Paulina Poppy is the eldest, not Daisy.

And Poppy seems alot more like Jamie to me, rounder face and blonde, Daisy seems all mum and it seems like Petal is favouring her too.

So maybe Buddy boy will be all daddy. Either way he’ll be adorable.

KatieKate on

I bet he is a great dad. Admire his devotion to healthy eating.

Janna on

That’s a really sweet, normal, natural family photo. Definitely one for the photo book!

TC on

I would be nervous allowing my child to hold a newborn but then again he only weighs 6 pounds, he really isn’t that heavy.

To each his own on the names they chose for their children, they are the ones that created them, cloth them, feed them, raise them, so they get to name them. Besides if they get older and hate their names they can always change them πŸ™‚

JMO on

The thing is these kids will have no issues probably finding jobs someday. But if this was the real world and an everyday person gave their child a name like Buddy Bear or Pilot Inspector, or Peanut Kai….I have a feeling some jobs would have a hard time taking it seriously. You can argue this but I actually know someone who will not hire based off of name pronunciation. This person told me, if I can’t say it then their app goes to the bottom of the pile, qualified or not, I’m not dealing with trying to learn a person’s name!! It’s very sad but unfortunately true!!

robinepowell on

Jamie must be over the moon, he finally has a son. I was rooting for them to have another girl, even things up, but either way I’m happy for the Oliver family. πŸ™‚

Mrs. R. on

HOORAH! Jamie & Jools got a boy! That little guy is going to be SO mothered between his mom and his sisters! What fun!

Jaedyn on

Horrible name, but again, it’s their chocice πŸ™‚ Beautiful family!

Brooklyn on

Not a fan of the names, but they are a super cute family!!!

Melissa on

I also don’t see the problem with the names. They’re a little out there, sure, (except Poppy and Daisy, which are hugely popular in Britain), but they’re simple, distinct, familiar, aesthetically pleasing names that are both easy to spell and pronounce. Isn’t that the golden combination that most parents go for with their children’s names? And aside from Petal (whose name I like the best, by the way!), they each have a more “traditional” middle name to fall back on, should they so choose.

And also, given that the Olivers have been pretty well regarded as being devoted, loving parents, I’d say if they think Daisy is mature enough to hold the baby, then who are any of us to question it? Especially given that it wasn’t so long ago that Petal was a newborn, so she would have had lots of practice holding her baby sister.

Maria on

Delighted for them, Buddy is such a cute little guy, and I have that same blanket for my little guy πŸ™‚

Trish on

Anyone remember Buddy Holly or Buddy Hackett? I think their kids names are cute. And no one really uses their middle names so it would just be Poppy, Petal, Daisy and Buddy.

Mallory on

I still can’t get over the names, but boy, they sure are one gorgeous family!

meghan on

I’ve never really been a fan of quirky names, but I do love the names that the Oliver’s select. There is something really sweet and upbeat about them.

Jenn on

Such a sweet family!! They all look so happy. I think Daisy looks just like Jools and Poppy looks just like Jamie. Not sure who Daisy or Buddy look like quite yet! πŸ™‚

Mia on

So cute that the family has a baby boy now πŸ™‚ The oldest looks like the dad, and the middle 2 look like the mom. Too early to tell who Buddy looks like-thinking Daddy! Congrats to the family πŸ™‚

Nicole on

To each their own sums up my feelings… I actually like their kids’ names, not that my (or anyone else’s) opinion matters. They’re not our kids, so who cares how we feel about their names. As for Daisy holding Buddy, again, to each their own. Her parents are RIGHT there, and she looks like she’s doing a fabulous job.

I can’t get over how much the girls look like Jools though! I think Poppy looks a bit more like Jamie than the others, but Daisy & Petal both look a LOT like Jools.

I love Buddy’s name… mostly because I call my son Buddy Bear sometimes, so it has very loving connotations for me.

Erin on

Who cares about Buddy’s name? I’m much more sour on Jamie sporting a trucker hat. It wasn’t cute five years ago. It’s still not.

B.J. on

When my dog had puppies, we named the males Buddy and Bear. The girl was Daisy. Interesting choices, I actually love the girls’ names πŸ™‚

mommytoane on

Beautiful family! Congratz to them!
I absolutely love Jamie. I watch him every chance I get.

