Amy Poehler Hits the Red Carpet – 3 Weeks After Baby!

08/30/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Just three weeks after giving birth to second son Abel James on Aug. 6, Amy Poehler wowed in a pale blue Max Azria gown and Stephen Russell jewels at the 2010 Emmy Awards in Los Angeles last night. “We had a baby boy,” the actress told Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet. “I’m squeezin’ it in tonight, but we’re making it happen!”

Not only was the Parks and Recreation star nominated for lead actress in a comedy series, but she was celebrating her seventh wedding anniversary with husband Will Arnett. We love her simple, but glam new mommy look.

Poehler running errands in N.Y.C. on Aug. 3; Poehler at the Emmys in L.A. on Aug. 29 – Splash News Online; Jason Merritt/Getty

TELL US: What do you think of Poehler’s first post-delivery red carpet appearance?

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SB on

She looks great!!!! Congrats on your new Baby Boy!!!

Mandy on


tobeornottobe on

She looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! Good for her!

RebeccaR on

She looks amazing!

Mandy on


Natalia on

Amy looks amazing 3 weeks after giving birth! At least she looks like a normal mom does after giving birth, and not starving herself after delivery – see her side pic here:,,20304925_20416651,00.html#20835651 – Congratulations to Will and Amy on 7 years together and their new baby. 🙂

Gigi on

she looks amazing! you can tell sheis just in a really happy place right now. glowing!

Bree on

She looks very happy and healthy!! Can’t wait hear about them celebrating their 10th, 15th, 20th etc anniversaries. They are such a great couple with an adorable family.

Michelle on

Personally, I don’t like the hairdo, but I don’t think that’s what you were asking . . . 😉 Seriously, I think this is fantastic. She’s embracing her curves in a dress that looks both flattering and comfortable. Good for her!

Niki on

She looks amazing! But most of all, she looks healthy. She isn’t stick thin, but has obviously lost a few! And I’m sure Spanx play a part. lol. But for real, she looks fantastic.

bobby jo on

I think the picture on the right, is the best I have ever seen her look. Motherhood looks beautiful on her.

tracy on

agree with Niki, spanx is under all that.

Caroline on

I think she looks amazing

Lou x on


Spanx or no spanx, she looks frigging amazing! x

Dinah on

Damn lady you look absolutely beautiful and especially 3 weeks after having a baby!

SH on

Amy looks fantastic! She is wonderful on Parks & Rec. Love Leslie Knope! Congratulations to Amy and Will on their new baby boy!

mommyof2 on

Way to go AMy you look fantastic!!!! you should be super proud of yourself!!!

tif on

She looks fabulous, but what about staying home with her 3-week old baby instead of hittin’ the red carpet for an all night affair?

Emmaleigh on

Spanx actually doesn’t work like people think. I look the same whether I’m wearing one or not. I’m sure that a lot of her looking great is because…..SHE LOOKS FRIGGIN GREAT! Give credit where it’s due. Amy Poehler looks AMAZING! 🙂

April on

Tif if I was nominated for a major award you bet your booty I would try my hardest to be at the ceremony.

klutzy_girl on

She looks pretty freaking awesome three weeks after giving birth!

And tif, there’s nothing wrong with going out three weeks after you have the baby. I’m sure both boys were well taken care of.

aj on

She has always been a cute woman, but she looks absolutely beautiful in that picture!! Motherhood has treated her well.

GiannaG on

Tif, she has probably stayed home EVERY night with that baby since he was born. I don’t see anything wrong with her taking ONE night out of all those nights to do something fun. She deserves it. I’m sure he was just fine.

Amanda on

She looks fabulous!! Though I think it’d be even better if she had her newborn strapped to her in a matching sling ready to nurse when needed 😉 It’s not like newborns do much other than nurse and sleep.

GiannaG on

Lol, Amanda, a newborn on the red carpet with all that noise and flashing lights and all those people? That would be terribly cruel to the poor baby. Not to mention the fact that the public would crucify her for it (the ladies on this blog would eviscerate her, lol). Besides, come on. How much fun could she have with a kid strapped to her chest at the Emmys?

JAM on

Awesome, Amy! I just had my baby 7 weeks ago and you are an inspiration, going on the red carpet after only 3 weeks!

Stacey on

she looks beautiful! Thank God for little boys! 🙂

Alice on

I wouldn’t take a newborn to the Emmys, Amanda. It’s full of loud noises, music, applause etc. Distressing envirnment for a tiny baby. As you say, they mostly eat and sleep so he was just fine with daddy or somebody else watching over his sleep!

Amy looks absolutely amazing! I love that dress and she’s still glowing!

Mrs. R on

Clearly Amanda is joking folks.

What I like about Amy is that she wasn’t the typical Hollywood body before, and she’s just a normal post-partum mom body after.

She looks like herself. Which is why she is SO ridiculously popular. Yah Amy!

Observer on

You know, those are just anchor babies she’s having: Will Arnett is a Canadian.

Erin on

She looks BEAUTIFUL! And I think she’s beautiful because she looks NORMAL! Normal is beautiful. She’s glowing, she looks super happy and I love her!

Amanda on

I’m sure a newborn at the Emmys is a little unreasonable, but it’d be a sight to see 😉 Though I had my second child 2 weeks before Mother’s Day and we went out for a big family brunch and my third child 12 days before Christmas, a newborn will sleep through all kinds of noise and cameras flashing, I can say that from experience 😉

Janna on

tif… It’s pretty interesting that you think SHE should stay home, but I guess it’s okay for the baby’s father to go out?

H on

TIF – theres always one ……..

she looks amazing xxx beautiful and happy xxxx a night out once and while won’t hurt baby and can do mama the world of good xx

Devan on

I LOVE it ! ! ! ! She looks sooooooooooooo gorgious ! ! ! ! Stunning ! ! ! ! Beautiful ! ! ! !

julie on

It was also their wedding anniversary, so I think they are more than welcome (and deserving) of a night out sans babies.

Luna on

3 weeks after having kids, I was still in super-sleepy-sleep-deprived-momma-bear mode, and could not possibly have looked as great as Amy does. But she doesn’t look fake. Which is why I love her!

Amy on

Amy looks AMAZING! Good on her! And I’m so glad to see how many positive comments there are!

Has anyone else noted though that people haven’t criticized Amy as much as Amanda Peet was criticized when she appeared at an event shortly after giving birth? Double standard? I hope not. Neither of these women deserve to be criticized…I’m sure they are amazing mamas! 🙂

cécile on

Amy, you took my words exactly. Reading all the posts, I just remembered that basically every comment bashed Amanda Peet for leaving her newborn at home for one night (and the father presumably at home with the baby), you know, not taking time to bond with him.
I guess some celebs have “the card” and others don’t.(See “older fathers”–> Jeffrey Tambor: horrible person,Rod Stewart:all congrats)

mmh on

She does look great but what do people expect her to look like? It’s her big night out so she had a lot of preparation and planning that went into it, I’m sure… And it’s not like her dress is skin tight — I’m sure it’s pretty forgiving. (And a bump-up in cup size always distracts the eye from other “stuff”!!!!) She looks like a normal post-partum mom as far as I’m concerned! I spent the day at the hospital when my Mom went in for very serious surgery one week after my son was born. I wasn’t going to miss being there with her in case something happened. I’m sure no one could tell I’d had a baby in the last eight days. Are new moms supposed to look like the living dead or something? Yes I was tired but I planned ahead and was able to put on regular clothing and some cover-up for my under-eye circles and felt pretty good really most of the day. I guess I just don’t understand why people get jealous when new moms still look like normal human beings. I’m sure you looked fine too 3 weeks out!!!!!!!!! Give yourself a break!!

saddle on

Observer(or maybe not so much) Will Arnett is a naturalized American citizen for a few years now…no “anchor” babies there!

shalay on

Couldn’t agree more, Amy and Cecile!

CelebBabyLover on

Amy- I agree! I think Amanda’s red carpet appearence was a little earlier after the birth of her baby (two weeks instead of three), but I still think there’s a double-standard going on.

cecile- I agree with you, too. And I’ll add another example as well: older mothers. Kelly Preston has recieved a lot of critcisim for having a baby at her age, and Celine Dion has recieved a fair amount as well (and speaking Kelly and Celine, there’s another example of the older fathers double-standard. John has gotten virtually no criticism for becoming a father again at his age, whereas Rene Angelil, Celine’s husband, has been recieving tons of it. Now granted, Rene is in his early 70s whereas John is 56. But still, other celebs have been criticized for becoming fathers in their 50s!).

However, Sheryl Crow is about the same age as Kelly, and I think pretty close in age to Celine as well…..Yet she has gotten virtually no crictisim for adopting a baby at her age. It just amazes me how some celebs get critcized for things….yet it’s perfectly fine for other celebs to do those same things!

Terri on

She looks awesome! I love that dress.

Anonymous on

I admit that I’m a pretty shallow teenager, but even for me, she looks beautiful. You can definitely see she’s had a baby recently, but she’s working that post-baby body. I applaud her.

megan on

“She looks fabulous, but what about staying home with her 3-week old baby instead of hittin’ the red carpet for an all night affair?”

God forbid she do anything besides go the grocery store & stay at home with the kids.

mandy on

WOW. she looks so beautiful. She has tha beautiful glow of motherhood. congratulations.. 🙂

km on

She looks great, but it’s too bad that People continues columns like “body after baby” – as if new moms don’t have enough to worry about. I’m 33 weeks pregnant and the last thing I want is pressure on my “body after baby” expectations. Time to give this one up.

Carla on

Who cares if its spanx…most woman wear spanx lol she is beautiful and HEALTHY

CelebBabyLover on

km- I don’t think PEOPLE is trying to “pressure” women with that column, or use it say “This is how YOUR body after baby should look!”. I think it’s intended to be more of an informational column, for women who are curious about how (and how quickly) celebs lose their baby weight!

Also, I don’t think we should feel pressered to look like celebrities….because we aren’t celebs! 🙂

Anonymous on

WOW : )

LisaS on

Holy cow! Look out! Hot mama walking the red carpet! lol

But seriously, she looks amazing. And that dress is a really good color on her.

Cathy Carey on

Whoa!!!! She looks amazing. The dress is perfect for her post baby. Way to go Amy

SusiQ on

She looks fabulous; congrats on the new baby.