Mario Lopez Welcomes Daughter Gia Francesca

09/12/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

Mario Lopez will now answer to a new title: daddy.

The actor and TV host and girlfriend Courtney Mazza welcomed their first child, daughter Gia Francesca Lopez, on Saturday, Sept. 11 in Burbank, Calif., his show, Extra, is reporting.

Baby Gia weighed 6 lbs., 4 oz., and mother and daughter are reportedly doing well.

“We are so overjoyed,” Lopez, 36, told Extra.

“What an amazing, wonderful and overwhelming experience to welcome our daughter into the world.”

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Kate on

Gorgeous name! Congrats

mommyof2 on

awww congrats!!! love love love the name!!!! so pretty!!!! cant wait to see the new bundle of joy!!

dlock on

Wow congrats…thats the same name as Teresa guidice on RHONJ! lol
This is such wonderful news, I was waiting to hear about the birth…
interesting the baby was born on Sept. 11!!

Shirelle on


gianna on

I love love the name. I read interview where mario said they wanted exotic names to represent their mexican and italian cultures gia francesca is perfect. his gf is all italian, and both gia and francesca are common names in italian families. what a change from wacky names like apple, zuma, honor draco, lol. mario had said they didn’t want a weird name for their child. can’t wait to see pictures of her and watch their new reality show. I had a feeling from the start he would have a daughter.

sara on

I live in Italy and I’ve never heard of the name Gia. Francesca on the other hand is very common. Congratulations!

Katie on

Congrats. Beautiful name. Too bad daddy will cheat on mommy and they’ll break up in a year or so.

Shannon on

Wow Katie, what an awful thing to say. Why would you think he would cheat on her? I’m willing to bet that you do not know him personally and therefor should not be making such a statement. Congrats to the new family!

cris on

I am getting tired of this name…it is becoming more common…but congrats to them, I am sure the child is adorable!

Rachael on

Beautiful! Congrats!

ABC 123 on

what a pretty name for an equally pretty girl! congrats mario and courtney on your beautiful daughter!

Brooke on

Congrats!!!! I LOVE the name:)

Mel on

Shannon: Katie said that because he cheated on his first wife, Ali Landry, the night before they got married (and had been cheating for a long time before then). Their marriage was annulled two weeks later. In any case, I don’t think that has anything to do with the announcement of their baby girl. I’m sure she’s beautiful, healthy, and will have two parents who love her unconditionally (whether they stay together or not is not our business).

Barbi on

Why do people curse a relationship at such a joyous time? This says alot about their character. Congratulations Mario and Courtney. A baby is a wonderful blessing. I love the name Gia!

Erika on

Congratulations on a baby girl! I’m sure she’s beautiful and I really like the name. It’s a shame she was born on September 11th though, but I guess there’s really nothing you can do about that, when baby wants to be born, you can’t stop it πŸ™‚

Kaz on

Gia is a pretty name, what is its origin if it’s not Italian, does anyone know? I know Matt Damon named his daughter Gia. All the best to them x

sgv on

Sara, same here…I’m italian and never heard of the name Gia either…anyway, congrats to the new parents!

gianna on

gia is an italian name, it’s a shorter version of giovanna and gianna, used to be used as a nickname to those names, but now more and more people are picking gia alone as a name rather than using it as a nickname for gianna or giovanna

B on

Gia is a nickname for Gianna, it’s not supposed to be a frist name…

kirsty on

My brothers birthday is September 11th, we need to look at the joy of a birth and say hey we can celebrate life and the lives lost, I dont think its a shame.

Kathryn on

I completely agree, Kirsty! A new baby represents hope for the future, which I find to be a fitting tribute to the lives lost on September 11th.

Maria on

Not only did he cheat on Ali Landry, but he also cheated on his ex-girlfriend Karina Smirnoff, she confirmed that was the reason of their split. lol. He is a notorious cheater, but I don’t think people should judge him. Once a cheater, NOT always a cheater. He was young and probably not ready to settle down, but he seems really serious now and in love with his new girlfriend, and I’m sure having a daughter will really open up his heart.

Emily on

My kid’s birthday is Sept. 11th, and it’s not a shame at all. It’s a great day to be filled with hope and love and to celebrate the time we have together with friends and family.

Congrats to the new parents!

dee on

Congratulations to Mario and Courtney.

And the world has been around long enough that I’m sure something tragic has been done or happened on every single day of the year. Being born on Sept. 11th is not a shame, curse, or tragedy.

mom of 3 on

what’s the difference of a child being born on Sept 11 or Dec 7 (D Day) or any other infamous day?. We should not mourn the loss of the fallen, but celebrate that such people existed. People live and die daily. We can’t just erase the date from the calendar. It has been 9 years and I’m pretty sure babies are born on 9/11 yearly and will continue. Congrats to Mario and his girlfriend. Hopefully he won’t leave her.

loren on

Congratulations to Courtney and Mario !!!
Must the history of his indiscretions be brought up on every single thread? He/her without sin cast the first stone.
Agree with all the posters about 9/11 birthday, bad things happen everyday, all the best to them. Pleasant news to get on a Sunday πŸ™‚

Anne Marie on

I love the name Francesca and it is our first choice for a girl. Gia is cute though πŸ™‚ Congrats on the new baby!

