Spotted: Liv Tyler Totes Her Tot

09/03/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

A lollipop and a lift from mom!

Milo William Langdon holds on tight while Liv Tyler carries him on Wednesday in the Big Apple.

Milo, 5ยฝ, is the only child for the actress and her ex, rocker Royston Langdon.

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Jennifer on

Just the other day I thought it has been awhile since we saw them. Just love her and Milo is such a cutie. He really favors his dad.

Anonymous on

no offense but he is too dang on big to be carried 5years old or not. He’s a cute kid though.

Janna on

That is one of the sweetest faces I’ve ever seen. He is a beautiful child.

Luckily for him, Liv Tyler is his mom and not “Anonymous”. It’s precious to see her holding him.

Jessica on

And here we go.

Her child, her choice whether or not she wants to carry him!!!!!!

Anonymous on

Milo is so cute. And I knew that Liv carrying him would be brought up. Personally I don’t think its a big deal since I never see Liv doing it, so its not a frequent occurence, plus I carry my 6 year old every once in awhile. Not all over or for long periods of time, but sometimes when he is grumpy and I need to get somewhere I’ll just carry him. For example when we go to the dentist, which he is scared of, sometimes it is just easier.

Sarah on

Really?! If you saw camera men running around in front of you and your child, you would pick him up too. It is called protecting your child.

Ellea on

I’m sure she’s not lugging him around all day long.

ecl on

When I walk around I very rarely see parents carrying their older toddlers and kids, but celebrities often do. Makes one think about why that might be? Hmm… paps! Of course they carry their kids when there are loads of strange men in their face! People should think about how people’s circumstances might differ before passing judgement.

Luna on

I scoop up my kids all the time. I’m busy and when the little one comes up to me and starts to talk, sometimes I just scoop them up and listen as I move. If my six year old comes up to me with a boo boo, I pick her up and soothe her while moving. Not to say that I don’t stop and listen, but if I’m busy I keep moving. Liv may have her reasons.

Renee on

As the mother of children in thier middle and late teens, if I had it to do over I would carry my kids until I couldn’t lift them anymore. They grow up way to fast.

Nicole on

I’m sorry but I agree, 5 years is a little old to carry them around. No offense, I loved carrying my kids – I have a 5- and a 3-year old but they are just too heavy to carry. My 5-year old weighs 51 lbs. and my 3-year old weighs 43 lbs. – I’m sorry but that just hurts my back! Paps or not.. if you want to get away then run..5-year-old can run fast. If you want to carry someone around then have a baby.

Lila on

I knew as soon as I saw the pictue the anti-carry crowd would be out! Seriously, people do awful things to their children- loving them and holding them isn’t one of them. Why don’t you get angry about REAL child abuse issues. Rant Over.

I love her look- it’s sophisticated and casual at the same time. She just has that timeless look about her.

Mari on

There is definitely nothing wrong to give your five your old a lift from time to time. Especially in a situation like that where photographers are all around.

Some of you guys really have issues and it is just plain weird.

sortacrunchymom on

The anti-carrying comments say more about the person making the comment than they do about the person at whom the comment is directed.

JM on

i still don’t understand why people get upset about OTHER people carrying their kids. is it putting a strain on YOUR back? are YOU having to have discussions with the child over when you will or won’t carry him or her? no? then why do you care? i’m sure every parent can figure out for themselves whether they do or don’t want to carry their child. it’s not like anyone of you has come up with a reason for why she shouldn’t carry him. it’s just stated as if it is universal law that “yes 5 is really too old to be carried”, says who? and really what is it to you?
this is not like an issue about wearing a seatbelt, putting a car seat in right, vaccinating your child, making sure they eat healthily, because these are all things that COULD harm a child if a parent doesn’t make the right decision. carrying a child every now and then – there is nothing wrong with that. let’s worry about the real issues in life shall we? and if you don’t want to carry your own kids, then don’t. live and let live…

jessicad on

I’m amazed by the things people find to complain about, get over yourselves.

Haleiwa on

I love how Liv carrying her own child is somehow impacting the lives and backs of other people. I mean, how dare she carry her almost 6 year old! Her carrying her almost 6 year old is the reason I can’t find parking on the weekend and my taxes are so high.

TC on

He looks really tall for his age.

Who cares that she holds him, its her son. I have a 4.5 year old and heck I carried her yesterday. Like someone else pointed out they grow up so fast, let them be kids for as long as possible.

