Suri Cruise Charms Romantics Cast and Crew

09/11/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Jason Webber / Splash News

Suri Cruise‘s fan following just got a little bigger: the cast and crew of The Romantics have been won over by her charm!

The 4-year-old — who was a regular on the set while Katie Holmes was filming — had no problem making friends, Mom’s costars reveal.

“We all shared her,” jokes Malin Akerman at the movie’s New York City premiere on Tuesday. “We drew, we played hide and seek, we played dogs and cats, ate cupcakes together.”

Actors Elijah Wood and Adam Brody were equally captured by Suri’s outgoing personality. “Adorable, super sweet,” Wood raves, with Brody adding, “She’s a charmer!”

And while some spent time playing with Suri — including producer Ron Stein who “brought her Silly Bandz … cars, dinosaurs, and princesses” — others like Rebecca Lawrence took the opportunity to sneak a peek at her sense of style.

“She’s very creative,” Lawrence says. “She had great little outfits, like she had this beautiful red coat that fit her perfectly, and it was so stylish. And I wanted one in my size.”

However, despite all of the attention Suri receives, actor Josh Duhamel insists she is no different from any other little girl.

“She’s very sweet. She just wants to play, what is she? Four, five?” he explains. “They make her out to be this girl who’s much older than she is. But she’s a four or five year-old girl, she’s just fun.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Jeffrey Slonim

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Holly on

Thanks Josh..the voice of reason!

Mari Mari Quite Contrary on

Well hey now, I think that Josh Duhamel has that Suri pegged. 😀

cris on

OMG!! WOW!! With the exception of Josh, the rest of these people sound like they are kissing the a@# of a 4 year old CHILD!

Leann on

What are you cris, 13? Your uses of OMG LOL text lingo speak are juvenile. Also, that is incredibly rude. I’ve heard plenty of people share positive experiences of spending time with children and this is no different.

Barbi on

She’s such a beautiful little girl.

Tess on

cris – I completely agree with you. These “Suri is the best child ever” stories are ridiculous.

Mallea on

I think Cris hit it on the head!

CC on

I don’t see any of them saying “Suri is the best child ever”
All of the comments in my opinion were typical nice comments adults say about children….

Suri is a 4 yr old little girl for good grief… She’s like any other typical child, yes she might live a little differently, but at the end of the day she wants and needs what all children do, love, family, and stability…

You might not like Tom or Katie, but to go after a small child (and i’m talking about all the nasty comments when ever anything is ever posted about Suri) is just mean, and there is really no reason for it…

jen on

No need to attack the comment made by chris, you missed the point. When you hear tom or katie do an interview and speak of Suri because of their religious beliefs they talk like she is an oracle on life and is a 40 year old woman not a 4 year old! Josh Duhemals’ comment is dead-on she is just an average 4 year old who loves pink and dressing up not a grown-up trapped in a 4 year old’s body! The kid is cute but not more then anyother 4 year old! And before you attack me, yes I am a mom.

meghan on

Why is the press even asking these people about how a four year old girl acted on set? Many actors bring their children with them on set and their costars don’t get asked such silly questions!

Tess on

I don’t think anyone is going after Suri. They’re commenting on the remarks made by adults.

Valerie on

No one said anything suggesting that she is the best child ever- wow, people! As others have said, they are simply sharing positive times they had with her and how sweet she is- not too different from stories people tell all the time of other kids. I enjoyed the article!

Sarah K. on

Cris, what else are they supposed to say? Why would they say anything but positive things about a 4 yr. old? Nobody says bad stuff about their co-worker’s little kid in public – that would be rude and uncalled for.

izzie on

i agree with cris! 100%! you should all quit being so freakin judgmental and take ppl’s opinions more better!

Tifany on

I have to say I also agree with Cris. These Suri stories are so out of control, and I agree with some others that the media makes her out to be the most beautiful, brilliant, charming child that ever lived. You do not see the same type of adoration given to other celebrity children. And I’ve read interviews of Tom and Katie where they absolutely make her out to be different than an “average” child. I’m really glad Josh D. said what he did.

