So Cute! Non-Toxic Mommy & Me Nail Polish

09/09/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy of Scotch

You knew you were in trouble when she ditched her crayons and coloring books for bright polishes. But you didn’t think the day would come so soon. Don’t fret. Hopscotch Kids‘ย new non-toxic, water-based nail colors are safe for kids all ages.

But just because they’re free of all the bad stuff doesn’t mean they don’t work just as well as other brands. Her nails will pop with fun colors ($13 each) including “Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum in a Dish” and “Red Rover, Red Rover”. Our favorite: The lime-green “Heads Up, Seven Up”.

Even better? The bottles are spill-proof (bye, bye messy floors!) and the nail polish remover ($10) โ€” which is made of a fruit and vegetable derived alcohol โ€” is just as safe.

Now you can get in on the fun too! The company recently launched a chic new grown-up line, Scotch Naturals (below), that’s also non-toxic and water-based.

But instead of kid-friendly colors, it features sophisticated shades ($15 each) including “Flying Scotsman” (navy), “Heather Blush” (light grey) and “Hot Toddy” (chocolate brown).

Added bonus: The company is offering Moms & Babies readers an exclusive 15% off discount on the Hopscotch Kids collection. Just enter code: people15 at checkout.

Courtesy of Scotch

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Lacey on

I would pay 13 for nail polish, if I lasted a bit with out chipping off. I think it would be a great idea, seeing as I have a girly 3 year old daughter. Love that it’s spill-proof! A few weeks ago, I spend an hour getting hot pink polish off my beige carpet, during a mama-aya, nail time. GAH!

J on

13 bucks?? Wow!

dee on

I just buy my 7 year old niece those OPI mini collection packs. You usually get about 4 colors and they retail for about $12.50. She loved the Shrek one!

Rhyane on

Just a hint, if you line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, it makes the perfect workstation for young girls and their nail polish/make up time.

Mrs. R on

I would get one for a Christmas stocking gift….
It is TOTALLY worth the price to not have icky chemicals glued to my child’s fingernails.

Shannon on

@ Rhyane – Great tip!

I think the non-toxic polish is a cool idea!

TC on

If anyone has used this please let me know if they really work like nail polish is supposed to. Meaning it doesn’t chip or wash off after a few hours. I wouldn’t mind spending this if I knew it really worked, and no sorry I don’t believe an advertisement when it says it works just as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Same goes for the nail polish remover, if someone has used it please leave a post. I’ve found the non acetone stuff just doesn’t work as good as the normal stuff.

Naty on

I got for my daughter piggy paint nail polish,they are great and not expensive.

suszy on

Then why do adults use all the toxic nail polish. If this stuff is the same – shouldn’t we all be using this.

Micheley on

I think the reason non-toxic nail polish is usually geared towards children is because kids are the ones more likely to ingest the chemicals and icky stuff from the nail polish since their fingers are generally in their mouths more. (Although many adults have a nail biting problem which basically results in the same thing)

Erika on

Rhyane- Great idea! I’ll have to try that next time I’m watching my friend’s kids. My mom used to put old newspaper on the floor but without something under it, it slid all over the place and ended up making a mess anyway lol.

I actually like the kids nail polish for adults too. It’s cheaper than the adult one and I like some of the colors too. I just wonder how well this nail polish holds up for $10 and $15. If it didn’t chip, it would be worth it.

Lacey on

Rhyane-Thanks for the great tip!

Molly on

Mrs. R, you can spare your children’s nails from harmful chemical polishes for free, just not put any…

Stephanie on

Piggy Paint is great too and not this expensive. There are some great options on the market you just have to Google them.

Stephanie on

Cute but not new or worth the money. Check out Priti Non-Toxic Nail Polish, Safe Nail Polish, Go Natural, Zoya, Honeybee Gardens. All are non-toxic and safe for your kids AND you.

Tamara on

I have tried both products on my children and I have found that the piggy paints are not as high quality as the Hopscotch Kids. I just looked at the Environmental Working Group’s website and it looks like Hopscotch Kids is the number one safest kids brand. I was very pleased with the response from my girls and with how cute the polish was! If you are interested you can look for yourself at

Tamara on

Hopscotch Kids is amazing!! I bought the polish for my grandaughters and they love it! I am very excited for the Scotch Naturals brand and cannot wait until I get the gorgeous red they have!!

