Emily Procter: There’s Only One Baby on Board!

09/07/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Make no mistake about it, Emily Procter — who’s expecting her first child with boyfriend Paul Bryan in December — isn’t seeing double.

“The most common question I get is, ‘Are you having twins?’ and when I say no they’re like, ‘Are you sure?'” the CSI: Miami actress, 41, jokes with E! Online about her burgeoning belly.

“The other one I get is, ‘Is your due date wrong?’ But no, I still have three months.”

And while she’s not willing to reveal the baby’s sex — or the name the couple have chosen — Procter isn’t shy about admitting her sweet tooth is as strong as ever!

“No pickles and ice-cream,” she says. “Fruit. Lots and lots of fruit. Lemon ice-cream, lemonade, lemon anything.”

— Anya Leon

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mommyof2 on

Oh dont let them bring you down…i gained 65 pounds in my second pregnancy, and it was all in my belly, everyone always was asking if i was having twins and when i said i wasnt i was told there was no way i was going to make it to my due date. well i did and she was only 7 pounds 4 ounces. crazy because my son was the extact same weight and i only gained 25 pounds with him!! hold your head up, you will make it!!!

rosie on

I am 36 weeks pregnant and have been hearing this same thing for at least a month…and oftentimes from complete strangers! Amazing how presumptuous people can be. I just laughed it off, though I admit it was easier said than done at times!

Holiday on

Mommyof2 I am not trying to be rude but it is not healthy to gain 65 pounds during pregnancy. Not healthy at all. Even if you are very under weight you should not gain more then 35 and 40 at most. With my son I was in great shape and gained 25 pounds. With my baby girl who is 4 months today I was very very sick with severe pre eclampsia and HELLP syndrome and still only gained 30 pounds. Pregnancy is not an excuse to sit around and eat lots of junk and gain ungodly amounts of weight.

Jessica on

Holiday-While gaining 65+lbs may not be healthy sometimes it is out of mother’s hands. I was a gestational diabetic with my first pregnancy at 16/17 years old and my asinine DR did not catch it until I was put in the hospital at 35 weeks with sugars spilling in the 800+ range.

I was then put shots and a diabetic diet and controlled it better. I did not eat very unhealthy at all.

I gained 82 lbs in total and will proudly say it was not my fault. With my subsequent 2 pregnancies I gained 18lbs with baby #2 and 23lbs with baby #3 and actually ate worse with those than I did with baby #1.

mommyof2 on

to holiday
I am a very small person 90 pounds when i am not pregnant (always have been high metabolism) and my obgyn told me to gain as much as possible. i actually had to have more ultrasounds than normal to make sure our baby was growing. during my pregnancy i actually ate all organic exercised and drank only water and still put on 65 pounds. with my first i ate taco bell ice cream and soda and only put on 25 pounds. so sometimes it is out of your control, so before you go presuming that i sat and ate bom boms all day i would do some research. and dont judge!!!!

Paige on

I love Emily Procter! She’s so cute and funny. She looks great right now.

Hope she continues to have a healthy pregnancy and delivers a healthy baby.🙂

Molly on

@Holiday–Gisele, is that you?!

Maritan on

My guess is she will have a boy. She looks very happy.

cris on

How rude you are to judge people when you have no idea what their situation is. How would you feel if someone blamed your pre eclampsia and hellp syndrome on your lifestyle or said that you were doing something wrong to cause that? Some woman have no more control on how much they do or don’t gain than you had over your illnesses with your pregnancy.

jessicad on

Holiday was that necessary? You not only came across very rude but then you had to go and gloat about your perfect weight gain? Sounds like a little insecurity to me.

Annie on

Wow. I honestly did not recognize her as the girl from CSI at all. Her face look so different but as long as she and the baby are healthy that’s all that matters.

mel on

Holiday, I can’t believe that you would comment on another mom’s weight gain! I just delivered my 5 child (three pregnancies/two sets of twins back to back) and i only gained 21 pounds this time, 71 pounds last time and 26 pounds the first time. My diet didn’t change, my exercise routine didn’t change, nothing. With my second set of twins, the babies were 5 days late and ‘normal’ size for twins (5lbs and 5lbs 3 oz) and yet i was huge in the belly/boob area. My midwives/doctors said it was fine and that as long as my blood pressure was fine and blood work came back clean, it was all good.