TJ on

Why say anything about this? Who cares? And I totally agree with Meghan…she’s just another spoiled celeb kid, period. Way to go Josh…I like you even more now.

Liesel on

I think the thing is, and this is in no way attacking Suri OR the Cruises (thought I’d preemptively prevent that), that there should be no reason that any reputable reporter should ask about a four year old on set. So? She brought her kid? Why ask her co-stars what they think of her? What does it matter? And furthermore, why report it as news? It’s not news. My boss has a two year old son that he brings. He’s cute. If you’d ask me, I’d say, “He’s a good two year old. He’s cute.” But why ask me? Are you telling me that NO ONE else brought their kid to set? I think my main beef about it is that yes Suri might be like every other kid, but she’s certainly not treated like one. Reading interviews by her parents, seeing pictures of her, its clear that all Suri had to do to be the greatest thing since sliced bread was be born.

I know it’s pretty hypocritical for me to complain about anyone reporting non-news about a celebrity kid, as here I am on a celebrity baby website, but the attention lavished on Suri is mildly ridiculous, and to be honest, I feel bad for her. She’s like Gatsby’s Daisy. Nothing she ever does is going to live up to everyone’s expectations of her.

lucia on

this kid is going to get a rude awakening if she ever has a sibling close to her age. i think she looks like a neat kid but the constant shopping her mother does with her is so excessive you want to throw up. i know they are rich and all that, but there is a limit as to how many outfits a kid should have in their closet. this child is obsessed with clothes and i think that is unhealthy. you rarely see them doing anything else but shopping. enough already…..shouldn’t this child be in some kind of pre kindergarten with other normal kids at this point? she looks like a sweetie but her parents just seem to make her the center of attention a little too much.

lisa on

What a bunch of jealous “adults” posting here. I think every single one of my kids are amazing and special and why shouldn’t Tom and Katie? This celebrity kid gets no more fanfare than Shiloh(and her 5 siblings) or Apple or Lourdes. My gosh think how you would feel if your 4 year old were criticized like this poor child is just for being the child of celebrities. Shame on you….

missy on

I agree that it’s slightly ridiculous for reporters to be asking Katie’s co-stars about her daughter, but the truth is, reporters ask about Suri because people are interested. Simple as that. Remember when Suri was seen wearing those little kitten heels. It became a HUGE story with hundreds (maybe thousands) of articles slamming Tom and Katie and calling Suri a spoilt brat. Ultimately, it’s none of out business what Suri wears, but many people felt the need to weigh in. So why is it ok for strangers to be commenting on a child, but heaven forbid people who actually know her share stories about their experiences with her.

I also want to point out that I’ve heard other actors get asked about the children of their co-stars. Perhaps, it just doesn’t usually doesn’t get picked up by People/CBB.

Denise on

Tom and Katie talk glowingly about Suri because she is their daughter! They are clearly madly in love with the child. What could possibly be wrong with that? Many other children in the world should be so lucky to have parents that admire and love them that much.

Bugs on

LOL! Josh better watch out and not get in trouble with the Cruises for saying Suri is normal!

Emily on

Some of you can be so horrible. I don’t understand how people can act like the “authority” on Suri. That you know her personally and can vouch for what a complete and utter brat she is. I can’t, but I at least attempt to look at the photos and articles of her in as objective a way as possible.

She’s going to be painted a certain way, what with paparazzi chasing the family down day in and out so that people like you can see photos of her, and yet all you do is rip her apart with criticism. Her shoes are too high, her hair is too long, she’s such a brat, her parents make her seem like she’s 40, she’s too immature, she’s too mature, people talk about her too much, and on it goes. It’s cruel to transfer that nastiness to a CHILD. Nobody could ever know the full story of how Tom and Katie raise that little girl, or how she really is in true life uninhibited by paparazzi. And never forget that the media (mainly magazines) will always twist words around to suit their story.

