Sacha Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher Step Out with New Addition

09/13/2010 at 02:30 PM ET

Who’s that strolling in London Friday with Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher and 2½-year-old daughter Olive?

It seems as though the trio has welcomed the latest addition to their family, although a rep for the actress says they likely won’t be commenting on the birth of the new baby.

The intensely private pair prefer it that way, having kept quiet about the impending arrival of their second child as well as their March nuptials.

We last spotted Fisher, 34, and Olive out and about in Los Angeles at the end of May, but the actress and husband Baron Cohen, 38, have managed to stay undercover since!

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laura on

they really dont look happy at getting papped!

jen on

It looks like he’s with 3 kids.

Lila on

If they are intensely private, why post a picture of them? Looks like they just want to left alone.

Kat on

I’m really happy for her, and REALLY impressed how private they were able to keep it!

Natasha on

They don’t look happy at the paparazzi at all and I don’t blame them. If they want privacy, they should be given privacy. Congrats to Isla, Sacha and Olive on the newest addition

Brooklyn on

Hmm. Interesting. I mean, I have no clue what it’s like to be a celebrity but I would probably release that info, because now won’t the media be really interested in getting the info? Wouldn’t it be simpler just to release a little bit of info?

klutzy_girl on

Poor Isla looks exhausted! I hope we learn the name and sex eventually!

Jacki on

I understand the desire to be private, however they chose a profession that does not ever allow that. Hopefully they can have as “normal” as possible life for themselves and their children. Congrats on the new bundle of joy!

Madison on

Isla looks like an angry gremlin. They look really annoyed that the paparazzi is there, but at the same time, they did both chose careers in film. If they want to be actors and don’t like the paps, stick to theater or local productions. Otherwise, unfortunately, deal with it

marion on

The sooner they release some info- name, gender, the faster they’ll be left alone. they’re celebrities but they’re not famous. Once the world knows what they had, the tabloids, the ones who buy photos and dictate how much a celebrity is worth to paps- will lose interest.

Sandra on

Wow, I can’t believe that they kept the birth of their baby a secret being celebrities! The paparazzi is on every celebrities behind. To have had a baby and no one knows that they even had a baby let alone not even not knowing the sex, is unbelievable to me! They are real good if I do say so myself. I was hoping they have another girl to give Olive a little sister, but again, who knows what they had. Hopefully we will find out soon!

MommyT on

Bout time some celebrity stays under raps. Means their kids might have a normal life. If indeed they have had their baby congrats. I wish them well.

Marly on

They look like two hobos with a really cute little girl. lol

n on

That’s SO awesome they havebeen able to keep this so private. Most people announce right after the baby has been born which takes away from the family sanctuary.

tomfool on

wow! kudos to them keeping themselves to themselves! it’s amazing that they could keep so quiet about it!

B on

Wow, Isla does look very young in this picture. She looks like a 12yr old pushing the stroller.

Shannon on

Were they always like this, I mean with their first child??

ForeverMoore on

When I had my son in June, I was so excited and thrilled beyond belief…I wanted EVERYONE to know, seriously, just people at the grocery store I was like “I have a son!” Can’t say what I would be like if I had people following me around with cameras but I think they (the paps) get pretty cool shots every once in awhile…some being quite frame-worthy!

Meesh on

I have mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, at least they aren’t pimping their kid out like most celebrities. However, I think it creates more attention not to at least say the sex and the name. I liked Sarah Jessica Parker’s approach when she had James. She stood outside the hospital and let them all take pictures, as much as they wanted, on the condition that they would be completely quiet (except for the sound of the cameras clicking). Anyone else remember that? I thought that was so classy, not trying to make money off it (even if the $$ supposedly goes to charity), not using it for your own magazine spread or what have you, but just letting them have the pics so they would hopefully not be too aggressive after that.

Eve on

This is one of the funniest pictures I have seen in a long time … Isla is making a face that I thought could only be found on a toddler … With the birth of their first kid they kept it under wraps they just weren’t as successful as this time !!!

