Bethenny Frankel Shares Bath Time, Baby Wipes with Bryn

08/27/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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Reality star Bethenny Frankel has always been resourceful, and now, thanks to 3-month-old daughter Bryn Casey, she’s finding new uses for baby products, too.

“I am loving using Bryn’s baby wipes. They are at the top of my list of mommy must-haves,” she tells Parade.

“Baby wipes are great for everything! For wiping babies’ butts, as an eye-makeup remover, to wipe the counter, to clean my hands at the airport, just everything.”

She also uses Bryn’s bottle warmer for more … adult purposes. “You can use [it] to warm your baby’s bottle in the car — or keep chilled your Skinny Girl margarita.”

Though Frankel isn’t nursing too much anymore — “I’m 10 percent breastfeeding now, and I feel guilty about that, and like a failure,” she confides — she’s still found many ways to bond with her baby girl. “We sing for an hour every day. I sing to her, and Bryn sings back,” she shares. “We sing Rihanna, Pink, gangsta rap.”

Bath time is also a family affair, too. “I’m a big bath person,” Frankel, 39, says. “I take baths with Bryn — but first I take my own bath so the water is really clean.”

While Frankel is content with her first child, husband Jason Hoppy is intent on expanding the family. “Jason wants to have another baby, and I don’t. So that’s another problem,” she says. “For now, I’m storing Bryn’s baby clothes in those big Ziploc bags.” Anything is possible!

— Kate Hogan

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Wendy on

I just LOVE her !!

Kelly on

I love everything about Bethenney. She’s awesome! Brynn and Jason are so Lucky to have her in their lives. Keep up the good work Bethenney and Life will give you rewards in return.

Kathryn on

Bethenny you are too funny singing Bryn gangsta rap! You are just such a down-to-earth person and I think you are great! Please keep doing your show on Bravo and commentating here on People! :o)

Stephanie Gansneder on

I can relate to her on almost everything she just said. I love her and her family is just awesome.

Paula on

Bethenny, I love that you sing Pink, Rhianna, and gangsta rap to that precious girl. Keep it real! 🙂

Gloria Reyes-Moore on

I can’t wait to see you & your little family to return to your show againBethenny! I know you won ‘t be on RHONY because of your own show, I hope its on very soon then! we miss you & your little Bryn & cookie, yes, Jason too……come back soon!

Kim on

Love you Bethenny! and your adorablel little tyke, too funny singing “gangsta rap” i love it! lol

Colleen on

I Absolutely think you are the most Hilarious person ever! Your sense of humor is un parrallelled!(sp?) PULEAZE Keep Doing your Show – I am a huge fan! (Not stalker type) just a fan! I have to say, BABY WIPES GET EVERY SINGLE STAIN OUT OF EVERYTHING!!!! CAR SPOTS (ON FLOOR) CARPET,CLOTHES, IT’S TRULY AMAZING…
You were right on the money about “coooka doodle doo” – I have one that I have to deal with (she’s sis) and the entertainment factor leaves fast… Yeah – I am dealing with my own “Kelley”. Woo – that gurl needs some learning up!! What scares me the most – is knowing that she is responsible for children… Uuugh.. I feel for them…
anyhoo, Love watching you, your Honeymoon was soo cool, (we never had one) I just pretended that my hubby & I were there, (it is my dream to go to St. Bart’s) although it may never come to pass, I can always laugh my A@#s off at the scene when you and (baby nurse) were talking to Jason before you left. Oh my Gosh, was tooo funny. You really are a breath of fresh air! Please stay on.,….. Bryn is soooooo friggn cute! I have a boy & girl and they are soo much fun (13 & 6)! Never say never (to another one) Lots of work , but way more fun!!! Stay safe & healthy and Stay one gurl!! Sincerely the biggest fan in North Tecas, Colleen ~ 🙂

Erica Ann on

I love reading posts and articles about Bethenny because she is definetly the most “Real” Housewife of them all (pun intended). I enjoy reading about her experiences as a new mom to Bryn, who is beautiful.

Kristy on

I love this woman!!!!! I love Bryn and Jason too. lol

angela on

You’re an awesome lady and mom. Can’t wait to see you and your family back on tv.

bizzy on

Since she is a natural food chef I had hoped she would exclusively breastfeed her daughter. Its a little disppointing that she would give her baby formula.

