Family Photo: The Berry-Aubrys – Three’s Company

08/27/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

Okay in the U.K.!

She may have said she was “not meant to go the distance” with ex Gabriel Aubry, but Halle Berry looks happy to spend the day with him and daughter Nahla Ariela, 2, Thursday in London.

“While it was not a love connection for us, he was absolutely the right person to have this child with because she is going to have an amazing father. And that was really important to me,” the actress told Vogue.

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aj on

Call me old – fashioned, but I really don’t like the idea of “picking” a person to have a child with just becuase you believe that he or she would be a good parent. To me, you should love that person. That’s the whole point of relationships and pro-creating.

Anne on

Is it just me, or does she look like she’s pregnant in the first photo?

Sasha on

I love that, despite whatever dissolved their relationship, Halle and Gabe have not let it affect their devotion to Nahla.

belle on

is it just me or does she not look a tad bit preggers in the first pic??!!
i think i can see a little baby bump!

lizzielui on

Where does Halle say she “picked” Gabriel out specifically just so she could have a child with him? Never does she say that. In fact, they dated and lived together for two and a half years before she became pregnant with Nahla. No the relationship did not work with Gabriel in the end, however, what is wrong with someone expressing how they respect the time that they shared with their ex and believe that he was the right person to have a child with? In this day and age of bickering, mudslinging, abuse and constant litigation within relationships, Halle’s sentiments here are refreshing to me.

Erika on

She DEFINATELY looks pregnant!

momto3 on

Yup, she def looks preggers in that first pic, her tummy looks very full and round!! I guess we’ll know soon enough?!!

Kim on

Anne and Belle- I thought the same thing right when I saw that photo. She definitely looks like she has a bump!!

Shannon on

I have been waiting for this pic to show up on here! She really looks pregnant to me! Its the first thing I noticed. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so.

angelphillips18 on

I don’t think it’s what she meant. I guess she was trying to say that the relationship didn’t work out. They’ve been going out for quite a time when she got pregnant, so it’s a little to far stretch to interpret her words this way. They fell out of love and the real, life long love connection wasn’t there. Don’t read too much into every word!

Lacey on

I have seen this picture of multiple sites, both US and UK, and every single one has a “pregnant??” comment. This isn’t the first time, people have questioned this. I remember a few month ago, picture came up with a much smaller…”pooch”. She could be and IMO, it look like a pregnant belly, not a weight gain.

Mandy on

Maybe that’s the reason she was seen out and about with Gabriel. Maybe she found out she was expecting when they broke up. They could be trying it again. Yeah, it definitely looks more than just a ‘food baby’.

Tess on

Only Halle knows what she meant. We only know what she said, and based on what she said, it sounds as if she was specifically looking for someone to father her child. If that works for the two of them, then great.

And yes, she looks pregnant again.

Crystal on

She definitely looks pregnant again. I would be THRILLED for Halle, Gabriel and Nahla. ♥ them!

erilynne on

IF she does indeed have a bump…..who is the father? I thought they broke up a few months back, so it’s likely his but like, WHY? Or is just a unplanned pregnancy finding out after they broke up..

mommytoane on

I think more of what she was saying, was that its not love for them, but its love for their daughter. Sometimes, you get swept up in those romantic feelings and before you know it you realize that this isn’t where you want to be. I’m sure each and every one of us has suffered a break up or two. But at least they were adult to admit that while it didn’t work between them, they need to remain friends for their daughter. Its better than seeing parents fight for custody over children IMO.
Cute pics tho. She definately looks a little rounder, but it could just be the pic.

Amanda on

She def looks like a baby tummy there🙂

Michelle on

This is just MY SPECULATION….
I would guess maybe she got preggo, he wanted to get married, she did not and that’s why thy broke up. She had mentioned before that he wnted marriage and she did not want to get marries again.

That is definitely a baby bump…like a 4 month baby bump.

Jennifer on

I have been waiting for this pic to show up on this site too! I wanted to see if everyone thought she looked pregnant too. I’m the first person that gets annoyed when people say a celebrity looks preggo in a pic when it’s obvious they have a full belly from a ‘food baby’…but WOW does she llok more than full from a nice size meal…she definitely looks pregnant! I can’t wait for the next month or two to find out! Obviously hoping it’s Gabriel’s if she is pregnant!

Lauren on

I cann’t stand the constant “pregnant” comments on here, especially when it’s more than obvious that said star (ahem, Jennifer Garner) is not pregnant. That said, Halle most definitely appears to be sporting a bump. That does not look like weight gain at all; someone as trim as Halle would likely not gain weight in the tummy anyway. Looks like she’s got a bun in the oven to me, but only time will tell.

lizzielui on

Below is a pic of Halle Berry from a couple of weeks ago while shooting scenes from her latest film in South Africa. No baby bump to be found:

This second pic is from 8/13

Ellen Smith on

Halle obviously planned her pregnancy with Gabriel. Most women her age know how to use birth control. I think she was looking for a good looking stud to father her baby, and he fit the bill. It’s nice to see that he is a devoted father to their girl, but she obviously was looking for any permanency (i.e., marriage) in a relationship before getting knocked up.