Louise on

I too liked SJP’s approach. That way the news is out there and you aren’t profiting off the birth of your child.

valerie on

the three of them represent emotions-
skeptical, concerned, and angry…well, I probably would react that way too!

ponymom on

They don’t look happy at all, when was she due? They should release a statement indicating name & gender & birth date and they’ll be left alone.

Lauren on

Yikes-they all look like they’re heading to the guillotine! I completely understand the need for privacy and applaud them for not wanting to be on the cover of every magazine, but they also need to be realistic. Both of them are famous and both of them chose not to be theatre actors with a low profile, but movie actors with jobs that require them to be in the public eye. I think the way celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker and Salma Hayek went about it is best-either get photographed by a ton of paparazzi outside the hospital or release a photo and basic information via a personal website or the Associated Press. No one makes a profit off the first photo, the parents get control over the situation, and the fans get a small peak at their favorite actor or singer’s new addition. I bet anything that because they refuse to release any details about the baby, they’re going to be hounded more than ever.

Marilyn on

Well, we know the birthdate of Olive, so I wonder if we’ll find out this one’s birthday. They should just say what they had, and be over with it, then maybe the paps will leave them alone (or at least until they get the first photo of the baby).

Becky on

Good for them for trying to stay private. Why shouldn’t they? Just because they signed up to be famous and celebrities doesn’t mean every aspect of their life should be photographed/written about and published. Although, Isla doesn’t look too happy in this picture, and i don’t blame her!

elliemae on

I can understand not wanting to be dressed up, but really, it looks like beautiful Isla is trying to make herself look as unattractive as possible. That hair and that barrette! Oh my…

Lori on

If they were to announce it, most people would say, “Oh that is nice” and then be done with it. By not announcing it, they are inviting all this speculation and the paparazzi.

Brooke on

I normally think these two are adorable, but this is a HORRIBLE pic of both of them. At least Olive looks cute.

Allie on

The fact that people go into the entertainment field doesn’t mean that they should automatically give up their right to privacy. Watching a star’s movies doesn’t entitle the viewer to be nosy. If Sacha and Isla (or any other celebrity) wants their business out there, it should be on their own terms. Celebrities don’t deserve to have vultures chasing them down the street, taking pictures to sell to magazines. Paparazzi are basically legally protected stalkers. I’d rather the paps chase down the politicians so I know the people I’m supporting and are trusting to make my way of living better are worthy of my support.

But congratulations to Sacha and Isla on the birth of their new baby and Olive on being a big sister. Enjoy your expanded family.

Samy on

She looks exhausted and really, really, really young in this picture! Wow. I hope the baby is happy and healthy! I think Olive is just lovely and I know they must be thrilled to have been able to keep all of this under wraps. I would just worry that, by releasing nothing, they have actually made themselves MORE of a target because every photographer is going to want to be the first to get pictures of the new Cohen! Regardless, mazel tov to their family! (Hmmm….perhaps it’s a boy and it’s not yet been 8 days?!?)

Erika on

I understand wanting to keep it private, but being secretive is only going to create more curiosity. If they release a name, gender and statement, tabloids will be more satisfied than if they just leave it a secret. I do feel bad for them though, the birth of their child should be private and not a media circus.

soph on

Why are some of you saying “they should release a name, and gender…” Should?? They don’t need to, and to say that they’re “inviting” attention by not making an announcement is stupid. Why should they HAVE to satisfy strangers’ curiosity? You don’t know the Fisher-Cohens personally, is saying “YAY CONGRATS I’M SO HAPPY FOR THEM” on an internet blog that important to you?

Monica on

Ha ha ha!! Jen I agree with you. He does look like he’s with three kids. Since when did having kids mean you have to look frumpy?

This is what irritates me about celebrities: You struggle to make it to be famous YET you don’t want the attention! That doesn’t make any sense. You gave up privacy the moment you chose to be famous. Being photographed and followed by paparazzi IS the norm. If you don’t like it then quit the business. How can you expect to have a “normal” life when YOU chose to be examined under a microscope? Whatever! Most celebrities are just full of themselves.

