Ali Larter Confirms: It’s a Boy!

09/10/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

The secret’s out: Ali Larter is in fact expecting a baby boy.

During a visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Thursday, the Resident Evil: Afterlife actress was greeted with gifts for her upcoming arrival — but had to choose between a pink or blue onesie.

“Ohhhh! I was trying to keep it private … but we’re having a boy!” Larter, who’s expecting her first child with husband Hayes MacArthur, cheered. “I have a little penis inside of me!”

In response, Fallon couldn’t help but throw out a running Office joke, quipping, “That’s what she said!”

And while Larter, 34, is enjoying this “amazing … exciting time,” she admits her newly enhanced sense of smell has been a bit debilitating.

“I go through the cheese aisle and I’m like, ‘Noooo!’ All the stinky ones,” she laughs.

Dana Edelson/NBC

— Anya Leon

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mommyof2 on

contrats how exciting!!! hope they chose a wonderful name!

KT on

She looks like a “real” pregnant woman should, healthy and beautiful. I really like her. 🙂

Dawn S on

I love her! What a gorgeous mom to be! And about the only time a woman can be thrilled to “have a little penis inside me”! ha ha Blessings to a healthy baby boy!

Terri on

LOL…she wasn’t trying too hard to keep it a secret. I think she couldn’t contain her excitement!

Patricia on

Congrats on the new bundle of joy that you’ll be bringing into this world. I know the excitement got to her and it does to most new expectant mothers. I for one miss those days of having a little one around. Now all I can do is sit and wait on grandkids years down the road.

Kat on

It is so much fun knowing and being able to spill the news! Congrats to her!

Kate on

Pregnant or not, she is absolutely beautiful!

rebka on

Does anyone know where she got that dress? Lovely!

bella on

She is just adorable….how can ya not be happy for her?
Best wishes for a healthy baby (little penis and all) 🙂

Karen on

Saw her last nite on TV. OMG what was she thinking by wearing that dress! It showed every square inch where she has gained a lot of weight. Her ass was gigantic and bumpy. I felt sorry for her. She will regret that decision. I hope she has a happy delivery.

LM on

Ok – karen – I never comment on this website but who do you think you are! how rude! she is a gorgeous pregnant woman who is embracing her pregnancy. shame on you for your comment – how superficial.

Carolina on

Karen, She’s PREGNANT. FYI – Pregnant women gain weight, its natural and nothing to be embarrased about.

She is absolutely stunning. She’s eating for two just like she should be. Not like those twigs that eat two extra grapes a day.

The only thing your comment told me is that your are JEALOUS!

Jenny on

Karen, she may have a “gigantic ass”, but you are a gigantic ass. She looks stunning and is a beautiful pregnant woman. She should be praised for her healthy body since she is the exact opposite of most Hollywood Mom’s these days that still look anorexic while pregnant.

Kat on

Karen, the woman is pregnant and her body is changing. Kudos to her for embracing it and not hiding her still lovely figure in a sack.

JChicago on

Karen – First, the dress was beautiful and looked great on her. Second, a major part of actresses’ careers is staying UNDERweight (even more than actual talent). Even when they are pregnant, most actresses force themselves to stay UNDERweight. They are typically not models of healthy pregnancies. Ali Larter clearly cares more about her baby’s health than how quickly she’ll be able to fit into size 24 jeans. And lastly, even with her weight gain, she’s still thinner than the average American woman.

Hazel's momma on

Karen, I don’t know what show you were watching, but she looked FABULOUS last night. That dress was gorgeous and I laughed so hard at the ‘little penis’ comment.

Mom of 4 on

Obviously Karen has never had children before and does not know what a true miracle it is to grow another human being inside one’s body. Many women embrace and love the changes that come with pregnancy and Ali seems most certain to have. I think Ali is gorgeous no matter what she wears and pregnant or not. Kudos to her and all mommies-to-be who love the pleasant (and not so pleasant) changes that occur in creating life.

Me on

I can’t believe somebody is commenting on her weight! Pregnancy is just beautiful and kudos to her for showing off that figure! I did the same thing during my pregnancy, even when I was measuring at 42 weeks (I had a HUGE belly). This is about the only time women are “allowed” to embrace their curves in today’s society. Saying that she has a “huge ass” just shows how narrow-minded our society has become. How sad!

