Spotted: Angelina, Zahara and Shiloh Fly High

09/15/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

Wheels up! Angelina Jolie gets ready to fly out of Los Angeles International Airport Tuesday with just a fraction of her brood: tomboy-chic Shiloh Nouvel, 4, and sweet fashionista Zahara Marley, 5½.


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Amanda on

I swear Zahara is just an African Angelina. She and her mum have pretty awesome style as well.

Jacqui on

Seems like they almost never go places as one big family.

meghan on

why do you have to refer to them as tomboy and fashionista? They’re four and five for crying out loud!

Alice on

It’s been a while since we’ve seen them. Shi is such a doll!!😀 Totally gorgeous! Z is cute too though she doesn’t look too thrilled about the paps.

mommyof2 on

i know that i am going to get flack for posting this, but it just kill me that shiloh dresses like a boy! i know that there are tomboys, but being that she is a girl there are cuter ways to do it. and i would have never cut her hair like a boy, that is going to far considering her age. cute overalls jeans etc i think would have been the best way to go!! but anyways they are really cute kids!!!!

dee on

I think it’s funny how all three look related. Zahara is just gorgeous and her complexion is to die for.

Ryo on

Good thing your Shiloh’s mother then, isn’t it? Lord save us from mothers deciding how others should raise their children. What you would do if Shiloh was your daughter is your business; I don’t get why people think their opinion matters when it comes to another person’s child.

Shiloh really looks like her dad.

XoXo on

Both girls are gorgeous-Z looks just like Angelina and Shiloh is ALL Dad + Mom’s lips.

Taylor on

Mommyof2, my daughter gravitates towards the boys section because nine times out of ten, they resonate with characters and activities she likes. Unfortunately, Ben 10 and football aren’t marketed towards girls. Heck, it’s hard enough today to find a pair of jeans that don’t have some flower decal on them. To be honest, she simply hates anything purple, pink, dresses, skirts, etc. and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s her personal preference. I just wish the girl’s department would be more versatile.

mommyof2 on

i am not saying that i am shilohs mom at all! i was just saying…i understand it is hard to find tomboy things, but i have seen plenty of things for my buget and i am sure that there would be even more for theres!! but to each is own!! either way they seem like a wonderful family!

Romy on

why does everyone have to call them ‘her brood’ all the time??

Jacklyn on

Shiloh is gorgeous! Looks just like her Daddy!

kro on

The girls are so gorgeous!

XoXo on

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is on TV right now-boy does Shiloh look like her daddy…but with those lips/face shape! It’s so bizarre.

jessicad on

I really thought my daughter would be a tomboy like I was, but man has she turned me into a girlie girl! I can understand Shiloh wanting to dress like a boy because I was just like that at her age, and my 3 year old is very opinionated about her clothes and everything pink and purple, no idea where she gets that from. I just love how their little personalities come out so soon:) These girls are absolutely gorgeous!

Lorus on

mommyof2 – There was an interview from either Brad or Angie saying that Shiloh had gotten a pair of scissor and cut her own hair and that’s why they ended up having to cut it so short.
As far as her boyish style I think it’s cute. She wears a lot of her brother’s clothing and more basic boyish wear. Not all girls want to wear pink, dresses, and have barrettes in their hair.

Mina on

Zahara looks JUST like my best friends daughter that its scary! I’m talking spitting image! Its uncanny! I wish I could post a pic for everyone to see cuz its an amazing resemblence. They could be twins! Just thought I would share lol.

sara on

This is a beautiful family, but I find it quite bizarre that Zahara is kept the only person of color out of 8 people. Angelina always talks about balance, but doesn’t seem to realize there is a great imbalance in her own family. No need to be naive, and yes, she loves her kids equally, but Zahara WILL wonder why she is the only person of color. Adopting another girl or boy of color (maybe from haiti) would be wonderful, especially for Zahara.

CelebBabyLover on

Lorus- Where did you hear that? Angelina DID explain Shi’s haircut in an interview, but the reason wasn’t Shi’s cutting her hair herself. She said that one night Shiloh cried and said, “Please cut my hair off! I don’t want to have long hair!”. I’m not criticizing you, just curious as to where you found that interview.🙂

Anyway, the girls are adorable! Zee is such a little lady, and I love Shi’s haircut….probably because it’s almost identical to the one I had from the time I was around Zee’s age right up until just a few years ago (at which time I decided I had finally grown tired of having short hair-and of having people constantly mistake me for a guy, despite the fact that I don’t dress like one and that my chest clearly shows that I am most certainly not a guy!-and started growing my hair out. Now I have shoulder-length hair. :)).🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Taylor- Very well said! It always annoyed me when I was a kid that there were never any girls clothes with male characters on them! Who says girls can’t like superheros and male cartoon characters?!

CelebBabyLover on

sara- I’m sure they will adopt an African sibling for Zee eventually. Now probably just isn’t the right time for a new addition.🙂

cutie on

theses are the most mature comments i have ever read on any criticisms,negativity or whatever.i bliv Shi will outgrow her tomboy look and Zee is so so adorable.
Comments all from mature ladies and moms well done!