Jacqui on

I agree with Madison and Jacki and those who have made the point that one of the things you sacrifice with a big career in show biz is your total privacy. That’s just the way it is! Certain celebrities just want to control every aspect of their lives and when they can’t make the paparazzi, for example, just go away it makes them angry. What’s really unfortunate is that whether or not they have a right to be annoyed, their lousy attitudes affect their kids. Little Olive would be having a way better time if mama and papa were smiling, upbeat and happy. Granted, I know this could have been just one bad shot of them, but from what I’ve heard and read about them, probably not.

Kim on

I have to say I don’t fully agree with the whole ‘they chose to be actors so they need to deal with the paparazzi’.
Just because one decides that acting is the career they choose that doesn’t mean it has to become their life-style. Plus the kids are not asking to be born famous.
So kudos to them for not announcing baby birth no.2
Perhaps they didn’t think that announcing details of their daughter’s birth lead to good things so they decided to do things differently with baby no.2

And of course I know that being an actor means that it could be easier to just announce it but at the same time every parent, famous or not, should be able to keep their childrens out of the spotlight.

Carrie-Ann Moss and Christian Bale did a great job on not announcing their children’s names and we are still not 100% what their names are.
I guess I would find it weird too that if I have a child, his or her name would mentioned in every magazine and seeing my kid’s name etc pop up everywhere.
That doesn’t mean I don’t like reading about baby announcements on this site if the parents want to share that information, but even celebs should still have the choice to try and keep their kids out of the spotlight for as long as possible.

Just my personal thought on this 🙂

MIGirl on

You know, they may have chosen their careers but we don’t know where this photo was taken. If the papparazzi are hanging out on my front steps, yeah, I’d be pretty angry to see them too, no matter what my job is. Home is your private place, not where you should worry about getting your photo taken while getting the paper. I feel sorry for celebrities like Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen, who just want to do what they love and still keep their personal lives personal.

Sara on

Maybe if they don’t want the attention that comes with being a celebrity they shouldn’t be celebrities.

molly on

I Can understand them wanting their privacy. But what is wrong with letting her fans (the people that put her up their in her movies and sitcoms, because we watch them and voted for her) by just announcing her pregnancy and letting us know what she had and the babies name. I think if she puts a statement out their everybody will leave her alone. Not one of my favourites anymore and i am Australian!!!!

Anonymous on

If they prefer to remain private, their wishes should be respected. The fact that they choose to be in movies does not mean they are not entitled to a private life. I personally would not want hoards of strangers with cameras attacking my family every time I went out, and I don’t blame them for wanting to shield their children. They have every right to be upset, as they appear, and I challenge PEOPLE to stop publishing photos like this – it’s possible to comment on the story without posting the picture that the paparazzi will profit from.

Barbi Kominowski-Borsodi on

I agree with everything, well ALMOST everything, that everyone has said SO FAR. They are actors/”famous people” BUT they should still have the right to pick and choose what the media or EVEN THEIR FANS know about their lives …ESPECIALLY with something as SACRED as giving birth to a baby! I also say that even if they DID release the date/name/boy or girl that it wouldn’t be enough-IT NEVER IS! It’s ALL about getting the MOST pictures, the MOST INFORMATION of EVERY stars life! I think the saddest part of this picture is that their little girl-Olive, looks SCARED! Look at her forehead, eyebrows, and eyes. Also, that she seems to be starting to turn her face away, more toward her Daddy’s hand. These are all indications from her body language that she is VERY UPSET! That is just so sad. That someone could take this picture and feel OK releasing it is WAY beyond me! I would be FIGHTING MAD if I were Sasha or Isla, and it sure looks as if they DEFINETLY ARE! I hope people and the media will as well!

cindy on

Perhaps…since again,,,they’re actors…this could be a ploy. We know she’s pregnant,,yet, maybe, they’re just walking off labor pains,,or just trying to side track the papps!

