Brandon Flowers, Wife Expecting Baby No. 3

09/14/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
Dave M. Benett/Getty

Brandon Flowers‘ garden continues to grow — he and wife Tana are expecting their third child, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The Killers frontman — who’s just released his first solo record, Flamingo — and Tana are already parents to sons Gunnar, 13 months, and Ammon, 3.

Although he loves living the life of a rock star, Flowers, 29, expects to cut back on touring as his children grow older.

“I love music, but I want to spend more time with my children,” he recently told The Daily Mail. “I’d like to be around when they start school.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Marisa Laudadio

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Liv on

I wish their family all the best in the world! I truely hope their third child will be a girl. I have two older brothers myself, and I wish it upon every little girl in the world.

Hannah on

YAY good for him!!

Marisela on

Congratulations to the family! I hope they have a healthy baby, regardless of gender.

Lacey on

Yay! Congratulations! I love his music both with the Killers and solo.

Laura on

Hes done really well for himself and i wish him all the best.

Erika on

Oooh yay! Hopefully it will be a little girl 🙂

Becky on

Don’t know much about him, but wish them all the best..

Windy on

Yeah….I love when men say they want to be around when they are older and start school since all the real work is done and they are out of the house most of the day hahaha.

JM on

congrats to them, i wish them a world of happiness. but i do hope they choose a better name for baby number 3, right now it sounds like their kids are named after gun and ammo (ammunition) – why would you want to associate that with a kids name?

Kristen on

@JM- That’s pretty funny. I don’t know about Gunnar but Ammon is a religious name. Brandon and his wife are active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Sky on

I read that they needed a strong name like Gunnar because it has to go with “Flowers”.

CelebBabyLover on

Awww, congrats to them! I hope they have a girl this time around!

Anna on

Even if they chose the names for the religious meaning they must have liked the association with guns and ammo because surely they noticed what it looks like when you put the names next to each other.

It’s a bit sick to be honest. I’d rather have original names like Apple or Moon or something sweet than names that are associated with violence.

MiB on

@JM and Kristen: Gunnar is an old Scandinavian name, dating from at least 600 AD, and means battle warrior. Quite a leap from the Old testament to Norse mythology! I wonder where they get inspired next.

Beth on

I doubt very seriously that Brandon and Tana have even thought that the names relate to “guns and ammo.” They are beautiful and peaceful people and both of the names have ancient origins. If you see violent connotations here, perhaps the fixation on bad things is YOUR issue — not theirs.

Sarah M. on

Well said, Beth, well said!

SadieA on

Anna said: “Even if they chose the names for the religious meaning they must have liked the association with guns and ammo”

What a joke. But I think Beth’s response wrapped up my thoughts quite nicely!

Isabelle on

In this case, Ammon isn’t Biblical. As was mentioned, Brandon and Tana are members of the LDS church and Ammon was apparently a popular missionary in the Book of Mormon, which is where they got the name. I’ve heard it to be fairly common among LDS families. As for Gunnar, I don’t love it or hate it, I just think it doesn’t go well with his last name. Repeating “-er” sound and all… but I actually like the name Apple, so what do I know? lol

Congrats to them, though. Three kids in under four years sounds kind of hectic, so I wish them the best!

heather on

yay ! I like when other young families show that having 2+ kids doesn’t have to be about being young, ignorant, immature, etc. It’s amazing how many people look at you like your crazy for even 3 little ones. As for their names, I second Beth’s response. I’d attribute those kind of naming shenannigans to some celbrities, but not to these two. I’m actually really excited to hear what they name their little number three; even if certain names are not ones I would choose for my own children, I can totally appreciate them for what they stand for to the parents 🙂