Family Photo: The Stefani-Rossdales Explore the Intrepid

09/11/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

Family outing!

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale took their boys — Kingston James McGregor, 4, and Zuma Nesta Rock, 2 — were spotted walkin’ the West Side on their way to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on Wednesday in New York City.

Once they arrived, the foursome checked out the deck — Kingston even had the chance to sit in a fighter jet plane!

The family is in town as Stefani prepares to present her latest L.A.M.B. collection at Fashion Week, while Rossdale supports pal Roger Federer at the U.S. Open.

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Asadorian-Mejia/Splash News Online

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Lisa on

this family is so beautiful! I love how handsome both Kingston and Zuma are and how they look different but are equally adorable!

craigie on

Gwen and Gavin need to stop pushing their four year old around in a stroller!

Hayley on

craigie, there is no harm in the stroller. I’ll still use the stroller for my 5 year old niece if i take her to the show grounds or show event, that way i know she won’t get lost in the crowd, or wonder off. PLus if your out all day, pushing a stroller is much better then hearing her complain that she is sick of walking and then having to carry her…

shannon on

Chances are that Kingston does walk around a lot and they have the stroller for when he begins to tire out.

amandamay on

i think it was zuma’s stroller and that kingston got tired and wanted to sit in it. heck, there are days i’m really tired and would love someone to push me in one lol

Laura on

I agree with amandamay. The way Kingston is sitting in it leads me to believe that it is Zuma’s stroller and he is just taking a quick break from walking.

Denise on

How old is Gavin? 45? Sorry, but every picture I see of him he looks like he dresses like a teenager. Yeah, I know he is a musician, but he seriously looks like he is in a midlife crisis. (I’m sure all the Gavin Rossdale fans are going to yell at me)

CelebBabyLover on

Denise- Gwen is in her 40s as well, and one could definitely say that she often dresses like a teenager (or at least a 20-something year old), too. 🙂

As for Kingston and the stroller…..I, too, am inclined to believe that it’s Zuma’s stroller and Kingston was just taking a break from walking. Also, I wonder where Zuma is in the first picture (not critcizing, just honestly curious)?

Steph on

t shirt and jeans…heaps teenagery…

bobby jo on

It looks like a double stroller to me. So it is both their stroller.
I have a kids similar age, and we always bring a double stroller when doing full day activities. My four year old pops in and out of it as she tires (so does my two year old)
Plus if they want to relax and have a drink or snack, it is easy for them to do so in the stroller.

H on

craigie- you need to stop telling people what to do with their kids…..

those boys are so lovely looking even when they are a tad tired or what ever, o also think people who like to tell other they dress tooo young or old , to skimpy or whatever drives me crackers, i don’t what diffrence it makes to what kind of parent you …who gives a rip 🙂

loren on

He is dressed like the contractors that renovated my kitchen and bathroom guys older than him (50’s) I don’t think this is look is worn by teens or that he is having a mid life crisis. He looks good for his forties and so does she

CMS on

Beautiful, beautiful family.

As for the stroller, I don’t understand why it would be wrong even if a TWELVE year old child rides in a stroller once in a while. How is it any different than being driven around everywhere in a car or SUV, as most parents are prone to doing?

I imagine that is family does a lot of walking around town, so Kingston probably walks much more on average than most of the kids in this county. So what is he occasionally takes a break by riding in his (or his brother’s) stroller??

Mrs.B on

What a odd comment about the stroller.
We go pretty often to NY(4-6 times a month for a full day) and we always take a stroller for my 3.5 yo son. We do a LOT of walking and he gets tired and likes to rest. Try to carry a 35lb kid for 30 minutes up hill and you will hate life;) It’s much different lifestyle in the city than it’s in the suburbs.

The family is absolutely beautiful!

Lou x on

Aaw, i love the way they both dress! (admittedly Gavin’s T-Shirt isnt the best example of his style though, lol)

I’m pretty sure it is Zuma’s buggy, in many pics i’ve seen he starts off the trip in it, and it tends to end with Kingston in it (which fits with King using it when he’s tired) – something i see nothing wrong with. Stroppy kids does not equal a nice day out!

To whoever asked about Zuma’s whereabouts, i’m pretty sure that the 2 sets of pics were taking at different points in the same day, and that Zuma didnt go to the museum, but dont quote me on it! X

angela-lake on

I do a lot of walking with my nieces. We have a sit and stand stroller. S. is four she will be five on Christmas Eve. I allow her to walk, but the main road that we take, is a four lane high way with Tractor Trailers, and Buses, I do insist while we walk the two blocks and across the main intersections that she rides, for her safety, but other then that she walks.

Bancie1031 on

I can’t believe how big Zuma is getting! He’s Gwen’s little mini-me while Kingston is Gavin’s little mini-me 😀
Everyone looks great (as always 😀 )