Francisco on

My daughter got this as a present for her tenth birthday, I was a little concern about her using nail polish. But now she can’t stop using it, I feel better that it has no chemicals on it and I kinda like the colors.

Heather Candelaria on

I wanted to respond to a couple of the comments mentioned above. As the marketing director for both lines, I want to assure you that safety and quality are our biggest concerns. While there are other “natural” nail polishes available, we are truly non-toxic. In fact, our lines have been tested and rated by the Environmental Working Group and we were proud to receive a rating of 1, making us one of the safest products to be tested. Our polish is superior quality and with proper preparation of nails, it looks and lasts like a traditional toxic polish. If you would like more information, please visit our website at

Allison on

Love both the “Hopscotch Kids” for children and the adult line “Scotch Naturals”! The colors are fun for the children and vibrant for the adults. I am excited that they are non toxic, easy to apply, dry quickly and hold their color!

Sue Sinclair, Raspberry Kids on

I would love to chime in from up north of the 49th parallel.

We are a very proud retailer of Hopscotch Kids and soon to be Scotch Naturals and we have been getting rave reviews from our customers and of course have been using the products ourselves with great results.

We’ve tried other eco-friendly kids nail polishes but found Hopscotch Kids quality to be far superior.

We also really appreciate that they have received such high ratings from the Environmental Working Group and above all else, we absolutely adore Ginny, the founder of Hopscotch Kids and Scotch Naturals. She has been incredible to work with and we wish her and her team much (and well deserved) success.


Sue Sinclair, Chief Executive Mom at

Carol on

My kids LOVE Hopscotch Kids nail polish and I love the fact that it is truly safe and non-toxic. The nail polish works exactly as it is advertised, as long as you follow the directions. It is very important when using the water-based line to use as directed. I have two busy girls and the nail polish really lasts. SO happy that the adult line, Scotch Naturals is finally on the market. I didn’t realize it had launched. I just made my purchase @ 1(800)520-3187. Hurry up mail man….

Danielle Friedland on

I received a sample and really like Hopscotch Kids. I gave both Anya and myself manicures with the kelly green “Eeenie Meenie Miney Moe” color earlier this week. On me, it’s lasted pretty well except for my right hand because I picked some stickers off furniture with my nails and of course, Anya bites her nails so the polish has come off quickly but at least she’s not eating chemicals. I’m going to be ordering some with the discount code I got for following them on Twitter!

Maci on

I have experienced this product first hand and fell in LOVE with this product. The sample kit made me hooked already, I cant wait until the full product launchs. I love everything the company has to offer with the non-toxic nail polish. I will be buying this product for my stores within the weeks to come.

Logan on

Love this product so so so much!! It lasts a long time & the color looks beautiful! reminds OPI, love it so much!! but this product!!

Terri on

I’ve been using the Hopscotch kids with my two girls for a good while now and I LOVE it!!! It goes on beautifully in 1-2 coats and dries so quickly…a plus with two busy young girls. I’ve had no problem with it chipping as long as I follow the directions in prepping the nails properly. I am anxiously awaiting the launch of the adult line…the colors look AMAZING!!

billie on

We have used several HOPSCOTCH KIDS products at our preschool and I can no longer in good conscience use anything else. My fav so far is the Raspberry .If you really care about what you use on your sweet child/children, use something safe – HOPSCOTCH KIDS.

Lana on

We’re so excited about Hopscotch Kids! We don’t know of any other polish on the market that’s this safe and this great. My daughter has had Hopscotch Kids on her toes now for the past few weeks and it’s still going strong! Very cute packaging and an all-around great product! Also love Scotch Naturals, lots of fun colors to choose from.

