Wheel Your Tots Around Safely With Wee Ride

09/05/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
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Love the whoosh of wind in your face as you whirl around town on your bike?

Little Levi McConaughey sure does…and your baby will, too, thanks to Wee Ride.

Easy-to-install, the company’s center-mounted bike carriers make it easy to tool around your tots.

The sturdy Kangaroo ($80, left) seats most toddlers — 12 months and older and up to 40 pounds — comfortably.

As for the ride, if you’ve been using a rear-mount carrier or trailer, be prepared, this will be quite different.

The center of gravity is very different, and while it isn’t a hindrance or unsafe, it does take some getting used to.

But once you have it figured out, the benefits quickly become clear: Now you can chat freely with your baby, take in the sights together and keep a protective pair of arms around him at all times.

To shop the collection, go to WeeRide.com.

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ekaterina on

we have one and my daugter LOves it- they get a much better aspect in the front- riding is not a challenege but sometimes getting on and off is!
on anthother note nice that most celebs use helmets fro their kids but ummm why are they not wearing them? so when they crash the kid is unurt and the adult gets a brain injury?- bugs me

Bancie1031 on

That’s so cute ….. Levi is such a gorgeous child😀

Frea on

I hate that parents make their kids wear helmets and don’t wear one themselves. I work in a hospital and I’ve seen so many head injuries that disable people for life. It should be a law! Like wearing a seat belt.

Christina on

We have this for our LO. We love it!!!

Anonymous on

its dumb for people to get all bent outta shape if a celebrity isn’t wearing a helmet. she’s not going to be biking at high speeds if she has her son with her, so i don’t think a helmet for her is necessary. stop being safety freaks. geez.

Kim on

I am so with Frea…I see all these celebrity pictures and seldom are the parents wearing helmets. Why? ANYTHING could happen from something simple. Do they not think about accidents and brain injuries. What message is this giving the kids? I get so irritated everytime I see one of these pics.

Molly on

I had this exactly same one and hated it (I couldn’t pedal and the helmet was already in my face (and Im 5’8″)and I have a one year old so I didn’t see how it will work. I had to get the one that goes behind. I would like if she can see ahead of herself and if I didnt have to worry if she’s about to fall out, and if I could see her, but the behind one works great adn I don’t feel her weight at all, so it’s very easy to maneuvre. And we both wear helmets becuase if we are photographed for celebrity babies, I want to set a good example for its readers.

fabs on

I am such an unexperienced cyclist that I am hesitant to give this seat (or any for that matter) a try. The saddle in my bike is in such position as to avoid my knees bending too much but I cannot touch the ground when seating for example, so I assume it is going to be difficult to stop and start the ride. Any advice?

Melissa on

Angela on

I rode a bike when nobody except professional bikers wore helmets.If she chooses not to wear a helmet…her business,no cause for a movement. I see people riding motorcycles without helmets on expressways. (not smart)

Alice on

This is so cute!!

Lol at the helmet debate, I hope you all wear one when you walk, too. You could fall down and hit your head!!

Karen on

Yeah, drives me crazy why parents will put a helmet on their child, but not themselves. Kinda like “do as I say, not as I do”. Heaven forbid they look bad in a picture.

TC on

Thanks for the review Molly, that wouldn’t be something I would even think about (the height problem) so I’m glad you mentioned it.

Tee on

Anonymous, let me ask you a question. If Camilla is biking at such a slow speed that she doesn’t need a helmet, why in the world does Levi need one? What makes you think he is more at risk than she is when they are on the same bike? I don’t understand your arguement nor do I understand why you felt the need to be rude to Ekaterina and Frea.

This is something that truly baffles me. I do not understand why anyone would ride a bike without a helmet and I certainly don’t understand why they would put one on their child and not have one on themselves. It’s just such an unneccessary risk! Personally, I think that’s setting a really poor example for your children. I agree with Frea. It should be a law to wear a helmet.

On an entirely different note, it’s nice to see Camilla and Levi out having some fun and getting some fresh air!

Anna on

This photo is cute, the look on Levi’s face is priceless.

People don’t need helmets for bicycle riding. I’m Dutch and there are more bicycles than people in my country and no one (even children) wears a helmet.

See this website for a view on cycling in Holland. http://www.ski-epic.com/amsterdam_bicycles/

Molly on

Alice, you laugh, but Natasha Richardson fell on the skis while standing, and she fell on soft snow (even though it was hardened, you cannot still compare it to the concrete of the street) You may laugh, but she did die from her injuries.

