Kendra Wilkinson Focuses On Abs Before Baby No. 2

09/02/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Before Kendra Wilkinson tries for a second child, the reality star wants her size two Playboy figure back.

“I’m trying to get my body back into six-pack shape right now. I just want to get back into shape and do me,” the mom of 8-month-old Hank IV told the Johnjay and Rich radio show.

For now, baby remains the number one priority for the reality star, 25, and her hubby, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett.

“We want to make sure we are ready for [another baby] and not be in over our heads,” explained Wilkinson. “Give Hank what he needs first and then focus on number two.”

The Kendra stars have been less than secretive about expressing their desire for another child — but not until 2011.

“We’re thinking next summer for sure. We are definitely planning because we’re having so much fun with little baby Hank. We want to give all the love to him and not take any of that away from him yet.”

— Michelle Ward

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H on

awww bless xxx although only problem is i did that very same thing and the week after i got to my target weight i fell pregnant again lol lol but the second i saw the pink line i felt like all my hard and healthy work must have payed off because here i was again with a teeny bun growing in my flat *ish* tum 😀

i can’t wait to see another bundle from her and hank, good luck kendra xxxxxx

Shauna on

Having a baby has really changed her for the better. It does that. It makes you see what’s really important and it’s your child and your spouce. I admire her for being such a good mother and wife to her boys! Rock On Kendra!

Mina on

Why does she feel the need to be in a certain size or look a certain way….she is going to old, wrinkly and saggy one day anyway and her son is NOT going to care what she looks like or what size she in as long as she is healthy and does a good job at mothering him! I hate when people take time away from their kids to go to the gym. Time is so precious. Nobody knows when they will die and childhood goes SOOO fast. Every moment counts.

She seems like she is so down to earth, but since she built her career on her looks, I feel like she has been brainwashed. Either that or she feels insecure in her relationship. And if that is the case then their marriage wont last. Vows state sickness/health, better/worse, etc….Hank is going to see Kendra at her very worst when she is 80 years old and has boobs that touch her stomach, spider viens, and all the wonderful fixins that come with aging. I suggest she focus on the precious 18 years that she has a hold of her son.

I’m sure I am going to recieve a whole bunch of backlash so let em fly!

Jen DC on

I think every mom needs time away from her family and whether it’s at the gym, going to a spa, at the office (which isn’t really “away”) or some other place where you are simply yourself and not defined solely by your relationships (so-and-so’s wife/mother) it’s not a bad thing. Until it becomes you ignoring your parental or spousal responsibilities in fits of complete and utter selfishness, taking time to do what you enjoy isn’t bad or wrong. Time *is* precious, and that includes time for yourself.

Kendra has apparently been an athlete all her life. For many lifelong athletes, even non-professionals, not playing (or running, or shooting, etc.) is difficult and something that is missed. There’s nothing wrong with her seeking to have a physical component to her life or even wanting to recall her pre-baby body, again, as long as she doesn’t go overboard and lose sight of what’s important, which is her health and the health of her familial relationships.

You won’t get flamed if you don’t take such extreme (read: ridiculous) positions. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be attractive and physically fit and it may well help her marriage with Big Hank, since he’ll still have a wife he (and others) consider sexy. I never get why people – women especially – are negative toward other women who want to be sexy for their mates as well as for themselves. Sure, there is an expectation that your body is going to change as you age, but exercise is one way of maintaining one’s looks. And frankly, it’s a good habit to have.

lala21 on

I actually agree with you Mina, she is obsessed with this number she has in her head, size 2. She talks about her weight in every interview I read . I feel sorry for her also because it seems like she is consumed with loosing her pregnancy weight. I had a baby in March and I know how long it takes, so she needs to give herself time and not be so hard on herself.

Lola Marie on

Whoa, you people really wrote BOOKS about this!! She was a teeny tiny athlete all her life…obsessed with sports…I can see why she would be pressed with being how she once was. Im not sure why that is a bad thing, I personally think she looks WAY better with a little meat on her bones…but it’s her own personal opinion!! She’s become a great mommy & wife…all the best to her & the family!!

Heidi on

I know MANY people who try to get back into shape before having another kid (including myself). Why is that such a big deal?
Some say she is obsessed with weight, well I think she does frequent interviews and it just comes up a lot. But jeez me and my girlfriends are always talking about getting our butts back in shape. Nothing wrong with wanting to look fit.

jennrae on

Yeah, I think I heard somewhere that labor is exhausting and how being in shape and having a strong body makes pregnancy and delivery easier. You don’t have to devote your every waking moment to your child in order to be a good mother–in fact, the best mothers often have lives outside of their children.

