Drew Lachey Explains Story Behind Son’s Name

08/31/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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Armed with a list of baby boy names, Drew Lachey and his wife Lea thought they were ahead of the game when they discovered they were expecting a son.

However, the couple soon realized even the best laid plans often go awry!

“Some of the names we floated around for if [our daughter] Isabella Claire had been a boy actually became the most popular names in the country, so we said, ‘Nah, we’re not going to do those names anymore,'” the singer and Dancing With the Stars alum, 34, tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies.

“We had to go back to the drawing board.”

Fortunately, deciding on Hudson Nicholas for their now 3-month-old was a no-brainer.

“Hudson is just a strong name, a classic name, and when we hear it, it reminds us of New York, which is our favorite city in the world,” he explains.

“Actually, Nicholas is a family name on both sides. [Besides my own brother Nick,] my wife’s brother’s name is Nicholas; her father’s name is Nicholas; my great-grandfather was Nicholas; her grandfather was Nicola … so that was a pretty easy middle name to come up with!”

Settling in as a family of four isn’t the only new adjustment for the Lacheys — they’ve relocated back to Drew’s hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

“We’re loving it and having a great time. It’s great being back close to family and, you know, when we think of a childhood, this is what we think of,” Lachey says. “We don’t think of Calabasas and the Sunset Strip and the Grove. We think of Cincinnati and a more innocent and carefree lifestyle as opposed to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.”

And while 4½-year-old Isabella occasionally longs for the West coast — “She still talks about how she misses some of her California friends” — she’s quickly fitting in with the locals.

“She loved winter — being able to play in the snow, and now chasing lightning bugs. We live near the woods so we have deer come through all the time,” the proud papa notes.

“She’s really embraced it and she’s doing well in school and she has a lot of friends. We’re fortunate to move in with some great people on our street, so we are feeling pretty blessed right now.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Cynthia Wang

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Rita on

I don’t see Hudson as classic at all. If anything, it’s an old English surname which became a trendy given name.
The names are nice, though, and work well together!

Lis on

I had no idea he was back here in Cincinnati!!!! That’s awesome! Also had no idea that they had another baby or were even expecting! How sweet that they have one of both…if only Uncle Nick could give Isabella and Hudson some cousins 🙂

Jess from Ohio on

I had no clue Drew had moved back to Cincinnati (where I live). I wonder what he is up to career-wise nowadays? Anyways, congrats to them on the newest addition. I’ve always been a big fan of the Lachey brothers.

Kaitlyn on

They didn’t want popular, yet they chose Isabella for their daughter?

Sunny on

Kaitlyn – I was thinking the same thing!

TV on

Their daughter was born long before Twilight became a popular book and movie series. If you notice that’s when the name Isabella started to become really popular and not too uncommon.

J on

Kaitlyn, Drew said that if their first child was a boy, they were going to choose a name that was not popular few years before. Now that they have their son, they decided to go different ways to choose a different name for their son. Since they found out that their first child was a girl, they had a reason to choose her name.

J on

I agree with TV.

ess on

The name Isabella has been one of the top 10 names for girls in the U.S. since 2004 – before Twilight became popular.

Mina on

I wonder what were the other boys’ names they had picked out. My guess is Aiden. I like the name Hudson…its very strong and manly. I wonder what he doing career wise too.

sfmom on

Anyone else dying to know what ever happened to Nick? He just dropped off the radar a few years ago…I still think Jessica was dumb to leave him. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

J- Actually, what Drew said is that, by the time they got pregnant with Hudson, the names they had considered for Isabella if she had been a boy had become really popular, so they no longer wanted to use them.

Who knows, when Isabella was born, maybe they were okay with a more popular name?

CelebBabyLover on

And honestly, I don’t think the name Isabella was THAT popular when Isabella was born. Prior to then, the only celeb baby I’d heard of with the name Isabella was Tom Cruise’s oldest daughter. For that matter, I don’t think there’s been another celeb baby Isabella since Isabella Lachey!