As for names. It just boils down to names being different for different zones. We here in the US might not have the names as popular names, but elsewhere they are. Its just names. No one has a right to judge. How would those of you saying “Horrible name” feel if someone said that about your children or your families? Grow up and quit judging.

Crystal on

GORGEOUS FAMILY! So happy for the Oliver family and their new addition. I know the little guy will be loved, protected and annoyed (3 older sisters πŸ™‚ beyond measure. Lol! Good to see the whole family together. I don’t think we’ve them all together in a while. β™₯ this family! Too cute! πŸ™‚

Sarah on

LOVE the way they posed with the girls holding the “babies” too cute!
Eh babies aren’t going to break! They aren’t near as fragile as we think. I often allow the 7 yr old girl who visits us carry my little one around, no biggie.

The name is different but cute!

Kara on

Ok seriously … when they named their children did they think that perhaps they should think about THEIR CHILDREN as much as themselves? That’s fine if THEY think those names are cute .. but come on … who can imagine a 16 year old boy proud of the name BUDDY BEAR … this isn’t naming your dolls anymore … this is real life people … and they need REAL NAMES!

Nis on

I’m pretty sure the boy won’t have a problem getting a job. His Dad is Jamie Oliver. If noone else wants to hire him, his dad will. Same for the girls. I agree this family is lovely.

Laura on

What an adorable family. I love how the girls are all dressed in white and denim. Yes the names are a bit out there – but their first names aren’t too bad at all. I think Buddy is quite cute.

Denise on

For the person who said what about Buddy Holly and Buddy Hackett? Well, Buddy wasn’t their real first name, Buddy was a nickname.

Buddy Bear for a boy? Yikes. Sounds like a dog name.

Why give a child a name that is essentially a nickname? Yes, each to their own but I find that people who name their children offbeat names do it knowing it generates publicity/attention.

Kam's mom on

Yes, each to their own but I find that people who name their children offbeat names do it knowing it generates publicity/attention.

– Denise on September 16th, 2010

Or because they like it. I see nothing wrong with it. Its not like he has to use his middle name if he doesn’t like it.

KB on

i don’t get all the fuss about the names…it’s not like they are called by all three of their names whenever being called on at school or something. If you look at their first names ONLY, poppy, daisy, petal, and buddy are normal. my name is VERY long (five names total), and people are surprised when they hear it, because they only ever know me by my first and last name, not the yadda yadda yadda in between.

Lorus on

My just turned 7yo daughter used to hold her newborn sister all the time. When they are wrapped up in a bundle like that they are really easy to hold. She was probably just holding him for a photo-op and not walking to the car.

lennie on

I think the names are cute. They are not that crazy and as many of you stated Daisy and Poppy are very “normal” in the UK. Petal and Buddy might not be that common but at least they are known and pronoucable (not like Kaydnz Koda or Ikhyd Edgar Arular).

As for letting them hold the baby. Why not? She’s standing – she wouldn’t just drop the kid. I would understand the concern if she was walking but I’m sure they just let her have him for the pic. It’s cute how a pic of one moment can get everyone in such a state. But I guess thats what these comments are all about.

Congrats Jamie and Jools!!

M on

Wow, I can’t decide which girl looks most like Jools, so I’d have to say all of them. But still, the oldest has some of Jamie in her face, while Poppy and Petal are clearly made of Jools-eyes πŸ˜‰
As for the names: on one hand I think some people take it a little out there, some a lot. The Olivers choose ‘a little’, I can live with that πŸ˜‰

Sophia on

Jamie and Jools have the cutest kids! I think it’s fine for Daisy to be holding the baby. I mean, Jamie and Jools are right there and she’s not walking around or anything, and she seems confident.
Buddy’s a pretty cute name I think. I thought they were just calling him that as a nickname until Jools decided on a name (that’s what Jamie said on twitter I think) but it’s cute that they named him that. I went to school with a boy called Buddy whose sister was called Holly. Bit over the top! But Poppy, Daisy, Petal and Buddy are super cute I think πŸ™‚ Congrats to the Oliver family!

CelebBabyLover on

What an adorable picture! I love how the two older girls are holding the two younger kids in the first picture. And in the second picture, Jools looks like a teenager. πŸ™‚

Anna on

How often do you use your middle names? I almost never do most of my friends don’t even know my middle names, so I really don’t see the problem with the names being so whimsical. Their first names are cute and not that strange.

The photo is super cute! Poppy has probably held Petal a million times. She seems confident and cabaple of holding her brother for a bit.