Erika on

I’m not saying that having that birthday is a curse or a tragic. Being born on that day is just like any other. But I have a friend who has a birthday on 12/7 and she hates it because whenever she tells people her birthday they respond with ‘oh, Pearl Harbor day’. It’s not *bad* to be born on these days and I do think that there is something beautiful and ironic about having something so miraculous happen on the day of the biggest tragedy ever. It’s almost relieving to know that while something so sad happen, something wonderful is happening somewhere else. It just would be constantly connected to the day in history for *me* (but I live in New York, I’m sure it’s a little bit different for people in other places). I just wanted to clear it up that I don’t think its such a horrible thing. I hope I didn’t upset anyone, I can see how my comment could be seen that way.

And for the record, I was born on the 13th and everyone always asks if I was born on a Friday so thats not much better lol.

JMO on

Love the name! Bet she’s a beauty like her parents and hope she has daddy’s dimples πŸ™‚

Oh on

Sorry..but this blog is just full of gossip and ugly comments! I welcome to the world Gia. May she be blessed with much love and happiness with her parents,and have a good life. Hope to see her photo when her parents give the OK.

Lisa on

I am so happy! They seemed so excited! I expected the baby to be born later in september so I was a bit surprised but everyone seemed to guess it was going to be a girl! I think the name is cute and as long as they like it and the baby is healthy and they are all happy that’s all you can ask for!

loren on

Erika I live in New York my family all live in Manhattan. People are born everyday however and will continue to do so no matter how big a tragedy. I think your friend is fortunate to know people who even know the date. The younger people I know, sad to say would not connect the 12/7 day to Pearl Harbor unless they saw a headline that day. For the recorded my granddaughter was born on the 13th, so I think you and her have a special birthday πŸ™‚ Oh and Friday the 13th is lucky in some cultures its Tuesday the 13th that’s the “unlucky” but we don’t believe that now do we?

Sarah M. on

Erika – I sit for a little boy who was born on September 11th (he turned 3 yesterday). His parents told the doctors when he was born that they were taking the day back! I think that’s a great way of looking at it. πŸ™‚

That’s a good point, dee.

I love the name!

Luna on

I LOVE that name! Gia Francesca Lopez… not overly used, not strange, just beautiful! I don’t think there is a single person alive who doesn’t have something they regret doing. I’m sure lots of people have made mistakes over and over, whether they’re the same or not. Mario may feel just awful about what he did to Ali and Karina. He may have repented, apologized, or turned over a new leaf. I’m a huge believer in the good of people, and I’m ready to give Mario the benefit of the doubt. Congratulations to Courtney and Mario on Gia Francesca.

Erika on

yeah Loren your right, babies are born every day and the world goes on no matter what tragedy happens. I just would have difficulty dealing with having the birthday myself, but I’m just weird like that I guess lol. And your grandaughter and I are lucky to have that day, even though I wasn’t actually born on a Friday, sometimes I think it would be cool to tell people that I was just to see their reaction. I tell everyone that 13 is a lucky number πŸ™‚

Sarah M. thats really cute! It does make the day much more positive for the family and everyone they know!!

Mrs. R on

It’s MY name!
For DECADES I have met only 2 other women with my name!

Now 1 MAJOR celeb, and this guy both named their daughters Gia!

GARGGGGGGGGG! I LIKE that my name is unique! I don’t want people associating my name with this jacka$$! Especially when he puts out his idiotic book about becoming a father and how he now knows everything… what a moron!

BTW – It IS Italian! Just because you live in Italy doesn’t mean you know each region’s particular naming conventions. It’s not just short for something else. In Liguria, it’s a REAL name on its own.

Sarah S. on

What a lovely name–congrats to Mario, Courtney and the entire Mazza-Lopez clan! πŸ™‚

Tatum on

Really nice name, they incorporated both cultures very nicely.

Erin on

Mrs. R – if anyone you know associates your name with Mario’s daughter’s name, I’d be surprised. I’m going to associate you with USING CAPS WAY TOO MUCH and pimping for Liguria. Nice name, though. I do like it.

Mira on

Gia means “already” in Italian. It’s also pronounced jah, rather than gee-a, as I’m sure they plan to pronounce it. I can’t believe that it’s actually used as a name in Italy.

Laney on

Gia Francesca is a beautiful name!

Congrats Mario and Courtney!

Brooklyn on

I LOVE the name! Very pretty! Congrats to both of them and their families!

CelebBabyLover on

Mrs R.- Mario didn’t say for sure that he’s going to publish a book about fatherhood, just that he was considering it. It also sounded to me that he was at least half joking about the book, if not completely joking!

