David Charvet: I Want My Son to Have Everything

09/13/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
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When we think of cute celebrity fathers, we definitely think of David Charvet.

The doting dad is enamored with daughter Heaven Rain, 3½, and son Shaya Braven, 2½, and takes great care of fiancée Brooke Burke‘s daughters Neriah Shae, 10, and Sierra Sky, 8, too.

Though he keeps busy — his latest TV movie, The Perfect Teacher, runs Wednesday night at 8 p.m. on the Lifetime Movie Network — Charvet always takes time out for family, a fact he’s very proud of (and rightfully so!).

The actor, 38, recently spoke to PEOPLE Moms & Babies about his busy brood, and filled us in on how he and Burke balance their non-stop schedules.

How are Shaya and Rain doing?

They’re doing really great! They’re growing up. Today was their first day of school, and I took them. We had breakfast with them this morning — it was Brooke’s birthday today (Sept. 8th) — so we got them dressed and wished her a happy birthday.

It was so funny to watch them pack their lunches and get ready. We went outside to our rose garden and picked some roses for their teachers. They were excited for their first day of school … which was not the case for me when I was their age. So it was nice to see them so into it.

Shaya did go to a school last year, but this is his first time in a classroom, with a cubby. It’s a big deal for him.

Do you and Shaya have a particularly special bond? What’s he into now?

I have this really special bond with him — we have a level of trust where he knows he can come to me and I can take care of him. I’m pretty grateful for it. I grew up in a situation that wasn’t like that, so I always wanted to make sure my son had everything, and felt comfortable and confident. I’m just constantly trying to be a good dad.

He loves tools. He’s got lots of tools! He brings his hammer and screwdriver everywhere. Even today, the first day of school, he asked if he could bring them with him. I said, ‘You can’t lose them,’ and he said, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll put them in my pocket!’ I think he likes the idea of building.

He also really likes sports, especially baseball. Hopefully that will pay off for him one day.

We screened my new TV movie, The Perfect Teacher, a few weeks ago, and I took Shaya with me. There’s a scene where I kiss my on-screen girlfriend, and he saw it, looked at me and said, ‘Uh oh!’ It was just really funny. He was like, ‘Oh my gosh, Papa!’ It’s amazing at two years old he can already figure out what’s right or wrong. He’s just an amazing kid.

Do his sisters dote on him?

He is the baby of the family, so Rain in particular takes incredible care of her little brother. She’s always after him, making sure he’s okay, holding his hand while walking down the stairs. If he falls, she’s there to pick him  up.

He’s a little strongheaded with these three girls — he wants his way also, so he tends to fight with them a little.

Do you and Brooke plan to have any more kids?

I think that the baby factory is on hold right now. Brooke has had enough with four kids, and honestly it takes a while to actually spend time with everyone. To bring someone else on board feels kind of unfair to the other kids. We don’t have enough time in the day to make sure everyone gets the proper attention.

We’re going to stop here for now, then reassess everything in the next three or four years. It’s very important to spend time with all four of our kids, and make sure they get equal attention and love. I had five sisters and one brother, so having a big family is a given for me, but now being a father, and trying to be a good father, I already have my work cut out for me.


With Brooke heading back to Dancing with the Stars soon and your work keeping you busy, how do you two balance everything?

I was in Canada to shoot The Perfect Teacher, and I missed the family a lot. I think Shaya needed his dad, and Rain wanted her Papa back. It was difficult. But we really try to support each other.

When I have to go off and work for five months, Brooke’s there, with the kids. She could also choose to go out and do things with her girlfriends, but she chooses to be with the children.

When Brooke goes back to Dancing with the Stars, I know Monday and Tuesday mornings will be a challenge, so it’ll be time for me to kick things up on my end.

It’s about supporting each other, and recognizing that the other person’s work is important also. We need to help each other out.

How do you keep the flame alive, with your busy schedules and four kids?

We try to have date nights pretty regularly. I like to cook, she likes to cook, so sometimes we’re in the kitchen together — that’s a soothing thing to do.

We have a cabana in the backyard, so on weekends maybe we’ll hang out there, drink wine and catch up. Or we wait until the kids go to sleep, and that’s our time to connect.