Mina on

She IS healthy at the weight she is at.

A mother has every right to have time to herself, but spennding it at a gym to bust your butt to look sexy for someone else and come home exhausted and try to take care of baby is really…sad. She is not embracing who she has become, but instead trying to hold on to someone she WAS. I just hope she doesnt go back to her old partying ways too!

Anonymous on

i’m sure she doesn’t bring up the weight herself. i bet the interviewer asked her about it and she answered. i wish interviews were posted in video form in their entirety so all you ASSumers would quit coming up with your versions of things.

honestly, i think kendra should focus on an education or something. she’s a total airhead. i hope she acts dumb for the camera for laughs because if she’s truly as airheaded as she comes off…..yikes.

Brooke on

I love you Kendra!!!!

Can’t wait to see more pictures of little Hank!

Lots of love!

CelebBabyLover on

Mina- So people shouldn’t exercise?

girlicious on

I totally agree with you Mina…seems Kendra is trying so hard to hang on to what she WAS before she married and settled down…i forsee problems between her and Hank in the future if she doesnt want to TOTALLY accept shes now a wife and mother and that she has evolved from her playboy mansion days…but then again her looks and career is what is supporting their lifestyle as it is right now….guess shes caught up between a rock and hard place…bring on the backlash…hehe

Pam on

I don’t blame Kendra. I have always been tiny,& very active. I was very lucky. After both my children, my weight went right away.Within about 4 wks. I always lost like 10-15lbs extra also.My weight has always been aroung 100-105. Gained over 50 the first time, & over 30 w/the second. Had c section w/both. The only problem I had was w/my tummy. Since my muscles were cut, you have to work harder to get them back in shape. I did not breast feed either.Some people say this helps to loose your baby weight.I personally don’t think it has anything to do with loosing the weight. Mom had 5 children (regular birth’s), she went right back to to her normal weight. Her weight was always 110 or lower. She didn’t BF either. We have always exercised, every day for 30 min.

As for Kendra taking time away from Little Hank to exercise. That’s bull. She is not “taking time” away from her child. He is probably asleep when she exercises. Plus she has said she exercises @ home. I stayed home w/both my children, loved every min. They are both grown now, & have wonderful productive lives.It isn’t healthy to make them your life. You need to have a life besides your children. The children need to have a life outside their parents, even when they are young. I’m talking about children need to learn how to socialize w/children their own age. My OB & their pediatrician tried to tell me this. I didn’t listen @ first. Both Dr.’s tried to tell me they are going to grow up & then what will you do. It took me a while, but I learned. Guess what? It was a BIG difference in the girl when I allowed her to start going to Mother’s Day Out twice a wk.@ 2yrs. She loved it. I learned w/her, the boy had an eaiser time. I think Kendra is doing GREAT. Every one needs to just get off her back. I think Little Hank will be a well adjusted child & adult.

Allie-Rose on

I think Kendra’s “obsession” with getting back to her pre-baby shape is because of her job.
I don’t usually watch (so-called) reality TV, but I stumbled upon an episode of her show from when baby Hank was about 4 months old, and Kendra was crying that there was so much pressure from the industry for her to get back in shape very soon after she had her baby. It was heartbreaking

Sara on

Pam, BFing definitely helps with weight-loss. After my first, I lost all the baby weight plus an additional 13lbs. – and that was without ever exercising and basically living on chocolate… 😉

I think it’s sad that her weight comes up in every interview lately. But I guess if you used to be a Playboy model, everyone expects you to bounce right back. It’s just a shame that she seems to expect the same from herself… Exercising and living healthily is all fine and to be commended, but there is a point where it becomes obsessive. Although I must say she seems to have relaxed about what goals she wants to reach somewhat.

Bancie1031 on

Mina – most women in general like to get back down to the size they were previous to a pregnancy before another pregnancy for a lot of reasons mainly because it’s harder to lose the fat after the fat has been on for so long; plus it’s better not to mention healthier for the next baby for her to be in good shape 😀 hope this answered your question.

Kendra looks great and I love her 😀 I hope she can lose the last few pounds (which is ALWAYS the hardest to lose) before they add to their beautiful family …. hope we get to see little Hank here soon 😀

H on

always the same few…..

God forbid she wants to be that size becuase it makes her happy…she is just being women lol all women and ladies don’t lie we always bitch about that last 5 pounds lol and kendra is the same buuuuuttttt we don’t get interviewed every 5 mins and asked about our weight every 2.

just because your a healthy weight does not mean your the weight or shape you want to be and it doesn’t make you a bad mum , just makes you human, no one has a right to tell a mum to stop worry about her body because its her body and its up to her how she wants it too look and if its important to her who are we to say diffrent?

