Angie Harmon ‘Prays Every Day’ for Three Daughters

08/28/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
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The list is getting shorter!

Devoted Southerner Angie Harmon tells Good Housekeeping that her family of five has set their sights on North Carolina, where in five years they hope to be living “in a big, beautiful house” in a town with “a church on every corner, as opposed to just a Starbucks.”

Her preferences should come as no surprise.  “Their middle names aren’t Faith, Grace and Hope because I’m an atheist,” she notes of daughters Finley, 7½, Avery, 5, and Emery, 20 months, respectively.

“I pray every day for my little girls. It’s hard out there for the younger generation.”

Harmon admits she sounds “old-fashioned” when talking about the kind of women her girls will someday go on to be. “They have to be responsible members of society,” she insists. “They need to know they’re important to us, and they also need to be important to themselves.”

Of course, Harmon knows that she and husband Jason Sehorn will have much to do with making it happen. As they grow older, Harmon says she hopes the girls always know “they can talk to their mommy and daddy about anything … and that God made them individual and special.”

Now that she has returned to work — on the set of TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles — Harmon concedes that “the grass is always greener.”

“When I’m not working, I would kill to have some sort of creative outlet other than, say, a coloring book,” she says. “And when I’m working, I want to do all those things I was griping about — you know, make a turkey-and-cheese sandwich, put it in a zip-top bag and stick it in a lunch box right now!”

Learning to “appreciate where I am in the moment” has been tough, but Harmon says it’s something she’s improving at — with Sehorn’s help.

“He’s the most wonderful father … so hands-on,” Harmon raves. “If I get up in the night with the baby, he does the morning shift and lets me sleep in. We understand that life’s messy and doesn’t always go according to a certain schedule.”

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klutzy_girl on

I love her daughters’ names.

And I respect her a lot now that she says she supports gay rights.

Michelle on

I love her and how she wants to raise her kids. Everyone is growing up WAY TO FAST and childhood should be fun and not so rushed. Everywhere I go all the kids 10 and younger have cell phones and running around with language I wouldnt even use (and I am 35:) wanting to grow up. They have no idea how lucky they are to be kids and have not to worry about everything.

Growing up I had the life that Angie wants to raise her kids in and I live in a city. You just have to know what you want for your kids and not let anyone tell you different or how you should raise your kids.

Everyone is different and everyone has their own opinion. And it doesnt matter where you live, you can have the life Angie wants her kids to have.

I admire her and hope that she and Jason and the kids find what they are looking for and are happy. Thats all any of us want in life and if you have to move to do it……..then so be it.

Allyson on

Angie and her husband have made a wonderful decision to relocate to North Carolina. I was born in North Carolina and raised here and it is a place full of values. There are churches on every corner and people are very God fearing. When you talk about God here, no one looks at you like you are crazy. They pull up a chair and talk with you, not against you about your beliefs! This is not a place where Madonna dictates what the religion of the week is. And thank God for that!

Georgia Claire on

So atheists are neither graceful or hopeful? And of course they all want to be surrounded by Starbucks at all times.

Shelby on

Wow, what a beautiful interview. I love the girl’s names and also how she is raising them. I have a lot of the same ideas, a big home in a town with churches on every corner. I hope all of her dreams come true!

CC on

She’s an athiest but “prays every day” for her children and tells them that “God made them special”??? Uh….ok. Anyone else see the contradiction? Funny how God might be an important topic to check out when we have children…

lynn on

love her. Hope these kids grow up normal away from Hollywood. They seem like normal grounded parents-keeping church in their lives will help. Wish them all the best.

Jennifer on

I just LOVE her…

Pam on

Cc she was being sarcastic I think.

Dena on

CC- read it again. She was saying she is not atheist and that you should know that by her kids middle names.

CKC on

While I don’t agree with her views, I respect her for knowing what she wants for her family.

klutzy_girl where did you read that she supports gay rights? I haven’t been able to find anything saying that she does.

Ellea on

Isn’t she from Texas? I’m sorry but North Carolina and Texas are two entirely different types of southern. It’s like MA and NY, they’re both “north eastern” but with entirely different personalities. This woman talks a whole lot of fooey to me. If she cared that much she would have moved out of LA already.

Maria on

Better to have a Starbucks on every corner than a Church. If I had to choose, I’d rather be fat and addicted to coffee than be brainwashed and suffering from a drug called Religion. I have a brain of my own and don’t need a religion to tell me how to live my life. Religion is for people with limited brain capacity who don’t want to think or try to figure anything out for themselves, they’d rather have a FICTIONAL book tell them how to live their lives. But oh well, if people want to believe in myths and fairytales, that is their right because its a free country.

Children have imaginary friends, adults have God. LOL

JM on

church on every corner, people are very god fearing? not a place i’d want to raise my kids. everyone has to make their own decisions about what’s right for their families and that’s fine. just saying though, i prefer to raise my kids with human values on how to be nice to people. i don’t feel i need religion to explain to them why it’s good to be a good person, and i certainly would hate to think that i had made them “god fearing”.

Allyson on

Oh Maria! Why is it that people who don’t believe in God sound so bitter? And calling the Bible fiction is beyond wrong. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. But putting down people because they have something to believe in is just sad.

Let me guess, you probably meditate to a statue? I am right aren’t I?!?!

Alice on

I love being surrounded by Starbucks! That said I love her daughters’ names and the fact that she wants to shelter them from Hollywood to give them good values. It’s true that we haven’t seen that much of these girls!
As for churches well… whatever floats her boat. I guess it’s better to be living in a community where everybody has the same belief system so nobody gets picked at for believing or not believing, as Allyson said.

Sarah K. on

Allyson, your reply to Maria was just as uncalled for as Maria’s post. What’s so wrong with praying to a statue? How is you religion better than anyone else’s? Respect goes both ways

not maria on

oh Allyson, why is it that “all people who believe in God” sound so sanctimonious? Oh that’s right, they don’t all sound and act that way but way too many public Christians who chose to make comments about their faith in a way that is not only self-aggrandizing, but also meant to oh-so-politely insinuate that those who don’t share their view are inferior. Angie Harmon’s comments tend to be of that type, hence the very strong reaction slamming those who seem to think that Matthew 6:5-8 doesn’t apply to them

Maria on

A statue? I’m an atheist, I don’t pray to anything.