Laura on

Bizzy it doesn’t even effect you. I am all for breastfeeding but you don’t know people’s individual circumstances so you don’t have a right to judge.

Anyway, Bethenny is too funny and I love her show!

Jenna on

OMG I love Bethenny! You are def a true real person and I love that about you!!Keep up the good work!!:)

Jeanne on

I would love for Bethenny to be a friend of mine! She is so hilariously funny and quick witted. I had a friend like her once upon a time who passed away and I miss her. I guess that’s why I love watching BGM so much. Bethenny, you are so blessed to have Jason and Bryn, and they are just as blessed to have you. Tell Ramona and Alex hello!!!! PS: And it looks like Bethenny that you got yourself some terrific in-laws too! Please keep doing the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ariel on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU BETHENNY! And your relationship with the hubby and baby is soo beautiful!

Bethan on

Knew it was only a matter of time before someone mentioned the dreaded breastfeeding issue *rolls eyes*

Anyway, VERY cute article, Bethenny (hope I spelt it right :D) sounds like a great Mom. The gangsta rap bit had me giggling. Sometimes you do anything to make them giggle 🙂

texas girl on

Bizzy, get over yourself! I couldn’t breast feed my son and felt like a failure to until a BREASTFEEDING friend of mine set me straight. She told me that yes, it was the best thing to do but not all women can. It doesn’t mean they love their children any less or can not bond with their children. My son is 2 1/2 now, has rarely been sick and we are super close. I am proud of her for trying because I think every woman should but I hope she doesn’t feel regret and enjoys her little girl.
Bethanny you seem like an incredible person. I loved your show and hope that you have a second season. Just keep being happy and joying your life. That is the best reward there is! 🙂

Lisa on

Bethenny is awesome. So down-to-earth and real. I really enjoy her. She makes me laugh (and cry), and I really relate to the things going on in her life. She’s come such a long way and I’m SO happy for her. =)

Niki on

I love her, but how dirty is your baby that you have to take a bath FIRST? I understand the ME time, but the dirty factor is lost on me.

Robin on

Niki- it sounded like to me she wasn’t worried about the baby making her bath water dirty, she was worried about making her baby’s bath water dirty by bathing in it herself.

Diana on

Niki, its probably because she uses bodywash or something that she doesn’t want the baby bathing in….its not the fact that her child is dirty!! What a rude thing to say about a monther and child!

oz on

Bethenny, I love your show….You are the ONLY real housewife on TV. Your honesty is a joy to watch. I love the way you love your family…Don’t stop what you’re doing…GO BETHENNY….

Kat on

I love that you PROVED you can carry your own show! Keep it up Bethenny and never feel guilty about your success!

Mel J on

To Kelly, If you love everything about Bethenny, you might want to learn how to spell her name correctly. Plus, weren’t you in a big fight with her all last season on Desperate Housewives?

Deb on

I love Bethenney as well. I did not realize that her show was guaranteed for another season? Will they still call it Bethenney Getting Married? Seems appropriate to change the title of the show, but if she doesn’t come back with her OWN show I will be devastated. I remember watching an interview Bethenney did right before her new show started. She said that there would NOT be alot of drama, just funny and peaceful. She was soooo right. It can be sooo funny, but very REAL. The moments with her Dr. are very touching. Never once did the other RHONY make me cry or really laugh. Well, I suppose I did laugh but for all the wrong reasons. Keep us posted on a new season of your new show Bethenney, it was the BEST!

Jan in ATL on

I was spoiled by your show. I don’t want to watch another RHW because of the trash and manufactured drama. I can’t wait until your show returns.

Kathy C on

I loved Bethanny’s show. She is hysterically funny and Jason is perfect for her; shocked by her sometimes, but always amused.

My favorite episode was when they couldn’t get the baby out of the car seat. I was weeping I was laughing so hard. Refreshing change from Real Housewives and all the sniping.

rachel on

Nikki babies pee in the water. That’s all that Bethanny means. She’s not a germ freak or anything. Calm down!!

Anna on

Ok I dont get the clean bath water thing????????????????

diane s on

I believe when Bethany said she took a bath first before she put the baby in the tub w/her it was so the water is really clean for the baby!!not that the baby was dirty!!