Just be sopportive as you would want some one to be of you.

Lola on

she’s still not back to her before pregnancy weight? I keep seeing her in magazines that say “how Kendra got her figure back” How I lost 35 lbs” and she still fat?
I like her…she’s one of my favorites

megan fox on

Kendra is a beautiful person no matter what size she is…but if she feels like she needs to lose weight then let her and plus we are not always in the lime light like she is.

Anna on

She does sound a bit obsessed with her weight but it makes sense as her body is what she built her “career”around. Playboy girl, sex tape etc. It’s her “talent” so she needs to get it back.

Jereldan on

Mina, you obviously don’t ever workout. Exercising gives you ENERGY, Mina. To go work out and come home to tend to your child’s needs would be preferable than otherwise–you’ll have more energy than if you hadn’t done it. Healthy moms make better moms. And “size 2” may come up for Kendra, but it’s called a GOAL. We all have those–or we’re supposed to, anyway. When you have a child you make them your #1 priority…you don’t throw out every other aspect of the life you had before the child came along.

Sherry on

Every woman has the right to feel good about her own weight whether it’a a size 4 or 14..if Kendra’s used to being athletic and fit it’s her right to want to get back that way again.

Why is it “sad” Mina..being fit and healthy should be embraced at every’s not just about weight loss.

Sherry on

@ Jereldan, I agree..usually the only people that have a problem with others working out and staying in shape are those who are NOT!!

jen on

She went on and on about embracing her new curves even saying she didn’t want her old body back but now it’s oh I must be a size 2…she is sending a nasty message. It’s sad she so concerned about looks and weight-

Sam on

In my opinion, just because some of you don’t care to lose the weight and whatever, doesn’t mean everyone else should have that same state of mind. She was a size 2 before the baby and she wants to get back to that – what in the world is so wrong about that? That’s normal. Sure Hank will see all her flaws later in life when things are sagging and etc. but why does she have to settle for that now? She’s in her 20’s, not 80. She is a wonderful mother and has completely changed for the better since getting married and having little Hank, spending a few hours at the gym doesn’t make her a terrible person. Some of you need something else to complain about, and stop hating on people you don’t even know.


One thing nobody has pointed out on this blog is very disturbing, but here is a fact..parents that incorporate regular physical fitness into a family activity are a GREAT role model for their children. Beings that she has always enjoyed being active and her hubby is a football player, it makes sense that she would want to get back to exercising and be a healthy, active person again, having a child doesn’t change the fact everyone benefits from a regular exercise.

Leave her alone, she is not being vain about her body or her looks, she just wants to get back to her normal size where she feels good about herself. How is that wrong???

Tammy on

I don’t blame her for wanting to get back into shape before having another baby. A baby wreaks havoc on your body. Not everyone has a baby and thinks it’s an acceptable excuse to let herself go. I can’t wait to see baby #2, though, because Hank IV is one of the most beautiful children I’ve ever seen.

Mrs. R on

If having a 6 pack of abs makes her feel beautiful, there is not really anything all that wrong with it.

She never said she wants to be 70 lbs. She said she wants to have her pre pregnancy body back, which was an athletic one. Of all the girls next door, she had the trimmest figure because she was all lean muscle. The boobs throw everyone off because it gives her a curve.

She’s in an industry that only values trim, slim figures. She’s married to an athlete. She’s 25 years old. She was a sports fanatic before and a total athlete.

It’s sad that she has made so many comments about her weight because it does make her seem insecure… but she’s just the kind of girl who has no filter on her words…

I don’t think her comments should be taken so seriously from everyone. She seems like she’s a very kind-hearted person, and would probably feel badly if she thought she were upsetting people in this way.

