More Kids for Katie Holmes? ‘Maybe in a Couple of Years’

09/09/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
Courtesy Marie Claire

Katie Holmes says growing up the youngest of five children suited her just fine.

“My closest sister is five years older than me, and the next one is nine years ahead of me, so I was a bit of an only child, and I liked it,” the Romantics star confesses in the October issue of Marie Claire.

“I liked having all of my mom’s attention, and sometimes I think I still do.”

That’s precisely why Holmes, 31, is in no hurry to make daughter Suri, 4, a big sister.

“Maybe in a couple of years, but right now I want to make sure I’m really there for [her],” she explains.

For now Holmes says that she and husband Tom Cruise are dedicated to raising their daughter with as much normalcy as possible, including a daily routine “that never changes.” Although she admits the couple “travel a lot,” Holmes insists that every day “we wake up, and we do the same thing.”

“[Suri] does her chores,” she continues. “I think it’s very important. If she doesn’t get her chores done, I notice she’s not really herself.”

To that end, Holmes reveals that Suri is responsible for making her own bed, taking her dishes to the sink, putting clothes in the laundry and more — but it’s not all work and no play for mother and daughter!

“I try to do what my mom did for me … just spending time with her, making doll clothes and planting in the garden,” Holmes adds. “When Suri comes to the set, we have art projects, and I just try to keep her busy and inspired.”

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Bancie1031 on

Suri is such a pretty child but unfortunately no matter how hard Katie tries Suri will never have a normal life because of who her father is. But in the same sense it is normal for Suri because the camera’s have been there her whole life. I know Katie is also in the same business as Tom but (IMHO) Tom is a much bigger star than Katie, She wouldn’t be getting as much attention as she does if it wasn’t for Tom.

I think it’s sweet that Katie spends so much time with her daughter and wants to wait to have another child so she can give Suri so much one on one time which you don’t get if you have your children back to back (IMO). I personally have also chose to wait and put a couple of years in between my children (my daughter is going to be 10 in a little over 2 weeks).

Lisa on

So what exactly happens with the second child? Obviously they don’t get your undivided attention.

bobby jo on

My siblings are 6 and 8 years apart. I chose to have my kids closer in age, because I felt that with the age gap, it wasn’t until adulthood that I become close with my siblings. For years it felt like were very much at different points in our lives. I was starting highschool, my brother in college, and my younger sister in elementary school.
It was not until we were adults that we started having common ground. I love my kids being close in age. They play great, and are there for one another.
Funny how we all have different experiences. I guess it is what we make of them.
Katie seems like a loving mother.

Lila on

I was an only child, and I have an only child- so I know where she is coming from. I loved being an only child. I never felt lonely or weird because of it. I always had a ton of friends and was involved in a ton of activities. DD is the same way, she is so incredibly outgoing and social, I feel a second child would only tie her down at this point.

I don’t think Suri will be weird because of her dad. At the end of the day, none of you really know him- you just know what you read about him. Suri seems to really adore him and it looks like the feeling is mutual. I think she will be just fine!

cris on

“[Suri] does her chores,” she continues. “I think it’s very important. If she doesn’t get her chores done, I notice she’s not really herself.”
Really, Katie??? Not herself??
I think she tries way to hard in interviews!

Amanda on

I haven’t done a huge spacing but I did do a 20 month spacing and an almost 4 year spacing and I can tell you Lisa that my second child did not get near as much one on one as my 3rd child did as a baby. Having the first two so close together took attention away from both children because they both needed so much attention at that point. With my third my oldest was 5.5 and in school and my 4 year old could understand that the baby’s needs couldn’t wait. She got one on one while he napped and when daddy was home and now she’s in school too, so it’s just me and the baby a few hours every day. True he doesn’t get the same kind of attention my first child did 24/7 but he gets more than my second did having to compete for attention with essentially another baby, albeit an older one.