When we get anywhere close to each other when the kids are around, there’s a holler, and a ‘Hey are you kissing my mom?!’ So we try to carve out our own time. It’s not easy! It’s a work in progress all the time.

When we spoke to Brooke last year, she called you a ‘great, hands-on dad.’ How do you define her as a mom?

Brooke is a multi-tasker. She loves her children, and she never takes jobs that keep her away from her children for more than a day or two. So she likes to be hands-on, too. She takes the kids to school and picks them up as often as she can.

She takes the time for the children. What attracted me the most to Brooke — besides her beauty — is her capability of being the great mother she is. We’ve known each other 18 years, and coming together five years ago was not only the result of the great friendship we had, but me seeing her with the kids and seeing how great of a mom she was. That turned me on, and made me want to have kids with her.

Brian Doben for PEOPLE for use on CBB

Switching gears a bit … how did your family spend summer vacation?

We went to Italy for a couple of weeks, to Tuscany and Sardinia. We took all the kids, and that was a real challenge, because you never know what can happen on flights, or how they’ll behave. Luckily, it went pretty smoothly! Shaya had one tantrum — we took away his baba [pacifier], so we needed to help make him okay with that, since he’d had it his whole life.

But the trip was a great experience for them. They got the chance to see Europe, taste different foods, see a different culture, and be a part of something that’s much older than America. They loved it!

Not only was it a good way for them to connect, but for me to connect with the older girls. Since they go back and forth [between Brooke and David’s home and their father Garth Fisher‘s home], there’s always a little adjustment period, and we never get the chance to spend enough time together. But in Italy, we got that chance to bond.

Tell us about your new TV movie, The Perfect Teacher. It’s kind of dark for you!

It is, but sadly, it’s something that actually happens in schools today: a teacher gets accused of doing certain things to a young girl. I play a teacher who is going through a divorce, and has a young daughter, and starts a new job when all of these things start to happen to him. I don’t want to give anything away, but he’s got his hands full, that’s for sure.

You also recently helped to launch a website, Herotopia. What’s it about?

My best friend, Brian Krauss, was a co-founder. We were hearing a lot about how school shootings and other drama often comes from kids being bullied. It happens at a really young age. So we decided to develop an online game that teaches kids how to deal with bullies.

Kids can play 20 games on the site, and we have about 25,000 kids on the site so far. It’s a work in progress, but it’s something we’re really proud of. It’ll teach kids that if you are being bullied, you can handle it.

— Kate Hogan

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Tiffany on

Have not heard alot about David since his ‘Baywatch’ days but I have to say, I got a little crush. I would think that is would be a huge adjustment to be a step parent and he was pretty honest about spending time with the older girls. He seems well adjusted and still pretty easy on the eyes.

melissa on

Cute cute family. David and Brooke seem great together. i wonder why they are still engaged and not married. Anyways, lovely family.

Lila on

I am hoping that he wants everything for all of his kids- not just for one specific one.

Happy Mom on

I love David. She is one lucky lady!

Tess on

Lila – that headline bothered me too.

Brooke on

I have always thought that this family was too Shaya-centric. Brooke was talking about Shaya as though his needs came first, then the others….

Heidi on

Lila – they were specifically asking about his son. So in that case yes he was just talking about his son but why would you ever think he wouldn’t want that for the others?
Did you even read the article or just the headline. The head headline alone is a bit misleading but once reading the whole article why would you say that?

Lila on

I didn’t say he did- I said I hoped he did and that the article title was a little mean to the other children.

And I did read the article, which mostly did revolve around Shay. But let’s be honest, some people do play favorites.

Kristen on

Man the reading between the lines never ends… If I were going to assume what the headline meant, which he did not write but someone else, it is that he did not have this kind of relationship with his own father and wants things to be different for his son.

Why look for issues where there are none? Why read an article and automatically assume that one child is the favorite? Why can’t we all just read the article, marvel at the beautiful children and say “good for them.”

Jenn on

Shaya and Rain are the only two he seems to mention outright. Kind of sad, I hope that isn’t how it is at home.

Macy on

There are really some dumb girls posting here.