Mina on

I never said let herself go…or that moms should get fat or stay fat. Kendra is healthy. She is trying to push the limits. It is easier for a an obese woman to lose weight because her body is trying to get to a “normal, healthy” weight. Kendra is already at that normal healthy weight, and THAT is why her body is having a hard time dropping those last 5-10 pounds…because her body doesnt want to! Once you have a baby, your body is used to it, and prepares your body for more children by holding on to calories, etc…motherhood changes your body no matter how hard you work out and she needs to accept that!

deborah on

Mina, maybe you don’t need to work out and are blessed with a healthy family genes but I work out so I can be around for my boys in the future…heathly woman= healthy & HAPPY mommy/wife! My boys 5 and 2 years old love to go running with mommy or when I leave for the gym, they ask if I had a good workout when I get back home. Please don’t be so narrow minded and think that all women who want to get back in THEIR size takes away form their kids.

toren on

Kendra…go-ahead-on-girl, youre lookin FAB, apparently rockin yer man, and tendin to yer handsome “lil guy”, NOT ta mention looking great…be well and best wishes!

kim on

i wish kendra and hank all the best they are wonderful parents and baby hank is gorgeous

jamtx on

Seriously people need to get a life. It is her life, if she wants to look a certain way who freaking cares. Obviously the problem is with you not her…..
Oh and how can anyone predict what her marriage will be like, do you live with her? GET A LIFE!

Misery loves company I suppose.

Elizabeth on

I think she talks about her weight in every interview because that’s what people want to know about and that’s what people ask her. So what if she’s focusing on a number? If that’s where she feels most comfortable then so be it. If she’s not comfortable in her skin as she is, then let her change it. And as for changing her mind about wanting to keep her curves? It’s her choice. If she changes her mind every day about what size she wants to be, then that’s her problem and no one else’s. And I agree with what others are saying, healthy mom’s equals healthy kids.

Nia on

Mina, Kendra has always been a very active person. I don’t see that changing. I agree on the point that she’s already healthy and fine the way she is, but people shouldn’t just stop exercising once they hit a healthy target weight. Exercising releases endorphins that help your mood, it gives you more energy, and it keeps you in good physical shape. (I’m not even talking about appearance wise, but heart-wise…etc) So what? She wants to get back into her athletic shape.. good for her. At least she isn’t starving herself or crash dieting to do it…

Lila on

Good for her for waiting until if/when SHE is ready to have another child. Honestly, the minute your first one starts to roll over you start getting asked “when are you going to have another”. There is nothing wrong with having just one child, or spacing them out so you acting get to enjoy them (and your husband).

Katie on

Mina – you’re a moron. People exercise to live a healthy lifestyle, not just to look good (although who can blame a woman for wanting to look her best?). I have only been married one year with no children. But, I guarantee you that once I have a child, I will be back at the gym. The more physically fit, the better you are at taking care of and keeping up with your child.

You must be really fat, huh? To bring a woman down for wanting to take care of herself?

Melissa on

I don’t usually comment, but I feel the same way as Kendra does! I don’t want to get pregnant again until I get back to the size that I was originally… I breastfed and lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks after the baby. My weight continued to go down, but as soon as I stopped breastfeeding, I went back up a few pounds. If I were in the spotlight my desire to lose weight would increase exponentially. In one of her episodes, she clearly states “why are other people more concerned about me losing weight right away more than I am!?” I feel bad, but I guess it comes with the celebrity status. I think she is hilarious- and motherhood suits her so well. Her family is adorable, and I think that she has definitely matured. We all have room to grow. Go Kendra!

Mikaela on

Mina- I seriously can’t believe how critical and UNREALISTIC your comment is. Are you serious about hating when people take time away from their kids to go to the gym?! Did you forget that going to the gym keeps you healthy? God forbid you do THAT for your kid, seriously, get over yourself. And I see absolutely nothing wrong with looking good for your hubby and much less feeling good about yourself! I personally want to work out and get to a certain weight before my 2nd so that when that does happen, I wont have double the weight to lose. From what I’ve seen of Kendra on her show she and her husband seem to love each other very much, and they are very affectionate with one another. So quit hating so much on a woman who has her stuff together! I don’t idolize Kendra or look up to her particularly but she seems like a good person who isn’t hurting anyone..! 😉

Anna on

Mina – Spoken like a true fat ass!!!! The school yards and parks are full of fat/obese mothers who I’m willing to bet are just like you – hide behind their children and loose themselves completely!!!! They stop being wives, don’t make time for their girlfriends….Then they wonder why their husbands are having affairs!? Who wants to live with their mother when you’re an adult man????
I myself have 3 kids and have busted my ass in shape after each of them! I’m healthy feel great, my kids are proud of me and my husband thinks I’m sexy as hell!!!!

Stop with the “fat people excuses” : ie. “I hate when people take time away from their kids to go to the gym. Time is so precious. Nobody knows when they will die and childhood goes SOOO fast. Every moment counts.”

– Spend 3 hours a week at the gym and see how it changes your life!!!!!!

