Who Was Chad Lowe’s Ringbearer? Daughter Mabel!

09/01/2010 at 10:00 AM ET

Being a ringbearer is a big job — especially when it’s for your own parents — but 15-month-old Mabel Painter Lowe was up to the task! The daughter of Chad Lowe and Kim Painter played the role at the couple’s wedding on Saturday at Terranea Resort in Los Angeles. Also participating? Actor Rob Lowe, who was best man for his brother.

Gina Lee

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Momof3girls on

What an adorable little girl!!! She has the sweetest face!!! Congratulations to the Family!!!

Meesh on

Very pretty baby!

Lis on

Why wouldn’t she be the flower girl????

megan on

“Why wouldn’t she be the flower girl????”

You’re being too nitpicky.

Tracy on

Maybe because carrying the rings was a lot more symbolic than throwing flower petals on the floor.

Karen on

Wow, gorgeous family! She is way prettier than his last wife, Hilary.

Alyssa on

such a precious face!!

Jenn on

What a doll 🙂

Sarah K. on

Lis, it’s probably because she’s only 15 months old. Walking down the aisle holding a pillow is a lot easier than walking down the aisle while remembering to throw flower petals.

aj on

Gah! What a beautiful little girl! Which mom and dad are beautiful too.

JMO on

she’s a cute little one.

Erika on

Lis, it’s probably because, like Sarah mentioned, it’s an easier job for a 15 month old. Also, I think it has more meaning. A flower girl really just looks pretty and throws flowers for the most part. A ring bearer delivers the rings. So it’s more symbolic.

Looks like a beautiful wedding. Mabel is a beautiful little girl.

Emily on

She’s an absolute doll! Such a cutie pie. 😀

Cate on

Congratulations to a beautiful family! I think Kim resembles Melissa Rycroft.

Shannon on

Beautiful family!

CelebBabyLover on

She’s adorable!

Sarah K.- Thank you! I have to admit that I initally wonder why she was the Ringbearer and not the flower girl, too. But after reading your comment, I understand and I agree with you.

Hea on

Are there always ringbearers and flower girls at American weddings?

Luna on

Oh. My. Goodness. That little girl is the frickin CUTEST THING! Look at those little cheeks! And I agree, a ringbearer is easier, and more symbolic. And besides, Chad and Kim could have had a niece or nephew that wanted to be the flower girl/boy and Mabel didn’t really have an opinion. Just a thought.

Erika on

Hea- No, not always. It depends on the individual wedding and family. I have been to several weddings without them. Usually it’s if a family is closely related to children whose parents are in the wedding, the kids have a ‘job’ too. Or if the bride and groom already have children, then they want to involve their kids.

Jennifer on

@Karen what I horrible, hateful thing to say…

Congrats to the family! She makes a beautiful ringbearer and a much more personal and meaningful job than a flower girl.
Remember all the support that Angelina gets for letting Shiloh dress “like a boy” Lets try to keep things consistent shall we?? Girls can be ringbearers too.

Lauren on

I’ve always thought that Kim is so pretty, but she literally looks radiant here. And Mabel is easily one of the cutest celebrity babies. Very happy that Chad got the baby he has always wanted and hope that they have more 🙂 Congrats to the family!

Sophia on

Yikes, what a perfect baby girl! What a sweet little face!

Tee on

Lis- Just for the record, I don’t think your comment was nitpicky at all. That’s the first thing that crossed my mind too and there was nothing rude about the way you asked a simple question.

I never would have thought to have a girl as my ring bearer. I think it’s really sweet that baby girl got to carry Mom and Dad’s rings!

BP on

That must have been the cutest sight ever!!!

eve on

That is a beautiful little girl!!

ScrapHappyMom on

Cute baby with such an ugly name! Poor kid.

zuzu on

Chad looks deeply, deeply happy! That is so great.

kmds on

How can she go wrong with the Lowe genes?!?

Lori on

@ScrapHappyMom….I love the name Mabel. It is classic and sweet. And she will grow into it. I am guessing that you named your kids whatever was the trend at the time. That way when the teacher calls out their name…5 kids raise their hands! Yippee for you! My kids will always be the only one in their class with their name!

nana11 on

what a beautiful baby. Congrats to all

coffeebean on

what an adorable baby! whoever made the comment about kim looking like melissa rycroft is ridiculous. she has to be at least 15 years older, come on…

Steph on

That’s the sweetest little face, I love her!!

Tara on

I’m so happy that Chad has found happiness again and has been blesses with such a precious little girl! Best wishes to the whole family 🙂

annie on

So happy for Chad! His daughter is so adorable!

rose on

She is a cutie,, it’s so nice to see Chad happy at last!

Anonymous on

good luck and the baby is beautiful!!!

Rebecca on

Congratulations Chad and Kim. Your daughter is the most adorable little girl I have seen in a very long time. I wish you and your family a lifetime of happiness.

elliemae on

The name Mabel is not my favorite but it is a normal, classic name that is not overused. Better Mabel than being the 12th Ava in her class.

Sarah on

What a beautiful photo!! Anyone know where little Mabel’s outfit was from??? – too darling!!