Spotted: Gisele Bündchen’s Stroll Patrol

09/09/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
James Devaney/WireImage

Supermodel mama!

After strutting her stuff at Fashion’s Night Out, Gisele Bündchen makes stroller patrol look downright chic with son Benjamin Rein, 9 months, in New York’s SoHo neighborhood on Wednesday.

Back in Boston, Bündchen’s husband Tom Brady had an eventful day himself on Thursday — the Patriots quarterback emerged unscathed from an early morning car accident while on his way to work.

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Ashley on

That would look like a bump if there weren’t pictures to the contrary from fashion’s night out!

Natalia on

Gisele it’s wonderful and Ben is sooo cut!!
beautiful family!

Jen on

I’m shocked that she would let her child have a soother! I thought she was too good for that sort of thing.

LisaS on

Oh, look at those tiny feet and toes! Makes me want to bite them. 😉

But wow. I can’t believe he’s nine months old already! It seems like it was just yesterday that Gisele gave birth to him. I do wish we could see the baby’s face a little bit better though. I think he’s one of the most beautiful celebrity babies.

marie on

I genuinely wonder how Gisele thinks pacifiers are ok… I would think she thinks they are toxic and chemical considering her statements on formula… But I guess it’s ok to have a little double standard every now and then… :)Ps. I personally have nothing against paci’s, Im just saying that it’s weird to see someone who has so much to say about chemicals use one.

Ellea on

Look at her tiny shorts!! Only something a giantess could pull off without looking trampy.

Traxie on

Hmmm, I wonder why Gisele thinks it’s okay to use a pacifier but not okay to bottle-feed!!
I’m not really having a go at her, just pointing out the potential hypocrisy in her previous breastfeeding stance 🙂 I’m sure she’s realized by now that the cardinal rule of parenting is – don’t judge other parents as we are all doing the best we can!

CelebBabyLover on

What an adorable little boy!

Elle on

Oh, Gisele. Such a perfect mother like you giving her baby a dummy/pacifier?! Surely not! 😉

Jemi on

Gisele’s got a serious Adam’s Apple. Lol

sarah williams on

I don’t see the hypocrisy in her giving her child a pacifier because when she refers to bottle feeding she’s not referring to what you use to feed the child but what is put in the bottle. (formula)

Anonymous on

Genuinely stunned to see Gisele’s “potty trained,” chemical, drug free 9-month-old (there was no article about it on CBB, but it was reported pretty much everywhere else) is still given a soother. Going by her timeline, he ought to be reciting Shakespeare and applying to Princeton by now.

Jane on

She looks absolutely gorgeous. Look at those legs!

bobby jo on

Wow, she even looks stunning just strolling around with baby!

Ellea on

Thank you Sarah Williams, some people will really take that reach.

Dee on

My son is 8 weeks old and formula fed, if Giselle has issues with it she is more than welcome to express mail me her breast milk and I will feed it to him….LOL

Other than that her kid is cute….I think sometimes people say things without thinking and make themself look foolish afterwards. Besides that it is highly insulting and degrading to women who genuinely cannot breastfeed.

As for the pacifer…well to each his or her own just be careful what you say and then do the opposite 🙂

toni on

I was wondering how Gisele would be received. She did apologise over the breast feeding controversey. JMO

Elisa on

if you don’t have a good thing to say,then don’t say anything!! seriously some people always find something ill to talk about her… if you don’t like Gisele then why post it?? keep it to youself…. she has been totally misunderstood on the breastfeeding topic…there are MANY women who can breastfeed and don’t because it’s uncomfortable…she was talking to THEM…

Brookie on

I cannot for the life of me figure out why I do not like this woman- but I don’t! I have thought to myself “maybe your just jealous of all she has and how she looks”, etc but I really don’t think that’s it. I simply don’t like her. I wish she would come down off her high horse for a minute. She just strikes me as this “I am perfect, and none of you compare to me or the Mother I am”. I hate that! But oh well. She’s gorgeous, and so is the baby 🙂

Sage on

I love Gisele and think that she is answesome mom to all her kiddos, haters keep on hating, it’s not going to change anything!P.S. You know they do make eco friendly paci’s of course you didn’t some of you are so dull instead of researching things like that, it’s better to be B***** towards a women you don’t know because you are insecure.

Elisa on

Gisele NEVER said she was perfect!! that’s how you see her… the thing is that just because she’s the most famous model in the world and isn’t American you always find something against her… the thing is that most of you don’t admit but do have prejudice against foreign people…I bet that if she was born in Unites States you all would love her…the same happens with Camila Alves… every single time there’s someone making some ill comments… I’m Brazilian and makes me sad that kind of behaviour…

Terri on

Them some teeny tiny shorts! And legs for miles!

