Matt Damon: Wife Luciana Is ‘Over Being Pregnant’

09/14/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

Bring out the protective body suit.

Adding a fourth child to the family this fall, Matt Damon says he’s happy to be used as a punching bag for wife Luciana to release her discomfort as they head into the home stretch.

“We’re in the third trimester and basically I’m just dodging punches right now from my wife,” Damon told PEOPLE at the premiere of Hereafter at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday.

“That means I have to work on my defense and I never know when a left hook or a right cross is going to come. She’s completely over me and over being pregnant.”

Lucy may not find him so appealing due to fatigue and back pains, but the Invictus star, 39, is sympathetic to what she’s going through.

“She’s been a great sport,” says Damon. “She looks amazing and she’s taking great care of herself.”

Already a full house with three daughters — Alexia, 11, from Luciana’s prior marriage, Isabella, 4, and Gia, 2 — Damon says he’s indebted to the missus for having their children together in such a short period of time.

“She’s been pregnant basically for more than half of the last five years and she’s been nursing the other half so I’ve definitely asked about as much as I can from my wife,” he laughs. “Now I’m all hers!”

— Paul Chi

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peopleish on

Awww… they’re so much fun… love them together.

Sky on

I know he adores his little girls and would love another but for his sake (in 10 years…), I hope he gets a little more testosterone in the household πŸ˜‰

mommyof2 on

they seem like a wonderful family!! they really stay out of the spot light, and he truely seems to love and respect his wife!! what a wonderful family!! many blessings to the wonderful family!!

Lisa on

Love this family! CW to hear the birth announcement once the baby is born. I don’t know why but I’m feeling a boy this time after the 3 girls but boy are those 3 girls beautiful! I’m guessing she is due sometime in October considering she announced she was pregnant in April.

torgster on

I laugh when I think how Matt and Ben Affleck got their big breakthrough together on Good Will Hunting …good thing they have stayed such good friends as they can count on each other when all their ladies gang up on them lol!

Romy on

that’s cute, really cute. I like them, and I like that they seem pretty normal

pia on

they seem like a good couple of people.. have we actually seen little gia? and i wonder if they’ll have a boy this time. ahh so much to ponder…

Kathy H on

I have always been a fan of Matt Damon’s, but I gotta tell ya, since he married and especially since he’s become a father, I like him so much more! He seems SO devoted to and in love with his wife, and seems to just absolutely adore his daughters (and what daddy doesn’t?!). They seem to be so “normal” for anyone in Hollyweird, but given his super A list status, he’s done a remarkable job of keeping his family out of the spotlight and their lives private – as they should be!! I truly hope they have a boy this time – as much as daddies love their little girls, I would love to see Matt have a son too!

He and Ben Affleck both seem to have really settled down, married the right women and have turned into wonderful, devoted husbands and fathers! I’m ready for Ben and Jen to have another baby – wonder if they’ll take my hint, lol!

Mrs. R on

we’ve only ever seen a couple pictures of their Gia.

I’d love to see a recent one, but appreciate very much how well their family has stayed out of the limelight. I read once that Luciana is extremely protective of her eldest daughter’s privacy because she has matt for a step-dad and it’s been a good transition for their family, but one she is very careful about.

Bancie1031 on

Awe I love this family! I hope they have a boy, though I’m sure if they have a girl they will love her just the same πŸ˜€ This is a beautiful family and I wished we could see more of them on here πŸ˜€

sgv on

β€œNow I’m all hers!”

Lucky Luciana! πŸ™‚

I’m a huge fan of Matt Damon, he’s one of my favorite actors, and I like how he tries to be as “normal” as possible, and protects his family’s privacy.
Can’t wait to hear the birth announcement! I think it will be another girl πŸ™‚

MZ on

I’d love to see them have a baby boy! I’m going to guess a 3rd girl though.

CelebBabyLover on

AWWWWW! Matt sounds like a great husband and father!

