Milla Jovovich Says Baby Weight Didn’t ‘Slip Off’

09/12/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
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In a new interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Milla Jovovich notes that “being a mother changes everything” — including your body!

The Resident Evil: Afterlife star, 34, gained nearly 70 pounds while pregnant with daughter Ever Gabo, 2½, and took a slow-and-steady approach to losing the baby weight, admitting “it took a year to put on that weight and a year to take it off.”

“Basically, I lost 10 pounds a month for four months,” she explains. “Since I was around 200 pounds when I gave birth, losing 40 pounds was just a drop in the ocean.”

The remaining weight was not so easily lost. Jovovich says she knew instinctively she had to be disciplined or accept that “this was the new me.”

“Basically, I worked out a few times a week and did the 5 Factor Diet,” she continues. “I put away the cake and pizza. But the weight didn’t slip off. It took me another eight months to get it all off.”

Her newfound curves weren’t necessarily unwelcome, however.

“The rule when you get older, it really is a choice between your ass and your face,” she says. “It’s a little cellulite on the booty or you look like a hag. As you get older, you need a little weight on your face to look better and younger.”

Adding that she didn’t want to become overly toned, Jovovich points out that some people can never be pleased. “There were some guys who were rude and told me, ‘Hey, your arms don’t look as toned now,'” she recalls. “I’m like, ‘Whatever.'”

Life as a mom puts everything — including body image — in perspective, Jovovich says. “Your first concern is your child over your own life, career or all your insecurities,” she points out. “All of that is in the distance.”

“What could be worse than having your baby get sick? There is nothing worse than worrying about her if she falls. As long as she’s okay then everything else in my life is so easy,” Jovovich adds.

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Etsy on

My baby weight certainly didn’t just fall off, either! It’s still not quite gone 2 years later and I can’t bring myself to accept the new me so it’s….hardly any dessert, no sugar in my coffee, more and more exercise etc. It sucks! Even for the stars/celebs….it’s hard work and deprivation of sorts…for them, I guess their living just depends on them sticking to it- sometimes I wish mine did too!

mom of 3 on

my weight DID just fall off with my first child. But by the third child, it was MUCH MUCH tougher to lose.

steph on

Isnt putting on 70 pounds a bit much though? Had she put on only the recomended 25 to 35 pounds she would have been back at pre-baby weight alot sooner. Not to be negative about it, but it certainly wasnt healthy for her or her daughter to gain that much weight during pregnancy.

amit on

I think a lot of actresses (and models) are so strict with their diet every day of their lives, that they feel like being pregnant is their chance / excuse to enjoy food which they don’t usually indulge in and that’s the reason some gain so much weight.

Canadian Koukla on

steph – some people can’t help how much weight they gain when pregnant. I gained about 40 – 45 pounds with both of my pregnancies and my friend gained 60 pounds. Neither of us overate or snacked on a lot of cakes and junk food.

Rosa on

@ steph – i found it impossible to stick to the 35lb weight gain. i gained 60lbs with my son (birth weight of 10lbs) and 50lbs for my daughter (birth weight of 8.5lbs). they were both extremely healthy newborns. i find that the targeted weight gain during pregnancy is extremely difficult to maintain when you’re always hungry. i’m not a junk food eater and never have been even as a child. i just happened to gain a lot of weight during both of my pregnancies.

jessicad on

Seriously, unless you live under a rock I think we are all very aware of how much weight a pregnant woman is supposed to gain, let it go. This is a positive article and Milla always seems so down to earth and her situation is a very realistic one that a lot of women go through after pregnancy.

Milla has always been a favorite of mine, and my almost 3 year old daughter is actually sort of named after her:)

Meghan on

I’m so sick of people criticizing celeb on here for “gaining too much weight.” It’s different for everyone adn you don’t know the circumstances so lay off.
I think she looks great!

Anonymous on

I love her outlook on gaining weight from the pregnancy. Its so refreshing and realistic.

jenny on

I love her!!! Love the way she puts it all in perspective – so true.

Gail on

You know, I have always loved Milla, and this makes me love her even more! Finally! A celebrity that A) Actually admits to how much she weighs and B) Admits to how hard it is to take off the weight after a baby!