Allie-Rose on

I don’t see a problem with the name Buddy. Ir’s not like it’s that uncommon a name in the US, is it? Poppy and Daisy are fairly common in the UK. Now Petal, why not? Petal Blossom Rainbow is a cute and fun name,a dn she can always go by her middle name if she doesn’t like Petal. Not like Audio Science, Moon Unit, Peanut or Pilot Inspektor…

Cute family! And again, congratulations to Jamie and Jools on baby Buddy

Janey on

Daisy and Poppy are popular girls names in England, particularly amongst the upper classes. Petal I have not heard before other than as a popular knickname. Buddy isn’t too bad. Some of the American celebrities kids have wierder names.

Olivia on

Echoing what some of my fellow Brits have said, Poppy and Daisy are really very common over here in England, Petal and Buddy a little more unusual but still fitting with their quirky North London vibe.

Over here in the UK, we think names like Britney, Heaven Rain and Jaden to be a little strange so there are definitely cultural preferences each side of the pond!

And let us not forget Zuma Nesta Rock! But wouldn’t life be boring if we were all the same?!

Vix on

I think that’s a wonderful photo and I love how proud the older girls look of their two younger siblings.

Those commenting on the wisdom of allowing a seven year old to carry a baby should remember that years ago with bigger families older children often looked after their siblings – and were probably far more mature for the experience.

I think their naming policy is very sensible and consistent. A first name which is perfectly usable, a second name which is a nickname (it has been said several times that Boo and Honey were Jools’ and Jamie’s nn for each other) or a chance to pay tribute to Jools’ hippy attitude, and a third name which sounds like a traditional old-fashioned family name.

vicky on

The Olivers are my favourite UK celebrity family. What beautiful daughters and I love all the names they’ve chosen for their babies- authentic- and quite honestly, I don’t think they mind what others think of their choices. As a couple, they’re sucessful and admired because they are decent, responsibel and true to themselves. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Denise on

All their children are beautiful. Wow. The brown haired one (I want to say Daisy…) is the picture of her mum. I love the little girls names; they’re very girly and feminine. I love that. Buddy Bear will suit him as he’ll be a right little “chappy chap” with Jamie as his dad. Congratulations to the Olivers. πŸ˜€

lil on

What an attractive family. Jools has such a fresh natural beauty about her. Congrats to them.

baby lover! on

woow. what names! LOL

melissa on

Remember by the time you get to the 4th child – you have a WHOLE different perspective on things…….so her oldest holding the baby is probably nothing new especially since they have a 17 month old!

Lauren on

For me, the issue is the middle names. Having lived in England, I met more than one Poppy, and Daisy isn’t considered strange either. I actually like Petal best of all four names, and Buddy Oliver flows wonderfully imo. For me, the absurdity’s in the middle names. Boo? Blossom Rainbow? Bear? Making fun of a name that’s outside your own culture is just ignorant (and different from disliking it because it’s not your taste). Pointing out the sheer foolishness in trying to pass of nicknames and nouns as names to be taken seriously is simply realistic.

All that said, I love this picture. Poppy looks just like Jamie, while Petal looks like a clone of Jools. Daisy looks like a mix favoring Jools a bit, and I love how the older girls are holding their siblings being the protective big sisters. I’m glad that they got the boy that they had hoped for.

Dawn on

With all those little Mommies to take care of him I bet little Buddy is 5 years old by the time he learns to walk! Too cute – all of them. As for a 7 year old holding a newborn, I bet this kid runs circles around a lot of grown ups when it comes to carring for babies – I mean just look at how Poppy holds Petal – these girls are mimi moms and a great big help to Mom and Dad I bet. As for their names, we have to remember they don’t go to school with Kathys and Debbies like I did, they go to school with Apples, Harlows and Sparrows – so there names are that odd really. I envision a very close family doing a lot cooking and playing together – very lovey!

Jessie on

i think his name is kinda cute, and as far as the girl holding a baby, that’s his sister of course she can, although i wouldn’t just let any other 7 year old hold my baby. i think i held my first newborn when i was 5 and i didn’t dop him.

Elisa on

They are so cute!! seriously a family of 4 nowadays in becoming so rare!! I admire them and wish them lots of joys and more kids!! Daisy and Poppy are holding very well the younger children so I don’t understand why some people are freaking out about it…

Sydney on

JMO – are you really trying to say that someone in HR wouldn’t be able to pronounce Poppy, Daisy, Petal or Buddy Oliver? All their names are very easy to pronounce and are fine upstanding names.