I find it hilarious that you make it sound as though praying to a statue is so ridiculous. How is that anymore ridiculous than praying to God?

Religious people don’t deserve respect. If an adult openly told people he/she believes in Santa Claus, that person would never be taken seriously. How is this any different? There is no proof of God, so why is it OK to believe in “him”?

As I said before, Children have imaginary friends, Adults have God. Until you can prove the existence of your God, you are nothing but a gullible person suffering from delusions.

History and Science can prove everything in the bible false, but then again, most religious people aren’t very educated so I don’t expect them to know that. And before anyone jumps on me and says “That’s not true, I’m religious, but I’m educated”. Graduating from high school doesn’t count. Statistics show that poorer areas with more high school dropouts tend to be more religious. The facts speak for themselves. Ever wonder why the poorest and least educated states (i.e. the south) tend to vote conservative on social issues?

More proof is that 72.2% of Scientists are Atheists and another 20.8 are agnostic. Its a fact that highly educated people tend to be Atheists or Agnostics.

I refuse to respect religious people because religion is a cancer to society and it should be abolished. It does not belong in a modern and civilized society. Religion is detrimental to our social advancement and I will not pretend to respect the fools who are poisoning our world with their fairytales and ignorance.

I only believe in Science and Logic.

SY on

I think Angie Harmon is beautiful, but after reading an article about her saying that every husband should buy their wives big diamonds as if they owe it to them, I was completely turned off by her.

Nai on

Maria, I’m in med school and I’m religious and believe in God, not a high school drop out.
I believe in Science (duh!) but I also have faith in God. It’s nice to have a little hope. Chill out.
Cute article.

Rachel on

North Carolina is a beautiful place to live, but I’m a little biased. I’ve lived here all my life with the past twelve years in the Raleigh area. While I don’t agree with her political views, I would still love to have Angie and her family live in the area. The Raleigh/Durham area has so much to offer. We are regularly listed as one the top ten most desirable places to live by various organizations. It is a booming technology area with great colleges, restaurants, entertainment venues, and shopping, yet it still mantains the idyllic charm of a small southern town.

bobby jo on

Wow! Maria sounds like a bitter old witch. Relax. You believe in what you believe in, good for you. Shut your hole, and move on.

There is nothing wrong with someome believing in a higher power, if it helps one cope in their lives. During troubling times, some people are lonely and find solice in beleiving there is someone listening to them, and is on their side.

Someday you may come into such a situation, and having a little hope, and belief may help you through it.

Also the whole, ” kids have imaginary friends, adults have god” is so over quoted, it is not even funny.

allyson on

I just can’t get past anyone saying that believing in God is just like believing in Santa Claus…..all I can say is that I will be praying for you.

And there many educated Christians and not all Christians are found in the South. I think it shows lack of education on your part because obviously you don not have the slightest understanding of the word, faith. You don’t have to see God to believe in Him. He doesn’t sit in shopping malls nor does he show up at parties, ie Santa Claus.

But anyway I am just so glad to see a celebrity not afraid to talk about her faith. It is so refreshing!

Clare on

Maria, I’m a law student and a Catholic. I suppose I just forgot to read the memo telling me to drop out of high school. Personally, I don’t care whether you believe in God or not – it would just be nice if you could show some respect.

Marla on

Angie seems to have a perspective that is counter to the industry in which she works, but is one that works for her family. While I am on the fence when it comes to God, or god (for Maria’s sake), I cannot help but counter some of what she wrote. There is a definite place for intellect and reason and science and logic within the realms of religion (maybe not all, but quite a few). These concepts can all coexist together. I know countless scientists and doctors who believe in God, whether it is the Judeo/Christian God or the Muslim God (perhaps God is the same for everyone). Your statistics are kind of, well, funny. I don’t give credence to percentages with tenths represented. Since you love science so much perhaps you’ve heard of sampling error?

And I have respect for people of all religions, for those who worship “statues” as one suggested and for those who are observing Ramadan right now. And for both those who will go to church tomorrow, a group that includes me, and for those who think religion is a crock (I really can see their point). But to say that religion should be abolished (where do I even start with a statement like this-the driving principle of this country was freedom of religion-abolish religion?? really??) is absurd. Perhaps a communist country would be a better fit for this logic. Seriously, discussion of all beliefs is beneficial for everyone.

And one more thing. If you looked at the social programs provided by faith-based/religious organizations (things like feeding and clothing the hungry, providing medical care, etc.) and their effectiveness at providing services (compared to governmental intervention), it would be obvious that those statements seem even more absurd than the abolishing religion one.

1003 on

“Religious people don’t deserve respect”
Honestly that is the stupidest comment I have ever heard. All people should deserve respect no matter what they believe in.

Anna on

I’m with JM and also for a large part with Maria. I grew up in a town with a church on every corner and it wasn’t nice at all. They judge you for not believing in their god and every one of those chruches believe they are the right church and the others are wrong. Going out to play on Sunday? They would look at me like I was the devil.

Angie keeps talking about moving there but she doesn’t which is strange. Her eldest is laready 7,5. If she wants her to grow up amongst god fearing people she needs to move now and not just talk about it all the time.

kay on

I am agnostic, and even I feel sorry for you. You sound very angry and bitter about something, but it is sad that you seem to take that out on those who have opinions and beliefs different from your own. Respect and tolerance of others is not something that is singularly inherent in religious individuals. You, too, can ‘live and let live’ without subscribing to a particular religion. You may find a little peace in your life if you did. The venom you spew towards others does not gain credibility for your stance.

Lucia on

*snore* Must she go on about her religious beliefs? Really?! Blah blah blah..

Amber on

I am agnostic/not quite atheist, and even I think that Maria came across as a bit harsh. I know plenty of religious people who are intelligent, decent people who DO think for themselves, and it is their choice to believe in God– just like it is my decision NOT to believe.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own religion or lack thereof.. Christian, Catholic, Hinduism, Atheism, whatever.. live and let live is truly wonderful advice.

Ellea on

Maria is sad. You’re just as bad as the religious zealots. Extremes are just bad people!