H on

hahahahah my poor husband was the same lol, he asked my doctor when he would be getting his wife back becuase this wasn’t her πŸ™‚ the doctor laughed his head off but i kid you not my husband was deadly serious.

being pregnant is tough and women and on the people around her hehe but its all so worth it, my other half first words when looking into our sons eyes were ‘ you are so beautiful it was worth having a curry thrown over me’ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ you gotta laugh xxxxxx

Susan on

Boy, is she lucky! She was a waitress when he met her.

cmk on

I’m pretty sure i’ve read somewhere that they are having another girl. Not 100% positive, but maybe 90%.

Angie on

Love them together… they seem like a normal- down to earth couple. I wish them and their family the very best πŸ™‚

kim on

To Susan that commented below, why does it matter if she was a waitress?? She’s lucky to have found a great husband and father. Who cares what her occupation was when she met him. Get a clue

Tammy on

That’s sweet. He really seems to understand and appreciate what his wife has gone through the past several years. To me, there’s nothing more appealing about a man than when he’s a good husband and a good father.

Adeline on

He’s a great actor, seems to be a good human being. He’s been one of my favorites for a long time, I’m happy he seems to enjoy his life that much. Fathers are so important for their daughters. It’s great to see him acting this way! I appreciate the way this family seems to bound together:-)

Becky on

Great looking couple..Good luck to them..

maggie on

I assume “Lucky Girl” refers to just that. I mean, even she would probably say she was a lucky girl- how many single mom waitresses happen to meet a movie star they end up marrying? It is rare. Nothing good/bad about being a waitress except it is a hard job, probably pays mediocre and she was doing it all to take care of her daughter. Admirable, but what a fairytale story- it is like a movie. Beautiful waitress meets handsome moviestar and lives happy ever after. Lucky Girl! I wish George Clooney would walk into my life one day and wisk me away πŸ™‚ maybe.

Toni on

“I’m all her’s”…what a lucky woman! He is my absolute favorite, sexiest man alive forever!! Not only is he wonderful to look at, a fantastic actor, but is sexiest because he seems to be such a wonderful husband and father…yes guys, pay attention, we swoon over a man who takes the time to appreciate his wife and care for his kids!

XoXo on

I hope it’s a boy too πŸ™‚ I wonder if the name will be a similar sound/pattern as the other girls.

Elby on

Hands off Maggie, George is mine :p

CZY on

Does anyone know what they are having?

ChaCha on

Ohh, y’all forget one thing….He’s from Boston as well as Affleck…could explain why they’re so well grounded with love and family!! I know someone out there will throw a dig..go ahead, but Matt and Ben still rate #1 in my book…

anon on

I thinkt the point of his comments were, hey, Im a lucky MAN to have such a great wife and mother for my children! In good relationships it’s reciprical and all balances out in the end. I wish them both the best on thier new bambino.

Terri on

I love Matt Damon as an actor and the two make a beautiful couple. I hope for another girl. They make beautiful girls!

Mari on

I thought they had already announced that they are expecting a girl again. Hmm, I might have mixed that up with the last pregnancy. πŸ™‚

Anyways, as long as the kid is healthy I am sure they will be very happy.

Susan on

They are cute and he sounds nice but that’s alot of kids and 3 kids under 5? I have an older son and twins, over 2 seems alot (even with help)

Bancie1031 on

Susan – that’s interesting πŸ˜€ I didn’t know that! See that shows that true love will happen one way or another πŸ˜€
Kim – maybe she was just trying to say lucky girl πŸ™‚ or letting people like myself know that when true love is meant to be it will find a way.

I guess the feeling is mutual here …. everyone loves Matt Damon πŸ˜€ And his beautiful family πŸ˜€

Rye on

I know they announced they were having a girl with there previous two daughters. I don’t remember hearing anything about this babies gender though. Hmmmm! Maybe they don’t know this time?

mamabear on

Awww, I love this family πŸ™‚ I think it helped a lot that Matt and Luciana live/lived in Miami in keeping the girls away from the paparazzi.

