Spotted: Bethenny Frankel and Bryn Get Kissy

09/08/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Clark Samuels/Startraks

Sealed with a kiss!

Bethenny Frankel smooches daughter Bryn Casey while running errands on Saturday in Montauk, N.Y.

Baby Bryn, 4 months, is the first child for the reality star and husband Jason Hoppy.

Among her top products?

“I am loving using Bryn’s baby wipes,” Frankel, 39, confides. “They are at the top of my list of mommy must-haves.”

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Clark Samuels/Startraks

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Lee on

4-inch wedges and a baby carrier? Woah. My hero? Definitely.

abbyreph on

She looks phenomenal!

Lydia on

She’s just gorgeous!! Would the stroller be easier? You would have a place to put your packages too.

Selena on

Does anybody recognize the carrier she is using? I am trying to figure it out, but the article does not mention it.

Karen on

Wow, the paps are sure capturing some nice pictures of her w/ her daughter.

Lola Marie on

Whoa….she looks amazing!!!! Very nice shots of the two =]

Mira on

Wow, the baby wipes people must have shelled a lot of money.

I don’t like this woman. What a poser.

JLD on

damn! look at her legs! I only have a bit of concern though about those shoes and her carrying her babe.

Jennifer on

I am a fan but why does she have such a hard time remembering how old her kid is? I follow her on Twitter and she’s always getting it wrong, her daughter is two days younger than my son so I know the dates!

jessicad on

She’s looking great and Bryn is so precious!

OnyxJones on

Bethenny was always my favorite. She’s who she is. Bryn is such a cutie. I don’t remember how old I am sometimes and neither does my Mom. We don’t love each other any less. Lol I’m glad Bethenny finally came into her own.

Jen on

I totally second the baby wipe idea.. I don’t have kids but I can tell you having taken out my nieces on several occasions they are a life saver.. They have taken chocolate off of dress.. fixed dirty hands, faces.. They were great even for me getting sticky kisses off. I will not go out with out them anymore.. I am nto alone my friend who has 2 kids swears by them.. I don’t why one would be a poser for saying what they like but I can speak for myself and many of friends of my who swear by them .. but I suppose to each their but I for salute this multi puropose life savers!

Sophia on

What a sweet, dozey little thing Bryn is. Such a cutie 🙂
As for the huge wedges, well…. I would never, that’s all I’m saying.

CelebBabyLover on

Jennifer- Does she use weeks or months to refer to how old Bryn is? If it’s weeks, it could be that sometimes she just rounds up to the next closest week (for example, if Bryn were 4 weeks, 5 days old, she might say she’s 5 weeks old).

JLD- Actually, I’m willing to bet that those shoes aren’t really that much more difficult to walk in than, say, tennis shoes. I once had a pair of platform shoes (granted, the platform wasn’t quite as high as those wedges!), which I consider to be basically wedges without the platform and toe part being joined together as one big piece…..and I was able to walk in them just as well as in my regular shoes. 🙂

Now high HEELS are a completely different story. I’d probably end up in the ER if I tried to walk around in them!

All of that said, Bryn is adorable!

dlock on

They look so cute. I think some people can wear heels like their walking in sneakers. I know in almost every episode of RHONY and BGM? she was in heels…so more power to her.

J on

All I know is that Bethenny seems to have been 39 for the past 3 years now, at least.

Christy on

I was wondering what carrier she was using too.

MiB on

I think it’s a belle baby carrier, they have this rings at the side

Juli on

She is wearing an Organic Black Belle Baby Carrier

Terri on

Lord, her stomach is so flat!

NoAdditives on

It’s easy to have great legs and a super flat stomach when you have the money to hire a great personal trainer and can pay someone to watch your baby while you work out. For the rest of us real stay at home moms, it’s not always so easy.

CelebBabyLover on

NoAdditives- You can always workout WITH your baby! You can walk or even jog with the baby in a stroller. There are also lifting exercises you can do with your baby as the weight, and there’s even mom and baby yoga! 🙂

Sue on

She is wearing a Belle! LOVE IT! They are made locally here in Colorado and it’s great to see that a local company is getting such great representation in Hollywood: )

She does look fantastic though!

MiB on

NoAdditives, my cousin had just moved when she had her baby, she had very little money and no friends and managed to get it all off by simply carrying her dauger in a baby carrier every where she was going. Off course, it helps that she also ate normally and healtily during and after her pregnancy and was in good shape before she even got pregnant (I have noticed that this seems to be a crucial point in loosing baby weight). So money isn’t necessary for “great legs and a super flat stomach”.