Bill on

Sacha Baron Cohen does crazy characters like Borat, Ali G, and Bruno and encourages people to say outrages things while videotaping them. Goes out of his way to make idiots of them and then puts this stuff on TV and in the movies. And he makes millions for doing it, while his victims suffer humiliation. If any person or celebrity deserves embarrassing photos or videos leaked or to be followed by the Paparazzi, it’s this dude. The movie ‘Borat’ had funny moments, as did his tv show ‘Ali G’, but I can’t help think how bad taste it was and feel a little sorry for some of his guests. We all have things about us or opinions we wish not to have in public… So Sacha Baron is absolutely fair game, don’t you think. Certainly his skin must be pretty thick. If he can embarass so many people, can’t he take a few Pararrazi? Ha. Oh… I liked Isla in ‘Wedding Crashers’ and Sacha is great at doing characters.

Debbie on

I am sure it is a girl.

Jacqui on

Well said Bill

minnie on

Bill maybe Sasha is fair game, but Olive and her sibling have done nothing to deserve such behaviour. Also no-one forced those people to say anything in his shows, they embarassed themselves with their own stuipedness. Have you even watched Ali G, most of it was taking the mickey out of himself, because he is a middle class jewish lad, and he was trying to be street. Borat, yes he did get people, some of whom were american to show themselves in a less that flattering light, but the things they said were their thoughts, no one held a gun to their heads.

Everyone is saying why dont they release some information,to stop the paps from following them, but until now no one knew about the baby being born so their approach did work! Maybe now they might say something because their hand was forced, but theres no reason to announce it on the day the babys been born because no one knew.

emma on

guys the poor woman just had a baby! give her a break and stop ragging on her for looking frumpy! id be pissed too if people stalked me and my family and then got mad at me for not smiling or for not dressing up for them…jeez leave them alone!

kendrajoi on

Is it SUCH a big darn deal for these people to make some sort of announcement with minimal details? They must think they are really something. To be in the public eye as entertainers, they have to expect some level of interest in their personal lives. I’m not saying they should give out every detail or allow pictures to be taken, but would it be so beneath them to let people know the sex of the new addition? They need to get over themselves.

Bob on

They want the attention. If they release the information, that would be that and the paps wouldn’t care, but not releasing it guarntees more attention. It’s a game.

Doreen on

I love Isla in the movie, ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’! I can’t believe how bad she looks here. What the heck? She looks really pissed off too…..she doesn’t look like herself. She’s changed a lot.

Linda on

I am guessing boy cause it looks like it was born in London where Sasha’s family all live. Olive was born in LA, so I am thinking boy and they knew it for the religious part of it, forgot what its called but thats my opinion, they really make LA their home all the time so to have a baby in London, I am guessing its a boy!

Lacey on

I wonder if they had the new baby in LA and then went to London, to try to have some privacy away from the Hollywood paps, until they’re ready to make an annoucement. I don’t know, but if they just released a statement that simply said “A boy, named Joe, born late August.” Paps and magazine editors wouldn’t be trying to get breaking news-money shots. I’m sure celebrities tip paps, themselves, so picture of their children can be controlled. So, when they do go out, it not a frenzy.

Mary on

Isla should kick the popps butts..She could just say post-partum

Gina on

Why is it that very tall men choose petite women as girlfriends/wives? They look like Mutt and Jeff (awkward).
However, Olive is pretty 🙂

Keisha on

I am so sick of these stars acting like it’s a curse to be photographed or seen. If you don’t want people in your business or don’t want to be photographed; then stay home. Here’s another thought, showbiz is not for those who don’t want to be known or seen for that matter. If you don’t want us to wonder about the other kid you are bringing out; please stay at home! If we don’t see you or care to see you, you would not have a job. You want us to see your movies which helps to pay for your lifestyle; but we can’t look at you on the street? Makes a lot of sense to be famous public figure then, huh?

shirabee on

linda- if it is a boy then on the 8th day the baby would hsve a bris! i’m too thinking boy and maybe that is the reason they are not ahring any news! when olive was born they did release the date of birth and when the name was released by another source they did not deny it and have said her name in other articles.

we all have no right to judge what info they choose to release or not to b/c believe me there are things we all don’t want other people knowing!! clearly isla and sasha had the baby, so let us all just say congrats, or mazel tov, and wish them well!! babies are a blessing and they should be able to enjoy their little bundles of joy in private! when they want us to know something, they themselves will tell us!!!