I’m so tired of all the celebrities that say things such as, “I just have fast metabolism” or “the weigh melted off from breastfeeding” or downplaying all their dieting and exercising by saying, “I just worked out 3 times a week, and tried to eat healthy, but pizza and ice cream is still my weakness!” Most of these women are back to pre-pregnancy shape just 6 weeks after birth! I highly doubt it just ‘melted off’ or that they only worked out 3 times a week, etc. Having a fast metabolism, and breastfeeding certainly helps. But not THAT much. These women make it seem like it was a piece of cake to them. Milla is a real woman and isn’t afraid to admit it. Kudos to her and her beautiful daughter! You look great Milla! 🙂

meghan on

She is very down-to-earth. I’ve always liked that about her.

Lucy on

May I just say that skinny women like Milla are supposed to actually gain MORE than the recommended 25-35 pounds. I know several women who were very skinny before pregnancy, gained 70-80 pounds during, and then easily lost it all again afterwards.

Sarah on

Milla truly has one of the MOST beautiful little girls!! I adore her and her family! I was of a normal healthy weight before I got pregnant and was always complimented on how tiny I was during my pregnancy and how healthy I looked…I gained 60 pounds. I wish people wouldn’t be so quick to judge on weight as a number. Everybody is different and not one doctor told me to cut back. I delivered a healthy baby full term and lost the weight within the year after her birth. THANK YOU Milla for showing other people that it’s alright if you don’t fall into the extra “25-35” pound marker to still have a healthy pregnancy!

Sarah M. on

We had this EXACT same discussion about weight gain in connection with pregnancy with the last post about Emily Procter a day or 2 ago. Repeating just about EVERY negative aspect with just about EVERY celeb is starting to become a regular thing on here. It’s getting rather annoying at this point!!!

shaz on

I just love Milla. And she looked great in the latest Resident Evil movie.

kk on

I gained 55 lbs while pregnant, eating healthy and running 3 miles/day! Your body gains what it gains. I did, however, lose 40 lbs in the first two weeks after giving birth.

Emily on

I really admire someone saying how much work and discipline it takes to lose the weight.

For me, with baby #1, I gained 18 pounds and I was wearing my regular jeans a week after he was born. With baby #2, I stopped counting at 40 pounds! Finally, 2 and half years later I’m back to pre-baby weight. And it wasn’t easy!

Amy on

It’s crazy how much ideas about pregnancy and weight gain and loss have changed. When my grandma was pregnant with my mom, she was advised by her doctor to gain less than 15 pounds so that she could have a small baby, which would be easier to deliver! Now, the recommendation is 25-35 pounds, but it might be 50 pounds 20 years from now.

I think it really depends on the person. I am pretty small and gained almost 50 pounds when pregnant. I didn’t eat anything different while pregnant. Also, most of my weight gain was water weight. I was so swollen I couldn’t put on my own shoes. That weight was easy to lose, and I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans less than a month after delivery. My best friend was back in hers two weeks post-baby, so celebs may not be starving themselves or working out compulsively to get back in shape so quickly. Lots of it is genetics and metabolism. I suspect most celebs are pretty slim naturally.

clarise rey on

I understand how milla jovich is feeling. i gained so much weight with my son and i never over ate. in fact, i was gestational diabetic and was on a strict special diet which at times left me feeling so hungry. Even though I was on a strict diet and wasnt eating any junk or sugar because of the diabetes, I still gained weight and my son still grew. So yes you can gain weight even though you dont over eat. It took me five years to get from a size 18-20 to a size 9-10.

CelebBabyLover on

Amy- You sound like you had the same problem as my grandmother. By the end of her pregnancy with my mom, she, too, had legs severely swollen with fluid (in fact, they were so swollen that her doctors ended up inducing her a month early, as they didn’t think it was safe for her or my mom for the pregnancy to continue any longer!). So I’m sure that, by the end of her pregnancy, she probably had gained quite a bit of weight as well…..but most of it was the fluid in her legs (oddly enough, her belly actually never got all that big! In fact, when she was about seven months pregnant and people told her so, some of them actually refused to believe her!).

Point being, every pregnancy is different, and sometimes how much weight a pregnant woman gains is truly out of her control. That being said, I love Milla’s attitude toward’s losing weight!

CelebBabyLover on

Also, at the risk of going a bit off-topic, how is Milla’s name pronounced? Do you say it like “MY-luh”? Or like “Mill-uh”?