In regard to the “lucky girl” comment by SUSAN….I think she meant that the fact that they met when Luciana was a waitress only sweetens their story! It’s similar to someone who wins the lottery – it always seems to be the retired couple with their home and cars already paid off that wins …. yet it’s ALWAYS a warmer fuzzier moment when that struggling single mom wins πŸ™‚

AND YES, I think ANY woman who is fortunate enough to find a wonderful husband and father who is also a wonderful step-dad to your firstborn is very lucky and has “hit the jackpot” πŸ™‚

Belsey on

Is there something in the water in Boston? Both he and Ben have 2 girls!

UglyDuckling88 on

“She was a waitress?”

Is that a bad thing? She wasn’t a prostitute or a stripper. A lot of times (especially in California where servers make $8.50 an hour plus tips), it’s a really good job. I make about $160 a night serving (not including base pay) whereas in a lot of jobs in the marketing, PR, or other mid-level business sectors, I’d be making less.

A lot of people who are waiters or waitresses meet the people they are marrying after serving them at a restaurant. She just happened to meet Matt Damon.

Lori on

Close personal friends of mine are very close personal friends of Matt and Lucy. The photo you see is what you get. I have heard wonderful stories of the way they raise their children and what great parents they are. I am so happy for them! Congrats again Matt and Lucy!

bina on

“Is there something in the water in Boston? Both he and Ben have 2 girls!”

You know neither of them actually live in Boston now, right?

gdfg on

“In regard to the β€œlucky girl” comment by SUSAN….I think she meant that the fact that they met when Luciana was a waitress only sweetens their story! It’s similar to someone who wins the lottery – it always seems to be the retired couple with their home and cars already paid off that wins …. yet it’s ALWAYS a warmer fuzzier moment when that struggling single mom wins”

Who said she was a struggling single mom? Being a waitress does NOT mean you are poor and it does not mean you work for low wages. I have a master’s degree and a great job and the best money I’ve ever made was waiting tables. I made more money as a college student working 30 hours a week than my parents, who are college educated with good jobs, did at the time.

SAR on

I am sick to death of people saying they “hope for a boy” for celebs who have all girls, but then getting all OFFENDED when a celeb who has all boys says they’d like a girl (i.e., Naomi Watts). Why is it so much more acceptable to hope for a boy than it is to hope for a girl?

Sky on

Actually SAR, I don’t know where YOU’VE been but it’s the exact opposite. This is the first thread where I haven’t seen hatred towards people saying they “hope for a boy”. If a celebrity dad says they hope for a son, WATCH OUT! It’s apparently way more acceptable to hope for girls than boys. People are allowed to say they hope for girls and nothing ever happens.

Sky on

I don’t care what any of you are arguing… she IS “lucky” to marry a multi-millionaire that she met while working at a restaurant. I’d say luck is something that doesn’t happen to everyone and does not happen everyday. Yes, he obviously loves her but it’s not like (me, for example) your average person just gets picked up by millionaires at the grocery store.

Brenda on

Not that it matters, but I believe she was a bartender, not a waitress. Love is love… it doesn’t matter where you find it. The important thing is that you find the right one for you. Good for them!

Scarlet on

I love Matt Damon, he sounds like a great husband who can appreciate what a woman has to go thru to have children. She must be a great woman to have found such a great companion in Matt Damon.

SAR on

I have no idea what board you’ve been to, Sky, but it can’t be this one. All I’ve seen have been threads in which people gush over “Finally a boy!” and “I hope they have a boy just to put some sanity back in the house.” Naomi Watts said she would have a third child if she could guarantee it’d be a girl, and people flipped out, saying she should “count her blessings, she has two healthy boys.”

Ari on

if this photo was taken while she was pregnant, i believe she’ll finally have a boy. just an observation.

Sky on

Well, SAR, at least we can both agree that it’s stupid to freak out like people do. If someone wants a certain gender then so be it! It doesn’t mean they’ll love the other gender any less.

Amy on

She was not lucky to marry a millionaire. She was not lucky to marry a celebrity. She was not lucky to marry an incredibly hot guy. She was lucky to marry an amazingly sensitive and caring man who loves her for who she is. THAT is truly rare. So yes, she is very lucky, but not for the things most people see on the surface!