Zac Brown, Wife Expecting Baby No. 4 – a Girl!

08/26/2010 at 11:45 AM ET
Mark Sullivan/WireImage

Chalk one up for the pink team: Zac Brown and his wife Shelly are expecting their fourth child!

The Zac Brown Band country crooner will welcome another baby girl early next year, his rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The couple’s fourth daughter will join big sisters Justice, 3½, Lucy, 2, and Georgia Sloan, 11 months.

— Anya Leon

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Megan on

Congrats to ZB and his family! I adore ZBB and just saw them in concert last weekend. A house full of ladies…God Bless him. I can’t wait to hear the name of the new addition, I am sure it will flow well with Justice, Lucy, & Georgia.


Wow 4 girl’s…. good luck to you with a house full of women.

Hea on

4 kids in 4 years. Wow.

Jordan on

Have fun in the estrogen ocean. Congrats =)

stephanie on

I adore him and his music. Congrats! I was so sad I missed his last concert. I am not over it!

Mira on

Justice? Oh my…

Four kids under 5. Wow! Good for them.

jeanne on

My son works for ZB and says he’s the nicest person ever. I wish he and his family all the best.

Macy on

I’m from a family of 5 girls. My dad was so spoiled, he got homemade cookies on a weekly basis. And his clothes always matched. lol Plus we all played some sort of sports, so he got the best of both worlds. His first 3 grandkids are girls, tomboys as well. We finally got the boys with the last 2 grandkids.

Stephanie on

Congratulations!! I will start praying for them now, cause in about 12 to 13 years they are going to need it. 4 girls in middle school and HS, yikes!!!!

iStella on

Its none of my business how many kids they conceive in fraction of years. I’m more wow’d at the fact they’re all girls! The way the ages range, seems like they were trying to get a boy. Good luck to them though!!

M on

Must be trying for a boy???

Lacey on

I would LOVE to have 4 girls, very close in age! Congratulations!
Not to Rob this post from Zac, but I wonder if Jamie Oliver will have a fourth girl? I hope he does, even though I know he wants a boy. I always love how both Zac and Jamie, named their girls on the “hippy” side.

October on

I’m surprised at the trying for a boy comments. As someone who had 4 girls in 5 years, I can most definitely say we were not trying for a boy. By the end, in fact, we were hoping for more girls. A boy would have obviously been a blessing, but we loved the girls we had and loved the sisterly bond.
Congratulations to them!

Dana on

I just wanted to say congrats and dude you Rock as a singer.

Amber on

As someone who just had my 5th baby 3 weeks ago, girl #4, I can say having a house full of girls (and 1 boy, child #4) is totally awesome!! My kids are all very close in age as well (5 kids in 7 years) and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Congratulations to the Brown family!

Jessica on

Go on Zac! I guess we got some contenders for 19 kids and counting….

Susan on

Hea-Not 4 girls in 4 yrs…maybe 3 in 4 but the oldest is 11….

Anonymous on

Cograts to Zac Brown…love his music. As for 5 girls in 5 years to each their own. I have a girl and a boy (7 years apart) and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We were able to attend everything of hers and now she is in college and we are able to attend everything of my sons. So the age difference worked to our advantage.

josie on

zac is the 11th of 12 children so i’m sure he’s used to a houseful! congrats to them and their brood of lovely ladies 🙂

Tee on

Another girl! What wonderful news for Zac and Shelly! I’m so excited for them.

Nina on

Congrats to the entire family!

I have four daughters, seven and under, and forget the teenage years, my house is completely chaotic, now. Let’s just say with fights, arguments, and tantrums, things are pretty interesting.

Susan, Zac’s daughter isn’t 11 years old but 11 months old so, for them, it’ll be four children under four.

JM on

i have 5 kids under the age of 8. it’s hectic and crazy but wonderful. wouldn’t change it for the world. congratulations, even though i don’t know this guy 🙂

Manal on

Susan its 11 months not 11 years…

i have 3 sisters and no brothers and never wished to have one!:P
i want to have all daughters too!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I can’t imagine the teenage years with 4 girls, yikes! They’re gonna being busy for sure, 4 under 4 – imagine trying to get into the bathroom when they’re older, LOL. I only had two under 4, for sanity, always wanted two so we liked it that way but to each their own. Sure they’re happy about the news of course and all the best to them…a busy household!

Erika on

Oh my God!! 4 little girls? How fun! They can share all of their toys and reuse outfits. And it’s nice that they are all close in age, I’m sure they will get along great when their older. A lot of people think they must be trying for a boy, but I honestly don’t think so. I think I would be so so thrilled if I got 4 girls. Their house must be overloaded in pink and tons of fun!

daysee on

Never heard of this guy. I guess because I am not a big country music fan.

Leslie on

Glad to see big families coming back. I have 4 kids too 5 years and under and wouldn’t trade it for a thing. Congrats to Zac and his wife Shelly!

Amanda on

I doubt they are trying for a boy. He’s from a big family and he has the means to support a big family. We currently have 2 girls and a baby boy and I get a lot of people commenting ‘got your boy?’ which couldn’t be further from the truth. I would have wanted a 3rd no matter the gender, I actually would like a 4th and have no gender preference. I can’t imagine anything better than being surrounded by kids and I so wanted my kids to have a large family. I only have 1 brother who is 5 years older than me and it was lonely growing up and it’s still lonely at family gatherings now.

Congrats to Zac and his wife!! I’m sure you’re in for a lot of fun with those precious little girls!

SAR on

How sweet! Four daughters! Yep, he’ll have a houseful of women, but many men before him have managed that just fine.

Shannon on

I grew up in a family of 4 girls and it was the best! Loud, hectic, and emotional at times, but I wouldn’t trade any of my sisters for anything! We are all within 8 years and we are very close friends as adults. There’s something special about having sisters, so hooray for another house full of girls! I have two little boys and am currently expecting my first girl. I was thinking about being done with 3 kids, but now I’m not sure since I can’t imagine my little girl growing up without a sister! We’ll see.

tracy on

I had 3 boys within 5 years and people still ask me if I want a girl. I’m in LOVE with my boys. You know when it comes to having a baby, you get what you get.

I adore ZBB music, and am looking forward to his next album. So congrats to him and his family.

Shannon on

Baby girls are great!! Congrats to the family!!
PS. I also have a daughter named Justice:)

Kelly on

We love you Zac! Well we can be in alike company with your estrogen ocean because I just live in my testoterone tornado land with all my boys. At least mine are mostly grown and in College and High school. lol Congrats to you!

Hilda on

I am the 3rd of 7 girls, loved the closesness we shared and still do. My dad was the only man in the house and for the most part he still has some sanity left. You go ZBB! Love your music though I am not that big a country music fan.

Brooke on

It must be in the water all the men country singers have all these girls. Congrats

madison ward on

omg. i love zac brown. && the fact that he is having his 4th girl. its just amazing. andd im pretty impressed that he is still his manlyy self and not girlyy. impressive zaccccc. (: