Spotted: Jennifer Garner’s Costumed Cutie

09/01/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Splash News Online

Taking a break from shooting Arthur in New York, Jennifer Garner plays dress-up with 4½-year-old daughter Violet Anne — in a mini-apron! — Monday in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Last week, we spotted the actress and her elder daughter enjoying a horse-drawn carriage ride in Central Park — and exchanging high-fives!

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Cynthia on

OMG, she’s too big to be carried around.

Anonymous on

Violet looks like a mini- Anna Paquin in this picture.

Jessica on

Oh get over it already!!!

I carry my 4 year old is the mood strikes me. What is so freakin’ wrong with it?!?!?! Enjoy every bit of them being young while you can!

Jessica on

Oh and BTW…Violet is beautiful and Jen ROCKS!!!!

Pamela on

There’s nothing wrong with holding your child, especially if you’re a celebrity. And didn’t Jen have a stalker recently? I think it’s totally justifiable

Lis on

I agree with Jessica! 4 year olds definitely shouldn’t be carried all the time, but I think holding them every so often is sweet and you need to savor their “littleness” while you can 🙂 They grow too fast! Besides, it’s practically just a hug with her feet off the ground 😉

Leah on

That outfit is called a dirndl, German dress girls wear.

Lila on

They are so cute and bring a smile to my face when I see them! Jen obviously loves being a mom and there is NOTHING wrong with holding your child or carrying them if you want to. There are far worse things you can do as a parent. Sheesh.

Bancie1031 on

I know Jenn is smiling but she still looks stressed to me …. hope she’s not putting too much on her plate
😀 Violet is a little doll …. I’ve always said she’s Jenn’s mini-me but the closer I look at her I do see Ben in her …. she definitely has Jennifer’s smile no doubt. Maybe the older she gets the more she looks like her daddy ….
Love this family they are just SOOO adorable!

H on

i agree, they are our children we can carry them when they want or when feel like it, however can we please remember tis when katie carries suri xxx its a little unfair she gets soo much flack but jen gets off scot free……

our kids, our arms and we don’t need any one telling is what to do with either!! lol x

Anni on

Oh how cute she is wearing a Dirndl ❤ Beautiful!

Caz on

If I had a huge hoard of paparazzi tailing me and photographing me like Jennifer does with her young child around, I’d be carrying my son as well, it’s for their safety more than anything.

I can’t carry my 4 year old little boy like that anymore as he’s a bit big for me but I often piggy-back him about, we enjoy the closeness, and they’re little for such a small time, why not?

Lauren on

shes almost 5 for crying out loud. put her down.

Jennifer on

Oh give me a break. She’s only 4 and being chased by guys with huge cameras. Hold and carry them while you can and while they will let you. One day they’ll really be too big.

Jenny on

@ Lauren and Cynthia, you have no right to tell people what they can or can’t do. If the paparazzi is chasing you around and trying to take photos of you and your child, then you can do whatever the hell you want. Stop being whiney and judgemental.

cris on

I think the reason Katie gets more comments about her carrying Suri is because she carries Suri like a little baby, with her blanket wrapped around her and hand on her head.

Nina on

These comments become more and more ridiculous. Since there’s nothing obvious to criticize, people have to search for the most trivial of things to nit pick.

If you don’t want to carry your son or daughter around, don’t. You have no say it what Jennifer chooses to do with her child. She’s four; not fourteen. Since Jennifer’s constantly hounded by paparazzi, it’s much more efficient for her to carry Violet and be on her merry way as quick as possible with the least amount of photographs taken.

Deelia on

I would definitely be carrying my child if I were Jen – totally justifiable. I mean, she’s JUST a five-year-old; think realistically about how precious a little girl is at this age with all those intense paparazzo and a potential stalker around. Who knows? This child is absolutely gorgeous – totally a mini Anna Paquin! Too cute! Also, sidenote, I love Jen’s glasses. Does anybody know if they’re Ray-Bans or Tom Ford or something completely different? LOVE THEM.

Daisy! on

The first thing I noticed is how gorgeous Violets hair is. I’m jealous. She is such a beautiful girl.

Also, don’t tell the police but I have been known at times to carry my 5year old nephew. If we’ve been out for longer than expected or are runnig late, even just that he is tired. He is only going to be carry-able for so long and any older and they will be having none of it.