Kry on

In the last 6 months I have heard of 3 babies in my circle being named Hudson! So, if it wasn’t recently popular it sure is now!

Lissette on

I love this family! So nice to hear they moved back to Cincinatti. They seem very down to earth.

Brookie on

Are we really going to sit here and argue over whether they thought their name choice was original or not? Really? It’s their baby, original name or not in our opinion- their job to name him. Geez.

gdfg on

Actually, CelebBabyLover, Isabella has been one of the top names for at least the past decade.

Nina on

Popular or not, who cares? If you like the name, go for it.

Stella Bella on

They probably didn’t realize that Isabella was a more popular name, and after their daughter started preschool they realized that a lot of little girls have that name. So they tried to go more unique for the second one. Not sure they succeeded, as a family friend has a little Hudson.

collette on

My son is called Hudson and he is 7 months old, I am the only one i know with this name and it means son of Hugh and is a classic first name from years ago. My Daughter is called Fallon Isabella she is nearly five one of the reasons i chose Hudson was because i thought it went well with Fallon the other reason being that my Dad passed away two years ago and his name was Hugh, i thought both my childrens names were quite unusual, but i guess not LOL.

Peanut on

I have a 1 yr old named FENIX (boy). I got the name from Gears of War video games. That’s unique.

megan on

““Some of the names we floated around for if [our daughter] Isabella Claire had been a boy actually became the most popular names in the country, so we said, ‘Nah, we’re not going to do those names anymore,”

I guess he doesn’t know Hudson has been a ridiculously popular baby name for well over 5 years now.

Erin on

actually, Isabella was wildly popular when they chose it for their daughter. Hudson is very trendy. I’ve been hearing it a lot for the past few years on baby boys. Not a fan of surnames used as first names.

Elby on

Naming your children is so hard, I feel for the family! We wanted normal but not overly-popular for our children, and we had 2 different cultures to contend with (I’m Scottish and hubby’s Welsh). We did well with our daughters, there aren’t any Meredith’s and the only Alex’s we know are boys and we don’t get too many creative spellings. With our sons we thought we’d done ok again and although we get the proper spellings most of the time we mucked up with not being too popular cos Thomas is number 3 in the name list and our poor son is generally known as ‘Tommy *surname*’ or ‘Tommy Hamish’s twin’. Even Hamish is pretty popular – we know another one at nursery and a friend of a friend. Oh well, at least they’ll know their surname early on ;).

Erin on

Hudson went from #250 in 2006 on the social security list to #150 by 2009. Might make it into the top 100 this year. Either way, it shows a trend of “climbing the charts” and if they were concerned about popularity as Drew indicates, it wouldn’t be a name I would choose.

Isabella has been in the top 10 for the past 6 years.

Joann on

Jessica didn’t leave Nick, he called it quits and I bet he regrets it now especially since she is worth mega millions and where is he now?

Bancie1031 on

WOW really ……
I’ve never heard of the name Hudson (except for a last name i.e. Kate Hudson) and I worked at a daycare until the end of this previous school year so it’s not that popular of a name ….
As for what names they were choosing when they had Isabella I would guess either Aidan (which I used to like BEFORE it became HUGELY popular) or Jackson (which has also became hugely popular).

Becky on

Have never heard of the name Hudson for a baby..I really like it though…

Jenni on

Man. That is exactly why I named my daughter Hudson three years ago. Boo. Copycat.

Nina on

Joann, Jessica hasn’t done much over the past few years besides getting into relationships with athletes. Why would Nick care about her worth? I highly doubt he regrets their divorce and he and his girlfriend seem perfectly content leading a quieter life.

L on

Bottom line, it’s THEIR child’s name.

If they want to name their daughter a very popular name and their son a not-so-common name, they can. It’s their decision. Maybe they didn’t mind the popularity issue with Isabella because they couldn’t imagine a name fitting her better. And perhaps they realized afterward that Isabella was extremely popular and they’d rather not go that route.