Anyway, really happy for David, and I’m pleased he’s trying to give Shaya a relationship he never had with his dad. Yes, being a boy is different since David is a man, so he sees a reflection of his childhood in Shaya, and therefore doesn’t want history to repeat itself.

april on

Actually 2 of the kids are his with brooke then the older ones are hers with her ex husband so he was probably referring to therm alot but that does not mean he does not care for the others too.

Lauren on

The headline for this article is blatantly sexist and not the fault of David at all. That said, I agree with other commentors who say that both Brooke and David have made it clear that Shaya’s the long awaited little prince and his sisters are just the ladies in waiting (there was a LOT of focus on the fact that he was a boy, even before his birth). Practically of Brooke’s blog posts revolve around the two youngest kids, and even then, Shaya gets more focus than Rain. And both Brooke and David have made it clear that Neriah and Sierra have a hard time transitioning from house to house and have not adjusted particularly well to being part of a divorced family. Not saying that they don’t have their moments when they act rude and bratty, but if they’re already admittedly having a tough time, one would think their stepfather and mother could focus on them a bit more instead of acting like the two youngest kids are the ones that really matter. With the latter attitude, it’s no wonder the girls can’t adjust.

Brooke on

Kristen – you obviously have not followed this family on CBB. This has been going on FOREVER. Brooke Burke and David Charvet made it well known when they found out that Shaya was a boy that he was going to be the center of their universe….We are not reading between the lines. The lines have been single spaced, and easy to read since Rain was born.

m on

“we have a level of trust where he knows he can come to me and I can take care of him.” Um, seriously???? The kid is 2.5, and you’re his dad– you take care of him and he wants and expects that from you– but again, he’s a toddler! It is pretty lofty to call it a “level of trust where he knows he can come to me.” It’s not like he’s 15 and dealing with peer pressure, friend or school or sports issues, etc. It’s annoying when celebrities exaggerate their kids/relationships with their kids like this. Katie Holmes refers to Suri as an “amazing woman,” David’s trust talk about his BABY. Eh.

Erika on

I agree with Brooke. This family seems to favor that boy meanwhile, they have 3 beautiful little girls. They seem to have longed for a boy, yet they gave him a girly name (I’m sorry but it sounds feminine to me) and a girls haircut. I’m not assuming he’s the favorite, but he is all that they seem to mention in their interviews. It’s odd, for sure.

Lila on

Hardly a girl at 37, and hardly dumb with my masters in accounting. But I agree about “dumb girls” posting.

People do play favorites, whether you believe it or not. I see it badly with my husbands family. His sister has always been the golden child and my in-laws dote on her. They have always treated her different and it has affected my husband. When I see it, it makes me grateful to be an only child (with an only child)!

Pennny on

I think for those of you questioning his commitment to the other children…umm stop reading more into it than there is. As a step-parent I found him to be respectful of his role as a step-parent but not stepping on the toes of an obviously involved biological father. He mentioned each one of the children and attributes of each that he loves.
His son is the only boy so that alone makes him special, he is the youngest which for anyone who came from a family where they were NOT the youngest, you know they (the youngest)get spoiled rotten (lol) AND he indicated that his childhood was less than stellar so he wants to make sure that his son has a man to look up to and the confidence and security that he indicates he lacked as a child.

Really I am a little disgusted by those who need to turn an obviously encouraging article into a hot mess. Got to perezhilton.com for that foolishness.

gdfg on

I think the older two kids are old enough where they probably don’t WANT their parents talking about them to the media.

Mira on

I think CBB put this title intentionally to encourage the bashing of this family. I do agree that Brooke and David seem to be playing favorites with their kids. BUt this interview is quite balanced overall.

Tracy on

This is a wonderful article talking about what seems to be a very close-knit family. What’s the problem you all are having?? It’s pretty obvious they both have a deep love for all their children, not just the son. I definitely think children develop a level of trust at a very early age, why else do they get upset when their parents let strangers hold them?? I am sure it is particularly hard when you have to work away from home for extended periods of time, so he is just proud of the fact that he still has that connection with his young son. I have three children and find it extremely hard to believe that any parent could love any one child more than the other.

kara on

He has been with Brooke for five years and he says that he just had the chance to bond with Brooke’s daughters from her previous marriage during their trip to Italy. It sounds a bit strange to me. Even if the girls spend time at their father’s house, five years is long enough for David to bond with them.