Doolie39 on

@bizzy : Lay of Bethnny, please. I am a very small person, not quite 5 feet 4, and less than 110 pounds. For some reason I was blessed with DD breasts. When I was 17 I had them reduced because I had indentation in my shoulder blades and back problems, which I suffer from to this day. When my son was born 11 years later, I tried and tried and tried to nurse exclusively as I was taught that formula was the root of all evil. I almost starved my poor son and lost my mind in the process. Now, I have three other children and I did the best I could with breast milk. My two oldest children are both in school, they are bilingual and in every advanced class for their age group. They are amazing athletes and nice people to boot. Every mother does the best she can, and none of us needs to be judged. Bethenny already said she feels guilty and like a failure. Would you like to rub her nose in it?

Jennifer on

I love keeping up with baby Bryn as she’s 2 days younger than my son. My baby just started yabbering away all day too!

Della on

Excuse me? 10% Breastfeeding? For someone who supposedly knows about nutrition, you can’t make the time to feed your baby the healthiest food possible? It’s not like you had trouble with it like some women.
You were able to nurse your baby, and you’ve chosen not to. My respect for you is diminished. You are like the stereotypical NY mother who can’t take time to take care of her own baby. Slow down and figure what really matters!

Tisha on

Bethanny, have another baby in a year or two…trust me you’ll be so suprised at how fun it is to have 2 little ones, and you and Jason will be double blessed and your daughter will have a sibling and all children love having a brother of sister.

Erin on

I ❤ Bethenny, sooo funny! If she really wanted to have succeeded breastfeeding, she could have 😦 Full time work and baby nurse do not make for a happy nursing relationship. Love her, but she should be honest about that 😦

CelebBabyLover on

Mel J.- Uh, there’s more than one person with the name Kelly, you know!

texas girl- I agree! Bethenny clearly said she feels guilty that she’s not breastfeeding much anymore, which makes me think it’s due to her having difficulties nursing rather than just decided not to breastfeed much.

sbg on

yes, baby wipes are great and handy, but they don’t degrade easily/ aren’t environmentally kind. I feel horrible about all the diapers and wipes I use as it is…

AMM on

Bethenny, I just want to say THANK YOU for saying you only breastfeed 10% of the time and that you feel bad about it. My son is 3 months old as well and I am breastfeeding about the same. I felt TERRIBLE until I read this blog! So thanks for sharing and letting everyone know that doing our best is fine too :)…(despite what certain supermodels think!)

advantaged on

There actually ARE environemtnalyf riendly baby wipes in health food stores.
Ask them to stock them in your local supermarkets, cooperatives, etc.

daddysgirl on

This is in reply to Bizzy. If you would watch the show you would see that she does breast feed Bryn. She has a bottle warmer to warm the milk that she pumps. This way Jason can join in the bonding of feeding his little girl too.

Jennifer on

I’m never going to condone the mean people who bash other mothers for not breastfeeding, but honestly with her schedule (I follow her on Twitter and she’s all over the place) I’m not surprised she couldn’t continue as much as she wanted. But she made the choice that works best for her and her family and that’s all anyone else needs to know. It’s nobody else’s business how she chooses to feed her baby.

Shelly on

im shocked you are not breastfeeding much anymore, you did sooo good with it you were a natural, at least pump out the milk and feed it to her in a bottle along with her formula as long as you can ……..

Rondelle on

I Love Bethenny! I am so happy for her, that she found true love and now she has a beautiful baby girl!

Anonymous on

I absolutely love Bethenny and all her peeps. I really wish she would put pics of Bryn on here though like the other mom bloggers do. I want to see her!

Sharon on

Well, she may be a funny person but she doesn’t have any taste at all in what music is concerned!

Karen Dailey on

I think that most woman who have just given birth feel that the thought of adding another baby again and being pregnant is just overwhelming to discuss for at least one year. Fathers, on the other hand, can’t wait to add more. Honestly, I think that it shows that these two people are in a healthy wonderful relationship.