CMS on

Congrats to Ali. She is truly beautiful and radiant. Good for her!!

As for Karen, she truly is an ass. Or, more likely “she” is just a bitter old man who posted that comment to see if he could get a rise out of female readers.

Sad, but some people do that for entertainment.

Colleen on

Ali looks awesome! I can only hope I look like that when I am pregnant. I am already hipp-y, so I dread what I will look like at 6 months pregnant. Ali looks amazing. I just hope she skips over Karen’s comment.

Golfer on

What happened to less is more. I think it’s ridiculous how pregnant women feel the need to show off their bellies, butts and cleavage when pregnant. It makes me laugh when pregnant women try so hard to look sexy. I think it’s gross. Just be yourself and don’t wear super tight clothing…you’re preganant and should embrace it..not flaunt your stuff. what happened to modesty for crying out loud. I think Ali should cover up more.

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I just want to point out that every woman and pregnancy is different. So actually, a “real” pregnant woman can look all sorts of different ways….and just because a celeb is skinny except for her belly while pregnant doesn’t neccesarily mean she’s unhealthy. Some women only gain weight in their stomachs while pregnant, while some (for lack of a better term, and I sincerely hope I don’t offend anyone here!) tend to balloon up all over.

Also, body type and size can affect how a woman looks when pregnant. A tall woman with a long torso, for example, probably won’t show very much until close to the end (Nicole Kidman is one example), because the baby has plenty of space to go UP before it has to go OUT. A very short woman with a short torso, on the other hand, will probably end up with a very big belly quite early on because the baby literally has nowhere to go but out!

And if you’re naturally slim and don’t gain weight very easily to begin with, you’re probably not going to gain a whole lot of weight while pregnant.

gianna on

she’s beautiful, and a little boy how cute. I think she looks great pregnant, but I didn’t like the dress so tight looking

HRH on

Karen’s comment reminds me of one of my friends. When I first told her I was pregnant,the first thing out of her mouth was ” Your butt is gonna get SO BIG!!!! It happened to so and so” Here I am 21 weeks pregnant,and I STILL look good. I get compliments left and right all the time. Yesterday she had the audacity to say “I can’t wait till you get as big as a house”. My mother was there when she said it and she said” WellI didn’t get that big when I was pregnant with HRH so she may not get that big either.” I may need to find a new friend,this one has really been showing her jealous streak lately,smh…

Jill on

A little confused……I read in People magazine this weekend in an interview with Ali, that she didn’t know the sex of the baby because they were not finding out. So, was the interview super old, was she lying or did she find out in the time of the interview and last Thursday, which would also mean she is lying? If you don’t want to dislose the sex, just say it. It really is none of our business. My guess is that People held the interview awhile ago and just posted it. I have found many things wrong with the postings on this site in the last 6 months.

gdfg on

“This is about the only time women are “allowed” to embrace their curves in today’s society.”

I think you are confusing “curves” (which has to do with the ratio of your hips and chest to your waist) to weight gain. Someone who is curvy is curvy no matter how much weight she gains or loses. Someone who is not curvy is not going to be curvy even if they are pregnant and gain 80 pounds. Marilyn Monroe is an example of someone who is curvy, and she definitely embraced it.

Julie on

she is the epitome of the ‘sexy, curvaceous pregnant woman’. ali, you look wonderful, and your little son will be just as beautiful as as his mama. 🙂

Katie on

A modern day Madonna…she looks fantastic. THIS is what woman were made to be like, and I embraced every bit of my pregnancy with a thing called grace. Try some of that, Karen;)

JLS on

I spent time with Ali about 3 years ago at a wedding for a mutual friend. She was a total weirdo – plus she was loud, obnoxious and wanted to hog the limelight from the poor bride. I will always think it is so strange how people attribute these great qualities to someone they have never met.

Amy on

Ohhhh she is absolutely beautiful!
I wish and pray for her a very healthy delivery and baby.
Congrats to her and her husband!

Maya on

@ JLS, I know Ali, and I can assure you that she is not weird, loud, or obnoxious. I’m sure you are just wildly jealous that she is famous and you are not.