Spotted: Chris Cornell and Kids – All Hands In!

09/04/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

All hands on deck!

Chris Cornell holds on tight to daughter Toni, who turns 6 this month, and son Christopher Nicholas, 4½, at the Picnic in the Park premiere of TinkerBell and the Great Fairy Rescue, held last Saturday at La Cienega Park in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The kids are Cornell’s with wife Vicky Karayiannis; he is also dad to elder daughter Lillian Jean, 10, from a previous marriage.

The rocker, 46, recently headlined Lollapalooza with his reunited band, Soundgarden.

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Manal on

cute kids!! but which is which??

Terra on

Which kid is which?

Mia on

Toni has the dark hair-looks like her daddy🙂 and Christopher is the blonde, looks like a combo of both his parents.

Luna on

Which is Toni and which is Christopher? Cute though.

Erika on

The blonde one is the girl, she is wearing faerie wings. A boy wouldn’t be wearing them. All though they both look like girls.

cris on

The blonde is the boy…if you check the pic in the link provided in the article it is rather clear;)

Anna on

Erika, you are wrong. The blonde is the boy.

They look cute!

Daisy! on

Erika….you can get boy fairies too. And in the any other pics easily found in a quick search Toni is definatley dark haired like her daddy while Christopher has always been a blondie.

Mina on

Awwww that little boy reminds me of a young Kurt Cobain. So adorbs lol. And the little girl is very exotic looking! Those smiles say it all tho…they look so happy.

kait on

Erika that is not appropriate, kids dress in whatever they want costume-wise. However if you look closely at the picture provided the girl is wearing a ruffled shirt with a cardigan. It’s pretty obvious although the boy does have long hair.

CelebBabyLover on

I knew immeditley that Toni was the one on the left, because she’s wearing more “girly” clothes.🙂

Sara on

Erika, says who? My boys have fairy wings, too. They’re even pink!

And since this was the Tinkerbell premiere, it’s not so much of a stretch to have a boy wear fairy wings…

Hayley on

also, the fairy wing comment is totally invalid as both children are wearing them. Christopher ‘s are blue, and Erika’s are pink

crg on

They both have wings, it’s a Tinkerbell premiere! And my son loves to wear wings.

minnie on

Both kids have wings on, there are red straps over the child on the lefts (now identified as Toni) shoulders, and you can see faint pink wings behind her, whilst the little blonde one has blue straps and blue wings on.

Like everyone said its a tinerbelle premier, why would you not have wings on?

Bancie1031 on

I used to love Soundgarden …..
Both children look like their daddy ….. I was coming here to ask which was which but I have figured it out ……

Minnie – You are 100% right😀 Thanks your comment made me scroll back up and enlarge the picture😀 Not only does Toni have on pink fairy wings but she also has what looks to be flowers on her black shirt beneath her little sweater. Plus she has on some kind of bracelet.

Inge on

that is one beautiful girl wow

jessicad on

I love kids in Chuck Taylor’s, my daughter has every color available for a 3 year old!🙂

Erika on

Oh okay now that I see the girl has pink wings on I understand, I guess. I would never put faerie wings on my son, but to each their own. They probably just gave them out to all the kids. Anyway, Toni is just adorable! She’s a very pretty girl, and I think she looks a lot like her dad.

Sarah M. on

CelebBabyLover – While I typically agree with you, you can’t always judge gender by the clothing worn. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt apparently LOVES boys clothes and is always seen wearing them. I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of her in a long while where she had on more ‘girl’ clothes.

I asked myself the same question (which kid is which) when I first saw this, also. Then I remembered that I’ve seen many pictures of Toni and that she is the darker one. As others have said, also, you can’t judge just by the fairy wings because both kids are wearing them. It’s a Tinkerbell premier and they were probably handing them out/selling them.

Toni is quite gorgeous!

Ava on

awh they are both so cute, but wow for a 6 year old she’s rather short or maybe her brother is tall, hell i don’t know!Lol! But both cute kids.

Mia on

Chris Cornell is 6’3, so I wouldn’t be surprised if his son (Baby C) is very tall like his daddy!