I don’t know why, but whenever I see babies bare feet, I just want to put socks on them!

meghan on

Terri, when I see bare baby feet, I want to tickle themn! It was almost 90 degrees in the city on Wednesday. That’s why he isn’t wearing socks.

As for the rest, you really go out of your ways to bitch, don’t you? Bravo, really impressive.

brannon on

Wow. Seriously harsh people. Not going to feel bad for her because she is a supermodel, married to TB, super wealthy, and has two beautiful boys…but seriously, give her a break. Some of you who say she is a hypocrite for being judgmental need to take a look at yourselves…

Pry on

Bunch of jealous women! Whatever if she said that, she said sorry, you girls can’t forgive and forget, typical of SOME women, so negative towards other moms.

gdfg on

“she has been totally misunderstood on the breastfeeding topic…there are MANY women who can breastfeed and don’t because it’s uncomfortable…she was talking to THEM…”

Yes, there are many women who can breast feed and choose not to. And that’s THEIR business. Criticizing them for not breast feeding is like criticizing parents for allowing their older children to eat junk food! It’s none of your business!

Marisela on

Elisa, every woman has the right to choose whether or not she would like to breastfeed her child. It’s a personal decision and neither Giselle nor anyone else has the right to judge. Personally, I’m nursing my son. My step sister, whose daughter is a month older, has is formula feeding. I wouldn’t dare tell her that what she’s doing is in some way wrong or bad. She’s doing what she thinks is best for her child while I’m doing what I think is best for mine. End of story.

Carey on

C’mon people stop being stupid!
Gisele is doing what she think it’s best for her child. Unfortunately she is a public person so anything she says is taken too seriously. The woman is just a model but people have gived to her the power of God LOL. Can’t you see how much power Gisele has over your mind?

Do you want to know the reason why Gisele talks about her son? The magazine ask and she gives the answer wants to give (perhaps she regrets later) The public wants to know everything about what’s going in her life and in her son’s life. The problem is, Gisele can’t keep her mouth shut about some personal issues.

I’ve find out that in Gisele’s homecountry many mothers breasfeed how much they can, then when the baby develops teeth the baby start to be bottle-feed (whichever milk she prefers) and some food is included in the nutrition. Gisele’s mother did it with Gisele and her five sisters. So Gisele’s upbringing takes part in her beliefs. I don’t know if she is going to give him only organic, I really doubt. She’s Brazilian and Brazilians appreciate good food.

Sandy on

BREAST IS BEST, everyone will admit that, doctors, nurses, books, everyone can say that the breast is best…so WHY all the controversy. Yes Giselle said it wrong, i think she meant if “YOU CAN BREASTFEED YOU SHOULD” Why??? Because as everyone will tell you breast is best, it builds a stronger baby, it helps their immune systems, allergies, everything. This is coming from a mom would couldn’t make enough milke for her now 20 month old. I breastfed but had to supplement, I wasn’t happy about it, but I still agree breast is best. If you CAN you SHOULD. You’re baby has no choice, it’s up to the mom to do what’s best for the baby, and if you aren’t on meds, a drugs addict, etc. You SHOULD breastfeed and it if you aren’t than that’s a shame because everyone will tell you BREAST IS BEST.

And yes I look at kids eating McDonalds constantly and it disgusts me to gdfg. Look on youtube at the Mcdonalds fry and burger that don’t decompose after years
Why should kids be eating that all the time. Health food is best and it’s up to PARENTS to instill good eating habits in their children. I swear parents love to complain, “Mind your own business, I can do what I want” Yeah well it doesn’t make it right. Why does telling someone to feed their kids healthy food piss them off so much? Shouldn’t it be whats expected? Like with breastfeeding, under certain rare cicumstance if you can breastfeed, you shouldn’t like if you are on meds. But most women are not and they should be selfless and breastfeed their babies.

steph on

her child is potty trained @ 9 months?? Boy things have changed since I had kids…lol.


ecl on

I don’t think it’s jealously when people criticize other mothers. I think it’s insecurity. All mothers face so much criticism that they then dish it out to justify their own choices. Own your decision and move on.

CelebBabyLover on

I haven’t read her article about Benjamin being potty-trained, but I have two theories. One is that she was just joking. The other is that she was referring to them practicing what’s Elimination Communication, or EC, with him. Basically, with EC, you hold your baby over a toliet, toddler potty chair, sink, bowl, or whatever when you think s/he has to go to the bathroom.