Sara on

Don’t put on so much weight pregnant again Kendra, and you might not have this problem next time…

J on

I think that Kendra looks great! I dont think that she should worry about getting to a certain size. She can be in just as good of shape and be just as health as she was but in a different body. She had a kid and her shaped probably changed and there is nothing wrong with that. I think that right now the weight that she is at looks better then she did before. I hope she keeps some of her curvs because they look great on her!

6453 on

To Mina and the ones that agree with her statement… Are you freakin’ kidding me???? You hate it when mother’s take time away from their kids to go to a gym?! How fat are you people??? I am a size two and I am probably the hottie walking down the street that YOUR husband is staring at because they are married to slobs who look like you! This country is in the shape its in because brains and good sense seem to be shrinking. Every mother needs to stay in shape… its for your health you idiots! Not everyone that is a size two only cares about how they look… but don’t we look good! You people need to get off your fat couch and go to the GYM, where you need to be!!

Loralee on

It’s so stupid that people like Giselle and other anorexic models go around telling people how easy birth is and losing weight is. truthfully, it’s not. weight is very genetic. Kendra needs to take her own time to lose whatever weight she needs to lose.

Mina on

She can work out to stay healthy and as someone pointed out, involve her son. Go walking or running with him and that way you can have quality bonding time and teach your kids good health too.

My problem is that she is focusing on a number….weight wise and clothing size wise. So what if she cant hit that goal? Will she feel like a failure? Will she not be happy with herself and what she looks like?

I am saying she is healthy where she is now and she should accept that. And running around at the park with your child is exersise…she doesnt need to leave her child with a nanny to go to a gym and do routines. In fact, the body gets used to routine and weight wont come off. There are better ways to handle motherhood and excersise by combining them. It is her life, and I am sure she will do what she wants, as will all of you. Its not like my comment is going to change anyones mind, I was just giving advice and stating my opinion. Sheesh!

Kimberly on

It doesn’t matter to me what size she is, but I thought she had said in another article that she liked being a little bit bigger than she was before and that she wanted to stay that way? I think she looks fantastic the way she is now.

Jenn on

Kendra looks absolutely amazing and it was so nice to see her get back to her shape in a healthy manner — not like some of the Hollywood moms. She looks beautiful now, but I completely understand wanting to get your body back! I did that and the moment I slipped on those jeans I had been using to measure my progress, I became pregnant. I swear, I think it happened THAT NIGHT! But the nice thing about being in such good shape and at a healthy weight was that I was much more knowledgable about what to eat and how to keep fit during my second pregnancy. I gained 75 lbs with my first pregnancy and only 30 with my second. My girls are 26 months apart and even though it wasn’t what we planned — we had planned to start trying to get pregnant right about the time our second daughter was born — I wouldn’t change a thing. I was meant to raise these two little monkies together and I couldn’t be happier! My husband loves being surrounded by “his harem” (that’s MY term for us) and wouldn’t change a thing. Best wishes to all the moms out there — born of the belly or adoption, all mommies and babies are born in the heart.

Megan on

Just as long as Hank is happy with just the way u are.

deborah on

Your posting:
I’m sure I am going to recieve a whole bunch of backlash so let em fly!

– Mina on September 2nd, 2010

I was just giving advice and stating my opinion. Sheesh!

– Mina on September 3rd, 2010

If you can dish it, my godness,at least eat it!

TEXAS13 on

Sure seems like a lot of work to get back down to that size 2, that she thinks that she needs to be, & then turn around & get pregnant. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I think she is beautiful just as she is…

deborah on

Texas13…if you are in good shape before you get pregnant (no matter how many times you get prebnant)you can bounce back to looking/feeling/being healthy,does that make sense now?
When fat people get pregnant, they don’t change their diet (I hear many of them justify eating MORE becuse they are 2 to feed, etc)and after the baby is born, they are still fat, don’t change their diet and teach their kids to eat like them too. Hopefully they gorw old to see their children become adults,but some don’t.

Mina on

deborah, on Sept 2nd I was stating my opinion that I knew was harsh but I was being brutally honest….and I knew would I would recieve backlash. Women get very defensive on this board when someone doesnt compliment, comliment, compliment. And I know women get defensive over weight issues and pregnancy weight issues.

That is why I said that…what don’t you understand?

Amilia on


you obviously know NOTHING about truly being healthy because your size and/or weight doesn’t mean CRAP when it comes to being healthy.

I hate when I see JEALOUS women hate on other women who want to look their best. Just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you have to cut your hair off, sit on the couch crying about your baby weight, and wear mom jeans.