Carolyn on

Product Placement just bothers me a bit….don’t you think? The Skinny Girl Margarita bit and the big Ziploc Bags are product placement and she was paid to say those things…which means it’s not a “real conversation.” Cute article, but I cannot help but be miffed when I see these subliminal messages…Anyone agree?

carrie on

She’s fun to watch and I bet she’s a hoot to know. Good luck with the husband and baby! 🙂 I stopped breastfeeding my oldest a 7wks….I get a kick out of all the nut buckets that say “you should be honest about 10%, you should have tried harder, you don’t care about your child”…oh shut up, go pet a bunnie, hug a tree and eat tree bark. Millions of mohters NEVER nursed their babies, get over it. Lord allow a woman to make her own choice. You don’t see me giving the woman that nurse their 3yr old a piece of my mind. Brit….give her love and support the end! 🙂

Angela on

I’d actually thought the same thing, Carolyn, but only about the Skinny Girl margaritas.

Mira on

What a useless article. I don’t see anything funny in it. Product placement bugs me too. And a formula-feeding natural food chef is definitely an oxymoron.

Bethan on

For God’s sake, SO WHAT IF SHE’S NOT BREASTFEEDING?!? I’m sorry to rant, but it annoys me when people chastise mothers for choosing not to breastfeed. It is Bethenny’s baby, Bethenny’s body and Bethenny’s choice how she wants to feed her kid. Formula fed children are in no way inferior to breastfed kids. Mothers who formula feed have a hard enough time with the guilt they feel but, and at the end of the day, it’s nobody’s business but theirs. Get. Over. It. /rant

That being said, I love Bethenny and how she parents her little girl. She seems to have a good grip on motherhood, and her baby girl is ADORABLE.

PS: Baby wipes are good for just about everything! Even when my babies are grown up, I’ll still buy them. LOVE them! 😀

K on

Don’t feel guilty about not nursing anymore. I did it for 4 1/2 months. I wish I could have done more, but that is when my body and my mental sanity said enough. We all do what we can. Love your books, drink, and show! Its great watching people keep it real and speak their mind! All the best!

Jennifer on

I really can’t stand this woman but I totally agree about the baby wipes. Best things ever. I buy them by the case. I know they aren’t the most “green” items but sometimes a mama just has to choose what’s easier.

Michelle on

She did not say she was formula feeding, she just said she was only breastfeeding 10%. It’s entirely possible she could be bottlefeeding pumped breast milk. The comment was in reference to bonding time which makes sense if she can only breastfeed 10 % of the time.

Roslyn G on

I love this woman and I miss her show. Please Bethenny hurry back with your show, I just can’t watch all this HW of what ever city junk. I loved your show it was funny, emotional and rewarding to watch you, Jason and Bryn. Your show is the best show that Bravo has ever had on.

CelebBabyLover on

How in the world do we know that the Ziploc bag mention was product placement (I’ll agree that her mentioning the specific name of the Margeritta she drinks is a bit suspicious). Lots of people use Ziploc bags. I use them, and so does almost everyone I know. So why shouldn’t Bethenny be allowed to say that she uses them, too?

As for breastfeeding….Like I said last night, how do we know that she hasn’t had trouble breastfeeding? Maybe, for example, she’s had supply issues and just hasn’t wanted to share that on the show (and why should she have to? Even reality stars don’t and shouldn’t have to make EVERY part of their lives public!).

Also, as another commentor pointed out, Bethenny already said she feels guilty and like a failure for not breastfeeding much. The last thing she needs is for us to bash her and make her feel even worse!

Lola Marie on

Absolutely LOVE her!!!

Breann on

This woman gets on my nerves. On RHONY the snark came in small doses, it was funny. Too much of anything is a bad thing. I also think she acts very spoiled.

Watching her show Bethenny getting married. Not only was her constant sarcasm annoying (too much!) I could not believe she had a nanny/nurse waking her up to feed her baby. That is one of the most beautiful things about being a new mom. Hearing your little ones cry for YOU at night. I was waiting for the nurse to come in and hold the baby to Bethenny’s breast without waking her. It was just off putting. I understand having someone for when you aren’t home, but having the nurse wake up with the baby? Bethenny completely changed in my eyes at that moment. I found it awful disturbing a woman of her age didn’t know the basics of caring for a baby. Not to mention she was already 6 or 7 months pregnant. She’s selfish and rude.

Heather on

I love that in the episode where she was at Costco and Jason picked up the box of wipes and she said something like “are you kidding me, we will never go through all those.” I just laughed at that scene because she has now learned what all us mothers already knew is you will go through MANY MANY of those big boxes. I use Costco wipes on EVERYTHING.