Marie on

The girls looks so much like thier mother!

Elisa on

Stop judging poeple! wouldn’t it be rude if people start to say that the name of your kids are borinng and it seems like you didn’t care for choosing a such commum name, and that if you don’t trust you 7 year old kid to hold his baby brother even when you’re around your kid must be terrible, wild, and things like that?

What a beautiful family photo! Congratultion Jamie and family. I’m very happy for you.

Elisa on

Poppy looks like her daddy, and Daisy looks like mommy.

Heather on

I feel sorry for all your children. If we were all more like The Oliver’s maybe the world would be a better place. Doesn’t matter what their name is, they will obviously be better rounded people because of their parents. They have better things to do than judge people, like raise 4 beautiful children.

Jen on

@Trish, you’re so right about the kids names not sounding that “out there” when you just say the first name. They’re actually quite nice, in my opinion: Poppy, Petal, Daisy and Buddy. Congrats to the Oliver family.

beth on

That little boy will be really spoiled – hope the three girls get equal love from their parents…that often is not the case.

Linda on

I also don’t see the problem with the names. I really like them and it’s not like people usually introduce themselves with all of their middle names. I like Petal’s name the most, it’s just so sweet and feminine. They’re a gorgeous bunch and I bet Jamie is glad he’s not the only guy in the house. hehe btw, I like the name Buddy because it makes me think of one of my holiday movies, Elf, and Buddy Oliver doesn’t sound half bad.

Kristin on

I have a England vs. America question: is it normal that she was released from the hospital that quickly? It says that she had him Wednesday evening and these photos were taken during the day on Thursday and they were already going home. I had my kids vaginally as well, no problems, and I still was in the hospital for a full 48 hours. I gave birth in New York if that makes a difference. I’m interested to hear other’s experiences.

Nanny-Emma on

Wow Daisy is the spit of Jools! Last time I saw her when she was a lot smaller she looked so different. Aww cute family. Love Jamie and what he’s done for food in Schools!

Jill on

I love the uniqueness of their names and love Jamie!

I can say from experience that when resumes are looked at the name, email address and resume are looked at for a variety of things, not just work experience. That’s life. The stories I could tell about what I have seen still make me laugh. I personally wouldn’t exclude someone for a phone screen bc of their name but know plenty of others who do. You have to figure you may receive 300 apps for 1job. So JMO, I agree with you.

pia on

kristen – for vaginal births, when all is well, going home the next day is usual.

i am so glad they had a boy! they’re obviously totally devoted to each other and their children, and i don’t care what they have named them – each to their own! the kids all look happy and healthy and as sweet as anything.
congratulations jools and jamie

Sarah M. on

Kristin – That’s a great question! I’m not sure as to how it is in England, but it varies quite a bit in the US I think. It just really depends on what insurance you have and what the delivery method was. I don’t have any children of my own, but have seen several different scenarios with people I know who have children. With c-sections it’s always 36 hours. If the child is born early or the mom has an extra hard delivery, they are kept longer. If everything goes well with the delivery and everyone is healthy, the usual that I’ve seen or heard here is 24 hours.

CelebBabyLover on

Kristin- I don’t think that Jools’ being discharged from the hospital so soon is either normal or abnormal. I don’t know what the norm is in the UK, but in the U.S., most women are discharged from the hopsital anywhere between one and two days after a vaginal birth (and about three or four for a C-section birth).

I’ve even heard of a few cases where women have been discharged from the hospital less than 24 hours after getting birth (before anyone gets up in arms, in virtually all of the cases I’ve heard of, the early release was due to the mother’s insistance, rather than the hospital basically kicking the mother out!).

Dawn- Thank you! That’s exactly what I was thinking! Buddy will most likely be going to school with kids who have names like Apple, Peanut, Bronx, etc. In fact, I’d venture to guess that he’ll actually end up being one of the kids with a more “normal” name at his school! πŸ™‚

Tee on

Kristin- Depending on the time of day that the baby comes, hospitals will often send a mom and baby home. Should the child be born at ten at night, then they would keep them overnight, of course. You can also request to be kept overnight if you want to. C-section Momma’s are usually in the hospital for three to four days. Hope that answers your questions!