Taylor on

Just because the two are actors does not give the public complete access to their private lives. Both may have chosen their professions but their children had no say in who they were born to. People in the business deal with the paparazzi in various ways and they’ve chosen to ignore media outlets. That’s THEIR choice. They don’t owe you or I a birth announcement.

Canadian Koukla on

Maybe they are acting so secretive because they actually want the attention…

t on

the longer they keep it secret the more likely the Paps will go to extremes to get pics….

Tara on

So I’ve read the comments and I don’t think they Sacha and Isla have any obligation to announce any details on the birth of their baby. It is voluntary! Eventually everyone will find out, but there is no reason for them to release any info until they want to. You’ll just have to wait!

lizzielui on

So let me get this straight, this notoriously private couple who just had a baby is seen walking down the street and minding their own business and people jump on them because they didn’t alert the media that they had a baby. OH THE NERVE! People really need to get a grip. Never once had these two bashed the media or complained about their fame. They just go on living their lives and doing what’s best for them. Where on Earth is the harm in that?

Tara on

I’m 38 years old and look (and probably act) a lot younger than even Isla does. Why do people have to make comments about it??? It’s not like I want to look like a pre-teen. It’s just genes. So??? It’s as if saying she looks so young somehow diminishes who she is. Who cares? Why even make the comment? Get a life and find something useful to comment on!

Tara on

Give them a break, eh?

Erika on

Linda- that may be true, but we haven’t seen them photographed since May. For all we know, the baby could be 3 months old and they could just be visiting London. The religious purpose could very well be the reason, although jewish girls still have some kind of naming ceremony or something, I believe.

carmen on

No one on here is entitled to know anything about that baby.You don’t need to know what sex they are or how much they weighed.Just because they are famous they have to tell us everything about themselves? That makes no sense to me.Of course celebrities should expect to get their picture taken when leaving their house,it just comes with the job.That does not mean however that the public is entitled to know every little tidbit about them,especially their kids.If and when she ready to share anything about her new baby she will.

Jacqui on

Sorry for posting yet ANOTHER comment, but I saw several photots of them on this same outing on a different website and they actually look more mad at each other than anything else. In that case, I feel bad for them. Few things could be worse than being having a spat then going out and having your picture taken.

And maybe that’s not the case, maybe they were only annoyed with the paps, but that’s not what the body language said.

Of course having a fight as a couple is the most normal thing in the world, I’m not reading anything into it.

Marie on

For anyone who commented on Isla’s looks, can you please let us know what postpartum beauty pageant you won?

Meghan on

Ok well obviously we need to protect their privacy, but Isla is one of my favorite actresses and I’m so curious about their new baby! I really hope they release some kind of statement. 🙂

YTD on

I really don’t think releasing a name and birthdate is going to “satisfy” the paparazzi into leaving them alone. When has that ever worked for any celeb?

dee on

Wow, some people on here are extremely entitled. Paying $10 to see your favorite actor/actress in a film doesn’t provide you full access into their private lives, especially the lives of their children. Seriously? WTH is wrong you people?

Sarah M. on

Holly Hunter has managed to keep her twin boys’ names quiet, and they don’t even qualify as ‘babies’ anymore. We didn’t find out the name of Anna Belknap and Eric Siegel’s daughter until their second child was around 6 months old (and she was 2 at the time). We found out the names of both of them at that point.

As to them supposedly coming out the day they had the kid, as the birth date hasn’t been announced no one really know how old he/she is. He could be closer to 2 or 3 months at this point, so it may not be like the paps were out there harassing a woman who had given birth a day or so, realistically. And, before I get jumped on for that comment, I do realize that having a new baby is hard and takes some getting used to. Especially with a toddler at home, also. But it’s my understanding that it gets easier day by day, so having your pic taken after 6 weeks is MUCH different than a day or so after.

While I agree that by choosing to be in the entertainment business, their children did not do so. That being said, the parents should understand that (whether they like it or not) their pictures will be taken every now and again. I just don’t think they chose the best way to react to the situation. They are probably scaring Olive more than the paps are, which I’m sure isn’t their intention. I feel that they should just learn to deal with it with a little bit better when it does happen and continue to try to keep their lives as private as possible.