Susan Davis on

Thanks Bethenny for allowing us to be apart of your exciting year you just had. I really hope there is more to come! I love your outlook on things and your family. You really are the best of all the “housewives”…and, by the way, I am from the same city in PA as Jason!

Karen on

My baby was born a week after Bryn, so I feel a bit of kinship toward Bethenny. I too feel guilty about the breastfeeding thing; I figure I breastfed exclusively for the first 12 weeks and even that is a big accomplishment! I pump, and feed him a bottle of breastmilk 1 to 2 times per day and formula feed the rest of the time. I too sing Jay-Z, Rihanna, and other fun music to my baby (Snoop Dogg) and it’s funny because he can’t understand the curse words yet, LOL. I absolutely love you Bethenny and definitely relate to you so much (ever think of making a skinnygirl gin&tonic?? Or perhaps it is what it is, huh? 😉
Can’t wait for the new season of the show!!!

Cherylynn on

The whole point of having a baby nurse is to help you. My family stayed with my baby down the hall and woke me up just like that so I could get 4 hours of sleep instead of 2. Please stop judging, Bethenny is a wonderful mother, and as a fellow woman, I completely support her decision to not breastfeed as much anymore. Please people!!!

Emily on

Love your comment Breann. I completely agree with you and then some. Most women who look to her for advice are very dysfunctional women who don’t have a clue. And Cherylynn, are you a personal friend of Bethenny? How do you know that she is such a wonderful mother? Personally, I don’t think she is such a wonderful mother. Just the fact that she is a selfish, rude, self-serving, all-about-me individual makes me really despise her and think that she is not going to be a good mother or example for Bryn. Thank God Bryn has some normal grandparents. But Bethenny will probably never take any advice from then anyway because she said she doesn’t listen to anyone’s opinion about child rearing, period!

littlelady on

She said, “Skinny Girl Margarita” because that’s HER brand! She’s the owner/founder/creator of the Skinny Girl name and all the subsequent products. So it’s really not product placement in the traditional sense, she’s just shamelessly promoting her own product.

And I doubt the Ziploc comment was product placement either. I refer to all plastic bags as “Ziploc” and all tissues as “Kleenex” all antacids as “Tums,” etc.

CelebBabyLover on

littlelady- Thank you! That’s exactly what I was trying to say last night! Her saying she puts Bryn’s clothes in Ziploc bags is really no different than any of us saying, “I went through a lot of Kleenex today!”. 🙂

Elita on

I’m all for doing whatever is best for you and your family, but saying you are “10% breastfeeding” is utter nonsense. Just say you’ve weaned and keep it moving. And the part about feeling guilty just added insult to injury. There are so many moms who wanted to breastfeed desperately but were unable. Bethenny was able and is choosing to stop. Don’t say you feel guilty cause you think that’s the PC thing to say.

mom2two on

I adore Bethenny. She is so real and funny. Baby Brynn is a little doll. I hope Bethenny stops feeling like a failure about not being able to breastfeed her very long. I think its great that that she tried and it is very hard for some people. Also taking a bath with your baby or small child is such a nice bonding thing to do. I love doing that with my kids. P.S I hope she has another baby and give Brynn a sibling 🙂

Shelly M. on

I wish the women on here bashing Bethenny would get a fricking life!!! Who cares if she’s not breastfeeding? Your lives must be pretty dull and empty to come on a site to bash someone. I love, love, love Bethenny!! Keep doing what you’re doing and screw these lonely, hateful people that are so unhappy with their lives, that they bash yours. I am still cracking up@ the gansta rap part…too funny!!!

Bonnie on

“You can use [it] to warm your baby’s bottle in the car — or keep chilled your Skinny Girl margarita.”

What I want to know is why she has a skinny girl margarita in her car? Isn’t having an open container while driving illegal everwhere in the U.S.? I’m confused…

J on

Gotta plug that margarita…

And Shelly you’re picking at people too, you’re no better.

eva on

OMG! I honestly cant believe how every negative comment made towards Bethenny…someone is defending it! I have never seen such a biased blog!!! I am likely to believe that Bethenny has hired alot of people to do some damage control….this is just too much. This woman aint all that!