Elby on

Kristin, Jools’ stay in hospital is pretty normal. I suspect it depends a certain amount on what time the baby is born but I believe 6 hours from birth to going home is the norm as long as no procedures are needed. A friend of mine went in to the hospital at about 6am, gave birth at just after 7am and was home and receiving her first visitors by 2pm.

There’s quite a revival over here at the moment for birth not being a medical procedure and I think it’s felt there’s no need to keep mothers and newborns in the hospital if they’re healthy.

Georgina on

Kristen, Elby is absoloutly correct, it can be as quick as a few hours as long as there are no complications with mum or baby, obviously depending on the time the baby was born.

It also depends upon what number the babe is, number one they tend to keep you in a bit longer just to make sure you’re confident by yourself, ok with feeding, winding ect. As this is number 4 for Jools, there isn’t really much the hospital can tell her, so they just let you go home. Also the Portland is a private hospital, not a NHS, so they probaby ask Jools aswell if she’d like to stay in longer or go home. As long as she rests ect.

crg on

Thank god they got a boy! Not my opinion, but theirs, I know they said they would keep going until they got one! To each their own with the whole name thing, but Buddy Bear Maurice? Sounds like a kids’ toy.

CelebBabyLover on

Georgina- “number one they tend to keep you in a bit longer just to make sure you’re confident by yourself, ok with feeding, winding ect”. What do you mean by winding?

Laura on

Celebaby lover here in the uk winding is burping the baby do you call it gas?not sure !
And 6hrs after the delivery is normal over here if it’s not your first baby and the birth went well.
I had my daughter at 10am and was home eating Sunday lunch by 4. It was wonderful x

Stacey on

So what if the 2 oldest sisters are holding the 2 youngest siblings? Mom and dad are probably EXHAUSTED after the birth (and dad supporting the birth). They obviously trust their children, and wouldn’t let them hold the youngest kids if they didn’t trust their daughters. As for the names, not my cup of tea, but I’m not them! πŸ™‚

stephanie on

I couldn’t imagine going home the next day. I’m in Australia and we have 4 nights in hospital for a vaginal birth and 5 for a C-section. At the private hospital I gave birth in there is a program to have the first 2 nights in hospital and the remainder at a 5 star hotel, Hyatt or Hilton (with your partner). A midwife is right there with you and its FABULOUS. Room service, personalised attention from the midwife and time to recover before facing the real world again with your newborn.

Alia N. on

Congrats to Jamie and Jools. I love this family. So cute! And I love their names. Its like they are named after My Little Pony(s) : )

Megan on

Uhhhhh who looks like that a DAY after giving birth? She is soooo skinny!

Tiffany on

Very beautiful family. Jamie Oliver is going to have to be protective dad with those three lovely girls he has. They all my have unusual names, but they are all beautiful. Now that they have a boy, it looks like their family is complete.

Jamie on

Holy moly…I want to move to Australia!!! I can’t believe they provide that for new mothers. I did stay 2 nights in the hospital with each of my children. Do most women need 4-5 nights to recoup? Aren’t most women ready to get out of the hospital? Especially if they didn’t have any complications while giving birth.

Kristen on

What a beautiful family. I love all the names too. I have used beautiful, unusual names for all my children as well. I kept the normal spellings though, just as they did. Each of my children’s names have special meaning and I believe that they will love that about their names as they get older. Children need love and that starts with all the love poured into their official name. Congratulations to the mum and dad!!

323164896416 on

Let me get one thing strait! If they are willing to let their daughter hold their baby then she can ok? So get over yourself and get a life. Shouldnt yall be worrying about your kids and not somebody else?

BK on

Jools Oliver looks so old and tired, I cant imagine what it would be like to be stuck home raising four kids while my husband has an amazing career.
Glad its her and not me.

CelebBabyLover on

BK- Or maybe Jools LIKES being a stay-at-home mom!

KJK on

BK – That made me laugh, I would love to look this good 1 day after having my 4th child!!! Some people really can’t win can they? Jules and the whole family look gorgeous.

saint on

Congrats to the family! Even though the names, at first, seem a bit silly, they seem to show a sense of fun and awe at having such little miracles. That makes them sound great to me!

