Nicole Richie: I Take Responsibility for My Own Life

09/03/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Al Powers/Retna

No one is responsible for the choices Nicole Richie has made in her life — except for the 28-year-old herself.

“One thing about me is that I’ve always taken responsibility for my own actions whether they’re good or bad. Even when I was going through my tough time, that was a situation that I created,” she reveals in the October issue of InStyle UK.

“People ask me, do I blame Hollywood or my parents? No, I don’t blame my parents. It had nothing to do with them. I created it and manifested it and I got myself through it with the help of a lot of great people.”

Now mom to daughter Harlow Winter Kate, 2Β½, and son Sparrow James Midnight, who turns 1 next week, her children with fiancΓ© Joel Madden, Richie is enjoying motherhood to the fullest — almost!

“Being pregnant with Harlow was easy. I was wearing heels for eight months. I never got sick and I was like, ‘Oh, what are people talking about?'” she admits. “But with Sparrow, I was so sick. And my feet were swelling. They were polar opposite pregnancies.”

That said, while her daughter may have once been a breeze to care for, Harlow is definitely keeping her mom on her toes now; The toddler has developed a strong passion for fashion.

“She picks her own clothes. It’s a 20-minute thing — it begins at 7:30 each morning — but it is what it is and it’s fine,” Richie says with a smile.

— Anya Leon

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Kelly on

I’ve always like her. Even when she was going through her troubles, you could still see she had great potential.

Raleigh on

Her babies are beautiful! I wish there were current pics of them on CBB.

Annette on

I admire Nicole Richie the woman she’s become. The fact that she is taking responsibility for her actions/istakes in the past is a sign that she’s matured. You see a lot of starlets in Hollywood nowadays quick to blame others for their problems. It’s nice to see how much she’s changed–for the better. I used to think she was a spoiled Hollywood brat, but look at her now. A successful businesswoman, mother and companion to Joel. Good for her!

Kristin on

I am so impressed with how far she has come. It takes a lot of personal reflection and growth to be able to admit to the things she’s said here. Good for her.

Daze on

I am a big Nichole fan. I am proud of how she has grown up into a successful businesswoman and mother and a healthy one at that. Her old friend Paris could definately take some hints from her.

She is gorgeous on that cover.

robinepowell on

It’s hard to believe she used to be labelled “trouble”. Now that she’s not seen hanging out with Paris Hilton, Nicole has turned her life around. πŸ˜‰

mindy on

I have always loved Nicole and always knew there was more to her then what she portrayed when she hung out with Paris.And I love that she is taken full responsibility for her action unlike Paris and Lindsay.For this I have so much respect for her.Joel is lucky to have her

nella on

I’m so happy for her turning her life around and becoming an adult. Unfortunately, lot of the young hollywood doesn’t take responsiblity for their own actions, so it’s refreshing to read this interview. I think she’s doing an amazing job as a mother and as a grown woman.

CelebBabyLover on

Like other posters, I love that Nicole takes responsibility for her actions. While I DO think parents are at least partially to blame for some cases of troubled Hollywood starlets (for example, I fully believe that Lindsey Lohan’s parents are at least partially the cause of her problems), it’s nice to have someone admit that ultimately, they were responsible for their own bad choices.

Also, after reading about her different pregnancy experiences….She is definitely proof that bad morning sickness= a baby girl is definitely not always the case! πŸ™‚

I also find it interesting that nobody said a word about her saying that she allows Harlow to pick out her own clothes. Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes have both said that they allow their kids to pick out their own clothes, and both of them get ripped to shreads for it (granted, a lot of the negative comments Angie gets about that subject are more about the fact that she allows Shiloh to dress like a boy than the fact that she lets Shiloh chose her own clothes, but still!).

It’s always interesting to see which celebs get picked on for certain things, and which don’t. After all, what would the comments section be without double-standards? πŸ˜‰

fairynxd on

i never minded her really, but recently i read another interview in a UK paper where to me she showed the REAL Nicole.

I really believe she’s a very smart lady and obviously knows what she’s doing. Saying all these politically correct and very “mature” things and for a magazine like Instyle. It does wonders for a girls career. She’s gonna generate all these “ooh’s” and “aah’s” how grown up she is. I think she’s fake.. and still has a lot of growing up to do.