Kudos to Kendra for still taking time for HER…even if some women can’t handle it.

jennrae on

Mina, you seem to not understand that you can’t work out until you’re a certain size, quit working out, and then expect to stay that particular size. There’s an amount of upkeep that must be done. “She’s healthy enough” for you?! Maybe she wants to be more than just “healthy enough.” Of course she cares more about her body than you do, and even the skinniest of girls still want to lose five more pounds.

Mina on

Amilia you need to re-read what I wrote. I was the one SAYING that she is healthy and KENDRA is the one obsessing about a size number.

YourDoc on

Mina~ Uneducated people like you are the reason that half of Americans are obese (making our way to morbidly obese) and the future and current doctors of America (like me), get stuck having to deal with non-compliant, unmotivated, overweight patients.

For your information: For cardiovascular health, the CDC recommends AT LEAST 30min of moderate exercise (you could talk while doing this but not sing) 5 times/week OR 75 min/week of vigorous activity (ie: running). To achieve GREATER health benefits they double these times. Now can honestly tell me that “running around at the park with your child is exercise”?? (especially when your baby is 9 months old like Kendra’s…Hank IV must be a mover!) I don’t think so….the only type of person that would benefit substantially (in which I mean become winded by this activity) is an obese individual. Kendra is not, you….?????

People should also do AT LEAST 2 days/week of moderate to vigorous strength training. This includes lifting weights, push-ups, sit-ups, etc. The body does get used to some routines, but this usually only comes into play when people get into the extremely low body fat percentages. It is better that she is more concerned about a SIZE than a weight number. Muscle weighs more than fat, which I believe Kendra understands because she used to have a very muscular and toned body (not “skinny”). Therefore, going for a size, which is obviously attainable for her since she was previously there, is a good thing. As Jereldan said, a goal is important….it motivates you….which I’m sure we all need!

Lastly, pregnancy does change your body, but it does not give you an excuse to stop exercise and being healthy. Because Kendra is a active/athletic person and probably wants to exercise as much as the CDC recommends, she will most likely drop the weight because that is her body type. She does not need to kill herself to lose the weight….if most people exercised as much as recommended, then the need for doctors like me would probably be a lot less. And the sad thing is that many people in America consider those, that do work out just the recommended amount, obsessed with their bodies/exercising/losing weight, etc.

I will get off my soap box now, however, for Mina (and those of you who agree with her) I suggest you visit a doctor and have a physical, making sure to check your BMI (should be less than 25), lipids, glucose, and electrolytes. I have a feeling we may have a few undiagnosed type II diabetics reading this.

As for Mina, if you have any of the above (BMI>25….go calculate it online!!, hypercholesterolemia, or diabetes) I would SUGGEST you stop talking and start walking!

deborah on

I don’t understand because you didn’t explain what you just explain to me about women being defensive etc..I can’t read your mind only your post and the 1st post you wrote (you must have been in a bad mood) didn’t come off the way you probably wanted..and I see EVERYONE else must feel the same way I do..THAT’S WHY I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU.
The old adage comes to mind..”If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch”

Rye on

I can’t stand this girl and I have no idea why ANYONE would care about what she does with her body. She was one of 3 women an old man was sleeping with and that is what made her famous. YUCK. On top of it she has the mentality of an eggshell. I don’t get why people like her.

Maria on

If you want to listen to the whole interview all you have to do is go on and you can listen to it. Personaly I see nothing wrong with her wanting to get back into shape. And these commenters that keep commenting about obsessing and spending too much time in the gym, she didn’t mention anything of the sort. She’s concintrating on eating healthy and spending some time getting to where she’s happy with herself. It isn’t just for her husband but for her.

Mina on

deborah everyone is entitled to their own opinion…including me, so yeah whatever!

As for everyone talking about obesity…where the heck is that comming from? We are talking about Kendra saying she is trying to get back into a size 2 when she is already healthy. It has nothing to do with going to a gym twice a week to MAINTAIN weight. She is trying to LOSE more weight.

So for all you girls screaming about how good you look, that is pretty darn funny considering your attitude is fat and ugly. O and I am not fat…I just dont feel the need to say someone elses husband is looking at me or checking me out. You all prove that you are shallow and only about looks. Well have fun with your husbands when you start to wrinkle and he is checking out the younger fit babes. LoL

Lauren on

The only thing I agree with Mina about is the fact that because Kendra is technically already a healthy weight, she is having a harder time taking the weight off. I am still a healthy weight for someone my height, but over the course of two years, I have gained twelve pounds and am not as thin as I once was. I have been trying to lose ten pounds for months now-cheating more veggies, cutting back on high calorie foods, adding more exercise to my routine-and am seeing steady but VERY slow results. When a person is overweight and they start to make lifestyle changes, the weight falls off almost immediately and gets gradually harder to lose. So when a person only has a small amount of weight to lose, it’s often the hardest, hence why Kendra (and I) are in the same predicament.

