Kerri Walsh’s Blog: Happy to Have Health

09/07/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

Kerri Walsh has taken home two Olympic gold medals in beach volleyball with partner Misty May-Treanor.

But she has two even bigger accomplishments to her name: Sons Joseph Michael, 15 months, and Sundance Thomas, 3 months, with fellow volleyball star Casey Jennings.

In her latest blog, Walsh, 32, talks about the affect that attending a March of Dimes event had on her — and how quick elder son Joey is getting!

Sundance and Joseph – Courtesy Kerri Walsh

Last month I attended a fund-raising event for the March of Dimes, which raises money to help ensure that every baby gets a healthy start to life. It’s a tall task for the people at MOD but they have huge hearts and a fighting spirit just like the precious little babies they strive to help.

While at the event it hit me just how blessed my husband and I are to have two healthy baby boys. Parenthood is scary enough when things are “normal,” I can’t imagine having health issues to deal with as well.

Joey takes my breath away every day with his spirited, amazingly athletic antics. He’s too darn quick! Climbing on everything, running on the couch, opening up the “baby proofed” kitchen cabinets. It’s so fun to watch him grow and explore, but also more than slightly stressful. I never thought I’d be one to tie a kiddie leash on my child, but I’m pretty sure that’s coming soon. AND, if I could get away with strapping a helmet on his head for those close calls, I SO would!

I guess it’s all part of the journey of parenthood. I’m strapped in tight for the ride! God bless the March of Dimes for their huge hearts, brilliant minds and selfless generosity. We should all pitch in!

Courtesy Kerri Walsh

— Kerri Walsh

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IvyMike on

Wow, Joseph is all his dad and Sundance is all his mommy!

jlark on

From someone who had a very sick child who later succumbed to her fight with congenital heart disease, it is very important to give every child a fighting chance. The MOD is workin to make a difference in the life of the most innocent beings- babies. I now have 2 pretty healthy children and know just how “lucky” I am though I wouldn’t have traded my almost 5 months with my daughter for anything.

Tee on

Jlark, I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to have lost a child.

Kerri- I didn’t think I’d use a “leash” on any of my nieces either but I have, especially in crowded areas. Five girls under the age of ten aren’t easy to keep up with and I’ll bet boys are even harder to keep up with! I’ve used my sling as a leash to keep up with the four year old quite a bit! Thanks again for letting us see parts of your private life. Your boys are so precious!

Josh on

Hi Kerri! It was so much fun to meet you at Farmers’ “Be A Hero For Babies Day” in July. Your boys are very cute! Thanks for letting me try on your Gold Medal. I’ll never forget that. I promise to keep the promise I made to you and root for you all the way to the Gold Medal in the next Olympics. You are so amazing! Thank you for helping us fight for preemies so babies can be born healthy.
Love, Joshua
2010 National Ambassador – March of Dimes

Mrs. R on

Nothing wrong with a leash.
It’s better to let a kid run off his/her energy with the boundary of a mother’s ‘long’ reach, than stick them in a stroller to squirm or worse, vegetate.

My 1st never needed one because she always understood and complied with our directions. She was and is a verbally bright child.

Our son… not quite the same… he charges STRAIGHT towards busy intersections squealing because he sees the cars zooming past. He laughs at ‘no’ and pitches a fit when we try to pick him up to put him in his carseat or stroller. The kid LOVES to run though. And because it’s easier on my back and my peace of mind to let him run on a lease on the sidewalk in front of me, I put him on a leash. He’s happy. He can explore. I’m happy because he’s safe.

Sarah M. on

My dad used a ‘leash’ for my brother when he was younger (he’s now 25). One end velcroed around my dad’s wrist and the other velcroed around my brothers wrist. When he was 2 or 3 my dad had him at an outside event and they were waiting in line. After not too long in line, my dad noticed that others in line were looking at him and trying not to laugh. He looked down and my brother had taken his strap off and attached it to a metal rail nearby, and was playing in the dirt. I think they’re made better, these days!!!

Love your stories Kerri! Thanks for opening up your lives to us.

Amanda on

I always thought leashes were horrible (if you can’t control your kid, don’t have one) – but after being around my nephew (who is very ‘lively’) I now understand that some kids are just a certain way and it’s better to do that then to lose them. Gotta protect the kids!

You sound like an awesome mom and a really great person. Congrats to you and your family!

V on

I always thought leashes were for dogs but my son who is almost 4 has always been on the go & very curious. We bought him a monkey bookbag/leash & he LOVED wearing it! So it was piece of mind for me & a cool backpack for him.