Roxanne on

The “Skinny Girl” probably doesn’t have enough body fat to sustain lactation for more than three months. Bethenny, how about you pick up a sandwich instead of a margarita for your poor daughter’s sake?!

CelebBabyLover on

Roxanne- You don’t know what Bethenny’s diet is like!

Elitia- Bethenny was just being honest. Saying she’s weaned would techincally be lying, since she is still doing SOME breastfeeding (very little obviously, but still some). And once again, how do we know she just chose to stop breastfeeding? How do we know she didn’t have supply issues or something?

mallie on

Not breastfeeding is an issue because she is a natural food chef. I love how the women who say they physically couldn’t breastfeed get so defensive…. umm you have a good reason, she doesn’t. Formula is too excepted in the U.S… it’s fine yes but too many mother’s go straight to it and celebrities like this make it seem like it’s acceptable.

CelebBabyLover on

mallie- How do you know she doesn’t have a good reason for not breastfeeding so much anymore? She never gave a reason as to why she’s barely breastfeeding anymore.

Also, I’m very pro-breastfeeding, but geesh! Formula isn’t posion, and no woman should be crucified for using it, whether it was by choice or not. I was fed formula from three months onward, and my brother from six months onward, and we’re both just fine, thank you very much! In fact, while my brother did get sick quite often as a kid, I virtually never did (in fact, I still rarely get sick. I get the occasional cold and that’s about it).

Not only that, but, while my brother had frequent ear infections as a kid (well, a young kid anyway. Like most kids, he outgrew them as he got older), I never had even one! Point being, formula-fed babies can be just as healthy as breastfed babies!

Finally, I want to point out that sometimes quitting breastfeeding is actually the baby’s choice, rather than the mom’s. For example, as I said before, my brother went on formula at six months old. However, this was not because my mom wanted to stop breastfeeding. Rather it was because my brother, who had never been all that gung-ho about nursing, abrutly decided upon trying his first bite of solid foods that he had had enough of nursing. He just wanted those solids! 🙂

Anonymous on

I am so sad that you have left Housewives of New York. You were my favourite. Good luck to you and your beautiful family.
Mary, Montreal Canada

Debbie on

You are the modern day Lucy! Please tell us you will be doing another season of YOUR show! I love watching you,Jason and Bryn! Keep us up to date with Bryn’s progress!

LC on

I really enjoyed her spin-off and the ratings speak for themselves.
You can’t take away the fact that Bethenny has been through alot, and was very raw and open, especially during her sessions with her therapist. I can only respect her in sharing her most private pain regarding her parents. Flipping through the comments, I have a mixed bag of emotions. Who cares whether she breastfed or not and how long. My firstborn (now 24 yrs)7mos, then back to work. My second son (now 13yrs) only 2mos, WHY, he broke out in rashes like crazy, had terrible acid reflux on top of that. FINALLY the doctors figured it out. He was allergic to my breast milk and was suffering from it, who knew. It was like a process of elimination and soy milk was the option.
To this day, he has food allergies, skin condition,(eczema) AND to top it off he’s very asthmatic (hospitalized 4x, twice near death twice at 2 and 4yrs old) I live and breath for my kids.
Point is, everyone has a story so instead of being so judgemental and over analyzing why she’s this or that, who cares. We are not women from the primitive days and have fortunate choices in the modern times. Let’s support one another instead of henpecking.
My only problem, if a mother doesn’t want to breast feed because she’s selfish and afraid of her boobs sagging and losing their shape, that kind I can’t deal with, period. I cannot tolerate selfish mothers choosing aesthetics over what’s best for the baby. I’m now a 34C, they sag and I have no regrets, period. Bra’s do wonders. They say if you can feed for at LEAST 3 mos, it’s a win win for both mom and baby.

Rach on

I actually understood the whole bath thing because it is something I do as well. My old world mom told me that you worry about the germs that are on your body because chances are, the baby will have the water come in contact with their mouth, whether it is accidentally bowing quick or fingers in mouth etc. I asked my doctor about it, who is Jewish and he even said that it is a popular thing.People worry about the germs on their skin, the dirt under their feet,especially things like yeast and vaginal issues,etc. Mind you,I also grew up being taught to wash after using the toilet for anything ( I even have this lever little hose beside my toilet, so for me that was not uncommon. And for menses,mommy- baby bath time is totally out, not judging those that do it, just not my thing.