They also reiterated the fact that those numbers for weight gain during pregnancy are guidlines…that each pregnancy is different and has different needs and places different stresses on the body.

Nicole on

What the heck? Why would you say something like that?

Kat on

It doesn’t even matter how much you’ve gained. I’ve only gain 8 lbs and am seven months (and my child is big and healthy), and am still asked if my due date is wrong. No, it is just the way I’m carrying that makes me look all belly.

People don’t seem to understand it is like telling a woman she is fat, my back hurts and I pee all the time – give me a break!

acorr on

So glad to see her belly, I LOVE baby bellies!!!
On another note:
I gained 60 lbs in my first pregnancy and I wouldn’t have it any other way…because it was my body preparing for a NEW LIFE! With my next son I gained 45, I am very healthy, I run daily and did throughout my pregnancies and although my children weighed over 10 lbs each, without complications, they were perfectly healthy, and so was I. I certainly didn’t sit around all day with an excuse to eat, my body did exactly what it needed to do and I am proud of it. Fortunatley for me I went right back to my size 4 but everyone is different. I think it’s funny when people remark about other peoples lives when they have absolutely NO IDEA. Sure,make a comment but keep it clean and fair, us women should stick together and not belittle eachother with comments that are truly meant to hurt feelings. Holiday you really should learn to bite your tongue…unless of course you enjoy being mean…then by all means…don’t post here!

mommyof2 on

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to all the moms who stood up for moms gaining as much or as little as they do!! Its all about having a healthy baby or babies at the end of the day…some people I guess just dont get that!!!

BTW Congrats to Emily…many blessings to you!!!

mom of 3 on

I CANNOT believe everybody on here ridiculing someone for gaining more than the ‘suggested’ weight rules. As numerous of you have said, sometimes it is out of our hands gaining more than ‘suggested’. The important thing is if the mom and baby are healthy! People need a life if all they have time in the day for is to ridicule other women about their weight gain or lack of. Congrats to Emily Proctor, I have always liked her.

Hazel's momma on

Holiday, how dare you be so presumptuous. I gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy and I did not sit around all day eating junk food. I ate only organic foods and did prenatal yoga. Learn to think before you speak, and in this case, write!

J on

You are obviously fat and unhappy with yourself and feel the need to take out your bitterness about this situation on others. Maybe you should concentrate on getting healthier yourself and then you won’t hate others so much who do not need your very uninformed “medical” advice.

Tee on

Wow, Holiday! Hate to jump on the band wagon here but your comment was incredibly rude! Even worse, it was completely incorrect. Before I became terminal, I was a midwife. Women gain different amounts of weight for different reasons and there is NO one appropriate standard for every pregnant woman. I’m not going to sit here and say that you’re fat and unhappy because I don’t know you any more than you know mommyof2. However, I’d be willing to bet that you wouldn’t appreciate such a rude comment being directed at you.

Mommyof2- Thank you for speaking up! For the record, I appreciate you speaking out and am glad to hear that you understand that every woman- and every pregnancy- is different.

Emily looks wonderful! I just don’t understand why strangers approach a pregnant woman and make such insensitive remarks. You see it happen all the time! A friend of mine is due on Friday and she had a customer a few days ago that asked her to come around the counter so her daughter could see “how huge she was.” I was horrified!

ecl on

1. Why should we take a “you are getting huge” comment as an insult? Yes, that is what happens. We do get huge. 2. Most people just don’t realize how big women’s bellies get. I didn’t realize until I went through it and I’ve already forgotten. So we can give people the benefit of the doubt. 3. Ignore people like Holiday. She was just looking for a rise and she got it.

crg on

I bet she’s having a girl!

Jae on

She looks so cute!
But I will say, from that picture, she looks bigger than a woman at work who IS expecting twins and due in December as well. But if her doctor sees nothing wrong with it, eat up hun (especially if it’s fruit)! =)

Daisy on

Just so you know, I had PIH & HELLP with my first pregnancy. I lost weight. My son was 2lbs, 8oz. My 2nd pregnancy, I lost weight & delivered a 7lb 15oz. baby. So in your your calculations, if you are comparing pregnancies, against me, you gained the equivalent of 60lbs.