Halle Barry has been known to curse at the paps when she’s with Nahla and they take their pics. I’m sure that’s worse for Nahla than the paps and cameras are. Nicole Richie doesn’t like the paps following her with the kids, but has said that she doesn’t see how getting upset about it with make Harlow or Sparrow any more comfortable with it. So instead, she sings to them when they are out and the paps are around. I’m sure Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof don’t like the paps, but rather than get mad they simply smile and go about their day. I think those are MUCH better ways of dealing with a situation that they don’t like than doing something that will upset your children further…

Rant over!

Congrats to the family on the apparent arrival of their new edition and perhaps they will share some information with us in time. If not, then that’s fine, too. 🙂

Steffi on

It’s amusing to see that he wants privacy for his family but he doesn’t give people the same privacy when acting for his films. His comedies aren’t funny to me and he infringes on other people’s privacy in the name of fun.

kate on

They look like a normal family with a new baby and a three year old – exhausted!! Plus how many people walk down the street with a broad smile the whole time?!? I wish them health and happiness and the peace they desire.

e on

I REALLY respect these two for not using every pregnancy as a prop to their fame and careers – here I am on THIS website looking at celebrity baby/pregnancy pictures, which I enjoy, and seeing these two now just makes everyone else look tacky and desperate in comparison, lol! The posed photos with daddy kissing the baby bump, the proud strutting around with pregnancy fashions, the lengthy interviews gushing over new baby as if no one else ever had one – I am a bigger fan of Sacha and Isla now than ever. 🙂

cécile on

“the longer they keep it secret the more likely the Paps will go to extremes to get pics…”

I’m not really convinced it’s entirely true. It’s the general excuse given by people who actually like the limelight but refuse to admit it.

Papparazzi won’t probably go to any extrems for them if they persist in their choice for privacy,they’ll just find another target more notorious for sharing details.

It reminds me of Jodie Foster who was very consistent in her approach and simply politely refused to share details or pictures of her children (and she’s higher on the A list than Fisher or Cohen)

Guess what, the hounds simply grew tired and went for another prey.(I’m not saying that they were no pictures at all, just very rare)

I’m always skeptical about the belief that if you feed a shark a little piece it will leave you in peace after that.

Mira on

WOW. Wanting to keep your personal life private means you’re ‘full of yourself’? It’s amazing the kind of logic that nosy, out of place individuals utilize to bash people who don’t give them what they want. These are the type of people who spy on their neighbors and listen in on other people’s conversations. Since when ‘should’ Isla and Sacha release anything? Who exactly are you people to decide that? Nobody here has a right to ANY info about these actors’ baby. Believe it or not, Isla and Sacha don’t OWE you anything just because you’ve seen them in a few movies. GET A LIFE. For the celebs who want to release info, that’s fine, that’s what blogs like these are for. But for the rest? They deserve their privacy, no matter what profession they chose. Good for them for keeping this quiet. I hope no one bullies them into releasing anything just because nosy, obnoxious strangers on the internet have a false sense of entitlement.

Jessie on

honestly i’ve never seen any of their movies, but it does seem strange that they released info about the first kid and not this one.

JChicago on

To all the celebrities who say they are unable to keep any privacy in regards to their children – here is evidence that it is entirely possible! Sasha and Isla are the anti-Tom and Katie and I love them for it. Children should not be on show for the paparazzi, tabloid media, and even fans. If Sasha and Isla look upset in this picture, they have every right to be. Now they’re going to be hounded until they give up their child’s gender, name, photo, soul… They live a quiet personal life in comparison to other celeb couples and, frankly, their children are none of our business if they don’t want it to be. And clearly they don’t.

JMO on

The info will get out eventually. I’m not worried about it. They live in an world where people learn your business no matter what. And I agree with those that said she had a baby and didn’t alert the media! Nobody said she has to release anything to anyone. But the do have to know that people will now be out to be the “first” to report the info so they’ll be hounded until they get it! That’s just sadly the way it goes.

gdfg on

Jessie, they probably learned their lesson after releasing information on the first one. I don’t find it strange at all.