I see your point, Mina, but the way you expressed it the first time was so poorly worded that I don’t blame anyone here for jumping on you. Saying that you hate when mothers take the time to gain physical and mental health by keeping their bodies moving and in shape and implying that they should be chained to their children 24/7 is an absolute joke and an insult to mothers, saying that their entire lives should be about the children to the point that taking the time to better their own health is time that is wasted. Do you really not see how incredibly absurd that sounds? And people wonder why two thirds of Americans are fat. With that attitude, it’s really no wonder.

sinclair on

Don’t put on so much weight pregnant again Kendra, and you might not have this problem next time…

– Sara on September 3rd, 2010″

thank you, Sara. Kendra continued her terrible nutritional habits that she had while at the Playboy mansion, then cried over spilled milk when she blew up. So what did she think would happen after several months of no activity and shoving junk food (burgers, fries, and lord knows what else) down her throat? I try to sympathize with her, but she openly gushed about her junk food cravings during her pregnancy, like sending her husband on late-night runs for certain meals. Hopefully she learned that pregnancy is not a license to eat.

Crystal on

@Mina-I understand where you are coming from. I think the other posters are being really mean and unfair. They should go back and really re-read your post to fully understand your pov. I also think that while Kendra may have put on more than the recommended weight while she was pregnant, it’s not up to us to tell her how much weight she should or should not put on. I know some people will say “if she didn’t put on as much as she did she wouldn’t be complaining now about how hard it is to lose” and this is true. However, I think the most important thing is Kendra feeling confident in herself to share with us her the ups and downs you go through when trying to lose baby weight. I don’t understand why she and Hank are discussing a new baby. Baby Hank is only 8 months old. I know she wants her kids close in age so they can be “close” but why not enjoy your first born for a while before even thinking about having another baby. People don’t take the time to enjoy having one for awhile before their pregnant with baby #2 or baby #3. They are only little for a VERY short time and I believe it’s important for children to have 1 on 1 time with mommy and daddy before they’re having to share the spotlight. I could see if she was 40 and her biological clock was ticking but she’s only 25. They have plenty of time for more children. Enjoy lil Hank Kendra! It’s super important! 🙂

H on

Mina – the reason almost every one with a heart has jumped on you is because you are telling a new mum that she shouldn’t want to make herself happy, by telling her she should just be ok with what her body looks like now you are taking away her right to feel beautiful.

how would you feel if you where as the ym and some one asked you why you wern’t at hom with he baby? or a the hairdresses or in a shop …mums can and should have time for themselves and if she wants to spend it ina gym thats up to her and if it makes her feel good even better.

You can cry its your opinion its your right to spout it to all ears that litsen but you then have understand the rest of us think you just full of it. or jealous. or heartless. because those are our opinions and we can state them to all who want to listen.
I don’t think that i just think you like to stir up trouble as you have done before. but if thats how you like to spend your free time and it makes you happy. go for it dear. 🙂 what ever rocks your socks.

rosie on

wow mina then you must hate me! thanks to breastfeeding and extended nursing ( my son is now 30 months we are still nursing) i lost ALL 75 pounds of my baby weight PLUS ten more.i dont FIT into a size two, one or zero i have to shop in the childrens and petites department! i did yoga three times a week, and i eat a clean organic healthy diet. god forbid i take care of myself so i can take care of my child.

on another note, kendra wouldnt have such a struggle with her stomach if she didnt have an elective c section. i had a nine pounder as well, but not once did i even think about a c section and my stomach is in full six pack form, has been since 1 yr ppd. good luck kendra! maybe youl try a vbac next time.

Kristin on

Her c-section was not elective.

Mina on

Rosie…no I dont hate you. In fact I applaud your reasoning behind taking care of yourself….to be healthy. Some women on here are striving to be super skinny and then shouting that other women’s husbands are checking them out, without reguards to that other womens husbands LOVE them for who they are and not what they look like.

I have a huge nose…I NEVER considered a nose job. My husband loves me for me. Everyone will one day wither in looks, so if a relationship is based off of that then uh-oh. Divorce rate is sooooo high and it is because everyone has a false notion to look a certain way. Make-up, models, all these weight loss scams, etc…

Taking care of yourself is one thing….and Kendra is healthy. Trying to excessivly drop weight that your body NEEDS just so you can look good for OTHER people is sad.

