Mini Must-Have: Ruby Maguire’s Pink Flip Flops

09/02/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
Flynet, Courtesy of Havaianas

Watch out, precious cargo coming through!

Last Wednesday, we spotted Ruby Maguire looking seriously cute in a purple heart-print dress and Havaianas Super Pink Metallic flip flops ($16.50) while out and about in Brentwood, Calif.

Yet despite her comfy footwear, the 3½-year-old made sure to catch a ride with mom Jennifer Meyer Maguire.

Love her breezy shoes as much as we do?

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Lauren on

Is it just me or does that shirt maker her look preggo? Looks like her belly is sticking out past her chest!

Chantal on

@Lauren; I thought the same thing. She could just be a little bloated, but when you look at where Ruby’s knee is and the way Jennifers belly is curved, it looks a little bit more round then after a really good meal.

As for Ruby; She is getting so big!

Katie on

I have to agree! And I don’t think it’s just the shirt…what is Ruby’s leg resting on? I don’t think it’s still weight from Otis, she definitely looked thinner before! I don’t usually talk about whether or not celebrities are hiding a pregnancy, but this one is too tempting to speculate about!

Lila on

Both so cute!

Waiting for the “she’s too old to be carried” comments from all the anti-carrying moms!

Janna on

I seriously feel sorry for celebrities with everyone constantly speculating about whether they’re pregnant based on a shirt, a position, one photo, what day of the week it is, or whatever else you’re using to base it on.

Do you have any idea how hurtful it might be to have to hear, see and read that constantly ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to get pregnant and can’t, or trying to lose some weight and can’t?

((And Lila, you’re soooo right about the anti-carrying moms!!! But they only seem to complain about Suri Cruise being carried.🙂 ))

Tess on

They look like regular flip flops that you can get for a dollar at the dollar store. I wouldn’t waste $16.50 on them.

amy on

it does look that way with her daughters leg pushing against her shirt ~it wouldn’t stick out that way if she wasnt…i dunno though. guess time will tell!

Lola on

@Janna quit feeling sorry for celebrities…you’re just as guilty as those making the pregnant comments.

klutzy_girl on

I don’t usually follow this family too much, but I’ve been wondering for weeks if maybe she’s pregnant again. It’s a possibility, but I doubt it.

Jennifer on

Maybe it is just post Otis pooch! I feel like I always look about 4 mo. preggo…and my baby is 17 mo! ugh. And as far as flip flops go…that’s kind of a dumb “gotta go and get” fashion must have! We can all pick those up at Target or Old Navy! lol! Jen and Tobey have such cute little ones!

CB on

That was a couple days ago so I’m thinking she probably isn’t but you never know!

Jennifer on

Havaianas are SO worth the extra money for a good, comfortable flip flop. Seriously, I used to be a total Old Navy flip flop kinda girl but I was given a pair of Havaianas and they are the most comfortable shoe.

And I also wonder where are the ladies who were complaining about Jennifer carrying Violet yesterday??

Shannon on

@ CB

That photo actually made me think she IS pregnant. Something about her posture makes her look pregnant there. If she isn’t I am sorry to speculate.🙂

Elle on

@Janna – I’m sure celebrities probably don’t come online to read speculation. Lighten up.

Blakelyn on

@CD – I agree with Shannon. I actually saw the photo from a could days ago and wondered if she might be pregnant. This photo from today just confirms it, to me! She def looks preggo.

collette on

She def is, an anouncment will be made shortly…

Romy on

Janna, who cares? this isn’t a post for their family to enjoy, this is a post for celeb gossip readers. she doesn’t have to come on these sites to see what people say about her. If she decides to then that’s up to her. Yes she looks pregnant. My daughter’s leg goes out like that to accomodate my belly while I carry her too.

Terri on

I love that purple dress!

J on

Lila why bother instigating it?

Janna on

Lola, honey, you crack me up. I’m guilty, yes, of wishing that people would stop talking about how fat a celebrity may or may not be. And let’s face it, if you’re talking about how someone looks pregnant, but maybe they’re *not* pregnant, then you’re saying they look fatter than normal, have a round belly, look bigger than yesterday, etc. etc. etc. Who does that in real life?!?!? LOL

Seems rude to me, but then again, I don’t believe in saying anything in print that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Obviously, there are yentas who just like to gossip about how someone might have gained 5 pounds.

bex on

Seriously, Haviana’s are worth EVERY last cent you spend on them. I hated thongs before and would never wear them as a child. I spent $20 (AUS) on a pair of these babies and have never looked back! They last forever and are super soft and comfy, my first pair I bought 8 years ago and still look perfect. I have another 6 pairs.

They are practically the Australian national footware, everyone under the age of thirty here has at least one pair! When I have kids, the first thing I will be buying is Havianas!

Canadian Koukla on

I thought she looked pregnant when I saw the pictures of her a couple of days ago in the grey hoodie and now looking at this picture, I would guess that she is pregnant.

Deelia on

I am a normal weight 20-year old girl, and if I were carrying a child like that with arms hunched forward in order to balance, I think I’d have my belly pushed out a little too. Ruby is so cute!

Jill on

I wonder if she, Jennifer Gardner, and Gwen Steffani are all due at the same time??

Ratty on

I must say I agree with you Bex. I’m Aussie too and I literally lived in Havianas my entire uni degree – winter, spring, summer or autumn. I think I own about 20 pairs in every colour under the sun. Best shoes ever invented. The first thing I did when my god-daughter was born was buy a little purple pair for her!

kait on

I agree with Shannon, after seeing both and seeing how big Otis is I kinda think it is a pregnancy, and even though I’m in on the speculation I hate when people say that. But she really looks pregnant – unlike Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, etc – and she could really be with Otis’s birth being long ago enough for her to get back in shape.

Bancie1031 on

Jill – I was actually about to comment the same thing!

CD – that phot was actually the one that got me thinking she WAS pregnant again.

I love this down-to-earth family ….. Ruby is so pretty. I personally would love to see them extend their family😀 Jennifer and Ruby both look great😀

Lola on

She’s not pregnant. Funny how I commented on her this week, and today I saw her at a store and she looks very slim. Not pregnant at all.

Jamie on

Awww, Ruby is adorable!

Alyssa on

What’s so big about pink flip flops? You can buy them for $1 at CVS.

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