Hayley on

In Australia is compulsory to wear a helmet when riding a bike or scooter

jill on

Cbb, why post the same pic from May? There are plenty of other pics out there.

jill on

And Melissa, thanks for posting. I was going crazy looking at the photo because his hair is long and last time I checked he had short hair. I also couldn’t figure out why they didn’t mention his age or his sisters. Well it makes sense. Because this is is 4 months old AND has already been a post. Weird.

If she does not need to be wearing a helmet by law, then there is nothing wrong with her not wearing one. Don’t know the laws of where she is at.

eliz on

how can you talk about safety when the mom hasen’t got a helmet!!! call this is photo the unsafe way to ride a bike!!!

Jessie on

that looks cool, as far as the argument(again) about her not wearing a helmet she’s an adult and it’s her choice

Jennifer on

I haven’t used this particular seat but when we lived in Holland I rode my bike to work every day with my daughter on the front, then on the back. It’s actually easier to ride with them up front than it is at the back because you can control the extra weight, whereas when they are in back you just feel the weight trailing. Plus you don’t have to turn around every 5 seconds to make sure they didn’t break out of the safety harness!

Kemba on

@Jill, I guess you couldn’t see the link clearly highlighted in the second paragraph of the story which links to the original photo. It’s not that hard to click it and see that the site is referencing an old photo when talking about the product. And that they used that photo because Camille and Levi are using the Wee Ride Kangaroo.

JM on

anna making statements like that are very dangerous when you know (or at least you SHOULD know) that cycling in Holland is different to cycling everywhere else. there are more allowances made for cyclists, more cycle paths and it is a lot lot safer than in any other country. so it is a bit ignorant to say that just because you don’t use helmets in holland it makes sense not to in the rest of the world.

and i agree, camilla is obviously aware that if she were in an accident levi’s head could be injured, so why can’t she put two and two together and realise that the same thing could happen to her. is it also ok to make your child wear a seatbelt but you not wear one yourself?

Cici on

We don’t need more laws, Frea! Stop the nannystate!!! If people want to do things that lead to accidents (like living their lives without being covered in bubblewrap) then they’ll live with the consequences. We’re raising a generation of sissies.

T on

I don’t think it’s that strange that only the child wears a helmet. Children do fall off their bikes more frequently and it makes sense to let a child grow accustomed to wearing a helmet from on early age.
Also, the bike could topple over when standing still, resulting in the child hitting his head on the tarmac but not the parent. This has actually happened to a friend of mine. She was certainly glad her child was wearing a helmet.

dani on

Not that I’m the safety (or parent) police, but isn’t Levi’s helmet on incorrectly? Shouldn’t it be positioned more forward on his head?

jenny on

Seriously. A child who is strapped into a bike has minimal defenses and protective reactions if the bike crashes or tips over, hence the importance to helmet them up. Different story for the adult. I can see wearing a helmet as an adult cyclist if you are road biking, but a casual bike ride on the pavement with minimal traffic around? I can also see the argument for wearing a helmet to set an example for your child. It’s an individual choice. Camilla is not an idiot.

Head injuries can happen over the most benign of situations: walking, crossing an intersection, standing under a tree.
Of course it would be marginally safer for all human beings all the time to be wearing helmets. Calculated risks, people.

Alice on

Molly – I think it’s up to everyone. I’m not wearing a helmet when I ski either and most people don’t. I have no intention on doing it, it’s uncomfortable, it’s too hot, and it makes me feel claustrophobic. I would put one on my kid because children are more fragile (that’s the answer to Tee’s post as well), they can break more easily, and while skiing (or riding a bike) they don’t always control their movements/direction. Plus they are growing, so injuries that would heal on an adult might have more consequences in a child.

Yeah some people have accidents and die. So what, there are not that many of them and as I said you are free to wear a helmet when you walk because accidents happen that way too. But you don’t because the risk is so small. Well there you have it.

jill on

Kemba, rude much? Attitude much? I come here to look at articles. Not old ones. There is nothing I learned in this new one that wasn’t in the old one. I also learned nothing from your post. I don’t clink on links from my phone, nor should I have to. Why would I have to?

Tee on

Alice- Thank you for answering my question. I don’t agree with you but that’s okay. The beauty of being adults is that we can disagree politely, ain’t so? I’m always appreciative when someone answers my questions without being rude because I only ask questions that I genuinely want the answer to.

Sam on

I have this and love it so much. It is so much fun to bike ride with my son. We are able to chat the whole time we are on our ride. It is also nice because if he gets tired he can just rest his head down and fall asleep comfortably. This is very easy to use and does not really take anytime to get used to. I had the bike seat in the back for my daughter and that was harder to get used to with the weight in the back. One of the best purchases I have made!!!!!!

MommyJo on

Hi, I can’t wait to buy one for my son.. Love it!

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