TR on

Well, I would say the kids have quite unusual yet unique names. I would agree that they may be the only ones in the classes named as such and that may be good for them. I named my daughter Kayla (yes, after the Kayla on DOOL) because I had never heard of the name before and fell in love with it, however, turns out it is quite a popular name and often chosen for the same reason I did (soon to be 18 years ago). The Oliver childrens names aren’t something I would pick but hey it’s their choice and decision. The oldest daughter looks like Dad, the youngest 2 girls look like Mum. I think of all the names I am rather fond of Buddy Bear (even if it sounds like a stuffed animal toy).

Allie-Rose on

JMO – there is one word for what this person does, and that’s “discrimination” (although “laziness” applies too). I work in HR and trust me, there is no way on earth I would ever dismiss a CV simply because I cannot pronounce the candidate’s name. I’m not pretending to be perfect, just saying that, ethically, I would never be able to do it. On the other hand, I did once dismiss a CV because it was so crammed it looked like the Yellow Pages

Heather on

Those names seriously sound like names of Tinkerbell fairies! What ever happened to normal names? Even a little of the beaten path is ok, but really, they are not even remotely normal.

Mallory on

I don’t know about Petal or Buddy but Daisy and Poppy are somewhat common in England and even Australia (Poppy Montgomery from Without A Trace) I remember watching a British sitcom and it was 3 middle aged sisters and they all had flower names so it can’t be that uncommon. I’m not saying I’d go this far out of the norm but I don’t want my kids to have super traditional or trendy names because I don’t want them to be a so and so A when they get to school because there’s 3 other kids with the same first name I liked being the only Mallory growing up not like the Melissa’s and Jennifer’s est.

Diana on

I have followed their lives and I think these children are very lucky to be in such a loving situation. As for their names, I love the British comedies on public broadcasting, my Great grandmother was originally English Sooooo> Remember Keeping Up Appearances with the sisters, Hyacinth,Daisy, Rose and Violet? Very common in the UK. Congratulations, and Best Wishes! to them all.

samantha on

I’m sooo happy for Jaime and Jools and their lovely family!! how refreshing to see such a natural, normal, happy family enjoying the finest and simplest things in life!! I miss seeing Jamie on the telly..loved his cooking shows…hopefully he’ll be back soon…love to all of you!!

Fiona on

What ridiculous names! Those are going to look real good on their resumes. Why do celebrities think it’s cool to burden their kids with stupid names? Buddy Bear? Petal Blossom? Daisy Boo? Why not Dr. Seuss’ Daisy-Head Mayzie? Lord, I miss the days of John, David, Sarah and Ann.

loren on

I love this picture, precious family, the girls are lovely and their Mom looks great. Very happy for Jaime he’s a good guy πŸ™‚ all the best to them

Nataliue on

Cant people just leave poior jamie and his family alone, They are his children and he shall call them whatever he wants to.. As for there daughter holding there newborn son, does it look like they would give him to her if she was incable of holding him.. i dont think so. She looks perfectly capable to me and she was probably holding him for all of 1 minute to get the picture and then back to mum or dad again.. Come on people stop judging everyone by every tiny thing that they do, arent there more important things to worry about !

Amber on

I love how people mention how these kids names might impact their lives/careers someday because they’re so “strange”… HELLO, their dad is famous?? I’m sure they’ll be JUST FINE.

Ruth on

Lovely photo of a beautiful family!

Jools gave birth in an exclusive private hospital and no doubt there was a nurse waiting at home to help her with the baby so for that reason she was able to leave so quickly. Having a lot of money can make a BIG difference at such a time.

Bec on

Congrats Jools and Jamie for having another lovely baby πŸ™‚

As for the eldest holding the baby, she’s had two sisters so is obviously used to it and i bet she is holding the baby just for the photo anyways


Jade on

Seriously with all the weirdo names out there, especially celebraties, I think the Olivers are positively normal!. Poppy & Daisy are popular in Australia too for little girls. What’s the big deal. I think boring done to death names on a child are far worse. If you don’t think outside the square, fine for you, but really to judge those that do, maybe your mind is as blank as the names YOU would choose.

And for the record I adore Buddy. Cute. Suits an older guy too.

Maria on

these kids are adorable!
I personally love the names. We need to remember that their names are not that “out there” in the UK. And even for the US, I don’t think they’re that strange. I’ve seen much worse. I would love to see more unique names here, so i think this is great!
also, Petal is absolutely precious! the girls look so sweet holding their sisters!
congrats to jamie and jools on the birth of their son!

Lane on

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