C on

They had a girl, there i said it. Now leave them alone and respect their privacy

April on

They actually didn’t announce the birth of Olive until there were false reports going around that she had a boy. Then finally over a week later they confirmed that she had a baby girl but that was all.,,20153742,00.html

No name or birthdate was released by the family, it either came out through sources or in time. I’ve been a big Isla fan for a while but unlike some people here I don’t pretend to think she owes us ANYTHING.

kat on

they look miserable!!! geez people atleast fake that you´re happy for the new addition!!!! Who do you think you are masters of the universe? eventually it´ll spill so ,so much for your hard work keeping it under wraps!!!!

Mari on

Omg, that little girl looks so scared and is leaning into her father. Body language definitely says she is not a happy cookie.

It is so disgusting that people feel entitled to know every thing about a person they have never met in person and will most likely never meet on a purely personal level.

Leslee on

I have my suspicions the worst picture was chosen, like the bad snapshot we all end up seeing years later after attending a family party etc.

As for privacy, other than what is public record, they are not obliged to announce anything. That said, it shows goodwill to their fans, that essentially write their paychecks, to release a little info. No personal info has to be announced, just a something simple like John and Jane had a little boy/girl last month and are thrilled and thank their fans for allowing them their privacy at such a special time.

They chose a career that involves being in the public eye and it’s not at all unreasonable for people to be curious. It’s protocol to not alienate your fans by insinuating they are nosy and not allowing them to wish you well.

Sarah M. on

Leslee – Exactly. Simon Pegg’s response when they welcomed his daughter in July ’09 (and we still don’t know anything else, if I recall correctly) was:

“Hello all. As is being reported by various news sources (don’t know who told them, ‘cos it wasn’t us) we had a little girl last week. Name, weight, time, place etc all belong to us and we won’t be going out of our way to divulge them anytime soon. Rest assured, everyone is well.

Thanks for all your well wishes though, they are greatly appreciated.

Love, Simon”

Short, simple, polite and showing appreciation to their fans. Classy, yet still private.

dee on

LOL at some of the comments on here. Isla does look like an angry gremlin. Though it is their right to keep their family private, it still seems a little weird to me. How much of a normal life does your child not have when they’re constantly being hidden from the public. I wonder if Sasha’s career has endangered them in any way and now they choose to be extra private.

Katie on

I don’t know where Sasha gets off being so “private”. His whole career begs for this kind of attention. Can they really be surprised by this? I don’t think I’ll ever understand celebrities. They have this insane need to be loved and watched then get upset when they get what they asked for.

kendrajoi on

Mira- please- you get a life. Please. You’re embarrassing yourself. And also, learn to read. I never said they should release necessarily any details, just some kind of acknowledgment. And for Sascha to act this way is ridiculous, considering the way he makes his living, just as other posters have said.

Missy on

I hate it when stars seek fame & attention and then say “leave me alone”. If they wanted to be ignored, they should have been bookkeepers or dentists or something. Then nobody would care when they had their baby. In fact, with their lousy attitudes I don’t care when they had their baby, when their next movie is coming out or anything about them. Yay! It worked. and I don’t want to hear anything about a “profession”. They weren’t chasing a profession, they were chasing dollars. Now that they got them, they expect to keep them but not take the bad with the good. BOO!

Amanda on

Some of the comments on here astound me. And not in a good way.

I don’t know what on earth gives some posters on here the idea that they or fans of the two somehow deserve or have the right to know when Isla gave birth. If they want to let people know about their new baby they will. As it stands, they don’t right now. And that’s their right because believe it or not, everyone is entitled to a private family life.

Which leads me to my second point. Just because they chose acting for a living does not mean that they automatically give up the entitlement to privacy that the rest of us enjoy. Please! They live in London quite a lot of the time and for the most part, enjoy a relatively normal life. They don’t seek out the paparazzi. They’re not like some celebrities, always totting their kids to all the paparazzi hotspots. And that is their right. The media and paparazzi have no right, and I mean * no right * to harass celebrities just because they’re famous. There is a line and it’s being crossed day in, day out. And as for Sacha somehow owing this information because of his style of comedy and movies, LMAO! His work is hardly covert. The camera crew are clearly visible and people know they’re being filmed. If they choose to act the fool, that’s kinda hard luck on them, isn’t it?