Erin- What’s wrong with mentioning Liguria? And how is mentioning a place “pimping” it?

Erika- My mom was born on the 13th of a month as well, and she has often been asked if she was born on Friday the 13th. In fact, she’s been asked that so often, that now whenever she tells people her birthdate, she always adds with a smile, “And no, it wasn’t Friday the 13th!”. Then she adds something which I think is wonderful. She says, “I consider Friday the 13th to be a LUCKY day!”. πŸ™‚

Anyway, congrats to Mario and Courtney on the arrival of Gia!

Katie on

That little girl will be beautiful, just like her name. Hope she has her Daddy’s dimples. Gia was the name of a famous (or infamous) model and a film was made of her tragic short life. The lead role (I think,) was played by a young Angelina Jolie.
I was wishing though, that before their baby was born that Mario and his girlfriend would get married.

sgv on

“BTW – It IS Italian! Just because you live in Italy doesn’t mean you know each region’s particular naming conventions. It’s not just short for something else. In Liguria, it’s a REAL name on its own”

really? since I was curious (i like to know the meaning of the names) i’ve searched everywhere in internet and no…Gia is not an italian name. As somebody said before, GiΓ  means “already”…

sara on

Mrs R.- I never said the name isn’t Italian. I simply pointed out that I’ve never heard it in Italy. It might be an Italian name but it’s extremely rare, even in Liguria.

Mira- you’re right, even though the word “already” is written with an accent, giΓ , that’s why it is pronounced jah and not jee-a, as the name would be pronounced.

Andrea on

I don’t like Gia, but I love Francesca. BTW…Matt Damon’s daughter is also Gia, but Gia Zavala.

I don’t like Mario Lopez at all, and his ” I want a fat, chubby baby ” comment was stupid seeing that lil Gia is a peanut. I do however wish them the best.

I hope the love his has for his daughter and the respect he has for his gf cause him to ” straighten up and fly right.”

Anonymous on

Well Mrs. R, I associate YOUR NAME with the Angelina Jolie film about Gia Carangi. YOUR NAME isn’t that unique.

Lianne on


Michele on

My granddaughter got to meet Mario in Houston when he was there promoting his sisters book (Mud Tacos). Her birthday is Sept 11 and I think it is a wonderful day to have a birthday on…it is a reaffirmation of life in my opinion. As she just turned one, she won’t remember meeting him but her mama and daddy took pictures. I hope that Mario and Courtney find as much joy in their little girl as my son and his wife (and all of our family) have found in our Nadia.

Bancie1031 on

Love the name! Congratulations to Mario and Courtney πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to see little Gia! This is actually a very popular day for birthdays πŸ™‚ little Gia shares a birthday with my Mom (R.I.P.)

Sarah M. on

sgv – I don’t know what sites you went on to find out the meaning/origin, but I went on about 10 different ones. The majority of them have the origin of the name as Italian. The ones that didn’t have Italian, didn’t have an origin listed. I went on some pretty popular baby name sites, too!

CelebBabyLover on

sgv- Gia mostly certainly IS an Italian name. Check it out:

sgv on

thanks Sarah & CelebBabyLover! I searched in italian and spanish baby name sites and didn’t find Gia, anyway is a nice name, just that in 10 years living here I have never heard it once…


Congratulations to the happy parents. I am so glad it was a girl.
Does anyone knows what is the baby mama, claim to fame? I never heard of her. Not that is my business.

It seems like the baby mama is of italian background.

There was an italian model quite a few years back, named Gia. The RHWONJ Teresa named her oldest daughter Gia.

Gia Francesca Lopez?????

loren on


The meaning of the name Gia is God Is Gracious

The origin of the name Gia is Italian

Notes: Originally a short form of Gianna. Gia Carangi, fashion model.

CelebBabyLover on

Marta- Courtney (I can’t stand the term baby mama, as I think it’s insulting and degrading to women!) is apparently an actress from what CBB has said before. I don’t think she’s that well-known here in the states, though. Perhaps she’s done most of her acting in Italy?

April on

She was actually a Broadway actress – they met when he was doing A Chorus Line a couple of years ago.

HoustonMommy on

OMG!!! a baby came into the world and all you guys can do is argue about the origin of the baby’s name.
Say congrats and hush about it, or don’t leave a comment at all, geez!!!

Stella Bella on

This has got to be the most amusing thread ever.

val on

The first time I heard the name Gia, was the girl who most believe was the first supermodel, Gia Carangi. There is a book about her called “Thing of Beauty.” Her father said he first heard the name in Italy while he was serving our country in World War 2. This is in the book, but not the HBO movie of the same name starring a young Angelina Jolie as Gia.
congrats to them.

gia on

The name Gia is now finally becomeing more common. I have been Gia for 44 years and when I was younger no one ever heard of my name. I love my name and it is Italian. My father was born in Italy and he gave me my name. Hope Gia Francesca is as proud of her name as I am. Best wishes to the family.