I’ve really enjoyed the almost 4 year spacing and I feel a lot less guilt and stress than I did having babies back to back. I am so glad we had our second child but I don’t recommend close spacings to anyone I know and I would never do it again. I just don’t see any guaranteed benefits to it for mom or babies unless the mom is at an age or has a medical condition where she has a limited amount of time left to have children. And my older two are close, but they also fight like cats and dogs and have completely opposite personalities. I think they’d get along the same even if they were 3-4 years apart. In fact, I think having kids too close together often creates built in competition for their entire lives, which I don’t think is good for a close relationship. There’s no guarantees no matter how you space you kids as far as what their relationship will be.

Ashley on

I hate it when parent’s say they want to give all of their attention to baby #1 before #2…Why is #1 more important? #2 is never going to have your undivided attention.

mom of 3 on

well said Ashley! I have 3 (within 5 years) and I love them all equally. I think Katie is going to wait a few years because she is finally getting acting gigs and if she were pregnant, Tom would want her to ‘stay home’.

missy on

Well, if there’s a big age gap between the first and second child, then the second child will get a lot of attention as well, because the first will be older and more independent.(especially if they’re in school) Katie had four older siblings, but she mentions that she got a lot of attention, because her siblings were much older than her. I’m sure she just means that she wants to be able to spend a lot of one-on-one time with each child.

Romy on

kids with a closer spacing usually don’t know the difference. sure sometimes they want more attention, but they just think all that they have is normal. only children will want more attention when a parent is working or talking with friends etc. I would be surprised if Katie and Tom had another. I would be surprised if they were still married in 5 years. I really don’t believe them, but I could be wrong.

Elby on

I had 4 in 2 years and all of them seem to be ok with it. None of them know what it’s like to be ‘the only one’ cos I had 2 sets of twins. Which is not to say that I don’t spend one-on-one time with them but it’s often interrupted or the sort of one-on-one that involves going to buy a pint of milk and a loaf of bread. They all get my love and attention and I don’t think any of them miss out. Plus there are advantages to having siblings close in age, my children all play together really well and I can often leave them while I cook dinner, sort washing, etc and know they’re all perfectly happy and safe.

jessicad on

I get what she said about Suri not feeling herself if she doesn’t do her chores, my daughter is very much the same and likes to stick with the routine or she’s just a little off the rest of the day.

Stella Bella on

I would be surprised if Katie and Tom had another. I would be surprised if they were still married in 5 years. I really don’t believe them, but I could be wrong.
– Romy on September 9th, 2010

I agree with you, Romy. (Although sometimes I wonder if Katie is trying to hang on for the full 18 years so that she doesn’t lose her daughter?) I try to take them at their word, but somehow I just can’t. Something seems off.

Shannon on

“[Suri] does her chores,” she continues. “I think it’s very important. If she doesn’t get her chores done, I notice she’s not really herself.”

The quote about the chores was too much. Laughable, in fact! Come on, Katie!🙂

Ella on

She does try way too hard. She’s on a way different level than Tom and she tries to overcompensate in interviews. Truth is, she comes off creepy and dishonest. She isn’t even that good of an actress.

sgv on

“Holmes reveals that Suri is responsible for making her own bed, taking her dishes to the sink, putting clothes in the laundry and more”

yeah…right…we believe you Katie!🙂

J on

Why couldn’t a 4 year old make their own bed or take their dishes to the sink? That’s laughable? Wow.

missy on

I have a feeling Katie will be criticized regardless of what she says. If the quote about her daughter doing chores had come from Jen Garner, people would be gushing about how wonderful she is for giving her daughter a routine and teaching her responsibility.

shalay on

I feel like the chores comment was just too much, for the simple fact that she preceded it by saying that they travel a lot. How is a 4 year old going to do chores in various hotel rooms? Even if they owned houses all over the world, how would she be accustomed to know where everything was in each house (the “laundry”, the kitchen)? Suri probably spends each week in a different place and comes home sporadically. There’s no way she’s doing chores every day or getting bent out of shape if she can’t do them.

And there is a big difference between the Cruise family and the Afflecks. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have said that they choose their movies so that one of them can always be home with the children. We see Jen outside wearing sweat pants, walking her kids to school with no makeup. That’s something that Katie just doesn’t do, at least not in the public eye. I have the feeling that the Affleck girls have much more of an everyday routine than Suri does.

