Mario Lopez: Gia’s Birth ‘Like a CSI Episode’

09/13/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
Mario Anzuoni/Landov

Mario Lopez is in awe of the women in his life.

The new dad, whose girlfriend Courtney Mazza delivered daughter Gia Francesca on Saturday, says he’s overjoyed about the new arrival.

“She’s precious … I just want to go and stare at her,” Lopez, 36, tells Extra of his daughter. And Mazza? She “is a rock star!” he raves. “She was so tough and so strong during the whole thing.”

The same can’t quite be said for the actor and Extra host.

“I peeked over too much … you don’t want to do that ’cause there was a lot going on right there,” he jokes of watching the delivery. “It was like a CSI episode. So I went back and this beautiful baby girl came out.”

But the doting dad almost missed the big event all together. He was at an engagement in Vegas when Mazza, 28, called him to say she’d gone into an early labor.

“I thought it was a practical joke,” says Lopez. “Then my mom and sister started blowing up my phone and telling me it’s really happening. There was one flight left and we barely made it!”

The new father was equally thrilled to see that his little girl was healthy and robust, just as he’d hoped.

“She’s chubby and she looks so cute,” he says. “The whole thing is so surreal, and it happened so quick. I feel amazing.”

— Rennie Dyball

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Catherine on

I’ve never had a baby, and wonder should men “peek” over and watch the birth? I mean, do they get freaked out, or is it good for them to see what a women goes through? 😉 Congrats to them both!

mom of 3 on

I’ve had three of my own, but I first watched a real birth. You don’t really see all the stuff down there. I was AMAZED at a little human life being born. Some people freak out at everything going on because it’s in a woman’s private space.

etsy on

I’ve had 2 kids and if I ever watch a birth on tv, I cringe. I cringe and curl into a ball because of the sheer intensity of it! I don’t find it disgusting, but just so intense! As long as the partner is there supporting the woman (if she wants it), then that’s what I think matters!

Mel on

I have been a Labor and Delivery nurse for about 7 years so you would think I have seen it all but there are times I still cringe at watching a baby be born…especially when you see a 9 or 10 pounder coming out lol! The woman’s body is amazing! As for the guys, I think they should look if they feel comfortable. Luckily, unless you make an effort to look you can’t really see it all. Congrats to the both of them!

kmb on

I bet he wishes he had given birth to the child himself.

Lacey on

I remember in the hospital, in the postpartum room, amazed about what I did. Looking at my daughter and thinking “Wow! How was that even possible, what just happened?” It almost seemed science fiction that I pushed her out of “that”. My husband, sister and mother still talk about how amazing it was to witness an actual birth. My sister had c-sections and my mom said it was a totally different experiance, to watch it.

kendrajoi on

His comments make me wonder if she had a c-section. When you’re in the operating room, there’s a kind of low curtain over you at your waist. That’s not there when you have a regular delivery.

jessicad on

It really is amazing, but I agree that some men just shouldn’t look! I wanted to see what my body did but not at the time, I was afraid it would freak me out and take focus off what I was doing. I had a photographer friend take pictures(from all angles) and I looked at them way later, I’m so glad I have them because it really is insane what your body can do!

Mario seems like the type who would regret looking! 🙂 I actually think he’s the right guy to write a book about this experience, I think a lot of men can relate to him.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Mario and Courtney! I like the name Gia Francesca. I don’t know why but I just did’t expect them to pick a name like Gia, I don’t know what I did expect but that wasn’t it lol 😀 I think I expected something more traditional.
I can’t wait to see her 😀

CelebBabyLover on

kendrajoi- That’s funny you should mention that, because to me his comments sound like he was talking about a vaginal birth. And he mentioned how he “got the call” that she was in early labor, so obviously it wasn’t a planned C-section.

And it just doesn’t seem to me that somebody would talk about an emergancy C-section in the way that he did (by that I mean, from the way he talked, it sounds like things were relatively calm during the labor and delivery…..and one thing an emergancy situation is not is calm!). But at any rate, all that matters is that mom and baby are healthy.

That being said…..At the risk of sounding like a total weirdo, I’ve watched several birth vidoes, and not only do they not gross me out in the slightest, but I think they’re fascinating! 🙂

mother of 2 on

CONRATS!!!! I love her name! I had 2 c-sections so I can say that unless the father stands up or peeks around the curtain, you cant see anything. But I have witnessed 2 natural births and you can see EVERYTHING, unless you close your eyes. I’m happy he “peeked”. Why not? It’s nice for him to see what a mommy goes through to bring baby into this world, and also to just see the baby born is surreal. Awesome.

mother of 2 on

Oh….and the curtain is not at your waist. Its more at your breast area. It’s kinda suffocating! 😦

Tee on

I have to admit that I cracked up when I read that he called his six pound and two ounce daughter chubby! My youngest niece was born at home, sunny side up and 11+ pounds! Now that’s chubby!

Lisa on

Congrats to them…I bet the baby is beautiful!
My husband delivered both of our babies (with instruction/guidance from a midwife), so he was really up close and personal. Fortunately, it didn’t affect him negatively, although he made some pretty interesting faces on the video!!!

April on

Kendrajoi I think you are right. The baby was born on Saturday and Mario posted on his Twitter that Courtney and Gia still will not be home from the hospital for a few more days. I hope everything is okay and there wasn’t an emergency.

sallie on

She must be gorgeous – just looks at her parents. Lots of love and good luck with this darling little one and if you ever need a baby sitter, please call me – I’m a great grandmom!

kendrajoi on

Well, and not all unplanned c-sections are emergencies. I had no idea I was going to have one until I had been in labor for two days. The anesthesiologist (sp?) took his sweet old time getting there…LOL Also, she could have had a planned c-section and went into labor early, the surgery would also be early.

CelebBabyLover on

kendrajoi- True, she could have had a planned C-section and just went into labor early. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that…..Especially considering that my own mother had a planned C-section with me but went into labor prior the date it was scheduled for!

Ava on

yeah,i think so, too!