Sky on

I somehow doubt that you could actually love a child more just based on whats in their private areas. So Shaya & David have a special bond, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t die for Rain either. And yes, he is supposed to care about his step-children but they also already have two very loving parents.

Alex on

While Brooke was married to her first husband (Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Garth Fisher) she cheated on him with David. Then Garth divorced Brooke. I had been hearing that for years (it’s the rumor in Beverly Hills, CA and in Malibu, CA) – then I saw on 8/31 Garth Fisher’s twitter (garthfishermd) a reply he wrote to someone (on 8/31 you can see it) where he admitted that Brooke cheated on him with David.

Maya on

I agree that they seem to favour “masculine” children. I saw an interview on E! where ‎David said, about having more children, that he’s like to have another “son”… Sounds ‎primitive and sexist‏.‏

h on

i’m sorry but based on what i saw on french tv for months, David Charvet is stupid. He said he’s known Brooke for 18 years and yet he made time to bond with her daughters and his children’ sibling last summer??? He’s selfish, like most celebs are.
His children are so pretty though ( brooke is gorgeous)
why are they calling Heaven “Rain”? what a sad name….

Christina on

Shay is not only the baby but the only boy. Of course he’s going to get the most attention. Fair, no, but there it is.

minnie on

Why is he saying they saw Europe? They went to two places in Italy.

And doesn’t he mean his kids are going to nursery? Do two year olds go to school in America?

And yes Shaya is a very feminine name. And a bit of a tounge twister with that surname.

jenny on

they are still engaged and will remain so as long as Brooke is collecting alimony!

frannie on

omg alex is right. I guess Brooke did cheat on her ex husband. I don’t understand why she doesn’t marry David. Brooke has a beautiful family though.

Gianna on

Totally agree with the favoring…very sexist to favor a boy simply because he is the only one and I am not talking only about this article but rather about their interviews since he was born. It is not ‘normal’ simply because they are celebs. And if I want to read between the lines or around them I will, everyone is entitled to their opinion and frankly I am not surprised that I agree with many other posters. Very chauvinist, ancient and sexist….makes you totally lose respect for them and for CBB for publishing such an interview!

Taylor on

Plenty of mothers, celebrity or not, dote on daughters as their sometimes long awaited child especially if they’ve had sons first yet no one criticizes them and calls them sexist. Interesting how when a boy is involved, the parent is being chauvinistic.

Yes, I have followed posts regarding this family on CBB and if anything, both Rain and Shaya get talked about in each article the most. The interviewer SPECIFICALLY asked about his son so is it really a big shock when his answer concerned Shaya?

I agree that the title of the article is ridiculous but, as a poster said, it’s probably meant to stir up controversy. As the comments suggest, it has!

jessicad on

The interviewer specifically asked about Rain and Shaya only, and David said he didn’t have a certain type of relationship with his father so I assume he singled out his son because of that. David even brought up the older 2 later in the article. I don’t understand the negative comments here.

I remember them talking about how much they wanted a boy, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. A lot of people have a preference but it doesn’t mean they treat the others like trash. I wanted a girl because I don’t have the mother-daughter relationship I would like with my mother, and I think a lot of people long to create what they didn’t have as children, again nothing wrong with that.

People are really digging here.

Heather on

-People need to lighten up! I have two sons and last year we had a daughter. Believe me some days I thought I was drowning in a sea of testoterone being the only girl in the house. That being said, I don’t love my boys any less than my baby girl. Boys are really, really fun! I was envious of my husband being able to share his childhood favorites, ie -Star Wars, with our boys. Now I can get out my Barbies, Strawberry Shortcake, etc with my daughter. There are some special things that only father/son, mother/daughter can do together. Their son is the baby and the only boy, sure he is the little prince. Our daughter is the little princess. It is really great when you get to experience parenting both sexes. And I did try to share my dolls with our little guys. They made weapons out of them, so back to storage!!

Emmy on

I love this article, he seems like a wonderful father. Also i do not think he favour’s his son over his daughters, he was just answering a question that was about his son.