H on

sgv, Ella, shannon oooo mummy claws out much ladies?? if another mum named jen said this would you be so catty or just fawn over her a little more….:) my two year old makes her bed and gets very cross if she if try and take over, soooo a tad confuzzeld as to why you think a 4 year old can’t or doesn’t just because…er you have read one to many gossip mags? since im guessing none of you have met her so therefor base allllll your ‘opinions’ on crap printed and small sections of interviews ….:)

any who back to what MY opinion is, lets face it poor kaite is dammed if she and dammed if she doesn’t, she is loves her kid and thats alllllllll that matters. if some people want to mean and nasty about her well fine, just remember karma.🙂

JMO on

When you have one baby of course it gets your undivided attention. It’s the only child! When you add more you just MAKE TIME to provide attention to the rest of the kids equally. Millions of parents make it work. I could careless if someone chooses one child vs 8 kids. Whatever works best for you and your household. I have a cousin who is an only child. She feels lonely. So does my cousin’s daughter who is an only child. However my neighbor who is an only child loves it! I think it all depends on the lifestyle of the kids. Suri is very busy that I’m sure she doesn’t have time to really sit and contemplate what it’s like to have siblings around (although she does have Bella and Connor I’m just not sure how often they’re around).

And Suri not herself if she doesn’t do her chores. Sorry I had a big chuckle with that one!! Routines are great for kids but I don’t know many who have really bad days when they didn’t end up doing their chores LOL

Mari Mari Quite Contrary on

I am from a family of 9 kids – pretty much all spaced 2 years apart.

We have all finished having our kids. 1 of us did not have children, 2 of us had 1 child, 4 of us had 2 children, and 2 chose to have 3. The closest spacing in any family is 4 years apart and I don’t believe that was just chance.

While I think spacing of children is a personal decision, I think that speaking in a general sense to this issue, the larger the family, the more years should be between the children.

missy on

While, they do travel a lot, you’re certainly exaggerating. Katie and Suri have been renting a house in Toronto for the last few months, and before that, they were at home in L.A. It’s not like they’re constantly moving to a different city every other week. The fact that they travel a lot makes it all the more important for them to stick to some basic routines, so I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe that Katie tries to keep Suri on the same schedule.

Re: the Afflecks, it’s not as if they don’t travel a lot as well. Jen has taken the kids with her to film movies in Louisiana and New York this year alone.

Katie goes out without makeup and dressed casually all the time. She’s even gotten criticized for looking too sloppy, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Her daughter is home-schooled, so we obviously won’t see photos of her going to school, but I’ve seen plenty of photos of Katie taking Suri to dances classes and things like that.

J-Lin on

No one says that children spaced closer together aren’t loved, but that they don’t get as much as one on one attention. Some kids are ok with it and some aren’t. Everyone has a different situation. Having four kids in two years may make sense for some, but you can’t tell me those kids get enough of mommy and daddy’s time. Not to mention your uterus is probably crying for relief! A recent study said that only children or children well spaced are usually better adjusted.

I think Katie sounds intelligent and has the gift of time to space out her children. Many women don’t have that luxury.

Lila on

I don’t know why people love to hate on this family so much. Is it because he is outspoken about his religious beliefs? Cause lots of people are. Is it the age difference? Is it the fact that they show affection to each other and their child? Is it the fact that Suri is super girly and likes dresses? I just don’t get the hatred.

The previous poster was right- now matter what they do or say there will be people on here complaining about them. They really can’t win.

Etsy on

It’s nice to have time for your first child…after you have two, you don’t get that time again. Of course the second child doesn’t get as much 1 on 1 time…we all know that! I liked Katie’s comment about the chores…they are not unreasonable by any means for a 4 year old. No matter where a child is living or visiting, a kid can take their dishes to the sink, make their bed and put their clothes in a hamper…mom dad , or the nanny don’t have to do everything for you!

gdfg on

“We see Jen outside wearing sweat pants, walking her kids to school with no makeup. That’s something that Katie just doesn’t do, at least not in the public eye. I have the feeling that the Affleck girls have much more of an everyday routine than Suri does.”