I can’t figure out why on earth people hate her so much but come on, give her a break. She looks like a perfectly lovely, adorable little 4-year-old girl who loves people and who enjoys dressing up in pretty clothes, just like so many other little girls. Is there a crime in that?

Jacqui on

Liesel, I think a reporter probably asked about Suri because, like others have pointed out, she is often spoken about in such a transcendent way, this reporter wanted the scoop. Probably the idea behind asking about her was to find out what others’ impressions of her were, and if they too thought she was soooooo amazing. And like Cris pointed out, everyone sort of gushed except for Josh Duhmel.

What also makes her a more interesting kid than even your average celebrity child is that she seems to have a very unconventional upbringing, aside from fame and money. The Scientology aspect, the overly mature high heels, lipstick, big earrings — seems like she’s always scarfing down cookies, pastries, ice-cream and running around in a strapless dress in the snow and calling the shots. This is either brilliant parenting or going to end up really, really bad. Let’s hope for the former.

Kelly on

I just find it funny that everything is about Suri,
Tom does indeed have 3 children !!! Yet, its like she
is an only child.

Sarah M. on

lucia – Katie did an article here a day or 2 ago. She said that they would like to wait to have any more children until Suri was older. She’s also said in a few interviews that they plan on home-schooling her, so she won’t be going to a pre-kindergarten, kindergarten or school thereafter (unless they change their mind and decide to send her to one later).

Rose on

Who doesn’t think an outgoing 4 year old is adorable…except a guy that most likely doesn’t like kids or is jealous his wife hasn’t given him one. It’s normal to admire little people. This is the age that they are cute, sweet and innocent (come back in 10-12 years!) Josh’s comment was un-necessary. What happened to the saying, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”? I have a 4 year old grand daughter and if anyone has anything negative to say about her, they better keep it to themselves!

Grace on

I think the comments made by Josh are fantastic. Too many people (Leah Remini, Cameron Diaz anyone?) make this child out to be some sort of supernova and there’s nothing more off putting than grown ups pimping out their own child for the sake of attention and publicity (and no, I’m not saying Tom and Katie are the only ones who does this)…. I believe Suri is actually pretty normal, but with really abnormal parents. It’s not really “average” for a child to wear heels and 8000 dollar purses. Just wish people would stop talking about her, she’s never going to be “normal” as long as people are trying to drum up non existant stories about her.

ecl on

When Josh said “they”, he might have meant the media. It’s taken out of context so it’s mistake to assume he meant Tom and Katie.

CelebBabyLover on

ecl- I agree! I think Chris meant the media, not Tom and Katie. Also, I don’t get the problem with Tom and Katie gushing about Suri. Don’t all parents (celeb or not) gush about their children? Also, when other celebs gush about their children, nobody says a word about it (with a few exceptions. Salma Hayek is one other celebrity that gets criticized for gushing about her child).

Lynne on

All of you need to get a life.

missy on

“Just wish people would stop talking about her, she’s never going to be “normal” as long as people are trying to drum up non existant stories about her.”

Grace, maybe you’re right, but it goes both ways. Ever since Suri was a newborn, people have been saying horrible things about her. Maybe it’s not normal for a child to have an expensive purse, but it’s also not normal-and IMO even more disturbing-for adults to be constantly bashing a little kid. Both the Suri bashers and the Suri worshippers need to realize that she’s just a child, but to be honest I see a lot more negative stories in the media than positive ones. Despite all the attention she gets, we really don’t know what Suri is like, and it’s not fair for people to make nasty assumptions about her personality.

Nina on

Whenever I bring my 4-year-old to work, everyone tells me how fantastic she is. She IS probably an average child, but for me as her mom, she is the best, the cutest, the most talented. (The own child should be for every mom, btw, even for Katie Holmes! 😉 ) And I love when other people notice that, too.