Seriously i have seen so many celebrity women go on and on about how fantastic it is to have a daughter after having a son or son’s and no one has said anything about that!

trinh on

i’m not trying to start trouble, but ive always had a weird sense about this family. I WANT to like them, but every interview, it comes across that david doesn’t consider the two older girls like his, so brooke had to choose, and she chose her new family. sad. just the sense i get fr all the interviews. hopefully im wrong

Elana on

I think most people are trying to make way more out of this then there is. I really have no idea what goes on in their house and have no desire to make assumptions. The only reason I am even posting is that I’ve been really offended by the comments about Shaya’s name. The family is Jewish and Shaya is a classic Hebrew BOYS name meaning praise god. In a religious Jewish neighborhood Shaya is as common a boys name as Mathew or Adam is in the secular world.

Sarah on

whoah, I read the article and thought “now here is a nice article that will generate some positive comments” guess I was wrong.

And I’m not a fan of either parent, in fact I don’t think I’ve seen anything either has been in since I don’t have a television but they seem nice.

CelebBabyLover on

minnie- Some pre-schools here in the States will except 2-year-olds. And often pre-school is just referred to as “school”, so I’m sure that’s what David meant. 🙂

As for them wanting a boy so bad when they were pregnant with Shaya…..Brooke already had three girls. Why is it so unusual that she really wanted a boy the fourth time around? And I also feel it was naturally for David to want to balance out all that Estrogen a little! 🙂

Tee on

I try really hard to keep any comment I make on the positive side but I’m struggling with this one. I don’t know very much about the lives that Brooke, David, Neriah, Seirra, Rain and Shaya live so I certainly can’t speak from personal observation. However, it really does seem like since Shaya was born, the other children went by the way side, especially the two older girls. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. It just really seems like Brooke and David’s world revolves around their son. Please don’t misunderstand me… a family that has children all of the same gender has ever right to desire the other gender. My sister has six daughters and of course she would love a son, but we simply trust that if they are meant to have a son, it will happen. I would adore having a nephew but that thought never crosses my mind while I’m playing with my nieces! (That would be one spoiled little boy!)
I honestly think it’s natural to “like” one of your children over the other ones. Please note that I said “like,” not “love.” All children have differnet personalities and all of them go through lovely little attitudes! There’s a big difference between loving your child and not likeing the stage or attitude that they are going through.

All four of their children are beautiful and I hope to see some more ‘complete’ family pictures soon!

Persona on

Even in context of the interviewers question, I think any PARENT would respond, I want ALL my children to have everything. They would actually correct the interviewer. No way would anyone think it’s ok state that about just one child. So, yeah, I understand the criticism of David.

gianna on

Actually I don’t notice the favorism towards shaya as much as I notice that rain and shaya tend to get so much more attention in that household and the other two are barely mentioned, even by brooke herself who is their mother. Honestly those are david’s only bio 2 kids so i’m not surprised he talks about them all the time, plus brooke has posted on her personal blogs how the older two sometimes clash with david, i get the feeling the older children feel out of place in that home. brooke even mentioned the girls asking her are rhey spending christmas with their dad last year at their real home. I just notice everything she writes and tweets about usually revolves around rain or shaya.

Jen on

I loved reading this interview with David and I have to say that dads like him are becoming a bit of the norm, thank god!! He is so involved and hands on with his kids and that is a beautiful thing. I think that both he and Brooke are great parents and the fact that they have each other to experience pareting with is a true blessing. Parenting is HARD and I hope they keep up the great work through all the highs and lows.

tlushi on

Elena, sorry to dissapiont you, but Shaya is absolutely NOT classic Hebrew BOYS name. Actually, it’s a NON-EXISTING Hebrew name!

There are Hebrew names such as Shay or Shay-el, but there is no Shaya. And if there would be Shaya, it was definitely a FEMININE name, since all Hebrew names ending with ‘a’ are feminine.

Baby J on

Anyone know what happened to her friendship with her BEST FRIEND, Neriah Davis?

She named her daughter after her, and they were inseparable too. But then the last few years, she no longer mentions her best friend and they are never together anymore.

I’m just curious because it seems that either Neriah was using Brooke as her stardom began to rise, or Brooke didn’t want to be associated with the nude playmate to advance her career.