H on

A lovely interview , she comes across as wiser than before and who are to judge by past mistakes…good for her!

two beautiful children, a great husband to be and she sounds thankful for it all. xx

Allie-Rose on

It’s great to see the woman Nicole turned into. Some of her “friends” should take example

Tina on

CelebBabyLover: I agree that there is a double-standard in regard to whom the people commenting tend too pick on. However, I do understand why people get upset with the Suri-stories/pictures. She is often wearing very little clothes, and bad/or none shoes. Kids should be able too pick out their own clothes – but the parents still have to make sure that they are dressed well!

Nicole seems very grounded – its lovely to see that things are working out for her and her family.

kendrajoi on

I cannot stand her. Watching just one episode of “The Simple Life” was enough for me. I really don’t care how long ago it was. You can’t cure stupid.

Jenn on

Seriously fairynxd, you think that article was more accurate than this one? Ha!

That writer was peeved from the moment she sat down because she wanted personal info and the interview was supposed to be only about the clothing and accessories line. The article was snarky and critical from the get-go, and every question she asked about Richie’s personal life was met with a short, dismissive, one-liner, including the “I haven’t changed” line. She gave that “journalist” no insight into her personal life, because she refused to play the game.

Besides, her actions in the past couple of years speak for themselves, positive interviews or not.

Ellea on

She started doing drugs as a teen. How can this not be partially the fault of the parents? It sounds on nice and kosher but saying lifestyle and parenting had nothing to do with it just seems impossible. If she grew up on a farm with Mennonite parents I doubt she’d encountered the issues that she has.

Amy on

I think proof is in the pudding! She is a great mom and it shows. She is not in the parting spotlight anymore and has followed her passion for fashion. So happy to see her succeed and be happy!

Kim on

Nicole only turned her life around when she became a mother Lindsay and Paris are not mothers

Elizabeth on

She shows her true colours in the article fairynxd linked to – she’s still a brat, just because she’s had children it doesn’t make her a nice person.

amyjoy on

Actually, Ellea, I did grow up in farm country with Mennonite parents, and can tell you that plenty of Mennonite and Amish teens make poor choices that lead to addiction, too. Yes, parenting and environment can contribute to poor behavior, but I agree with most of the other posters that it’s mature of Nicole to take responsibility for her own actions.

Remy on

That other article is clearly biased. The author seemed annoyed with Nicole from the get-go and to top it all off, seemed to get mad when Nicole wouldn’t answer any questions about her personal life when her publicist had already said this interview as not about Nicole’s personal life.

klutzy_girl on

Yeah, that other article? The journalist clearly has something against Nicole and asked personal questions when she wasn’t supposed to.

I think she’s a great person and mom.

Jamie on

Oh, please. That other article was a joke. The ‘journalist’ had a bias from the beginning and only wanted details on Nicole’s personal life when that was NOT what the interview was supposed to be about. Nicole refused to play her game and for that she’s ‘bratty?’ Laughable. If anything, the journalist was the one who was ‘bratty’ with how snarky and critical the article was, because she didn’t get the answers about Nicole’s personal life she was looking for. I am certainly NO fan of Nicole Richie, but I will admit that her actions speak for themselves. I respect her for owning up to her mistakes, rather than blaming everyone else for them like Lindsay Lohan. Yes, I do believe parenting can play a big role in whether a child is involved in drugs and whatnot. With LiLo, I totally blame her parents at least partially for her problems (but still, SHE made those decisions herself). That being said, it is refreshing to see a Hollywood star actually ADMIT that it’s THEIR own fault and not their parents’, or society’s or Hollywood’s for their issues. The fact that Nicole turned her life around when she had kids and Paris and Lindsay don’t is irrelevant to me. What matters is that she DID turn her life around, no matter what the reasoning was – while Lindsay still continues to deny she has any problems whatsoever, yet still manages to blame everyone else for why her life is such a trainwreck.