I don’t leave my house without makeup either. I’m never seen in public in sweat pants, and I’m not a celebrity. It’s not a big deal, just personal preference. It takes just as much time to throw on nice clothes as it does to put on sweat pants and a t-shirt. It only takes me about 60 seconds to do my make up.

I’m not sure how you can assume from Katie’s appearance vs. Jennifer’s appearance that Suri doesn’t have an “everyday routine.”

ceecee on

“maybe in a couple of years” …sounds like they may be having trouble conceiving again. That’s a rather standard answer from couples when they’ve been trying for another baby and haven’t yet been successful in conceiving.

Erika on

I agree J-Lin. When kids are close together and age, the attention definitely isn’t as much. I’m not saying it isn’t enough, it’s just not as much.

I am very very close in age with my younger brother and then our sister is about 5 1/2 and 4 1/2 years younger than us. My mother was and still is a wonderful mother who worked very hard for us and we definately got enough attention but during our toddler years, didn’t get nearly as much attention as our sister did during her toddler years. When she was born we were both already in preschool and I went to kindergarten just a few months after she was born, so for most of the day, she had one on one time with our mom (when my mom wasn’t working of course, she did work part time) . In fact, I resented my younger brother for the longest time because I felt like he was taking the attention away from me. But I’m not saying that it either age difference is better. Both have advantages and disadvantages. With kids close in age, you know what to expect in school as the curriculum won’t change much, you don’t really have to go through one stage and then redo it years later and the siblings will have more of an opportunity to be closer friends as they may relate to each other better. Having a child much younger can allow each child to have one on one with the parent and the parents can really enjoy each child to the fullest. The older child can also help and will likely remember more about when their sibling was born and when they were a baby. They can also still be best friends being further apart. I don’t think there is a magic number for how far apart in age kids should be, it’s whats best for each family. Same with only children. Neither having multiple kids or having one is better just different. I think every child with siblings has one time in their life said “I wish I was an only child” and most people I know who are only children did at one point wish they had a sibling. But most eventually grow up happy with what they have. Every family is different and it really depends what is best.

jenny on

Amanda – thanks for your perspective. I have a two-year old and everybody keeps asking me when my husband and I are going to have the next one. Amost everybody says “don’t space them too far apart because then they won’t be close”… I always thought 4ish years apart would allow us to really enjoy the baby years for each.

Tami on

““My closest sister is five years older than me, and the next one is nine years ahead of me, so I was a bit of an only child, and I liked it,”

That’s a bit of a strange comment. An only child because her sister is five years older? Come on, that means when she was three her sister was eight, hardly a big age gap. If her mother made her feel like an only child because her sister was that much older, they must have had very strange, separate household.

CKC on

As someone who has taught early learning, I can understand where Katie is coming from….. While the family does travel it’s important for Suri to have the same routine, and yes that might include daily chores like making her bed… Anyone who is a parent should understand that sometimes when there is a change in the routine it can throw kids off… While I understand that everyone in entitled to their opinion, it seems to me that their are people on this site who post mean/negative comments just for the sake of being mean and negative.

CelebBabyLover on

I love Katie’s comments about Suri doing her chores and trying to keep her on a daily routinue. It just goes to show that Katie and Tom don’t allow Suri to run wild or “run the house” as some people seem to think. It sounds to me, actually, that they have a pretty good balance. They let Suri make some of her own choices (such as what clothes to wear) but they also have some non-negotiable rules, such as doing her chores every day!

gdfg on

Tami, those were my exact thoughts as well! You’re only raised “like” an only child when your sibling is WAY older, like fifteen years older.

CF98 on

I agree with H it doesn’t matter what she says people here will still bitch about it.