Shawna on

Isabella was the #4 name in the country when their daughter would have been born. Obviously that means it was wildly popular. Twilight has nothing to do with it’s popularity.

soph on

Jenni, you named your daughter SON of HUD? Poor thing…

Crystal on

Joann-Jessica DID leave Nick. Came in one day and said she no longer wanted to be married (this was widely reported by the tabloids). He was crushed and tried to save their marriage but Jessica was having none of it and said their marriage was over. On a more positive note………. I ♥ the name Hudson.

@Erin-Just because it is “climbing the charts” doesn’t make it that popular. I know of one Hudson and I thought of it as unusual but I liked it. I’m sure he doesn’t care one way or the other if the name is gaining popularity. It isn’t popular now (at least not much) so I’m sure he’s good. What are the odds there will be a Hudson S., Hudson L, Hudson C. etc. Prob slim to none. Love Drew and Lea. Good-Luck raising your family. 🙂

MSMiss on

Soph, that attack on Jenni was rude, obnoxious and totally uncalled for…attacking the name of a helpless child and insulting a mother! I have two friends with children (both boys) named Hudson. Apparently it is becoming quite the popular name as I have other friends who know several new baby boys named Hudson. Isabella has been popular for years…I know dozens of them ranging in ages of 16 years old down to newly born. At the end of the day, it’s the parents’ right to name their child what they want…but thought should be given to the name so it doesn’t sound cartoonish, isn’t an obvious target for ridicule or is something so outlandish no one can pronounce or spell it (many of these choices being for shock value.) I went to school with a Robin Hood and he was the butt of many, many jokes and was picked on a lot. I also went to school with a girl named Penny Hooker…she went through absolute #3LL once she got old enough for boys to make innuendos regarding her name.

CelebBabyLover on

Joann and Crystal- Only Jessica and Nick know the true reason for the end of their marriage, and who really left whom (if it was even a case of one person leaving the other). As we have seen time and time again, we can’t trust anything the tabloids say!

Anyway, for what it’s worth, I like the name Hudson!

soph on

MSMiss, she offered up that personal info, didn’t she? When you do that be prepared for others to pass judgment.

Angie on

Who cares if they chose a popular name for their daughter. Maybe they liked it. Maybe after naming her they discovered it was popular and many other little girls had that same name so they decided to not give their son a popular name.

It is a personal preference. To each his own.

Terri on

I thought it was strange too he said that the names they considered were too popular, when Isabella was such a popular name at the time they had their daughter. And still is. I love it though, and especially love Claire as a middle name. It’s a little Italian, a little French, and very feminine and romantic name.

Lori on

My son is 6.5 years old and we named him Hudson, we loved the name and my husband is a big Oakland A’s fan, from former A: Tim Hudson, he tried to convince me to name our 8.5 year old Hudson but we went with Zachary.

Mina on

There are 3 Brandon’s and 2 Michael’s in my sons class alone (20 kids). I would love to have a name like Hudson. Just today my son brought up “Cody” and my ears perked at the name because it was so new, like a shiny new toy. Cody is kind of common, but he happens to be the only Cody in all 2nd grade. Ahhh I love uncommon names. So refreshing to hear unique names…its like cold water splashing up in your face when you first hear an uncommon name.

Megan on

“Cody is kind of common, but he happens to be the only Cody in all 2nd grade. Ahhh I love uncommon names. So refreshing to hear unique names…its like cold water splashing up in your face when you first hear an uncommon name.”

Cody has been ridiculously popular in all the towns I lived in, from this year’s infant set to the young college kids old enough to be named after Kathy Lee Gifford’s son.

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, you know how I said earlier that I don’t think there’s been another celeb baby named Isabella since Drew’s daughter? Well, I stand corrected. How could I possibly have forgotten about little Isabella Damon (Matt’s daughter)?! 🙂

Kimberly on

I live in a very small town called Hudson. Funny name for a child, but to each their own!!

Kewl on

@ TV Actually (at least where I live) Isabella has ALWAYS been popular!!!