Spotted: Lisa Loeb and Lyla’s Farmer’s Market Fun

09/15/2010 at 11:00 AM ET


Baby Lyla Rose cuts her teeth on some veggies while at the farmer’s market with Lisa Loeb and dad Roey Hershkovitz on Sunday in Santa Monica, Calif.

Lyla, 9 months, is the only child for the singer/songwriter and her husband, a music production supervisor.

“We’re trying to get her to sleep on her own instead of getting her to fall asleep before we put her down,” Loeb, 42, confessed recently.

“Sometimes this whole sleep thing is like a hazing ritual for new parents. And the thing is, no one warns you about it. It’s crazy!”

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Michelle on

On the contrary! I think everyone warns you about it (sleeping, or lack of) but no first-time parent really believes it until it’s happening to them.

Jen DC on

Maybe she meant the actual sleep training rather than the lack of sleep? Sure, everyone tells you to “nap while the baby is napping,” but no one really mentions how difficult sleep training can be if you choose to go that route. How do you explain to someone that yeah, you just leave your hollering baby in a crib for increasingly longer periods of time before they get used to falling asleep alone? It sounds cruel – no first time pregnant woman would agree to it!

Indeed, Lisa, depending on how stubborn your baby is, you could be in for a time of it. Gooooooood luck!

ForeverMoore on

I’m very fortunate to have a baby that loves to sleep…he’s only 3 months old and he already sleeps 10-12 hours a night (waking once to eat) and he’s really good about getting himself to sleep (and back to sleep, if he wakes)…we’ve never let him “cry it out” either! At first my husband and I were holding him till he completely fell asleep but we quickly learned that was going to be a slippery slope…thankfully Nolan caught on to the sleep training rather quickly! Good luck to Lisa, Lyla and Roey!

Sandra on

Wow the baby is 9 months already! Time flies, she’s adorable.

Luna on

I love the name Lyla and the spelling! Such a cutie pie!

Shannon on

With both our boys, my husband and I put them to bed when they were sleepy, but not asleep. I give them their nuk, blanky, a kiss and I say night-night everytime they go down, even for naps. The boys have learned through routine to go to sleep.

MW on

I think plenty of people warn you about it. I don’t have children of my own, but I have cousins with children and I have worked in offices for 12 years with women that have children. I must have heard about the battle to get baby to sleep on their own from 30 different people in my life. . .and I’m 10 years younger than Lisa Loeb!

CelebBabyLover on

Lyla’s adorable! And it looks like she’s a fan of cucumbers! 🙂