I don’t see anything wrong with what she’s saying but I’m sure if she said nothing people would find that creepy and dishonest as well.

shalay on

“I’m not sure how you can assume from Katie’s appearance vs. Jennifer’s appearance that Suri doesn’t have an ‘everyday routine.’”

gdfg, I didn’t mean to use their appearances as proof that one family has a routine and the other does not. I was simply saying that we see one family in the same location, doing the exact same things on a regular basis. Obviously we don’t see Katie walking Suri to school because she’s homeschooled. But I still stick with what I said before, which is that Suri travels more than the Affleck girls do. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, just the truth.

Missy is absolutely right. They may stay in a location longer than a week, sometimes a month at a time. Still, I think Katie exaggerated the chores comment. That’s my personal opinion and I don’t mind if anyone disagrees.

ecl on

Why do people think that stating that something is their personal opinion somehow makes it sacrosanct? Frequently the people on this site have NO EVIDENCE to back up these opinions. They are nothing more than gut reactions. Try thinking about things from someone else’s perspective before mouthing off on how your way is sooo much better.

Terri on

I have a sister 5 years older and 5 years younger and I know that I never felt like an only child and I doubt that my younger sister did either. It’s not like her sister left home at 5.

My mom says she wishes that she had us closer, but I think our age difference really cut down on a lot of sibling bickering and resentment.

shalay on

ecl, I can’t speak for the others on this site, but when I state that something is my opinion, I’m saying, “This is how I feel about the topic.” Key word: Feel – not KNOW. I don’t even think this is a “right or wrong” issue. And like I said, I don’t care if others disagree. I feel the same way about religion and politics. I have an opinion, it may not be right, but it’s my opinion and I have the right to share it. I’m not the one getting bent out of shape about hearing others’ viewpoints, nor am I insisting that I’m right and others are wrong. Opinions don’t need to be backed up by evidence.

CC on

I think I understand what Katie is saying about “feeling like an only child”. While she may be only 5 years younger then her next sibling, that’s a good 5 years she had one on one time with her mom, while her other siblings where are school… Her older siblings were also off to college before she entered high school,so that’s is another 5 years of more one on one time (if add it all together that’s 10 years of her life) So, yes while she has other siblings, I bet at times it felt like she was the only child…

Elby on

My uterus is just fine thanks J-Lin, also having 4 kids in 2 years was not what we planned but my body releases 2 eggs each month so we got twins each time. We planned our first pregnancy and our second was an accident; it wasn’t the best timing but our options were to have our babies or have an abortion. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t have chosen the abortion.

What’s more my children get plenty of time with both me and my husband, we have carefully arranged our work schedules so that they get plenty of time with both of us and are only cared for by other people (bar pre-school) one day a week. In fact today (Friday) we all had breakfast together then I went to work, my husband took our 3.5 year old daughters to pre-school and played with our sons at the park, picked the girls up from school, gave them all lunch, put the boys down for a nap and painted with one of the girls then helped the other one build a den in the garden. When the boys woke up he played trains with them before getting all 4 of them to help him in the kitchen. I got home at 6 to find 4 happy, healthy and well-loved children ready to eat their dinner before bath and bedtime. Our children all have baths on their own so that they have time to chat and play with either my husband or me at the end of the day.

Yes, my children will never know what it’s like to have their parents undivided attention all day every day but I don’t think that’s going to them any harm and in fact they never would have whether we had 19 months or 19 years between our pregnancies because I just would always have twins. In fact I think it *can* do children more harm than good if they are used to constant undivided attention, one of my friends is a single mother to her 10 year old daughter and this child is completely unable to entertain herself, play well with her peers or not have the attention of all the adults in a room. She has constant problems at school because she wants the teacher’s attention on her all the time and she hates coming to my house because there are 4 smaller children ‘competing’ with her for adult attention.

Rant over.

loren on

@Elby it is the differences in families size, spacing etc. that makes the world interesting. I think you got a good hand dealt to you and good for you for stepping up and taking the hand dealt to you by having both sets of twins. I am sure they get enough attention and they have a built in companions. You done good 🙂 As I grandma I would love to have 2 sets of twins to enjoy, must be fun times at your house.