So, what’s wrong with people talking about how great the little kid is? Everyone does it, this story just gets public. If I get asked about my friends’ or co-workers’ kids, I would leave only positive comments as well. Who says something bad about kids of other people who were perfectly fine and adorable?

And how do you know, that Suri does not have a charming personality? Even Josh Duhamel said, she was very sweet.

And the second point, what would it be like if this article was about Angelina Jolie and her co-stars’ opinion of Shiloh. Every single comment would ravish about Angelina’s ability to raise strong, well-behaved children.

The comments on here are sometimes a little biased.

I remember 2 articles close in time, where both Katie and Angelina talked about their daughters’ sense of style. Angelina got praised for letting her child be herself and Katie? She was the one spoiling the child because Suri was allowed to pick out her clothes.

Btw, my 4-year-old picks out her outfits herself, too. She is an only-child, but she is not spoiled or bossy. She’s normal and so wonderful. Probably just like Suri is. Let that little girl be.

Anna on

Josh was talking about the media not about Tom and Katie. I am sure they agree with was Josh said. Suri is just a little girl so why people want comments on her to be negative I don’t understand.

H on

STOP!!!!!!!! you are talking about some one elses child!! how would you feel if all the mums at your school gate said these things about your children!

EVERY 4 YEAR OLD IS AMAZING, and mum and dad always have bragging rights, i bet my years wages that when talking about your kids you have never the said words ‘ he/she is just a 4 year old….’ its always he can do this , she can do that because thats what we and suri has charmed other adults and they want to say nice things about her too, is that not allowed? s what if they are over the top do they impact your life in any way? some of you need to look long and hard in the mirror , lets hope no one is that nasty and mean about your child.

molly on

Rose, Why was Josh’s comments unnecessary!!! Just because his wife and him have not had kids of their own yet, does not make him a bad person.

If any thing i think his comments were made out to the press, stating Suri gets all this attention and seems older then what she is, or maybe her mum and dad treat her like she should be this little girl who is four going on 15 and should be treated like an adult, but yet deep down she is just a normal – what iis she four – five year old little girls.

mindy on

Josh is right on, and his comments make me think that if he and Fergie ever have kids, they’ll go about it the right way, remembering that their kids are not a celebrity. For those who think Suri gets no more attention than other celebrity kids, think about it. How many stories about her, how many pictures of her, on this site alone in the past year? Dozens. Apple Martin? One mention of her taking place in an equestrian competition and NO mentions of her brother Moses. Probably the next most photographed celeb’s kids are the Rossdale boys, but the pictures are always of a family doing normal things and not about what Gwen and Gavin’s professional colleagues think of the kids.

Hea on

Would some of you have been happier or more pleased if they claimed that Suri was obnoxious and weird?

dianne on

I’m so sick of Katie and Suri stories – go away! Go eat cupcakes –

Deb on

How is having a nice coat a sign of a child being creative? Poor girl, what values is she learning?

Kim on

Josh Duhamel is right. She’s just a kid, not the second coming. I’m sick of reading articles where Tom and Katie act like she’s perfect. She’s a spoiled little rich kid..period. And anyone who can’t see that she’s Chris Kleins biological child is blind. She looks exactly like him and Katie was pregnant when Tom married her. Do your research people.

Kitty on

So if you don’t agree with posters here, we’re supposed to get a life? How old are YOU? We all have the freedom to express our opinions. Whether you like it or not, everyone has that right. Rather than blast another poster, just post what you want to say and move on.

Kat on

She is what she is…..she’s a 4 year old little girl…who just happens to be the dotting child of (2) famous people. No need for comments….she’s precious to them & that’s the way it should be. She may be a bit spoiled – but if you were them I’m sure u’d spoil her as well…..Whether they are my favorite stars or not – I’m happy for them….because they are happy 🙂

Anna on

Well said Kat.

H on

– Kim – get a bloody grip.