AE on

Right on, Rye. I don’t understand the interest in this girl at all. If she wants to be a size two for herself, and it’s healthy, fine. But if it’s to please that old pervert Hugh Hefner, blech!! Don’t these women realize that men like him are misogynists at heart?

And while I don’t totally agree with Mina, some of the comments here are thoroughly mean and over the top: “fat ass,” “I am a size two and I am probably the hottie walking down the street that YOUR husband is staring at because they are married to slobs who look like you.”

Well, ladies, I wouldn’t pat yourselves on the backs too much. If you think being trim and beautiful is the secret to a happy marriage, well it’s not that simple. Ever heard of Elin Woods? Sandra Bullock? I was younger, slimmer, more educated, better looking, nicer, etc… etc… than my ex husband, and it did not guarantee anything. He was abusive to me no matter how I looked or acted. I’m all for good health, but I wouldn’t base any of your behavior upon the teachings of a girl brainwashed by a perverted old man.

AE on

I agree with Rye. You can have your opinions on weight and health, but I would not base it on someone who was brainwashed and exploited by an old, perverted, misogynist.

And 6453, you are really shallow and mean-spirited: “I am a size two and I am probably the hottie walking down the street that YOUR husband is staring at because they are married to slobs who look like you!” Well, dear, you just stay twenty-one and a size 2. That is the secret to marital success. And keep trying to get the attention of married men. I’m sure you have a lot of friends and great relationships! Yes, let’s all listen to women who are followers of Hugh and Dr. Ryan: men who hate women at heart.

Mina on

AE, well said. I agree with you.

Rach on

Hey I cannot judge her because I am doing the same thing ! I don’t see why anyone who could be upset by these things. I mean, everyday you see women who have never stepped foot into a gym going to work out because they found out they were pregnant. For some its healthier and it does help it reducing the number of pounds you have to lose after baby.

My reasons are, I was normal before baby number one,maybe 20 pounds over where I wanted to be, I was put on early bedrest and a special diet eating much more than I was used to with little exercise, then postpartem I had to deal with the hormonal issues, poopload of blood pressure meds etc. and getting diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, while gaining a lot of weight and losing more than half of my hair etc. For baby number 2 I really want to get healthy before we even try. That way if I am put on bedrest again, I may have less to lose and I can do light exercises like yoga etc. Sounds weird to some people yes.. clearly you have not had to look down at a scale that before pregnancy said 130 pounds, to have it read 200 pounds at a year postpartem :S

Tee on

Whoa, this is insanely out of hand. Mina made a harsh comment and made it clear that she expected backlash for it but at NO point did she say that Kendra was unhealthy. In fact, she said just the opposite. Calling her a ‘fat ass’ and a ‘moron’ is downright hateful and completely unneccessary. I’m assuming you all are grown woman so please start acting like them. I might not have appreciated the way Mina worded her comment but you can rest assured that I have no plans to call her or anyone else names. Sometimes the people that leave comments on this site absolutely shock me.

Mina on

Thanx Tee

Its funny that the women screaming insults will be the first to say that women should not judge other womens bodies. So they contradict themselves.

I wasnt trying to judge Kendra’s body. She is the one judging her own by trying to get even thinner when she is already thin and most importantly, healthy. It is women like that who set themselves and others up for body image problems. Thinner is not always more beautiful. I’m not saying be obese! I just think women and their men should accept the bodies they have and not try to be someone they are not. Maintaining a healthy weight is one thing. Trying to excessivly lose is another and I think Kendra has crossed that line. She has a child now…I just hope she is not setting him up for body image problems. I would hate to see any of her future daughters in say 15 years with a mom who strives to be ultra thin and unaccepting of her body. Totally my opinion. =)

CelebBabyLover on

Tee- I agree! I didn’t agree with Mina’s inital comments myself (I still don’t agree with ALL of her points, but now that she’s explained herself a bit more, I DO see and understand where she’s coming from with some of her comments…..and I even partially agree with some of them!), and I can understand why people disagreed with her so strongly. However, disagreeing with someone is one thing, calling them names is quite another.

I think it’s important to remember that we’re all entitled to our opinion, and we’re also entitled to disagree with other people’s opinions, but we are NOT entitled to call people names or make nasty comments about them just because we disagree with them (or at any time, for that matter!).

Also, to put it bluntly, we may be grown women here (and a few men as well. I’ve seen posts from a couple guys here.), but sometimes we act like schoolgirls (and boys) in this comment section……and that’s NOT a good thing! We need to grow up and act like the adults we are! 🙂