Examine the picture for a moment, look at Liv’s expression as well as Milo’s. Look at how he is holding on to her, I strongly suspect she is carrying him BECAUSE of the paps. I know when I carry my 4.5 yr old she doesn’t hold on to me like that unless she’s scared. Do you notice also that she is wearing sunglasses? Sunglasses help when you’ve got camera bulbs going off in your face. I know with me it’s hard to see for a few moments after ONE camera flash let alone hundreds that continue on the entire time you’re walking down a sidewalk. Could it be that because Milo isn’t wearing sunglasses mom’s carrying him because of the blinding effect of the flashes?

minnie on

First of all I love Luna’s comments she sounds like James Bond if James Bond ever had kids! Keep on moving!!

And it just looks to me like they had a exciting day at the park or something, and milo got worn out.

If he’s still being carried at 14 then i think we should all panic. Until then, its all good.

Sky on

It is odd to carry a 5 year old but I’m not in her situation. I might carry my 4 y.o too if there were people with cameras following me around.

Wendy on

What’s the big deal? I carry my 9-year-old sometimes.

Silly Mama on

Not to mention that it’s difficult to carry around a kid that big. I have a six year old and dude is all elbows and knees and them puppies are hard and sharp. It hurts to carry him.

Sasha on

He’s too big to carry! My right to comment…my opinion!

lena on

Nicole, your 43 pound 3 year old is enormous, probably even overweight….

Jacqui on

How bizarre. In all my life I have never heard anyone say a parent SHOULDN’T carry a child. I had no idea anybody could have a problem with that.

Jacqui on

Lena, Nicole’s kid could be very tall.

Sarah on

Wow.. too big to carry! Who even knows how long she held him what does it even matter? It’s a paparazzi photo which means she was being hounded and he is just a little boy and maybe he got nervous.

And as a Momma to a little guy myself I find it very sweet she still scoops up Milo once in a while. They grow so fast and you never get these moments back. He looks at home in her arms =)

I always love looking at Milo’s photos because he was born just a few days after my first son (who passed) was born, kind of a sentimental thing I guess.

Allison on

these celeb moms that carry older kids must be strong. i can’t carry my 4 or 6 yr old for more than a lift out of the car. they are too heavy, and i have skinny kids!

Allison on

my 6 yr old is only 41 lbs, so a 43 lbs 3 yr old is likely overweight. but really, who cares, not my kid.

Nina on

Liv carrying her son has no bearing on any one of you. If your child is too heavy for you to carry, by all means, do not carry him/her. I highly doubt a celebrity toting around his or her child is causing you distress or pain. Neither of the two look uncomfortable so, please, take your concerns elsewhere.

torgster on

What I don’t understand is how these people CAN carry these big kids – that their kids go along with it. Mine were so independent, from the time they could walk it was down down down, wanna walk, want down! To me, it just seems so babyish on the kids part to want to be toted around like this.

CelebBabyLover on

He’s so adorable! And as for carrying him, I agree with the majority of the posters…..Being carried isn’t going to hurt Milo, and it doesn’t really affect us. I say carry the little guy all you want, Liv! They’re only little once!

Also, for the record, when I was a kid I would often have special cuddle time with my mom in her bed before my dad came to bed (he didn’t go to bed until a couple hours after my mom did)…..and my dad carried me to my own bed when he came to bed until I was about 9 or so (then I finally became too heavy for him, so he would just walk me to my room instead. :))!

I’m fine…..and so is my dad’s back! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ava on

If you want to get away from paps, the slowest way to do it is to lift a tall 5-year old child who weighs at least 40lbs….LOL.

I find celebrities like to seem loving and hands-on with the paps since they get so much flak from the public for having nannies and so on. They probably are very much loving and hands-on with their kids but generally are scrutinized for their financial privilege and access to so many helpers.

I work with mothers and children all day and will rarely see anyone over 2 or 3 carried by an adult because of their sheer weight and their stubborn independence. Unless the child is upset or hurt.

Celebrities, on the other hand, will be hoisting these enormous school-aged children. Very funny!

Elby on

There’s nothing wrong with picking up a 5 year old occasionally, especially as I would imagine she was being hounded by photographers at the time. I know that would freak me out so I hate to think how it would feel to a child.
I still pick my nearly-4 year old’s up all the time, sometimes in my arms or if I know it’ll be a longer carry then I give them a piggy-back. One of my daughters hates the feeling of long grass and won’t walk in it but loves the ducks in the lake at the bottom of a field near our house. I’ll piggy-back her to the lake cos it’s the easiest solution and means everyone’s happy. What’s the big deal?
Milo is a real cutie too ๐Ÿ™‚

megan on

“One of my daughters hates the feeling of long grass and wonโ€™t walk in it but loves the ducks in the lake at the bottom of a field near our house. Iโ€™ll piggy-back her to the lake cos itโ€™s the easiest solution and means everyoneโ€™s happy.”