Jen on

this is why i wish celebs would keep their kids out of the limelight (unless they are pursuing a career in the celeb world). people then either want to villify or glorify the kids. and the media is no better. why would they even ask the question…like someone is really going to respond with something negative. she’s a kid. leave her alone! i usually avoid the celeb kids articles, and now i know why.

Kat on

Jealous adults? Oh my gosh, are you serious?

Janet on

Who cares? Plenty of other people have fun,creative and imaginative kids too. No one really is meaning to attack the child , for she seems to be a sweet child. It is the Praising of the parents( katie and tom) that make everyone sick . They seem to think they are the only ones that have a creative and fun child. She is just more privileged then some. Enough said, lets move on.

Janet on

Ok she is a cutie, she has nice things.. enough already… The problem is we are sick of Katie and Tom’s thinking she is the only adorable child anyone has ever seen. Plenty of cute, adorable kids. They just dont hang out on Locations of filming and get their picture taken every time they smile… let’s move on already… enough of Suri..

LP on

Why is everyone so concerned with what goes on in everyone elses life and feels the need to express an opinion rather than minding their own business?

Tess on

“I also want to point out that I’ve heard other actors get asked about the children of their co-stars. Perhaps, it just doesn’t usually doesn’t get picked up by People/CBB.” – Missy

I think this is a great point, and it’s funny how the Tom/Katie/Suri stories always seem to end up front and center in the media, while other celeb stories do not. Almost as if there’s a PR team at work somewhere. Personally, I’m waiting for the next cupcake story to show up.

Karen on

Why is everyone so concerned with what goes on in everyone elses life and feels the need to express an opinion rather than minding their own business?

– LP on September 12th, 2010

It’s called comments section dear.

Hea on

“Janet said – The problem is we are sick of Katie and Tom’s thinking she is the only adorable child anyone has ever seen.”

Isn’t this a typical parent thing? And have they REALLY EVER said that or even HINTED that to the media?

Karen on

Another cupcake mention. It’s a good thing the Cruises are rich, they’re going to need the money to take care of Suri’s teeth. Didn’t she tote around that sugar water bottle until recently and now always cupcakes, cookies and ice cream. Hope you have a high pain tolerance

fuzibuni on

i think the fact that there are already over 50 comments to this post explains why the media is always looking for new “suri stories.”

kate on

I do not agree with cris because they were asked questions about Suri they did not just go up to the reporter and say oh I spent time with Suri and she is the best ever.
Tom and Katie answer when asked with some but not too much detail, they try to use words that say how they feel about her but with not too much feeling because it is private. I do not think it has anything to with their religion. i remember Katie being tight lipped on her relationship with Chris Kline too. I think she has always believed that that part of her life is hers and does not want to share it with others. I do not blame her especially when anything can be taken out of context and messed with so that when it is printed can sound terrible. You would think after so many answers of Amazing, or dream come true they wouls stop asking the question bur they don’t.

missy on

i think the fact that there are already over 50 comments to this post explains why the media is always looking for new “suri stories.”

Exactly! If people are really so tired of the “suri stories”, they should just ignore them. There are plenty of articles on this site (and other sites) that I find to be boring and I just don’t pay attention to them. As long as these posts continue to generate so many hits, they’re going to keep posting them.

Crystal on

All I know is,,I would hate to see this child when she reaches her teens,,with the way she is being indulged by her partent and press,,,,,,,,

YTD on

Karen, hope you have a high tolerance for pain when you go for your lobotomy, dear.

Sage on

You guys love SURI admit it, she gets more comment than other celeb child and the reason is because of US. So please stop complaining about what we created.

Mary on

What Suri needs most of all is a SIBLING to share her life with. I am the mother of seven and the greatest gift their dad and I gave each one of them was to have someone to remind them that we were NOT the center of the universe. They shared their lives, their hopes, their ambitions with one another and have become better people for it. A child in high heel shoes and the best clothes will not learn the most important lessons of life. A life outside of yourself is the only one worth living.