Daniella on

Maria, I am a deist, but I respect other people’s beliefs. I would consider myself mildly religious since I do believe that there is a God out there, but I do not believe that He intervenes in human or other beings’ affairs. I am also a veterinary student from New England & considering I have nearly seven years of college & at least five more years in my future, I am or will be considered amongst the top educated of the population. But even with my intensive education (or perhaps due to it), I would never suggest abolishing religion. Freedom of religion was spelled out very clearly in the Constitution for a reason, so that the spiritual & religious beliefs (or lack thereof) of people would not be threatened by fanatics like you. As long as they do not harm others due to their beliefs, both the religous & irreligious deserve the same amount of respect as everyone else in society.

Tee on

Maria- Wow. Just wow. As an old order Mennonite, it goes without saying that I believe in God and choose to worship Him and abide by His laws. As far as respect and civility goes, let me point this out…

When a one room Amish schoolhouse was shot up, the plain community across all of the US pulled together and supported the victims, including the wife and children of the shooter. When was the last time you saw that in everyday society? That attitude is all driven from a Godly mindset.

I agree with other posters. You have the right to your beliefs. I would not condemn you for them. Please show the same respect for me.

Lola Marie1 on

I tend to not discuss religion or politics with people I disagree with because it typically begins and ends with hostility and ugliness, but in this case good for Angie. Some people need to believe in something other than science and logic.

Jill on

I used to be a big fan of hers until her interview on The View and her last article on here. Not a fan anymore at all.

Allyson, Please don’t generalize. While Maria clearly has a bug up her butt, not everyone that doesn’t believe in god is bitter. I do not believe in god and am not bitter one bit.

Erika on

Umm Maria, I come from a very educated and very religious family, where my parents are doctors and so are some of my Aunts and Uncles. They have many religious friends who are scientists. We don’t live in the Deep South but in New York. My best friend, who happens to come from a family where her parents couldn’t hold down a job and moved constantly, was raised an atheist and is now Jewish (her husband is and she converted). I’m not saying thats true in all cases, but please don’t say that atheists are much smarter than people who are religious. I have been through years and years of schooling and am still going through it to pursue a career in the medical field. I have aced all of my classes and also go to church. But I guess I’m uneducated and unintelligent? That makes *perfect* sense. And I’m also very happy, for those who say it’s impossible to truly be happy.

I agree largely with Allyson, that some of these posts are coming across as very bitter. This is a thread about Angie Harmon talking her religious beliefs. Not debating them. If a thread pops up about a celebrity talking about their lack of beliefs, I will be sure to steer clear of it because there is no reason to debate this. It has been done time and time again and is unnecessary.

All that said, I love Angie Harmon, I think she is so honest and not superficial which I admire and respect. By saying that she wants to live somewhere where there is a church on every corner, is not saying anything wrong either. It just means that she would prefer to live in a smaller, quaint neighborhood with different values than you would fine in Hollywood. She’s been honest about her beliefs, and while I may not agree with every one of them, I respect them and I respect her. And her kids are the cutest.

Brooke on

I hate this woman. She acts as though her faith makes her better than others. Let her go into the DEEP DEEP South and disappear into the woods……

BTW, Angie……my cat’s name is Grace and I AM an atheist. So take that…..

Brooke on

BTW – Maria is my new hero…….

trish on

Ellea— whats wrong with LA, i’m born and raised just outside LA and raising my 2 girls just outside LA and were just fine. there’s nothing wrong with LA it’s how you raise your children. Why does LA get such a bad rep. where just as normal as the next person.. i have no desire to move to another state LA is just fine for me.

Crystal on

This may sound very “ignorant” of me but even though I know there are people that do not believe in God (or anything for that matter) it still shocks me when I come across said people. I do not care for Angie Harmon but I can respect her the decisions she and Jason are making for their children. She knows how she wants her girls raised and is going after that dream. I can admire and respect that.

@Maria-There are no words for your post. It was rude, condescending and non factual. There are lots of religious people who are quite educated (me included and not just a HS diploma either). Think about all the private universities associated with religion. Norte Dame, Duke, Georgetown, BYU, etc. Before you start spouting off all of your “fiction” or “non fiction” I suggest you learn the differences between the two.

JM on

what anna said was very telling, a community with a church on every corner in no way makes that community more respectful or kind. they’ll only be respectful and kind as long as you agree with them. trust me i know from experience. if your views differ (like say, you’re an atheist) they start gossiping about you, telling their kids that your kids are evil/undisciplined/worship the devil etc., they start all this “i’ll be praying for you” nonsense without you even asking them to – as has already been proven here, and to top it all off they mock other people’s religions as if they are any more sane than their own. ridiculous!

glad to be living in a largely atheist community where none of the kids in my children’s school are bullied because their beliefs differ (there are children from both religious and non-religious families in their school). and where my children can go to a secular school and learn about science, evolution, logical reasoning, philosophical thinking and facts.

Andrea on

I hope Angie moves to NC and disappears. I cannot stand her. She’s a want to be, and her hubby is a has been. Yuck.

Luna on

Just got home from going to church with my family and we came to let the kids use the bathroom before going to my parents and then out to breakfast when I saw this article. It blew me away!

Maria, you talk about how God is not real and it’s like believing in Santa Claus. You talk about how people who believe in God are uneducated. Yet you make grammatical errors and no I’m not talking about not capitalizing God or the Bible. I am very well educated, graduated from an Ivy League school and yes I am very religious. I respect people of all religions and creeds, because I feel that having something or anything to believe in is good in tough times. Yes, this includes people who believe in science and logic! But disagreeing with someone can be done in a respectful, adult manner.

Look at Jill. She doesn’t believe in God, and yet she was very pleasant in her post. I have a friend who is an atheist and we get along great. We just differ in religious views. She knows not to call me on Sundays while I’m at church, and I know not to invite her to the church picnic. However, my friend Lisa has an atheist friend. When I went over to pick up Lisa’s son and take him to baseball practice, Lisa’s friend began to insult the crucifix necklace I was wearing. It was highly offensive because she not only disagreed with my views, but she mocked them.

All I’m saying is live and let live. We’re never all going to agree on everything and religion has always been a touchy topic. But we can agree to disagree, like the big girls and boys that we are.

Lola Marie on

Maria, your comments are so extremely disturbing…im so happy I dont know anyone personally who shares your views…while you are entitled to them…they are very very sad.

Andrea…what exactly is she a “want to be of” im confused?! A has been? Well, yes, he is a retired football player…your just bitter & it sounds like very jealous…WHY did you click on this post if you dont like them that much….exactly!