She may just mean he’s “potty trained” in the sense that he doesn’t uses diapers much, but instead uses whatever “potty” they’ve decided to use for him. 🙂

Elle on

Chill out, Elisa. I’m such most people, well I was anyway, are joking about her kid having a dummy. I couldn’t care less how she parents her kid.

“……on the breastfeeding topic…there are MANY women who can breastfeed and don’t because it’s uncomfortable…she was talking to THEM…”

So it’s okay for her to comment about other mothers but we can’t say ANYTHING negative about her here? Hmm. She shouldn’t be telling ANYONE how to feed their baby…even if they can breastfeed and don’t want to. What’s it got to do with her?!

fuzibuni on

people are so quick to slam gisele, but having met her personally, I can say she is quite lovely, intelligent and kind. She has an ebullient personality and speaks what she feels rather than giving pre-screened answers to every interview. I find her refreshing.

And her statement about breast feeding was that if you are able to produce milk for your child then it is better than giving them formula. Are we really going to argue about that? One is natural and made just for your baby while the other is synthetic and produced in a lab.

But yes, ultimately it is a parent’s personal choice how they feed their child. You can give formula if you want, or feed them junk food, or smoke around them if you wish. Doesn’t make it healthy though.

toni on

I think this critism goes deeper than breastfeeding. I seemed to remember the outcry when Gisele said some kind words about her step son. I really think this is about her marrying Tom Brady. He’s seen as the “boy next door”. If Brady had married a WASP from New York, no one would have cared. I guess what i’m saying is some of you are still holding a grudge against Tom not marrying his ex girlfriend.

Hea on

She is so gorgeous it’s almost painful to the naked eye.

loren on

@- toni “I guess what i’m saying is some of you are still holding a grudge against Tom not marrying his ex girlfriend”. yep you got that right toni and the grudge will be held for a long time 🙂

Hea on

What’s the need in holding a grudge that doesn’t at all concern you?

gdfg on

Tom can marry whoever he wants to. Why do you guys care so much about what people you don’t know do with their personal lives? It’s really kind of pathetic.

gdfg on

Fuzibuni, you may think breast milk is better, but that’s your opinion, which is fine. It’s okay to have an opinion, but there’s no need to criticize other people for having a different opinion. I would hardly call feeding your baby formula unhealthy. Less healthy, maybe, but again, that’s just an opinion.

gdfg on

Sandy, calm down, please. There are worse things that people can do for their kids than feed them MacDonalds or formula. There are MUCH worse things out there to worry about. Please get off your high horse.

loren on

I was agreeing with toni, no one should hold a grudge against her or anyone, it’s just obvious that some people do. I agree with you that she is gorgeous and so is the baby I wish we had a better picture of him 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

gdfg- Actually, it’s a Scientifically proven fact that breastmilk is better than formula. That being said, I do agree with you completely that formula isn’t unhealthy either. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

gdfg- I’m also curious, after reading your comment, as to what your feelings are about breastmilk being better than formula. The way you worded your comment, it sounds like you actually think formula is better than breastmilk. Do you? Or did I mis-interpret your comment? I promise I’m not going to jump on you either way! I just want to here your opinion. 🙂

Bella on

absolutely gorgeous!

gdfg on

I’m not saying formula is better than breast milk, I’m just tired of women on this site jumping all over people who DO use formula. People who formula feed their babies are not trying to poison them and they have their own personal reasons for doing so. I doubt any babies will die because they weren’t breast fed.

gdfg on

“Actually, it’s a Scientifically proven fact that breastmilk is better than formula.”

No, it’s an opinion. Most doctors recommend breast milk over formula right now.

CelebBabyLover on

gdfg- What I meant is that it’s Scientific fact that breastmilk is better than formula in the sense that it has some nutrients that formula does not, and it is tailored to meet the specific needs of the baby that is drinking it, whereas formula is not. Here is an article that explains better what I mean:

CelebBabyLover on

gdfg- Now that I’ve explained my earlier comment, I also want to add that I DO agree with you that women who use formula shouldn’t be jumped all over. I was formula fed from 3 months onward, my brother from six months onward, and my parents both from the get-go, and we are all perfectly healthy and fine.

So I don’t quite understand why some people act like formula is posion or a form of child abuse or something!

gdfg on

It might be scientific fact that breast milk has nutrients that formula doesn’t, but it’s still an OPINION that breast milk is better!

Right now, breast milk is generally recommended as better than formula. 30 years ago, the general opinion was that formula was better. As you can see, the general opinion of breast milk vs. formula has changed over the last thirty years.

Opinions change, facts don’t.

It’s still up to the parents to form an educated opinion as to what is better for their children!