Anyone know???

Baby J on

Also, their dates don’t match up either. When they said they met, she and David. She says, 15 years, but she was with Garth during most of that time period. She’s only been technically with David for 5 out of these 15 years. Now David says 18 years???? I agree that something doesn’t sound right. I think she cheated on Garth with David too.

lisa01 on

I bet if the headline read “daughter” no one would have any negative comments. Somehow the posters, who I guarantee are 100% women, are the ones who feel he’s playing favoritism. He is a male, there is nothing wrong with him doting on his only son. When articles are posted about Suri ( a daughter) no one asks why Tom Cruise other two adopted children aren’t mentioned. But I bet if they just talked about the boy women will have a problem with it. Also, Brooke may talk about the last two the most because they are the youngest and require the most attention.

gdfg on

“I agree that they seem to favour “masculine” children. I saw an interview on E! where ‎David said, about having more children, that he’s like to have another “son”… Sounds ‎primitive and sexist‏.‏”

It could be that he just wants his son to have a brother since his sisters have sisters. It’s not neccesarily sexist.

gdfg on

“I just notice everything she writes and tweets about usually revolves around rain or shaya.”

As it should! Her other two kids are WAY too old for her to be discussing in public. I’m sure they don’t want her mentioning them on twitter or in interviews, etc.

Crystal on

I love this family! I do not believe for one second that David and Brooke tossed their other children aside because they had a son. They both longed for a boy and they got their wish. It’s human nature to be happy and want to celebrate. They seem like wonderful, dedicated, happy parents and the children seem loved, cherished and respected. Neriah and Sierra already have a dad. David is a “bonus” dad and I’m sure they all love it that way. Lighten up people!

Marisela on

It’s the same way people bash Jamie Oliver when he expressed his desire for a son. Does that diminish the love he has for his daughters? No. But after three daughters, he and his wife would like to experience raising a boy.

I always find it comical that it’s acceptable to want a girl but the minute someone says they want a son, people jump all over them and throw out words like sexist, etc. I definitely don’t understand the double standard.

AJ on

I feel bad for David because Brooke Burke will not marry him because she gets alimony from her ex. husband Garth. To have all these children and not marry him is sad.

Becky on

Seems that he answered the questions about the kids that they wanted to know about..Maybe he hasn’t bonded with the two older girls before because they might have still been unhappy about the divorce?

I think he sounds like a great guy and a very good stepfather..Wish them the best..

Devon on

Did everyone miss the comment where David says “It’s very important to spend time with all four of our kids, and make sure they get equal attention and love.” He calls Neriah and Sierra “our” kids. Sounds to me like he cares and whole lot about them.

Why is that as a whole, the human race runs to the negative? There is so much negative in this world. Let’s embrace the positive! Enjoy life and don’t make assumptions. What’s the point?

jessicad on

Is it even possible to get alimony if she cheated? I know every state is different, in mine you wouldn’t get a penny if so. If its such a known fact that she cheated wouldn’t her ex know that? Again, I really think people are digging here.

Juliw on

I am a step-mom to 2 lovely daughters, I am also a mother to a daughter and son of my own. I don’t get the opportunity to see my step-daughters as often as I would like, they live with their mother, who has sole custody of them, and they live a little over an hour away from us. Anyway, but what I wanted to get at was this. Just because they don’t talk about all their children equally doesn’t mean they don’t love any one of them less. Our son is our youngest, so after 4 girls (including myself) around the house, not only was my husband more than thrilled for a son, I was too. Doesn’t mean that he is more important than our daughters. Every other weekend, the older 2 come and stay for a weekend…my bonding with them is limited, especially when there are 2 other children. You people really need to stop casting stones, especially when you don’t walk in their shoes, and you don’t know what it is like to be a step-parent and co-parenting children with an ex-spouse.

Anna on

@jessicad: California is a no-fault divorce state, so yes a person can cheat and still get alimony. I’m not saying that happened in this case because I know nothing about the situation. But yes it is possible.