CelebBabyLover on

Nina- I agree! Also, I must ask why the huge-double standard. Jennifer gets criticized for carrying Violet, Katie gets criticized for carrying Suri….but yet other celebs carry their preschoolers and no one says a word. Angelina Jolie was even spotted about a month ago carrying BOTH Zahara (who, incidentally, is almost a full year older than Violet. Zahara was born January 8, 2005, and Violet December 1, 2005) and Shiloh……and nobody batted an eye (that particular picture was not posted here, but there were articles about Angelina that were posted around that same time on here….and nobody even mentioned the carrying. Plus nobody on other sites seemed to bat an eye, either)!

For the record, I don’t see anything wrong with any celebrity carrying their preschooler. I’m just wondering why there’s such a huge double-standard!

Jennifer on

They are so cute! I love this family! I carry my 4-year old daughter every now and then. We have a baby, too…and my 4 year old loves to be close to me. Of course, I can’t do it like I used to… far as Jen and Violet go…if I had the paps following me and my child…I would want her as close to me as possible. They can be ruthless!

Ella on

Oh my gosh – did you see Marcia Cross carrying her girl? Why not start the discussion all over again???
It is ridiculous to even get into this – Jen, Kate, Marcia and all the moms out there (me too, I just carried my 3 year old from the car to the house) carry your kids, nieces, nephews, husbands, friends and dogs/cats as long as you want and be able to do so!!
There is nothing better than having your kids’ arms flung around your neck and be able to give them a peck on the neck!

Christina on

@daisy!…hysterical!!! 🙂

Lauren on

the paparazzi is no excuse for carrying an almost 5 year old.

Lila on

I’m telling Daisy! LOL.

Sara on

Since when do I need an “excuse” to be “allowed” by the Mom police to carry my child? o.O

Some people clearly have issues if a mother carrying her child is enough to get their knickers in a twist.

Lee on

LOL Sara… Seriously what is the big deal with Jennifer carrying her child? It is her CHILD and her ARMS. If you are not comfortable carrying a four year old then don’t. Let other people live as they please.

Erin on

I’m more concerned about an adult not capitalizing than I am about a nearly five year old being carried. Ahem, Lauren! Check yourself.

Nina on

Actually, Lauren, until you’ve been in her shoes, you really can’t say. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that when you go to the grocery store or get the paper in the morning, no one cares to follow you around with multiple cameras documenting your every move.

Terri on

LOL…typical thread. Love it.

Lauren on

no they dont…because im not in show business. and if she didnt want cameras or paparazzi or whatever then she should not have chose the business. she can simply hold her hand. no need to lug around someone that old.

Lauren on

and erin…not capitalizing? what is this english class? lol this is a gossip blog! chill out most people dont capitalize on the internet.

Jenn on

This blog has gotten so awful with the negative comments 😦
If all you have to say is something negative and hurtful, please go somewhere else!

Jennifer on

Lauren, do you have kids?? Just curious…
Hold them while you can mamas…

CelebBabyLover on

Lauren- Not all children are good hand-holders. There have even been pictures of celebrity children clearly not wanting any part of hand-holding (Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is one example. There are a few pictures of her clearly trying to get away from Brad’s grasp). Maybe Jennifer just doesn’t want to take the chance of Violet pulling away from her and running off.

As another poster mentioned, she also DID have a stalker not all that long ago, so I can see why she’s being extra-careful. 🙂 Finally, I wanted to point out that this is just ONE picture. How in the world do we know that Jennifer didn’t pick Violet up, give her a hug, and then put her right back down?

Bancie1031 on

I LOVE how people think they know best about SOMEONE else’s child! REALLY! OMG! Let Jennifer, Katie and whomever else hold/carry their child if they choose to ….. it’s not your arms or your legs – so why does it matter to you …. if you don’t like to see it then DON’T LOOK!
You only get to carry your child for so long so carry them for as long as you can!
I hope to see Jennifer and Katie for that matter carrying their precious little girls for another 2 YEARS! 😉

MiB on

I used to work in kindergarten, and if I got a penny for every time I saw a parent carry their tot for at least a bit when picking them up from school I could have bouth myself a ticket around the world. She has been working, they haven’t seen each other for a couple of hours and they are happy too do so now; it’s an extended cuddle, a cuddle on the run. It’s not as if she is never walking, there have been plenty of pictures of Violet walking or running or holding hand. I think one of the reasons we see so many pictures of her being carried is because they sell better when you get a picture of both the parent and the child, another reason is that they make cute picutres and a third it that she likes cuddles.