Kristin on

She definitely looks pregnant!

aj on

All I know is that she has been in about three failed relationships, so its obviously not the man everytime. The way she spoke in the mag article may not exactly say that she “picked” him, but it came off to me as saying that she already knew that the relationship was doomed, and she stayed with him solely because she thaught that he would make a good father to her child. Sorry if you feel differently, but everyone is intitled to their own opinion.

Tam on

Their daughter is absolutely beautiful. It does sound like she used him just to have a baby. To me that is much better than getting pregnant by some random sperm donor bank and raise her with no father figure.

D on

@Anne-I was thinking that too. She does look pregnant. Although she’s probably not, but that pictures says otherwise.

cassie on

glad they are on good terms..

Jen on

Well I read it as even though he was the right person for her in the end, he was still the right person to have a child with, because he’s a good father.

Remember, there are many people out there, who find themselves in failed relationships, and even though they don’t regret the children, they regre who they had the children with.

And she obviously doesn’t.

ILuvPerfectParents on

This is a gorgeous family. Halle and Gabe BOTH were CONSENTING ADULTS so if she sought him out to be a father to her child, then obviously he felt it were okay. Regardless of why/how Nahla was conceived, she’s here, has two parents who obviously love her and who co-parent together and that is all that matters.

Marie on

It would probably help people to pause a bit more before claiming/assuming Halle picked Gabriel to have a child with if they read the whole article in Vogue, where the context is much clearer, rather than just one quote. She basically says she was in a relationship for a quite a long time, they had a child, it didn’t work out for them because it wasn’t a life-long love connection – but she had a child with the person she was meant to have one with and how glad she is that her daughter should have Gabriel as a father.

A few years ago, Gillian Anderson said of her ex-husband, and the father of her daughter, Piper: ‘We have good relations. He’s a good father. Sometimes I think we married because we were meant to have this extraordinary child.’

People can fall out of love, even when they have a child together, and they can’t make it work, or they weren’t right for one another, but they can still be mature and responsible and loving and considerate parents together.

Nothing wrong with that.

Mina on

I dont think she looks pregnant…I think it looks like the wind blew up her baggy shirt. There is a big point in the middle. Or maybe she has an ipod hooked on her jeans?

Angela on

She was approaching 40 and really wanted to have a biological child. I get it. There are some people who don’t get married and start having babies in their 20s, and I believe Halle has said after two failed marriages that she won’t get married again. I’d made a pact with a couple of really good male friends that if we were both unattached by a certain age, we’d get together and have a baby. Unromantic? Completely. But I wanted a biological child by a certain age. It turned out that I met my husband at 28 and had babies that way, but I certainly wasn’t opposed to doing it the other way. And please let this not start the whole debate about adoption.

Mandy on


A couple of weeks can mean the difference between no baby bump and a sudden ‘pop’. Just because she had nothing a few weeks ago says nothing about now.

A friend of mine was 6 months along, trim as can be without even knowing anything and then she just popped and had a belly.

Terri on

Well anyone who has dated three people has been in three failed relationships. That’s a lot of people. Sometimes things don’t work out between people. It happens. Doesn’t mean that either of them are damaged or have something wrong with them. We’re not meant to be with everyone we meet or date.

Terri on

Btw, saying that it sounds like such and such happened, only means that’s what you got out of what she said or what you perceive to have happened. It doesn’t make it true or accurate.

Jill on

Here is pictures of Halle from exactly one month ago in a bikini, not looking pregnant at all. I can understand how people may think she may look pregnant, but I just could never say it. I would hate to be in the spotlight.

It may just be how she dresses or maybe every year at this time they like to say she’s pregnant. This is from September 2009.

Donna on

She does look pregnant in 1st photo.

CelebBabyLover on

lizzielui- Thanks for posting those links! Thanks to them, I definitely don’t think she’s pregnant. In the first link you gave, she has not only a flat stomach, but some killer abs as well!

And as for the whole debate over whether or not Halle just chose Gabriel as someone to father her child…..I’m just glad that they’re getting along so well for Nahla’s sake!

Bancie1031 on

Well I see a LOT of people came to the same conclusion I did with the first photo …. She definitely looks pregnant! Doesn’t mean she is … maybe it’s just the way her shirt fell idk …. but we’ll find out sooner or later ……. if she is congratulations and if she isn’t sorry for the confusion.

Sally on

She’s either eaten too much or she’s having another baby!

Marilyn on

She does look pregnant, but then again in an interview a couple of months ago, she said she doubts she is going to have another child, and she would have known at that time if she was pregnant or not (unless the interview was farther back).

SH on

maybe it’s a fanny pack?? the bump doesn’t really look centered…

loren on

OK I just looked (after all these comments) Agree with everybody who say’s she looks pregnant. She looks big and pregnant to me 🙂 she is not a large woman. If she is not pregnant, well my face is red🙂

Mariana on

Love these pics. She does look pregnant.

CelebBabyLover on

Jill- Thank you for pointing that out! You are right, we seem to go through this about once or twice a year with Halle. For some reason, certain actresses tend to get pregnancy speculation a lot (Jennifer Garner is another one. The poor woman has been “pregnant” for a year now!).

MiB on

Am I the only single woman who, feeling ther biological clock ticking away, looks at men wondering if they would be a good father? Wether they are your type or not?

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