I love Angie & couldn’t agree with her more…on everything.

minnie on

I didn’t think there was a worse name for a little girl than Avery, but then this woman finds one, Emery! It sounds like she has three little old men at home.

noam on

i don’t quite understand people when they say they want to leave the city for a more country life, because a country life has churches, values, morals, etc…i’ve lived in both, and i have found cities to be chock full of churches, religious centers, and good, upstanding, moral people. i’ve also found that in smaller towns, there are athiests, “unsavory folk”, and intolerance. there is a mix of “good” and “bad” everywhere you go. it’s not the geographic location that will dictate how your children grow up. it’s how YOU teach them, how YOU act around them, how YOU parent them.

now, if ms harmon had said that she missed the weather or the terrain or the food of north carolina, i’d understand. but to act like los angeles is unGodly and unreligious just seems like she’s not trying very hard. or she doesn’t want her children growing up in a diverse community. (from her comments, i’m assuming she’s moving to a more homogenous town, ie, white, upperclass, Christian.)

Beka on

I would like to say that I am hurt by the comments that Maria wrote. I am a Christian and I though I am not religious I am a God Follower – I am educated and went to college, and yes like everyone else I do deserve some respect. I am sorry if you had a bad exprience with some who was as you claim religious. Not all of us are horrible terrible people. There are some of us that actually keep our opinions to ourselves and we don’t judge others harshly. Just as I don’t judge people for their beliefs please don’t judge us who believe in God and belief in his teachings. We (I) have feelings too, I certainly don’t want to be persecuted and disrespected for my believes, why would I do the same to others who don’t share my believes. Please have the consideration that we are all human beings with different outlooks on life and we should all be given respect.

Manal on


I would rather be a person who believes in fairy tales and fictional books that tell me to respect and love ppl no matter what, rather than a mean and a rude person who judges ppl,that believes in science and logic!

Just accept ppl for they are , trust me its not hard!:)

JM on

people are focusing on Maria’s comments which may have been at the more extreme end of the atheist comments here, and comfortably ignoring those of us atheists who have actually made valied comments.

i haven’t insulted anyone’s religious beliefs but i do agree with what noam has said that it seems that what angie harmon is saying is she wants to live in a richer, white, religious area. i would prefer to know that my kids see people from all walks of life and don’t assume that everyone is or has to be the same.

as i said “god-fearing” is not a quality i would want to instill in my children. i am interested in other people’s beliefs, but just like everyone has jumped on maria for things she has said about christianity – why don’t people get just as worked up about the poster who mockingly talked about people who worship statues? surely religion is religion. you can’t pray to a god who supposedly impregnated a virgin to give birth to his son etc (and all the other biblical stories) and then claim that someone else is crazy for believing another story for which there is just as much evidence.

THAT to me seems more narrow-minded than anything else said here. if you want to be religious that’s fine but you cannot go around claiming that YOUR religion is any more true than anyone else’s! that’s ridiculous and childish and where i lose my patience. like i said, if you’ve picked a religion that works for you, that’s fine, but don’t assume that you are thus right or that everyone else has to agree with you.

Anna on

Manal, that is the problem with many religious people though. They don’t accept non believers for what they are. They say they’ll pray for us or hope we’ll see the light. They gossip about the non believers in their community and judge you if you wash the car on a Sunday. The children from the christian school would spit as us children going to the non christian school, how is that for christian equals morals?

You can even see it in these comments. Christians (including Harmon) saying religious people are better. Non believers don’t have morals and won’t help each other etc etc.

It’s not religion or having none that makes you a good person. It’s your actions and there are many believers that feel better than others which makes them less actually.

Sage on

I think it’s very telling that the people that spew the concepts of acceptance and equality and no judgments are always the frst one to spew grabage and hatred about others belifes. ALL people have the right to believe whatever they want too and if it’s not hurting you or your family, what is the big deal.
Maria you’re a perfect example of everything atheist, christians, catholics, muslims, budhist, diest, should be againt, your vile and ugly and the human race would be better off without you.

Ellea on

@ Trish-

I’ve never been to LA, so I’m not knocking the place. I come a big city myself(NYC), my point was if she had that big of an issue with where she lived she would have moved. Her oldest daughter is almost 8. There are plenty of bigger stars like Witherspoon, Jolie-Pitts, Bollock who reside elsewhere than in LA. I just don’t see where she’s coming from, I get that she’s a TV actress but if she really had that big of a probem with LA she would’ve left a long time ago.

Whitney on

she keeps doing these interviews on how horrible Los Angeles is and all that are raised there come out so awful(her interview on The View)…. I feel as though she keeps sticking her foot in her mouth everytime she gets interviewed. I am from Los Angeles and I am not a stripper or drug-addict as she said in that tv interview… yet she is an actor on TV nonetheless… why did she choose that profession if she hates that life so much. I cannot stand her as a public persona or an actor and will be glad when she does go away….

Divya on

I grew up in Queens, NY and I go to church every Sunday, and I’m going to school for a medical profession!! On location- i think that no matter where you live, it’s how YOU raise your kids that matters. As for science, a lot of people at my church are doctors, nurses and others who work in the medical “science” field and you can tell by just speaking to them how much they believe in God.
One of the founding principles of this country includes freedom of religion. I understand Maria that you don’t believe in God but there is no reason for you to be completely rude and disrespectful of those like me who do. Haven’t you heard- if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!!!

Dee on

Hey Maria, I’m a Christian, have a college degree, live in California, and pray that the Lord opens your eyes to His love for you and all people..even atheists.

fiona on

Maria, it just sounds to me like maybe you need to get l.a.i.d and loosen up a bit.

Jacqui on


I have often noticed on this blog that the loony, angry, and bizarre comments get a lot more attention and responses than the sane, intelligent, articulate ones.

Alix on

Wow Maria, look at all the sanctimonious religious people who feel so threatenened! If you feel like you are right in your belief why are you needing to convince everyone else to be like you. I think that Angie Harmon is horrible actress and I hope she goes to NC so that we don’t have to hear from her ever again! The only thing she is good for is proselitizing her religious and political views and sincerely I could care less. And Allyson please don’t pray for me!

offeringmyownconfusion on

I come to this site from time to time and have to say it is extremely disappointing to see how people are willing to judge one another for freedoms that we are so fortunate to have. Regardless of beliefs, you would think we could all be respectful of one another. Being disrepectful is no way to make a legitimate point. Hating people, calling people dumb, tearing them down and judging others on the basis of self-created generalizations and stereotypes are things we should all teach our children to steer far from, even if so many adults are willing to do so.