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M.- I know, but we’ve never seen a celeb baby boy wearing “girls” clothes before (at least not the type Toni is wearing. There HAVE been some pictures of celeb baby boys wearing pink shirts, and once there was even a picture on here of a boy with pink streaks in his hair. But, to my knowledge, we’ve never seen a celeb baby boy in a ruffly shirt!). That’s why I assumed that the one in the “girly” clothes must be a girl.🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I also wanted to add that, it seems to me that most psrents (both celeb and non-celebs) are a lot more willing to allow a girl to dress in “boys” clothes than to allow a boy to dress in “girls” clothes!🙂

Erika on

I agree celebbabylover, there seems to be a double standard with dressing boys like girls. I remember in school, girls who wore boys clothes were tomboys and there was nothing wrong with that to us. However we all tortured boys that wore anything feminine- one boy brouht chapstick (not even just for girls, but we called it lipstick) to school in 3rd grade and the whole class teased him to no avail, not sure if it’s still the same today, but probably. I’m not particularly proud of my behahvior back then but I wasn’t the only one. It seems like if a girl wants to be a tomboy, it is another option, she can be sporty and active just like another girl can be very frilly and feminine. However a boy in girl clothes seems more taboo because it implys that he will be a sissy. Not saying it’s right, but this is what I have seen. And I’ll be the first to admit, though it may be wrong, I see nothing wrong with little girls dressed as superheros but I do find it more noticable- not bad, not wrong,- when little boys put on girly costumes.

It also seems like a lot of boy things are being made more feminine. Like camo print- I actually see it more for girls, than boys, it’s always covered in sparkles and ruffles. Also certain costumes. I was in a party store, and noticed there are more pirate and even superhero costumes for girls than boys! Not that these are boys things, but I just find it odd how it shifts like that. A girl can be named Michael or Ryan and it is cute and unique, but a boy named Avery, or Riley may be picked on because it is seen as a girls name now.

That said, I think more girls would willingly wear boys clothes anyway than boys would wear girls clothes. I mean plenty of girls would be fine in boys cargo pants, but very very few boys would want to wear dresses and skirts and sparkles. Maybe it’s the way society sees it or maybe it’s just a difference between boys and girls. But in all of time babysitting and working with children, I have never seen a boy who wanted to wear girls clothes, have his hair done, put on nail polish etc.

Sorry for my ramblings, I just find all of this stuff odd lol.

Terri on

Funny, I thought the blonde was the girl. Okay…they both look so close in age it’s hard to tell them apart!

Sarah M. on

That’s definitely true, CelebBabyLover and Erika. I’ve noticed the same thing. I wonder if it’s just an American thing, or if it’s somehow seen as more acceptable in other countries for boys to dress more like girls.

My aunt actually has a picture of my now 5 year old boy cousin (he was 3 at the time of the picture) in a pink tutu, wearing make-up and having tea with 2 of our female cousins. He saw them having tea and decided that he wanted to do so, also. He chose to wear the tutu and make-up, so my aunt figured, why not? Now, if he had been older, I have no doubt that the majority of people would have automatically said ‘No way!’ and not have let him even touch the tutu or make-up!!!

Catie on

the boy (blonde) is a spitting image of his father, same look and smile, looks so much like him in the face, I’d say the hair is about the only thing that’s different between Chris Sr. and Chris Jr.. and the only thing IN COMMON between daddy and his daughter! both cute kids of course but apart from the hair, the girl looks nothing like chris. And I’ll even go so far as to speculate as to whether Chris’s hair even looked like that when he was a kid, I wouldn’t be surprised if his hair was a lot straighter and more blonde when he was a kid – mine was, but over the years it grew both darker and curlier! I had Chris Jr. hair when I was a toddler and I have Chris Sr. hair now as an adult, like many in my family. it’s not that uncommon, especially if you have Irish roots.

Kelly on

Erika: Not all boys with unisex names end up getting teased, and I think these days a boy with one of the aforementioned names (your examples of Avery and Riley) will have an easier time than a boy a generation ago with a name that was being contested in gender usage at the time. Yes, I am a guy named Kelly who think it’s great to use such names on boys!

suzie on

True fans know which is which LOL

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