And with my 2nd, I lost weight & had an average weight baby with no signs of PIH or HELLP.

Laney on

Emily is awesome! Love her on CSI: Miami (Calleigh is my favorite character. Her and Delko=so cute!).

Anyway, she looks great. Praying she has a healthy baby.

Congrats Emily!

CelebBabyLover on

J- I agree that holiday’s comment was uncalled for……but so was you calling her fat! As I said on another post, it’s okay to disagree with people, but it’s not okay to call people names and insult them!

Molly- Obviously holiday is not Gisele. She has two children, and Gisele only has one! I realize you were probably just joking, though!🙂

RubyinEngland on

Never mind her weight gain (which I think is totally fine), what the frick has she done to her face?? She is unrecognisable.

Another beautiful actress lost to plastic surgery. When will they wake up?

mmh on

Although I agree with everything you say about plastic surgery Ruby, it could just be the pregnancy. I know people whose faces are nearly unrecognizable while pregnant. They carry weight there or something! That said, love Emily, think she’s hilarious! Oh, and I gained 45 lbs. with each kid. All nearly at the end — I was only on track to gain like 25-30 until the last month — both times!!!! And was on bed rest with the first, and very active with the second, so was surprising to me to gain the same amount… Lost it all each time within weeks. Our bodies know what we need to gain. It’s totally out of our hands!

miche on

“They” say that a girl steals your beauty and a boy enhances it. I’ve been pregnant with both and with my daughter (a 40 lb weight gain) it was true and my face was very different. With my son (a 15 lb gain) I “glowed” alot more. Maybe it was the extra weight in my face during the first pregnancy.

And I didn’t change much in my diet for either pregnancy and was a lot sicker during my pregnancy with my daughter but had very different weight gains. Every pregnancy and woman is different!

Kat on

Ruby I think her face change is the pregnancy nose spread, the rest looks the same. Pregnancy can do a whole bunch of crazy things to your face!

Bancie1031 on

Emily looks great😀 I cant’ wait to hear what she has and what she names her little baby🙂

Kristin on

@Holiday- I hope you come back to read what some others have said to you! Although it is no ideal to gain that much, some women do not have any control over it. With my first pregnancy (a girl) I gained 78 pounds and exercised throughout my pregnancy (I’m a runner). With my second (a boy), I gained 23 pounds and had a knew injury in the first trimester and wasn’t able to exercise nearly as much as I did the first time. I was also put on bedrest for the last 6 weeks. Two very different outcomes. First one weighed 9 pounds the second weighed 8 pounds.

Also, with my daughter, I had horrible nose spread. I didn’t look like myself at all! So it sounds like that may be a girl thing. Very interesting! With my son, everybody told me I had the glow.

gina on

I dont think she looks abnormally big, I would love to see a profile shot of the bump…I am also due in Dec & I probably look as pregnant as she does…I have had one or two people comment on my big belly, but no one has been rude. Its all baby belly & not from gaining excess weight.

Anonymous on

We all carry differently, and each one of our bodies responds to pregnancy differently. Some women can eat whatever they want and exercise little or none and gain 20 pounds. Others are meticulous with their diet and devoted to exercise and gain much more. What matters is that the baby and mommy are HEALTHY! Who are we to judge the way God’s greatest gift works? The miracle of life!

Tiana on

Its fine just ignore them i get asked stupid questions about my pregnancy EVERYDAY. Im 8mos and im not as big as I was with my daughter now 7 the most common one is” are you sure its a baby in there” or “are you eating enough” some people are ignorant to the fact all pregnancies are not the same.

Morgana-Rowan on

First of all, if people are giving her (Emily Proctor)a hard time about being big, I’d hate to hear what they say about me behind my back. I’am almost as big, am ALL and I’m still in my 1st trimester!!!Granted, I have more than one bun in my oven, but still…this doesn’t bode well for my belly size! LOL Secondly, I want to say thank you to all of the people who “corrected” Holiday. I am 6′ tall and, pre-pregnancy, weighed 155lbs. I have several health problems that are due to injuries I sustained while serving in the Army. My biggest concern, when I found out I was carrying more than one, was how my health issues would effect my pregnancy. When I brought this up to my OB, she replied, “Eat…eat healthy, eat smart, but eat.”