Esther on

Funny that Maria is causing all this fuzz, considering her name is (in most countries) the same as Mary (as in the virgin Mary).

Ironical that someone with a name like that would start such a huge discussion. I’d say Live and Let Live. I respect all religions and all non-believers. We all have to find our own truths. What I find refreshing is that nowadays in the States there are a lot more different and nuanced opinions considering faith. People aren’t as far right or left as they used to be. I like that! I mean, if a discussion like this can take place on a messageboard about celebrity babies, then there’s still hope!!

Jasmine on

Maria , Religious people don’t deserve respect? Well neither do you! Each person to their own. Being religious doesn’t make you any more or less of a person – you still deserve to be treat as an equal.

I’m agnostic – I don’t have strong views either way. But I do believe that everyone is equal and you are obviously very shallow if you can’t look beyond someones faith and see what sort of person they actually are before you judge.

Anywho , Angie – your daughters are beautiful ^-^ i love the way you seem to teach them their way in life.

Me on

Everyone has a different dream and that’s okay. She’s no different from all of you. All of you have dreams for your family that would conflict with what others think is the best for their family. And I know most of you wouldn’t want your words scrutinized the way hers have been!

As a Christian, I do believe in God. But I also understand that others don’t. I think hate and hurtful comments from either side are wrong.

JMO on

I’m agnostic and even I’m a little taken back by Maria’s comments. Religious people don’t deserve respect? really? Wow I feel sorry for you as I believe every GOOD person deserves respect no matter their beliefs. I didn’t grow up in a religoius household but my parents did send us to sunday school, more or so because I think they fell into the pressures of the neighborhood of being the only people who didn’t send their kids to church!! My parents allowed my brother and I to decided what we wanted as we got older and both of us said we didn’t no if we believed in God. She said, “fine” and that was the end of sunday school and church. We don’t like when people throw religion down our throats but we certainly don’t knock anyone for how they believe or what makes them feel better. They have a right to believe in a GOD as just like the rest of us choose not to!

Where I live we actually have churches everywhere! The nearest starbucks is probably about 20 min. from my house. I could careless. I don’t need coffee or God so I just avoid both!!

Manal on

Yes of course there are many Christians who judge and do not accept atheists but to me that is not being a true Christian,so yea its a shame.
So when it comes to me i accept ppl for who they are whether they are Christians , Atheists , Muslims it does not really matter!

I believe that faith is a something personal , its between you and yourself.

Sarah K. on

I get the outrage towards Maria’s comment, but where’s the outrage to Allyson comments and her openly mocking “idol worshipers”? Is that acceptable because she was mocking something not mainstream and Christian?

And, I also get the hint that Angie’s ideal town is one where everyone looks and thinks like her: Rich, White and Christian

JM on

Jaqui, thank you, i’m glad someone else has noticed that. instead people have, what could be an interesting debate, they choose to obsess about a few more extreme comments made by ONE person. it’s weird. i guess it’s true that people much more readily accept things that support their already established view, than look at things that challenge their views. i guess that’s sort of inkeeping with the whole debate here.

anyway, regardless of her religious beliefs angie harmon doesn’t sound like someone i’d want to know, she seems very naive and simpistic. so let’s hope she gets her quiet life in NC and we don’t have to hear from here again too often.

JM on

totally agree with you sarah k, that’s exactly what i picked up. it’s ok to mock religion and other people’s beliefs, just as long as it’s not christianity?

Kristen on

Hey take a step back Allyson! Your ignorance is showing. I meditate but not to a statue. Your ignorance of those of us who meditate is just as stupid as thinking that all of those who believe in God believe in nonsense. If you want your beliefs respected then show the same respect for others. Now if you don’t mind I will go and meditate a little for you to find some peace in life.

dazedandconfused on

Wow… I think everyone needs to calm down. I am a Christian and educated. Please don’t think that I am not smart because I believe in God. Everyone has the right to believe or not to believe. However, we do not have the right to hate others, even if we do not agree with what they say. I live in a small town and teach in an even smaller one. I do not hide the fact that I am a Christian from my students, neither do I push my religion on them. Angie Harmon has every right to move her family to NC, but I think it’s premature to say that she is looking for a rich, white, Christian community. Not everyone where I live is white, Christian, or rich… definitely not rich. And, just to set the record straight, there are MORE non-believer dropouts than there are Christian dropouts.

Lauren on

For someone who self-professes superior “intelligence” due to her beliefs-the very same thing she rages against from those who believe in God-Maria seems to have severe misunderstanding of the meaning of the word “faith.” I was pretty sure they taught that lesson in higher education. Guess not?

As for keeping with the “debate” in question, JM, your comments here are perfectly valid and interesting. But I have noticed in countless other discussions that you are the first to generalize and criticize those who believe in God to an extreme extent, to the point that many of your comments have been no better than Maria’s. Many comments made my agnostics and religious folk here have been perfectly respectful, and kudos to them. The truly superior person is the one who can have an open, honest discussion about their personal beliefs with someone who thinks differently from them. Only through that shared dialogue can true respect and coexitance come about. There is nothing more “stupid” than hurling childlike insults at a generalized group of people solely because they think differently from you.

Birgit on

JM is right on. But I guess I’m the only one who took Maria’s “respect” comment to mean religious people don’t deserve respect simply because they are religious. You are not entitled to be put on a pedestal because you believe in something. Another point someone made is to let everyone believe what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt others. Well, there are so many things about religion that hurt people I don’t even know where to begin! And it is so wrong to tell someone you will pray for them when they say they don’t believe in God the way you do. No thank you. I believe in treating people kindly as well as yourself. That’s what I teach my children.

JM on

Lauren your comment would seem more realistic if you could point out where i have generalised and critisised to an exrtreme extent, otherwise your comment just seems like an empty insult and no better than the comments you are professing to be so horrified by. i may have criticised religion, there is nothing wrong with that it’s my opinion, please feel free to criticise atheism. but i don’t think i have been disrespectful or that i have generalised. you don’t do yourself any favours by making accusations without backing them up… if you know what i mean.

you say there is nothing more “stupid” than hurling childlike insults at a generalized group of people solely because they think differently from you. – well what are you doing with atheists? have all the comments made by atheists here been childish insults?

JM on

Birgit, couldn’t agree more. i teach my kids good sound morals, be kind and good to other people, and i manage to do that without teaching them religion. and it also irks me when i tell people i’m an atheist and they say they’ll pray for me… it’s like they don’t WANT to listen.

Jill on

I have a PhD from a highly reputable school, I’m Catholic and therefore, I obviously believe in God. Does that make me stupid and ignorant? I would suggest those that have made that comment to read about Albert Einstein’s, Carl Sagan’s and other famous scientists’ and geniuses’ beliefs about God. You will find them saying that we can’t explain everything and as a result, if we can’t explain God, that doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t exist. In fact, many of these scientists have said that because of the perfect uniformity of this earth and the way it functions, there must be a God. Not that I am opposed to questionning God’s existence – I do – but that is why I am considered smart and educated – it’s the ignorant and stupid that make black and white statements about God.

Lauren on

“you say there is nothing more “stupid” than hurling childlike insults at a generalized group of people solely because they think differently from you. – well what are you doing with atheists? have all the comments made by atheists here been childish insults?”

That comment was speaking about people on both sides of the debate, self-professed Christians and athiests alike. The fact that you took that as a personal affront says far more about you than it does me.

As for “proof” of your rude, insensitive comments that have gotten you called out in the past, I’m quite certain you know darn well that you are guilty of this and simply refuse to own up to it, since you take every chance you get to remind everyone on the blog of your athiesm and generalize/insult Christians as a whole (which is, to me, just as annoying and self-righteous as every single article about Angie droning on about how religious she is). Here are two gems of yours I managed to remember:

“let’s get one thing straight though, if we all want to be adults here, god does not make babies. that is about as likely as saying the stork brings the babies. it’s a bit childish to suggest that there’s some dude sitting up in the sky “making” babies (out of what exactly). let’s not trivialize things for which there are perfectly good scientific explanations. it’s a bit patronising to the rest of us when some people all-knowingly profess that “god makes the babies” as if that is the ONLY and OBVIOUS explanantion, when actually it’s no more than a fairytale. sorry guys, but seriously, let’s not pretend we are naive children.”
JM on March 17th, 2010

” i felt more at home in the north-east because i can’t connect to the more conservative, religious and narrow-minded mind set of the south. but that’s just me, and i don’t look down on people from south because of that (excuse the pun).”
– JM on June 17th, 2010

There are many more examples of such comments made by you, but I think/hope you get the point. The latter comment is particularly funny since you profess to not judge or look down on people from the south immediately after generalizing them as “conservative, religious, and narrow-minded.” I’m sure you’ll do your best to dance around the evidence. Good luck with that.

Lila on

It sounds like she wants to raise her daughters in a normal, small town enviroment instead of the big city. Why is that so bad? I am not religious but obviously she is and it is important to their family.

As far as the religious haters, if it makes you feel better to be bitter- hate away! I am sure that she isn’t losing any sleep over it.

JM on

you found 2 whole comments that you think prove your point lauren (managed to also take them completely out of context) and tihnk that that validates what you said. (as in: i am often the first person to bring up the “religion” issue – i’m not, i join in debates that people have already started and usually when i feel there have been unfair comments made about atheists – which as i said, always seem to be acceptable because it’s ok to ridicule someone’s worldview as long as they are not christians).

so i will address the two whole comments you found:
comment 1: um, i stand by that, i wasn’t saying that people don’t have the RIGHT to believe something for which there is absolutely no evidence (such as that god makes babies), i just said they shouldn’t profess it as FACT. and there is a perfectly good and proven scientific explanation for where babies come from and that it IS childish (notice i didn’t say “stupid”) to ignore facts. it’s like me arguing with you that grass is purple when it isn’t. like i said, believe in whatever you like, just don’t profess it as fact. i have a problem when people assume that their belief system that is based on no facts is surely what everyone believes. that is exactly what i said in my comment.

comment 2: again was in the context of the north vs south debate, i did NOT start it. i was speaking from personal experience and it says more about you that you took “religious and conservative” as an insult. “narrowminded” i said because that was my experience of the south vs north. (again: notice i didn’t say that all people from the south are these things just that these views were more prevalent which they are, people are more conservative and more religious in the south). in fact it was in relation to people saying that that was what they LIKED about the south – that it was more conservative and religious – if people can say that then surely i can say that that is what i DON’T like about the south. see you can’t have it both ways and only allow people to generalise (or what you think is generalising) if they are saying something positive that you agree with.
this should be clear (if you bothered to read the comment) that i said if people are religious and conservative that’s their business (it shouldn’t be forbidden) but that i just didn’t feel at home with those values.

so really, i still think you have still failed to prove that i have been rude and disrespectful towards people who are religious. to me religion IS a load of rubbish, i am free to say that, i have never said that people should not be allowed to disagree or should not be allowed to be religious. but i AM allowed to disagree and say so without being told that someone will “pray for me”.

as i said, you still choose to only single out comments that you think were offensive from atheists, but none that were offensive that were pro-christianity. very telling if you ask me….

GiannaG on

My goodness! I’m agnostic as well, but I find Maria’s comments just as offensive as those of the run of the mill Bible-thumper. Good grief! You don’t have to respect religion, but you do have to respect people, Maria. You sound like you’ve been hurt by some overly religious individual or organization and that’s a shame, but you have to remember that you can’t judge the collective by the actions of one or a few persons. Your comments are rude and beyond uncalled for. You’re clearly just lashing out, and I feel sorry that you’re so hurt. I happen to know quite a few wonderful believers, and I wouldn’t change them for the world.

On another note, JM, I totally agree with your comments on this subject. It’s a shame that comments like Maria’s get all the attention.

kestc on

Angie & Jason are so down to earth and so nice. I lived down the street from them in Dallas. A small little community of Dallas called Highland Park (aka The Bubble). I would run into Jason and Finley many of times at Toys R Us, he always talked to us. There home was always open for Halloween, passing out candy. She is not athiest, she grew up going to the neighborhood Presbyterian Church.

jill on

Jm and Birgit, I agree! I found it annoying and insulting when people find out I don’t believe in god and they say they will pray for me or they hope I find god. To me that doesn’t respect my beliefs!