Luna on

That article posted by fairynxd was horribly biased. It was supposed to be an interview about fashion, her clothing lines. Any questions on those topics were answered fully. But when the ‘journalist’ decided to ask personal questions, as requested not to do, Nicole answered, just not elaborately. Nicole has completely turned her life around. She’s taking responsibility for her actions, something most people never do! She’s a great mom, and she’s a great designer now on top of it. If you ask me, Nicole is the perfect example of how someone can change their whole life, if they take responsibility for their actions.

Jenny on

@ fairynxd, that article is, as others have mentioned, biased, and I get the feeling you’re a friend of that so-called journalist. You can tell from her actions that she has changed, and I don’t think she was just saying what she said to get people to like her. You sound bored and slightly jealous that people are noting how well she’s doing. Is it because of your life now or are you just too snarky and cynical to allow yourself to accept that she has grown up a lot.

Tee on

Amyjoy- You’re right. I am old-order Mennonite and plain teenagers often make mistakes that lead to all sorts of problems. We’re human beings, for sure and certain, so we’re not perfect. The difference is in the fact that most plain teenagers grow up to be respectable adults. They come back to their faith and community and take responsibility for their lives. A lot of “English” teenagers don’t have the supervision needed to be raised properly.

CelebBabyLover- You know, I always enjoy reading your comments because they are so well thought out and worded! I totally agree with you about how there are double standards for certain celebrities. I can only speak for myself but I don’t ever remember seeing a picture of Harlow (who’s so cute!) dressed in mis-matched clothes or in clothes that were inappropriate for the weather. (Two things that make me crazy about Suri.) I do not get engaged in the Suri/Shiloh debate because those two just seem to get out of hand so quickly. Personally, I think that Suri’s clothes are not always age and/or weather appropriate and I don’t always agree with her shoes. As for Shiloh, I’m sorry but she has two parents and in interviews, it sounds like they let her choose her own clothes from the stores. If they don’t mind, I don’t give it much thought. At least she is dressed properly for the weather. All of this having been said, keep in mind that as a Mennonite, I only wear long skirts or dresses. If I were to have children- which is a moot point since I won’t- they would also wear traditional Mennonite clothing.

I can’t believe little Sparrow is almost a year old! Nicole has done a great job of straightening her life out. She should be really proud of herself.

ecl on

Actually, I think most articles about celebrities are biased because they sound like press releases, totally controlled by the celebrity and the publicist. The other article just sounds more biased because it’s the opposite of what we are used to hearing. As for not wanting to give personal info, all celebs say that. Yet here is a celeb who is ONLY famous because of her personal life. So of course she will get asked about that. She does appear to have turned her life around so good for her, but that doesn’t make the other article wrong. She could be living a good life and still not be that bright.

CelebBabyLover on

Jenn- I agree, actions speak louder than words, and Nicole’s actions over the past few years show that she clearly has changed! πŸ™‚

Me on

It’s amazing to me how negative people are. I guess most just like believing bad. Bad = Juicy and who doesn’t like juicy gossip?

Haleiwa on

Good for Nicole. I think her family is lovely. I commend her for not blaming her parents nor Hollywood for her poor life choices she made in the past. There have been kids born and raised by Hollywood celebrity parents since the founding of the place and many of them turned out A-okay. A few don’t turn out okay and get all the press and then armchair psychologists want to say, yeah, those few baddies are the norm without any proof to back it up. I don’t know where the numbers fall. Nicole said she didn’t blame her parents. That doesn’t mean another person wouldn’t blame their parents for their youthful mistakes. She’s speaking only for herself.

Jacqui on

I like Nicole Richie, I think she’s funny and smart and her kids are very cute. I appreciate that she has stated she takes responsibility for her own life, but I don’t think such a comment deserves such glory and praise. Taking responsibility for your own life is a must, a given, not something you’ve taken great strides or gone the extra mile to do.

Ema Arik on

At the end of the day this girl has access to some great treasures in life and is in the media for her clothing line or “life as a mom.” I haven’t seen the media cover her for anything negative (drugs, bad behavior etc) and she hasn’t tried to use stardom to circumvent jail time, drug habits etc…she’s on a spiral upwards which is good for her soul.

barbara dugan on

I love Nicole and think her family is the best in hollywood. so natural, so real, best of everything to all of them.

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