Yes, there are guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy, but they are exactly that – GUIDELINES. Just like every baby is different, so is every pregnancy and every Mommy. So, my advice to Holiday, and everyone else is this… there is only one person who knows exactly what your baby and your body needs when your pregnant…you. Oh, by the way, that is a doctor’s advice.

Dr. Morgana-Rowan G.

Tee on

CelebBabyLover- I think I’ve told you this before but just in case I haven’t, I’ll say it anyway. I really enjoy reading your comments and appreciate how you word your thoughts. You and I seem to think the same way about a lot of things but the thing that impresses me the most is how polite you are. I just plain old don’t understand why people so often don’t take the time to find a way to word their opinion politely. This post’s comments are a perfect example. I felt like Holiday’s comment was rude but quite frankly, I don’t think it was fair of J to assume that she is fat and unhappy. You pointed that out but you did so in a polite way. (Just for the record, that thing that people do of accusing someone of being jealous, insecure or a “hater” just because they make a slightly negative comment drives me insane!)

Forgive me if I sound out of line to say something like this on a celebrity baby blog comment section. I just wanted to thank you for being so positive and polite all the time.

Anonymous on

@ Holiday – all there is left to say, after reading some very candid responses to your previous post, is shame on you! You should be ashamed of yourself!

happy momma on

Hi Ladies, I couldn’t help but comment. I won’t say anything else about Holiday…everyone else has pretty much covered it. I’m 32 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child, a girl. I have 2 little boys, ages 2 and 4. I am constantly amazed at how anyone and everyone feels compelled to comment on my appearance. Just FYI, this is my most attractive pregnancy. I was bloated everywhere while carrying my boy. This time I’m mostly belly, or so I thought. Yesterday, a girl I see at work daily said, “Wow, your butt has gotten huge!! I meant to tell you that yesterday, but couldn’t find you.”

Are you kidding me? I honestly couldn’t care less what she thinks about my appearance, but am appalled that people think they have any right to comment on my appearance. I’m actually quite happy and comfortable with my appearance this time around, but am getting sick of people (from co-workers to complete strangers) commenting on the size of my bump.

I am a physician and am supposed to conduct myself as a professional, so I can’t tell these people what I really think. Any suggestions for a professional, non-vulgur response to these rude people?

Jennifer on

I get those same questions ALL THE TIME. I’m also due in December. I’m only 3 pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight, so I know it’s not because I’ve gained a ton of weight. I just have a huge belly. (I’m actually measuring bigger than I should so we are keeping an eye on it)but since when is it okay to tell a women she looks big or huge. Pregnant or not, I think that is a comment people should keep to themselves!! They should be telling her that she looks amazing, or beautiful (as she does!!) if they want to say anything!

Momma of 2 on

she is beautiful no matter how big her baby bump is

With my First Pregnancy i had a boy and i gained a lot of weight i was mostly tired but i also was walking around cause i was 18 yrs old still in high school my senior Yr and my Fiance would get me out of the house and take me to any store or the Mall to walk around but no matter what i did i still gained the weight. i had my son 4 wks early and he weighed 7lbs they said if i went to full term with him he would of been over 10 lbs. and i am a lil over weight my self i wasn’t prefect weight when i got pregnant i have a thyroid Problem and that causes my weight to go up and down i will have my good days and my bad days with it.

Me and my fiance Just found out over thanksgiving 2010 that we are Expecting Baby #2 My son will be 4 yrs old when the baby is due in july 2011 and with me being in my 1st to 2nd Trimester i am losing weight not gaining it and i was told that is normal until it gets out of hand then the doctor will step in so every pregnancy is different with my son i did not have Morning Sickness with this pregnancy i do so its hard to tell what is gonna happen

tiffany on

I think that Emily is beautiful. How much weight a woman gains during her pregnancy is a very personal thing and people should not make fun of her for however much weight she may of gained. She is a beautiful woman and an amazing actress. Each woman’s pregnancy is different and every woman carries differently. Wish you all the luck with your new baby Emily!!!!

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