Whitney on

Shiloh told Angelina her hair was too long too! She is adorable and I want my own Brad Pitt look-a-like. Knox looks more like Angie….

sarah williams on

Sara- Zahara isn’t the only person of “color”, Maddox and Pax certainly aren’t white…. Do you mean when will they adopt another black child?? I doubt Zahara would wonder though, children only think they are different when people find the need to remind them of it.

MiB on

Sara, I think they are aware of it, but that the birth ot the twins threw them off track. I think Angelina has said something about not adding another one to the mix until they are ready for it, and I think that is a very good desicion, her priority has to be the children she already has, and if adding another child to the family at this point makes it difficult to give the children they already have the time they need, then they shouldn’t do it. This doesn’t mean that they won’t adopt another child in the future.

JM on

it’s really sad that people are so narrow-minded and immature, especially when it comes to children. mommyof2 what if your kids heard you talking about a child the way you talk about shiloh and they then went to school and picked on that kid because they thought there was something wrong with the way she dressed? it’s really really sad that you can’t just live and let live. angelina and brad have made it abundantly clear that shiloh WANTS to dress like that, so why shouldn’t she? just because it makes other people who are supposed to be adults feel uncomfortable? i say good on her, maybe the world will progress a little if she shows that she doesn’t care.

Anna on

Sara, Pax and Maddox aren’t caucasian either. So half of the children are people of colour as you say it. Even if she wasn’t it, I don’t see the problem. They are being raised equal, no need to balance the “colours”.

2little on

Sara & CelebBabyLover: Zahara is NOT the only child of color in the family. Maddox & Pax are of color also. Their family is very diverse…each non bio child from another country. Is that not enough “color”? What exactly does “of color” mean?

Ashton on

Ummmm, actually sara, Pax and Maddox are considered people of color as well. “People of color” does not solely related to those of African descent, but all who are not “white”–the term is meant as an inclusive term that encompasses the shared experiences of racism. Many people prefer this term as opposed to “non-whites” or “minorities”, because neither of those terms are very positive as an identity marker.

Therefore…Zee, while being the only member of the family of African descent, is not the only person of color and it is offensive to the others to say so. I’m sure Angie and Brad, if they plan to adopt more, will probably adopt from Africa next, but give them a break, they have twin toddlers. They probably won’t add to their family for a while.

Lady on

So because they are never photographed traveling together that means they never go anywhere as a family Jacqui…?! People always want to start controvery in any post regarding this family it’s ridiculous.

There is no mistaking whose child Shiloh is…mini Brad, thats for sure…just beautiful…Z is gorgeous as well…

JMO on

I kinda get mommyof2. My cousin’s daughter is a tomboy. But they try to sort of mix it up a bit. Like she’ll wear a baseball t-shirt but she’ll have pretty pink flip flops or sandles on. Or she’ll wear a Hannah Montana shirt with her black sweatpants. So she’s not entirely wanting to dress like a boy but she’d much rather not fully go out as a girl lol.
I think I’d be devastated if my daughter chose boy clothes. Of course I’d try and do the compromising to but sometimes it just may not be worth the fighting and arguing. At the end of the day you as the mom have the final say, but I’d much rather be concerned at other things she’s doing over what she is wearing.
That being said, Shi’s look has never bothered me. I think it’s funny that even when she was 2-3 she knew what she wanted. Who knows if it was a brothers influence or just who she is. And maybe in a few years she’ll change. Either way it’s good that Angie and Brad sort of let her do as she wishes since she’s really not hurting anyone by dressing like that.

Amanda on

Beautiful family!
Sara- kids aren’t a collection. If they aren’t ready to raise another child they should not adopt another just to make sure they have ‘matching’ kids. I’m sure in that family those kids realize that everyone is different and probably don’t look at skin color being different as anything other than having different colored hair or eyes.

Romy on

they have enough problems without adding another adoption on top of it! it’s their choice, of course, but it’s not like adopting another is just a small thing. she also has asian siblings, plus they travel all over the world and see all different people.

gdfg on

“they have enough problems without adding another adoption on top of it!”

Who said they have problems?

Kim on

Zahara has 2 or 3 Ethiopian cousins. Brad’s sister adopted 2 boys 3 years ago and I read she recently adopted another child.Also maybe they asked Zahara if she wanted an African sibling and she said no. Brad is filming Moneyball so he can’t travel to Europe at this time. When Brad and Angie took out all 6 kids in Italy on Easter critics accused them of parading the kids for a photo op. When they went to museum with the boys the comments are, Why didn’t they take the girls to the musuem.When Brad , Angie and the boys went to beach before Memorial Day, “Where are the girls” The family is all together daily at home. They don’t need to dress them up and take them out to appease the fans.Heidi and Seal often take all 4 kids out with 4-5 adults(nannies,assistants, parents etc ) and they are criticized for that too.As for Shiloh I love her unique style. As for Zahara maybe she doesn’t want an African sibling at this time.

minnie on

Why is Brad and Angie going to Europe to adopt an african child?

Shiloh’s hair looks cute that little bit longer.