No actor, not even a celebrity, is obliged to be at the disposal of every fan at every place all the time. They can’t all be as open and available in public as some are, nor should we expect them to be. Watching their movies does not buy them mind, body and soul. Paying $10 at the box office does not buy you an all access pass into their family life. Please. You don’t pay that much.

Damn. Sorry for the LAP but I had to get that off my chest, lol.

CelebBabyLover on

JChicago- Isla and Sacha can be private because they aren’t nearly as famous as a lot of other celebs. It’s a lot harder for a couple as famous as, say, Tom and Katie to get the type of privacy that Isla and Sacha do.

Amanda- Very beautifully said!

Sharon on

I dont understand, they want our attention in making their movies hits (as in the fans) but cant let us (as in the fans) know they are pregnant or what and the name of their birth. I dont want photos or any of that crap, i just want to know (as a fan) the sex, the name and if it is healthy!!! is that too much to ask for as a FAN. FAN NO LONGER OF THIS FAMILY!!

gdfg on

Sharon, they want you to be a fan of their movies, not of their personal private lives. You sound a little bit obsessed and that’s probably exactly what these two are trying to stay clear of.

gdfg on

“they look miserable!!! geez people atleast fake that you´re happy for the new addition!!!!”

They don’t owe it to the papparazzi or anyone to smile. They’re not at work, they’re relaxing and enjoying their own free time, and if they don’t want to make the effort to smile they shouldn’t have to. Do you walk around with a big fake smile plastered on your face all day every day?

georgia on

something must have actually HAPPENED for them to change their approach like this.
for their first child they weren’t so secretive. and they must have felt that this time they needed to be because of previous experience.
little olive is photographed a lot, maybe the paps call her name and perhaps the familiarity of it all confuses the child. it isn’t normal.
maybe they want to provide this child with a bit of distance?!

Jill on

ellie mae–Isla’s not really all that beautiful. Obviously people should cut Isla some new baby slack, but frankly whenever I’ve seen pix of Isla without make-up I’ve been struck by how really plain she is. She has the sort of bland face that takes make-up well, so she glams up well. Without make-up, she’s no big deal. It’s true of many actresses. Looking good on camera and being pretty IRL are not necessarily the same thing.

Jill on

georgia–Nothing happened for them to change their approach.
With their first child, they gave a bare bones announcement about a week after the birth. There were pix of Isla all over the place in her late pregnancy with Olive because she was in LA then. Same was true of Isla’s early pregnancy this summer. There were pix of Isla and Olive at least once a week. They are in London now because he’s been making a movie there. They rarely seem to be photographed in London. Maybe the London press is more polite. SOmehow, we don’t get to see those pix in the US.

CelebBabyLover on

Jill- But the point is, this time they haven’t even given a bare bones announcement! And actually, this is the first we’ve seen Isla since late May. 🙂

Dee on

I find it odd when people choose very public careers and then go “We’re very private” …

That would be like becoming a doctor when the sight of blood makes you physically ill. You can still be a doctor but don’t expect people to not look at you like you’re nuts.

Maybe (just putting it out there) this baby wasn’t planned or there’s some other “disappointment” going on? It happens.

bambi on

Just because they choose a career in film doesn’t mean they have the right to be hounded or shouldn’t expect some privacy. Get real. No matter what your profession is, unless you write tell all stories of your life and want your private life in the spotlight, it shouldn’t be there. Kudos for them too not to want to expose their kids and their every secret. Some things are private.

Laura on

An Actor is an artist, sure they make lots of money but they don’t owe us anything. They deserve their privacy and so do their children. The fact that they are being even more private than last time shows that it’s what they want and what works for them. I don’t know if any of you have children who have commented but I do, two and they are roughly similar ages and so I think I can speak from experience when I say after a birth you do what you can and what works. Hey have you ever thought that perhaps the birthing went really bad and she felt like crap and didn’t want to talk about it? Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she’s any different than any other celebrity. Good on them for living their own lives.