Emily on

So many of you are so judgmental and unkind, it makes me really sad. I hope it makes many of you feel better about your day to make such shallow assumptions and nasty remarks about somebody – a little girl, no less – you don’t even know.

CelebBabyLover on

H- I agree! And Kim doesn’t even have her facts straight. Katie most certainly was NOT pregnant when she married Tom. They got married on November 18th, 2007… which point Suri was already seven months old. Even if Kim meant to say Katie was pregnant when she and Tom became a couple, that is false as well. Suri was born on April 18, 2006 (the same day as Brooke Shields’ daughter Grier….and I don’t know why Brooke, who has spoken about the girls being born on the same day would have any reason to lie about her daughter’s birthdate!). That means that Katie got pregnant sometime in July 2005…..and she and Tom became a couple in Spring 2005!

Karen- We have absolutely no way of knowing for sure what was inside of Suri’s bottles. One thing we CAN be sure of….It certainly wasn’t water of ANY type (sugar or otherwise). When we saw Suri with a bottle, it was always filled with what looked like milk or forumla.

We also have no way of knowing how often Suri really eats cupcakes and other sweets. We’ve heard stories about her eating them, yes…..and we’ve even seen several pictures of her eating them. However, there are 365 days in a year…..and we have proof of her eating sweets for only a tiny fraction of those days. For all we know, Suri also eats a lot of healthy food.

Saying Suri eats cupcakes all the time just based on pictures and articles is like saying the Jolie-Pitt kids eat junk food all the time based on the handful of pictures we’ve seen of them snacking on chips, cheetos, and other things, or like saying that various celebrity babies constantly use pacifers because of the handful of pictures we’ve seen of them with pacifers.

We need to remember that celebs DO have a life beyond the camera lens and media, and we’re really only seeing and hearing about just a tiny fraction of their lives!

Mary- Suri DOES have siblings. Their names are Bella and Connor. That being said, because they are so much older than her, I DO agree that in a lot of ways she is an only child. But guess what? Being an only chid is not some horrible, awful thing! My mother is an only child….and she turned out great!

I also know other people who are only children and turned out great! I’m not an only child, and I’m very close with my brother and think siblings are great. But I also know that siblings are not a requirement for growing up happy and healthy! 🙂

Jill on

For starters, Suri has two siblings. Yes, they are far apart in age, so maybe you meant siblings close in age. But regardless, I couldn’t disagree with any more. Children do not need siblings. Not everyone can provide them for their families. The greatest gift my parents gave me was their love. I am an only child and turned out great. My parents were very lucky to have me and tried for years to give me a sibling but were unsuccessful. Me not having siblings doesn’t make me a bad person and I don’t blame my parents for anything. I am greatful for my wonderful life. I have never heard anyone say that a sibling has made them a better person. My parents and their love for me was all I needed.

Rose on

Okay, maybe Josh’s comment was read with the emphasis on the wrong words. I still think he’s talking from the POV of a man that never experience the joy little people bring. Suri is Suri. She doesn’t know how to be anything else. Remember it’s the media that shines the light not Suri herself. Her parents love her and dolt over her just as any loving parents would do for their first born. My attitude is this is one of the useless articles that shines a light on a topic we could all live without. If this attention was given to get me to go see the movie, well, Katie Holmes is NOT star material so this is a wait-and-see thing.

Bancie1031 on

I love Josh Duhamel’s comment 🙂 He sounds like he’d be a fun father to have, knowing and acknowledging the fact that all kids like to have fun and play 😀 But don’t read into his statement tooo much, he’s not saying that Suri doesn’t get to be a child, he’s just saying that she’s a normal child 😀
Suri is such a cutie!

Allie on

@ Kelly: did you ever stop to consider that Tom and Nicole have agreed between themselves to keep their kids out of the media? There was almost nothing said about Connor and Isabella when they were together and that may have been continued after their divorce. Suri is a different case.