J-Lin on

Glad you had a great Friday Elby! No telling how many memories you children will have of that one great Friday for the rest of their lives.

Different strokes for different folks. Some people want to push their kids in showbiz, some don’t. Some people want to push their kids in sports, some don’t. Some people want to have 19 kids, some just want one. To each his own.

Ashley on

I knew that as soon as she mentioned the words “only child”, there would be comments lol. I have plenty of friends who were only children, and they’re all very well adjusted and successful now. I have three sisters myself but, sadly, I’m not close with any of them so I often feel like an only child too😦 (especially now that my parents have fallen on hard times and I’m trying to support them… no one else is helping). Having siblings is no guarantee that you’ll have a close relationship so I can kind of understand what Katie is saying here.

Tami on

CC, it’s true she may have had her mom when her siblings were at school but presumably the sisters all still ate together, played games in the afternoons and on weekends, maybe shared a room, squabbled with each other and went to activities together (swimming lessons, movies, shopping, etc). So I still think it’s strange that she felt like an only child. But you’re probably right in that the undivided attention for a few hours during the day was what Katie was referring to.

ecl on

To Shalay:
Why should you have opinions on other people’s lives when you know nothing about the situation? And why would you hold political beliefs without evidence? Sad because politics affects people’s lives and I don’t want people who have no interest in actual facts deciding how the country should be run. Just picking “information” that’s convenient for your worldview is very dangerous.

CelebBabyLover on

shalay- As Missy pointed out, Katie and Suri have actually been staying in Toronto for a FEW months now, not just for the past month (they’ve maybe gone other places, like New York, for a few days here and there, but the point is that Toronto has been their homebase for the past few months).

That being said, I think you express yourself very well, and I really like and admire the fact that you are standing up for yourself…..but being very polite about it. Not everyone on here is as nice as you about expressing their opinions. If everyone could be the way you are when it comes to voicing opinions, the comments section would be a much better place!🙂

Shay on

Wow J-Lin, pull the stick out sweetie.

SB on

My brother and I are almost 12 years apart. I am the older one and he is currently in high school. I could talk about the negatives, because I do think for me it might have been nice to have a sibling while I was “growing up”. It is actually funny because I asked for a baby brother every Christmas till I was about 10, then I started enjoying not having to share and then my mom got pregnant, haha. At the same time thought, I do have to say NOW I could not have planned it any other way. I did get the benefits of being an only child for a large part of my childhood, and I was out of the house by the time my brother was in the 1st grade, so he also has been able to have our parents to himself. I am so glad my brother was born though, because I would not want to have not had the chance to have a life long connection. My brother and I also got many of the benefits of a sibling. We may not have played together in the sandbox, but we still (in different ways) gained. He has the person who is not his parents to go to for advise and because his sister was an adult by the time he needed someone to confide in or someone who could relate to what it is like having our parents as parents, he also got a free “home away from home” to get away from the rents.

shalay on

Thanks, CBL.

ecl, obviously there’s nothing I can say to satisfy you. “Why should you have opinions on other people’s lives when you know nothing about the situation?” If you truly believe that statement, then it would be hypocritical to even proclaim celebrities “good” parents, since you’ve never met them. And I think you misinterpreted my statement about politics. Regarding that, yes I have opinions, but who’s to say if they’re right or wrong? And yes, for many important issues I base my beliefs on facts. However, for issues such as religion or social norms, I base my opinions on how I truly feel about something, instead of worrying about whether it’s been backed up by proof – something that may not even be there. I’m sure every person on this site has formed an opinion of someone else, whether it’s a celebrity or politician or historical or religious figure, who they’ve never met. We all have that right.

Katie on

Wow… this site is on celebrities and their babies/children. Why are we hearing personal rants???

Whatever Katie and Tom do is their business. Who is to say how many kids they will have but them and God? So just let it alone.

Suri doing chores isn’t odd for a 4 year old. My 3.5 year old takes her dishes to her sink, cleans her toys and we make her bed together. Nothing wrong with establishing good habits in the beginning.

Arglebargle on

I’d still like to know who the father of Suri is.

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