I have to ask: how old is your daughter ?

Jennifer on

@megan – who cares how old her daughter is? It sounds like she lives, like I do, in a pretty rural area and I don’t like to walk some places when the grass gets real tall. It’s the perfect place for snakes, ticks and other creatures I wish to avoid.
I just can’t understand the criticism of a mom who choses to hold their own child. There are way too many judgmental people in this world and it really is a sad thing when we attack a mommy for being a good mommy.

kait on

He’s not a “tot”, he’s five and a half for Pete’s sake. I don’t care if she carries him because it’s her kid but hopefully he’s not giving her back problems.

CelebBabyLover on

Jennifer- I agree! I also want to add that sometimes kids just get freaked out by certain things, even if the fear doesn’t make a lot of sense. For example, I’m a bit embarassed to admit this, but when I was a kid, I was afraid to walk in water that had minnows swimming in it. Yes, harmless little minnows! I didn’t having a problem LOOKING at minnows, but the thought of walking through water that they were swimming in just creeped me out!

I still don’t love walking through water with a lot of minnows swimming in it (I don’t like the sensatation of the minnows swimming past-and brushing against in the process-my legs), but I’m A LOT better about it then I was as a kid.

My point is, the fact that megan’s daughter doesn’t like walking through tall grass most likely doesn’t mean anything other than that, for whatever reason, she doesn’t like the sensation of walking in tall grass!

Rach on

Hey, whether she carries her kid or not is her issue. That is probably why she is so fit ! My niece is three and lifting her in and out of the truck is a workout in itself,I can imagine doing this on a regular basis as a child grows would be so beneficial to your exercise routine.I used to go walking with weights, now I tow my 19 month old, and its great bonding and exercise, and when I get tired I just put him down and he walks beside me.

Lindsey on

maybe her son was tired of walking! think about her situation before being so judgemental!

Molly on

i worked as a nanny in the family where the parents still carried their 6 year old who demanded me to carry him too and threw horrible fits if I didnt. I had to quit eventually.

Bancie1031 on

OMG how come I’m not surprised to see this discussion going on???? Pftt

Nicole – your kids are big! My daughter didn’t weigh 43 pounds until she was 6 years old …. and 51 until she was like 7 1/2 yrs old.

Jacqui – if you haven’t then you should check out any of the post involving Jennifer Gardner or Katie Holmes ….. ALWAYS discussed on there.

I love Liv Tyler she is so pretty and look how handsome Oliver is ๐Ÿ˜€

Erika on

I don’t understand the debate over carrying kids his age. The only reason I can think of is the lack of exercise. Sure, if he never walked, it wouldn’t be great physically but I know he does walk,we’ve seen plenty of pictures. Plus when you go to Disney world, you see plenty of kids ages 6+ in strollers. It’s still the same lack of exercise, but most kids his age run around plenty and burn of calories just fine anyway- the extra walking vs. riding doesn’t make a big difference. That’s the only reason that I could think of that might make someone against carrying them. Sure, it might hurt his mother’s back, but if she doesn’t mind it, why should anyone else? She isn’t asking you to pick him up and carry him all over the place! In all seriousness, my parents carried me on occasion until I was 8 years old. I was VERY petite and probably only weighed about 40-45 pounds or even less but I was still older and capable of walking. Watching her carry him does look a bit uncomfortable, but if it doesn’t bother them, who cares?

All that aside, he is a very cute kid! He looks so big since the last time I saw a picture of him.

Tee on

Sarah- I am so sorry to hear that you’ve lost a child. That’s horrible and I can’t imagine how much you must hurt over it.

Torgster- I had to giggle a little at your comment simply because I’ve never met a child that didn’t like to be picked up and carried on occasion. Sure, some children are more independent than others but still… your kids must be REALLY independent!

Before I lost my mobility, I carried each one of my nieces every chance I got and they loved it as much I did. In fact, I would often “wear” one of them on one hip and carry another on the other hip! Now that I’m in a wheelchair, I usually have at least two of them in my lap. I have actually found a way to get all six of them (ages 10 years to 11 months) in the chair with me if my mother is pushing my wheelchair. It is a really safe way to get through a parking lot!

CelebBabyLover on

Bancie1031- It’s Jennifer GARNER, not Gardner. Sorry, but that’s just one of my pet peeves (A LOT of people seem to mistakenly refer to Jennifer Garner as Jennifer Gardner, on other sites as well as this one, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why!). ๐Ÿ™‚

As for Nicole’s kids, like another poster said, perhaps they are also very tall (and being tall, naturally, affects what weight is healthy or unhealthy for a person! What I mean by that is that, for example, a tall person who weighs a certain amount might be considered normal weight, whereas a short person with the same weight might be considered overweight.).