Shelby-ville on

Ummm – has anybody noticed that everybody fights on the posts linked with Angie Harmon stories?

People must enjoy the banter…

Anna on

I like how Maria acts so taken back by the comments. If religious people don’t deserve respect, then why should you? It’s pathetic. I’m a Christian and I usually steer clear of religion conversations but this has gotten out of hand.

Who are you to say the Bible is fiction? Who are you to say Christians are stupid and can only complete high school?

You have NO right to immediately attack Christianity just because you don’t agree with it. I don’t understand why so many Atheists (this is off experience, not labeling) think they deserve equal rights but then will tell a Christian straight up that they’re wrong and God isn’t real. Respect goes both ways.

I’ll be praying for you 😉

JM on

GiannaG and Jill thank you both. it’s nice to have some rational support.

Elizabeth on

I really wish people would stop saying “I’m praying for you” to atheists, it’s incredibly arrogant and condescending.

Terri on

I love her daughters names. They are different and pretty without being weird. I’ve never been to NC, but my brother-in-law has family from there. I hear it’s a nice place to live and raise children. I’m sure her daughters will grow up to be good, strong women like their mother.

MSMiss on

Just to clarify her choices of “Faith,” “Hope” and “Grace,” I will refer to Hebrews 11:1. “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” God’s promises are not lies, not fairytales and not fiction. God is the AUTHOR of science. “Grace” is the undeserved forgiveness and acceptance that God freely gives those who claim Jesus as their Savior. God looks at our sinful selves and sees what Jesus has done instead of our sin. It’s not (in this case) relevant to being graceful the way you would describe a gifted dancer. I don’t subscribe to “Religion” for my future (either here or for eternity.) I depend on “Relationship”…a one-on-one with God and it’s very personal and not dictated by dogmas, intercessors, people I confess to or rituals I perform. It’s the most important relationship in my life (both here on earth and in the life to come) and I have an MBA, so I’m not ignorant, uneducated or emotionally fragile. In fact, I live with peace and freedom, am confident (I frequently give inspirational speeches to women and other groups) and am a successful person in every sense of the word, a published author and TV personality. It saddens me to see someone hurting, bitter and angry to the point they lash out at a certain groups of people for their beliefs. These people are searching for a way to fill that empty hole that only God can fill. Every human being is born with an inate need to worship…and you WILL worship something/someone (just look closely at your life and you can easily find your god…everyone has one!) I lived in North Carolina for over four years. I absolutely LOVED it there. I lived in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte and it was full of professionals, professors, doctors, lawyers, etc. who found a definite relationship with God and a coexistence of God and science…it’s not a “you have to choose” issue. The Bible says when we stand up for the Lord, we are going to be hated, attacked and persecuted, but that it’s nothing new…Jesus was persecuted, too, so we are to “take up our cross” and follow His example. And to clarify the word “fear” that someone mentioned, the Greek equivalent is a word that means “deep respect” not shaking-in-our-boots-dodging-lightening-bolts terror of God. What a sad point of view, what an empty void of a life and what a huge burden of anger and hate to carry around. God will gladly carry it for you and He loves and believe in you whether you love and believe in Him or not. Truth is absolute, so just because you say something doesn’t exist does not make it truth…and the majesty of God cannot be replicated in a laboratory with man-made theories and experiments. I pray you find peace with God and replace that deep-seated anger, hurt and prejudice with His love.

Anonymous on

“God’s promises are not lies, not fairytales and not fiction. God is the AUTHOR of science.”

Thanks for the laugh. 😉

Lauren on

“you found 2 whole comments that you think prove your point lauren (managed to also take them completely out of context) and tihnk that that validates what you said. (as in: i am often the first person to bring up the “religion” issue”

Ah yes, the old “context” protest, always reserved for people who put their foot in their mouths and, when presented with the evidence, attempt to blame the one pointing it out for not providing the “whole picture,” regardless of the fact that the words in question are undoubtedly theirs. Also was not aware that you expected a laundry list of rude comments that you yourself made-. You asked for examples, I provided some. Period. Furthermore, I never claimed that you are the “first” to start a religious debate-I said that whenever the subject comes up, you not only make it more than clear that you are athiest, but go on to demean the Christian faith, which you would not feel the need to do if you truly believed your perspective to be superior. This suggests insecurity on your behalf, which is no one’s problem but your own.

And since you are so intent on providing “context” for your comments, I will take it one step further and remind you that the comment about God not “making babies” was part of a larger discussion about whether pregnancy and childbirth are miracles. One woman said that they are not-pregnancy and birth are simply products of biological reproduction; others disagreed and believed there to be some divinity in the process. That was the general nature of the discussion-not a serious debate over whether there is literally a man in the sky creating babies and inserting them into womens’ wombs. But because any religious implications send you into a spin, you took the opportunity to be blatantly rude to those who believe in a higher power and insinuate that they are “naive children.” Real mature.

As for whether you are “allowed” to say what you dislike about the South-that has never been an issue, so for you to try and make it one is null and void. Of course you are allowed to say what you dislike about that area. But because you have made it strongly clear on countless occasions that you do, in fact, look down on conservative and religious people, those adjectives were clearly meant to be lumped together with narrow-minded as insults.

Finally, it’s clear that what you really want is not for me to join the majority and criticize Maria for what was nothing more than a rude, uneducated Internet meltdown (whose perspective you clearly agree with), but find Allyson’s comment about praying to statues just as offensive. The reality is that while Allyson’s comment was snarky and obnoxious, it was nowhere near as negative and insulting as Maria’s full on rant. Comparing these two comments is like comparing apples and oranges, which is why no one except yourself has done so. Furthermore, I already stated that several religious people as well as agnostics and athiests on this thread have been more than respectful of one another, which is what it’s all about. Jill is a great example-she is a professed athiest who doesn’t hide her beliefs or look down on others for theirs. Perhaps you could learn something from her about practicing the level of tolerance that you demand of those who are different from you but fail to practice on your own behalf.

ann on

Huh…Amber? Catholics are Christian (you said, “Catholics, Christians,…”). Christians may, or may not be Catholics, as Christians my also be Protestants, Anglicans, Baptists… (in other terms, “they’re all cousins”).