CelebBabyLover on

Amy- I also agree with you about most celebs being pretty slim naturally. It makes sense when you consider the fact that being skinny is practically considered to be a neccesity in Hollywood. So obviously a naturally slim woman is more likely to try her luck in Hollywood than one who is larger. 🙂

steph on

I wasnt bashing,so dont jump to conclusions so quick on here folks… its a valid concern as too much weight gain can stress your vascular system etc. and cause complications, such as edema. Having said that, I know everyone is different, i only gained 15 pounds with my first, 22 with the second, but thats because I had morning sickness the entire 9 months..And I happen to applaude Milla for losing it slowly and being honest, too many other celebs are super skinny like 5 minutes after giving birth, and that cant be healthy either, losing too quickly.

Lauren on

Steph has a valid point when you consider that Milla herself has always been honest about how she completely over-ate while pregnant. She talked freely about how after a career of traveling the world living off coffee and cigarettes to ward off her appetite as a model, she used her pregnancy to eat like she never had before, including three meals in one sometimes. No matter how you slice it, this is not a healthy way to go about a pregnancy and nowhere near the same thing as eating healthfully and exercising during a pregnancy and gaining weight regardless; the trade off in that situation, as others have said, is that even if a healthy pregnant woman does put on a lot of weight, more likely than not, it will be way more easy to lose because you’re putting on water weight instead of fat.

Regardless, I too admire Milla’s honesty and always have. Reading about certain celebrities acting like the weight did and should just slip off is irritating and disingenuous, so to hear Milla’s story is really refreshing. And she and Ever are both gorgeous.

Monica on

My theory on why so many celebrities gain so much weight when they are pregnant is because they start off at such a low pre-pregnancy weight. So if you’re like 5’10 and weigh 100 lbs to start with, you’re going to need to gain 60+ lbs to even get to a normal weight and then add the baby weight. Their bodies are probably so excited to actually get real food that they grab on to it and try to keep it for when they will be starved again after the baby is born. So basically they have to be ultra skinny until they get pregnant- then they can “let themselves go” and pack on the weight- but then they are expected to be completely back to the ultra skinny body within 6 weeks after the baby is born. Not a life I’d want to have…

Monica on

And I believe her name is pronounced Me-la.

Jenn on

Steph – maybe someone else chimed in with this already, but women who are slim or underweight, and I assume that Milla’s starting weight would be considered ‘underweight’ by normal standards – gain more weight when pregnant. Honestly, if she gained 70lbs that put her up to 200, that would mean that she started at 130lbs and I highly doubt that Milla was 130 when she got pregnant – I highly doubt that any leading lady in Hollywood is 130 – probably not more than 115. In that case, gaining more weight can really be a healthy thing to do for your baby and your pregnancy.

heather on

70 lbs may have been a bit much, but we also have to remember that she tends to be very thin for her height too- so the recommended weight gain for her would have been higher for someone with a “average” bmi. Also, considering that both her and her daughter were healthy, with no apparent problems with labor and delivery, and a very healthy “weight-off” time ( particularly if a baby is bf for a year, Mama SHOULD hang on to some extra weight for that long) then we can say only that 70 lbs is a bit much for what is recommended, not for this particular woman and her case.

Catherine in Tulsa on

I never liked her until she had the baby. She’s so down to earth about it all and I appreciate her honesty about the weight. So many Hollywood people either have a c section a month early to avoid the weight gain, or claim that “all I did was…..”, which is usually a lie.

And I like how photos of her now are always with the child and always interacting with the baby, not just pushing her in a stroller, etc. She seems like a very devoted mother and fulfilled by it.

wiki on

she looks great. sooo pretty.

Eileen on

Jenn – keep in mind that Milla is 5’9″…making 130 a pretty low number for someone that tall – especially considering the types of films she has done, being quite muscular. With her honesty about how much she gained and the process of losing it – I highly doubt that she would lie about her starting weight.

Queen2uk on

I gained almost 120lbs with my first child due to illness and ended up having an emerg. c-section 6 weeks early. I’ve never been able to get back to my original weight and that was over 20 years ago now. It happens. Especially when you are dealing with an illness at the same time .. your child comes first, then your health. I’m healthy now and still carry an extra 35lbs that I’d LOVE to loose …

TheBestRedDress on

Refreshing to read. She is level headed and will loose weight as she needs to without feeling forced by society. Cool chica.