Romy on

gdfg, other sites that talk about celebs. many sites give more info and not just nicey nicey stuff, and not National Enquirer stuff. I guess Eonline could be one. If I say more they probably won’t post my reply though

gdfg on

Yes, and they’re called gossip sites for a reason.

Romy on

People is a gossip site and mag too, they just don’t report as much online. I don’t believe everrything I read from any site. I know life isn’t perfect like angelina says when she has a movie coming out. Really, though, I’m not going to comment more. Everyone is entitled to read and believe whatever they want.

Terri on

I think it’s fine if Zahara is the only black child in the house. I do recall that when she adopted Pax she said it was because she wanted Maddox to have someone who liked like himself in the family. I was expecting her to adopt another African child, but maybe Brad and Angelina feel that their family is complete.

Mia on

Just to note-Angelina Jolie has very nice bone structure, esp. in that pic. The whole family is gorgeous! Can’t believe how big all the kids are getting. The twins are already 2 now.

Ellea on

Zee is pretty beautiful, she’s got such an elegant face. It reminds me of Iman or Liya kebede.

Tee on

When Sara said “of color” I really think she meant a child of African decent, like Zahara. I don’t see a need to jump on her for a simple comment.

CelebBabyLover on

gdfg- I agree! I also want to add that, while PEOPLE may techincally be a gossip magazine, they are on a different level than most of the others. For one thing, they actually check their facts before posting a story. And when they DO post a rumor, they make it clear in the title of the post that it is, in fact, just a rumor (usually they put the word “rumor” or “buzz” in the title).

They also are quick to retract stories that they’ve posted that turn out not to be true, and to correct mistakes they make (in their magazine, they even issue a correction when they accidentally spell someone’s name or age wrong, or inadverntly post the wrong location a photo was taken at!)…..two things that a lot of other gossip sites don’t do.

For those reasons and more, I consider PEOPLE to be far more reliable than most of the other gossip sites out there.

All of that said, I also want to point out that I agree that the J-Ps don’t have a perfect life (after all, nobody does!), but that doesn’t mean they’ve got problems at the moment! It just means that they’re human like everyone else, and just like everyone else, they have their ups and downs. It’s called being a normal family (or at least as normal as you can get with the paparazzi chasing you all the time!)!🙂

zlittle- I never said Zahara is the only child of color in that family. I just said that I’m sure that someday Angie and Brad will adopt another African child!🙂 I was basically just answering sara, not saying I agree that Zee’s the only child of color in that family!

Kim on

Romy please post the link of the interview where Angie says life is perfect. Thanks in advance. Because in the interviews I ‘ve read she talks about trying to find mommy and daddy time (GMTV interview), she talks about kids treating them like a short order cook during breakfast(Nightline). She talks about how fortunate she is to have nannies assistants, Brad etc.How they don’t get enough sleep because there are always kids climbing into their bed(Today show)

Nanny-Emma on

I look after a 3 year old tomboy who wears football kits, Thomas The Tank Engine shirts and boys tracksuit bottoms and shorts. She has similar hair to Shi’s as well. This is all her and I refuse to fight her into a girls top! I find as I’m the Nanny people find it acceptable to tell me ”I wouldn’t let her wear those clothes” and other comments they wouldn’t say to her parents. I get annoyed because they don’t think its right or that its the parents fault. Some people don’t realise how strong willed small children can be in the way they want to be and dress. And if you fight that you are damaging the child by not letting them be themselves!

So it annoys me every time I see a bad comment against Brad and Angie for this. Some people even saying they’re doing it for attention?? Why would they do that? Some people aren’t happy Suri is always dressed like a Princess but hate that Shi is dressed in boys clothes. They can’t win.

Jacqui on

Kim, I saw in interview where Angelina talked about the chaos you described in a very whimsical way. The interviewer then said something to the effect of “But really your relationship and everything is perfect. . . ” and she demurely just smiled and sort of looked down as if to say “Yes”. It was posted on x17 about a month ago.

Things probably are pretty marvelous in the Jolie-Pitt world. I have no trouble believing that!

By the way Lady, my noting that they don’t seem to travel together as one big family very often is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s not necessarily a good thing either. It just is what it is, and it is unusual.

CelebBabyLover on

Jacqui- I saw that interview as well…..and I don’t blame Angie for responding the way she did to the interview. I mean, if she’s said, “Well no, of course our relationship isn’t perfect, we have our ups and downs just like any other couple,” or something to that effect, can you imagine what the tabloids would say?

Basically, it would be as if she had thrown a big slab of meat to a starving dog! Angelina may not pay attention to the tabs (she has said so several times), but she DOES have six kids to think about, and I’m sure she’d rather not give the tabs any more fuel than neccesary (obviously, when you’re as big a star as she is, you generate crazy tabloid stories practically just by breathing!).🙂

With that being said, I agree with your comment fully. I just thought I’d explain my take on that interview.🙂

Jacqui on

You are absolutely right, CelebBabyLover. Anytime she has humbly admitted to having “problems like everyone else” it is completely distorted or taken out of context!

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