Jennifer on

We have used Hopscotch Kids and definately recommend it as a safe, fun alternative for kids. The colors are fun and last on the fingers of a busy 6 year old. I’m looking forward to trying out the Scotch line!

stephanie on

So excited to see this product on People! It is amazing. I picked some up a few months back at a boutique in Phoenix and am now addicted. I would never let my daughter use anything else. As for questions about other brands, I truly believe this one has the best technology and is the safest. I have used some other natural nail polishes and was not impressed. Thank you Hopscotch Kids! So looking forward to Scotch.

Toni on

I am a Hopscotch Kids fan FOR SURE!!! I have used it on my girls, and on myself. I love it because there is no icky smell! It goes on beautifully – very shiny. I am actually wearing Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum on my toes right now and I love it. I’ve had them painted for over a week, and they look like I just painted them today. I am a true believe in HSK, and I cannot wait for Scotch to be available. It may be a little more expensive than regular nail polish, but it’s so worth it to be rid of all of those chemicals.

Cindi on

Hopscotch Kids is truly a winner! **Funny story…….. While picking up some nail files at Walgreens not long ago…my daughter was looking at the nail polish and said, “Mom, why don’t they have the fun colors like Hopscotch Kids?”. I love my daughter using the non-toxic product! I highly recommend you at least giving it a try, even if you are a little ? about the price. It’s worth every penny! I look forward to Scotch!!!

teachermom on

My daughter has a drawer full of hopscotch kids. I will admit that I have snuck in and used it myself on occasion. I love the black. It not only stays on your nails but it is brighter and more vivid than most other polishes. I love the fact that it is non-toxic. The spill-proof bottles are great for sleep overs where multiple pre-teens are primping and bouncing to Justin Bieber!

Grandma M on

I would pay the money to keep toxins away from my granddaughter. Just the strong odor from regular polish is enough to confirm that it is not healthy. Hopscotch Kids is on the right path and I am glad to see it on the market. And having an adult version is a major plus.

Wendy on

LOVE this product! Not only do my children use Hopscotch Kids, I do too!! I have some on my toes that has been there for 2 weeks and still looks great! Thanks for finally creating such a great product. My kids and myself are worth a little extra money!

Madeline on

I am with Wendy- I have used Hopscotch on my toes and it’s been about two weeks and I have not had to re-touch! The best thing about it is; it is SAFE! One of the only nail products that have proclaimed to be toxic free….and ACTUALLY are! Can’t wait for Scotch!!

Shannon on

I love Hopscotch kids!!!! Anything that is safe for the kiddos is good with me. Much better than the other brands! It lasts so much longer! Cant wait to put on the new Scotch Naturals!

Melissa on

I just used the Scotch line for the first time one week ago. My nails look great and I went by the salon today and my nail tech was impressed. My daughter has been a big fan for months and now I know why!

Cathy on

I am thrilled that my daughter can wear nail polish and I don’t have to worry every time she puts her hands near her mouth. The colors are fun and she is able to apply it herself. Whats not to love.

Amy on

We love Hopscotch kids! We have been using it for a few months and have given the birthday pack as a gift. It is well worth the money because of the safety and great quality.

Denise on

My daughters (7 & 13) have used the Hopscotch Kids polish and remover for almost a year. (OK I have used it too!) I don’t worry so much about what is put in their mouth at this age but about what is being absorbed into their bodies through the nail bed and the nails. I love the quality and the fun colors. The peace of mind of it being chemical free is well woth the price! It is also the only nail polish I’ve bought for kids that last a year without getting thick and unusable. I used the Scotch line a few weeks ago for myself and love it as well. The colors are sophisticated and it lasts! I will no longer buy anyother brand.

Gina on

This is great its non toxic and i would say it works better than regular nail polish totally worth the price and its the only water based nail polish on the market.

flippedbird on

Hopscotch Kids & Scotch are fantastic. Finally a safe polish remover and polish that even your small child can wear! Be sure to follow their instruction on how to apply and this polish will last a very long time. Cute packaging, fun name, great product. One coat will do it! LOVE THIS STUFF!


Liz on

I would just like to say, that not ALL OPI nail polish is 3 free! Their Nail Envy line contains formaldyhyde, except for the orange label (I think). Sephora by OPI is formaldyhyde free though.

tamara on

those are soooooooooooooo cute