Elana on

tlushi- I don’t know where you are getting your information but there are most certainly Hebrew Male names that end in a. My father’s name is Yeshia, which is the Hebrew for Isaiah, as in the book of Isaiah in the bible. My neighbor two houses down has a 5 year old boy named Shaya. Yes, it is unusual for masculine names to end in a but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

TM on

“We’re going to stop here for now, then reassess everything in the next three or four years. It’s very important to spend time with all four of our kids, and make sure they get equal attention and love. I had five sisters and one brother, so having a big family is a given for me, but now being a father, and trying to be a good father, I already have my work cut out for me.”

It sounds like these parents love each and every one of their kids!

Blaek on

i have always thought Brooke and David are so gross for continuing to just be ‘engaged’ so that she can continue getting her alimony from her ex husband (the plastic surgeon)…her and David are wealthy enough..why not just be married as opposed to holding up the ex. David’s dad was the original Sassoon Jeans guy and is a billionaire. The have a huge staff of people to help them raise these kids that they never talk about in their blogs or twitter ….

LisaS on

Shaya is gorgeous, and I love his name. I like all the names Brooke gave her daughters too, who are also beautiful (heck, the whole family is beautiful).

CelebBabyLover on

jessicad- I agree! I don’t know why everyone always assumes that Brooke getting alimony is the reason she isn’t marrying David, and that she’s the one that doesn’t want to get married. I’m willing to bet that none of us on here knows them personally, so none of us can possibly know the real reason or reasons for Brooke and David’s not getting married. And for all we know, DAVID could be the one that doesn’t want to get married….or maybe NEITHER feels a desire to tie the knot at this time.

Also, there are plenty of other celeb couples that have been engaged for awhile, and none of them get the criticism for it that Brooke and David do. For example, Naomi Watts and Liev Schrieber are engaged, but don’t seem to have any plans to get married any time soon. Yet nobody ever makes comments like, “I think it’s sad that Naomi won’t marry Liev” or “I don’t know why Liev refuses to marry Naomi”.

I also want to point out that everyone claimed that Kimora Lee Simmons would never marry Djimon Honsou because she was getting alimony from Russell….but guess what? They got married! So perhaps David and Brooke will one day as well! 🙂

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I know, they aren’t as “hand on,” with the parenting as they claim to be. They are full of it. Granted I’m sure they do alot but Brooke always has nannies and housekeepers and assistants to help her with most. I remember on her website, she had an assistant write her blogs for her.

But what happened to her ex-BFF, Neriah Davis? They were BEST FRIENDS and she used to be with Brooke everywhere. She even accompanied Brooke on her show: WILD ON and named her first daughter after her as well. I wonder because Brooke’s star began to rise, that she didn’t want to associate with Neriah and her NUDITY and cut her off. I’m real curious about that since her NEW BFF’s seem to be more normal types. Anyone know??

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I just wanted to say that the other AJ is not me lmao. I think the article focused on certain questions so he answered the questions they asked. Had they asked about the older ladies Im sure he would have talked about that as well. And to say that he would love any of the children less then the others is a little outrageous. He himself came from a blended family, so Im sure he wants to make sure that everyone feels accepted and loved. But many women on here miss a point, those older gals have an active father and its not right for David to impose on that role. It has to be hard to figure out where and how much to get involved and not to over step that boundary for ANY step-parent.

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I do not like anything she I have said it often. do not I like like to agreement the topic of his elder daughters whom it did not bear in mind when I get entangled with David although it was not doing anything that had separated of his husband, that that he says that it is necessary to bear in mind the feelings of the children …… perhaps she bore it in mind? it does not seem to me!. in my opinion this woman of profession playmate suction to tv-host (I say playmate for the quantity of times that to gone out without clothes in the magazines and that is known that it is not a critique I have no problem with the naked body) the only thing that to could do well to been to allow to pregnant for a man without importing a cumin for him what his daughters sit. it is not a model of moral and great less an example continuing ….. she would be the last person who would have like regarding.

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I think he’s gonna be a really fine daddy, and as for his newest T.v movie “The Perfect Teacher”. It’s awesome and some kind true, it tells us the story of today’s teenagers, and what they can do for someone they only have a crush on, like killing for them and pushing people away from them, just so they can be with them, but eventually they end up in a mental institution! And I also think he’s an amazing singer/actor. God bless him!