CelebBabyLover on

Erika- I agree with your whole comment! And you are the perfect example of my earlier comment about how a certain weight might be considered normal on one person, but not on another. I’m guessing that, for you, 40-45 pounds was considered a normal, healthy weight. However, a taller kid that weighed that amount would probably be considered underweight.

What I was trying to point out to Bancie is that the reverse could easily be true of Nicole’s kids (they could be very tall, and thus what would be considered overweight for kid their age of average height might be considered a normal weight for them). Bottomline: People come in all shapes and sizes! ๐Ÿ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Molly- If I were your former employer, I’d be very upset that you shared what you did on here. In my opinion, stuff like that should be kept confidential. I know that if I hired a nanny (which I wouldn’t, because I don’t have kids, but that’s beside the point here!), I would not want them to discuss things about my child with others (at least not without asking my permission first!).

I think that what you did (talking about the kid you used to nanny for) was very disrespectful to your former employer!

Kristen on

He is a beautiful boy! =)

Sometimes I carry my 6 1/2 year old boy! *gaps*! NOTHING wrong with that…don’t like what you see? Look away =)

sara on

CelebBabyLover – Newsflash: no one cares what you think. Why is it that you only seem to post on threads with drama and debating going on, hmmm? Perhaps you thrive on that kind of stuff, secretly? Please tone down the sanctimonious comments and the short stories about your life. Not everyone is interested, and frankly, it got old a long, LONG time ago.

gdfg on

CelebBabyLover, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what Molly said. No where in her short comment did she reveal the identity of the family she nannied for, or where they lived, etc. Her comment was made anonymously with no identifying factors in it. I doubt her employer would ever even see the comment, and even if they did they probably wouldn’t know it was about them.

gdfg on

Bancie1031, who is Oliver? The only people I see in the picture are Liv and Milo.

megan on

“Plus when you go to Disney world, you see plenty of kids ages 6+ in strollers.”

I have never seen kids age 6+ in strollers at Disney. And I live in Florida. What 6 year old rides in a stroller anyway ?

gdfg on

Megan, why would you ask how old her daughter is when she clearly states that her kids are almost four in that same comment?

fuzibuni on

sara, your comment was way ruder than anything celebBabylover said. maybe you don’t agree with her, but she didn’t deserve that kind of response. Her comments are usually some of the most considerate on this site.

Erika on

Megan- I have seen kids that look at least 6 in the rental strollers, yes. I have neighbors who rented one for their 5 and 7 year old when they went. I’m not disagreeing with you, I’m sure you are there more than me, but maybe it’s because I usually go at really busy times of the year and parents are afraid of losing them? I wouldn’t say it’s a majority, but I usually can spot quite a few.

CelebBabyLover on

gdfg- You are right, and I admit I went a bit too far with that comment.

sara- If you don’t like my comments, don’t read them. Simple as that.

fuzibuni- Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Nostalgic on

I only wish I could still hold/carry/cuddle with my nearly 15-year-old the same way I could when she was 5. What’s the harm in carrying him while she still can? In the blink of an eye he will be too big.

Stephanie on

He’s beautiful, just like him momma!

Erin on

wow, he’s way too big to be carried like that.

CelebBabyLover on

Nostalgic- Best comment so far!

MiB on

I have said it before, and I will say it again, I used to work in a kindergarten and I would see plenty of paretns scooping their children up and carriyng them in hteir arms for a bit when they picked them up. There is nothing wrong with that. I have done the same thing with my god daughter and her sister, especially when I haven’t seen them in a while. A 5-6 year old hardly ever gets carried a long distance,it’s just a way of giving them an extra hug and some special attention (possibly on the run) after not having seen each other for a couple of hours (or days in the case of divorced parents). Maybe Milo had spent some days or a week with his father and Liv was happy to see him again? Maybe he fell over and got hurt and needed an extra cuddle? Was hungry, tired or just sad for some reason? Maybe he wasn’t feeling well (I know I have carried plenty of children who suddenly fell ill during an outing where I didn’t have a stroller or wagon)? Point is, a child is to big to be carried when either the child or the person carrying it decides so, Liv and Milo are apparently still fine with it on occation (we mostly see him running).

sara on

Fuzibuni: I never said that CelebBabyLover is rude. I simply meant that she comes across as an annoying Pollyanna most of the time, and given that we are bombarded with her comments and lectures on almost every single thread, it gets old very fast.