Sorry, but I had to correct this (I’m an agnostic, so I’m not saying this as a negative criticism). And by the way, freedom of religion is one of the main rights (hence duties) of our country. Telling people religion should be abolished would be as wrong and immoral as stalking and segregating people for not being. Trying to turn people against religion is as wrong as turning people against those who are not. So every time you show hatred toward some people, those people will hate you back. I am an agnostic, and highlight it, due to all this conversation. But it’s a personal opinion, built up from my own life experiences and how I see and question things that surround me. Intelligence is not in what a person believes, it’s in his/her capacity of seeing the other side, and being able to understand that others may think differently than I do, that different views can be discussed, always respectfully. And in the end, we may keep our faith or lack (although “lack” is wrongly used, because atheist and agnostics may have faith in other, more pragmatic, things – just like religious may), but try, and even, understand why the other person does or does not believe in something.(religious debates can actually be funny and interesting, I have had them several times, you don’t have to turn it into fights!).

Allyson on

OK….I have reading over these comments and one thing baffles me. Sarah K said Angie wants to move to an area (North Carolina) that is just like her, “rich, white and Christian.” Then Maria states the the “poorest and most uneducated states” are the South. So is the South rich or poor???? And Sarah K, I believe you need to either visit the South or open your eyes around you if you live near the South. The Southern states are home to many African Americans, they make up close to a third, or more than, of the population of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana and South Carolina. The cities of Atlanta, Memphis and New Orleans show African Americans in the majority!
So you two need learn the facts and/or get your stories straight. I understand Angie Harmon is speaking about North Carolina, but both of you spoke of the South and North Carolina is a Southern state!

kay on

I personally cannot understand how religion is still such a factor in modern society. I have issue particularly with the texts on which most religions are founded. For example, I really don’t think most people who preach the bible have actually read it entirely. They don’t follow half the ‘rules’ in it. Who decides, if the bible is truly holy, what sections are to be followed and which aren’t relevant in modern times? How can we guide our actions by something written so long ago, by man? We’re smarter than this now – we don’t need religion anymore. We don’t have to have all the answers right now, nor do I expect us to, but we don’t need religion to explain the things we don’t understand anymore. We are going through a scientific revolution. Let’s take the good things from religion – like positive thinking and faith, community spirit, forgiveness, etc. with the knowledge we have gained from science. It is scary not knowing why and how things happen, and it must be nice to really believe that it was a higher power’s will or design or whatever, but we are finding out more and more everyday. And it is truly unfortunate that religious ideals sometimes hold back scientific advancement.

That is my opinion. I do respect that people have religious beliefs even though I don’t agree with them. And while I don’t believe in organized religion, I have friends from many faiths, all of whom I respect. It is fascinating to discuss religion with people of different faiths at the same time; the amount of overlap is amazing. I would highly recommend it. It opened my mind to some misconceptions I had and it helped all involved realize how similar the major religions are. I have no doubt that religion arose from honest roots, but it has been corrupted by man over the years by translation, interpretation, and plain manipulation. If I were religious, I would have trouble placing my faith in a text that had been published, modified, and re-published several times.

As for Angie, I hope that she doesn’t think that her girls will grow up fine just because they are attending church. People come from all circumstances and backgrounds; I hope she teaches her children tolerance. It may be the style of her interviews, but it just feels like she is saying that the only way to raise children right is to move to the south and make them attend church. I hope she doesn’t go on like this for the next 5 years or she’s going to ruffle a lot of feathers.

amo on

Just saw Angie Harmon with her three children in the uptown Target in Charlotte. Very down to earth and so excited when she found what she was looking for; kind of screeched in excitement. I love it when a parent gets so excited about something for their children that they too get caught up in the wonderfulness of it all. Didn’t this article really deal with her moving to North Carolina and wanting to raise her children in an area where the expectation of a starbucks on every corner does NOT exist? I think that’s great; that’s why I moved from the heart of Miami, Florida 29 years ago so that my children could be raised in a low key but totally inspiring city.

Let’s lay off the religion and wish Angie and her family good luck in North Carolina!

Lor on

I think Angie is a great actress and from what I hear about Charlotte it’s like the new L.A. for stars who don’t really want to be in the L.A. area anymore. Wish stars could still get fan-mail like the old days, so I could actually contact her and let her know how great it is that she actually puts her family before her career. As far as her faith is concerned, I’ve never read or seen where she actually pressures or puts anyone down for their beliefs or lack there of.

caroline on

Maria- you have to be one of the stupidest people i have ever heard speak i mean really. My pastor went to college and got a degree in biblical studies.Have you ever seen a newborn. How can you look at them and not believe in God. The bible says to walk by faith and not by sight. Have you ever heard the saying “it is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”. i bet you haven’t and you need to take your little smart brain that is supposedly educated and analyze it.

caroline on

i am sorry if i have offended anyone i was frustrated and out of hand. normally i don’t get involved in religious fights and i don’t know what got into me. it is not my place to yell or judge. The Bible states that all man shall be held accountable. I will pray that you find peace and accept my deepest apologies. I support Angie for standing up and trying to teach her kids the right thing. I support the fact that she is willing to move so that her children will grow up to be respectful and responsible as if more parents would this world would not be so hateful towards each other.i believe that she is doing the right thing and that it should not offend anyone and there is nothing wrong with a church on every corner and i like it like this as because is live here and we do not look evilly on someone that is a non believer but try to comfort and help them as Jesus did for us.

Rosetta Butler on

i was very angry at some of the comment that people were posting about Angie Harmon just because she wants a a better life for her girls if moving out of LA and moving to North Carolina to have a better life God Bless her. and to bash her because of her Christian beliefs people need to grow up and someone had the gull to say that they hated her really made me angry i don,t know angie personaly but i think that she is the sweetest person to walk this planet from one Christion to another i support her100 percent she is my sister in Christ Jesus and i love her.

Rosetta Butler on

people are Judging Angie Harmon because of her christion belief and wants her girls to be in a stable place to learn some values there is truley nothing wrong with that

Rosetta Butler on

when i was growing up i learned two things 1. that if you don,t have nothing nice to say don,t say nothing at all and the second thing was that children should be seen and not heard after some of the comments i,ve read that should go for the Adults

Rosetta butler on

To every one who speak down and judge others be careful cause when you stand before God you will give an account