Tutu Pour Mon Deux: Fun, Frilly Tutus Your Princess Will Love!

09/12/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy of Tutu Pour Mon Deux

In the eyes of your mini ballerina, it doesn’t get much better than a twirl-worthy tutu designed especially for her. That’s why we’re loving the chic custom-made versions from Tutu Pour Mon Deux.

From the super cute prints (think cupcakes, crowns, black cats) to the funky accent ribbons, all you and your little one have to do is choose the style that best reflects her personality. And in no time, she’ll be showing off her skills in the living room.

Available in sizes 18 months to 6T, the adorable looks run between $34 — $38. Added bonus: For every one sold, the company will donate one-third of the proceeds to Children’s Hospital Boston.

— Anya Leon

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bobby jo on

Not to be rude, but they are kinda cheap looking. My daughter has a VERY similar one that she got from the dollar store.

Rachel on

Agreed Bobby Jo — Those are more like mini skirts than tutus anyway.

And I see so many of these tulle tutus for sale places for $30 – $40 and it baffles me. You can easily find tutorials online and make these yourself for about $5 and they’re so much cuter (you can make them multicolored and add different buttons and fabrics and anything you want). It’s a simple as a piece of elastic and looping the tulle to make a longer puffier pretty looking tutu.

That said, I can appreciate the fact that they’re giving proceeds to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Jacqui on

I don’t get the scull and crossbones for kids fad. It stands for “poison” or “death” right? Creepy on a child.

Laura on

To the previous posters, do you realize that it’s not just the tutu piece that is for sale but the shirt with it? It’s all one piece (the shirt, elastic band and tutu) I’m only asking because I didn’t realize until I clicked on the website and made one of my own. Because if it was simply just the tutu that I’d be buying for 35 dollars then I’d say it is WAY too expensive! I like that the shirt comes with it and that kids can design their own. That is a nice touch. I also like that some of the proceeds are going to charity. Still 35 dollars seems a bit much but perhaps I’d get one for a child for their birthday or something special like that if they really wanted it.

TC on

Laura I realized the tutu was attached to the shirt but that stuff doesn’t last long. That stuff will tear the first time you wash it or if you’ve got a regular kid…meaning one that plays…I just don’t see it lasting.

Last year my daughters dance recital costume was made from that stuff (tulle?) and the first time she put it on she stepped on the end and tore it.

I do like the fact that they donate between 11-13 dollars for each shirt sold to charity but I’d much rather just give the Children’s hospital 11-13 bucks rather than spend money on a shirt that will probably only be worn once.

Erika on

Oh I agree Jacqui!! I can’t stand it when I see children wearing skull and crossbones. Like did the parents actually think it was cute? I do like the other shirts though, they are cute (though you could find the same thing for much cheaper at target) but I just hate the skull and crossbones trend especially on children.

KAF on

I think the skull and crossbones patch is adorable, and just in time for Halloween. I didn’t look at the picture of those 3 adorable girls and think “poison” and “death”!

amandamay on

i think the skull and crossbones thing is more about the “pirate fad” than poison/death. it’s like a pirate flag. that being said, i really don’t like cutesy stuff like this – good thing i have a boy 🙂

Kate on

My daughter has one of these and I love it. It’s adorable with leggings and we get a TON of compliments on it every time she wears it. And, yes, she’s a crazy active kid so we’ve washed it multiple times and it still looks great.

Shannon on

My daughter has (2) of these and they have both held up beautifully, despite many, many washes. There is just no comparing the quality of it to anything you can purchase at a dollar store.

Kelley on

These are just adorable!!! I wish my girl (now 10) could still wear these and proceeds to charity….that’s wonderful!

Brenda on

I bought a few of these tutus as gifts for my neices. I have to say that they are all handmade with quality t-shirts and ribbon (and a lot of love thrown in as well). I love that a portion of the proceeds go to Boston Children’s. What a great way to give a gift and give back too!

I loved the website…it was easy to use and fun!

April on

Love, love, love these tutus! They’re adorable AND some of the proceeds go to Children’s Hospital Boston. Awesome!

stacey on

My daughter has a tutu from Tutu Pour Mon Deux and it is fabulous. Made very well and with tons of love! I have washed it numerous times and it is still in perfect shape. Excellent quality-There is no comparing this to a dollar store tutu!!!! And the dollar store wont give 1/3 to a children’s hospital.

jen on

I own one and it FELL APART after I washed it. I’d avoid.

deb on

jen..maybe you should have contacted them if there was a problem..or maybe you should have followed the washing instructions.

Joe on

I’m a dad that absolutely adores my little ballerina. When I found this web site and the story behind how it came to be I was more than sold. My daughter loves loves loves her little outfit.

What do I know about kids clothes? not so much, I’m a lawyer and a guy that has the fashion sense of a woodworker. So, I go by the reaction of my little girl. She smiles and glows when she puts on these clothes. Thanks for being there! You’ve made my job as a Daddy a little bit easier.