Trista Sutter and My Vintage Baby Debut New Collection

08/25/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
Melissa Darst Photography

Trista Sutter is branching out — into fashion!

Last week, the mom-of-two (Max, 3, and Blakesley, 16 months) unveiled her new kid’s line — Winter Rose — for My Vintage Baby in Frisco, TX. Guests enjoyed tea and treats, as well as a fun runway show full of the reality star’s bright fashions.

“I love designing and I’ve always been interested,” revealed Sutter. “I thought it was a really great way to flex my creative muscles.”

And flex she did. The collection includes intricately designed dresses full of colorful mixed prints (think floral, polka dots, leopard) and rock star-style button-ups — complete with blingy embellishments on the back — for boys.

“I would say my style is a little bit sassy and a little bit whimsical,” she said.

Even better? A portion of the proceeds from the collection will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a charity very dear to CEO Jessica Wiswall’s heart as all three of her children (and her husband) have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

Sutter is also no stranger to the risks and dangers of disease, as she developed gestational diabetes while pregnant with Max.

Check out the collection at You can also search for retailers in your area.

Melissa Darst Photography

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Showing 81 comments

Anonymous on

It’s ugly and tacky looking. I would never buy any of it for my kids.

Allie-Rose on

What exactly did Trista branch out from? I don’t mean to be rude but I have no idea what she does for a living

chelsea on

those clothes are ugly!

Lis on

I have to agree; not a fan of the clothes😦
But on a good side note, I really like Trista’s hair! The highlights look great…I prefer her as a blonde anyway🙂

Anonymous on

I wouldn’t buy it for my kid, looks tasteless…

Erika on

Hmm…I think the 2nd girls outfit is kind of cute. The top is not too bad, and the headband is nice. But the 2 dresses are pretty tacky. I don’t really like that print on little girls.

Jill on

I agree with the above posters – the clothes are too loud and tacky. However, I like the individual prints alone – for example, I think the dress on the far right would be cute if it was all in leopard print and sprinkled with the roses. Combining the leopard print with the floral and polka dot prints is just too much! And how does being a reality star suddenly make you a fashion designer? Doesn’t that require at least some training? On a positive note, I like how her son is dressed in the second picture.

A on

Omg those things are awful looking! What made her think that those two patterns would look well together?

sandra on

Sorry for Trista, but this clothes are awfull !!!

Lynda on

Think these outfits look a little “busy”! Keeping it a little more clean cut and simpler would have looked a lot better. Saying that, I am sure there are some people who will love these – and they do look better taken away from that black and white backdrop (goodness, whose idea was it to put them in front of that? Way too fussy and messes with the clothes big time!!! My eyes are on overload looking at all those patterns!! LOL)

Sarah on

Oh, yuck – these look like clown clothes!

Megan on

She seems like a nice person. But the girl clothes are bad enough to make Tim Gunn cry. The boy clothes look better, though

babymama on

Just wait a couple of months and you’ll find these gems at your local discount clothing store.

Lacey on

I dress my daughter “Spunky”(Hightop converse,leggings, mismatched and tutus), but I wouldn’t buy those. The like the cut of the first dress, but I don’t like the big floral print.

Anh on

way too busy!!! not cute at all!!

Janna on

Oh my, those are….. interesting? What possessed her to think that this is cute?

On a side note, does she EVER smile with her mouth closed? Isn’t it weird how something like that can just irk you? LOL, she’s probably super-nice and the world’s greatest mom, yet every time I see a picture of her, her mouth is open like that and it irritates me. I must need a nap!🙂

Momof3girls on

Tacky!! If I remember correctly, Trista is a physical therapist….

bobby jo on

I think the clothes are cute. The black and white wall paper from the first picture, makes it seem too much. I sew, and love mixing funky prints together. I guess that is why I like them. The dress on the right in the first pictures reminds me of one I make recently. (I used pastel colors though)
Kids are suppose to be “loud and fun”, so why not a busy, fun print.

melissa on

wow those are terrible!

Honey on

I really like Trista & her kids are adorable…but no honey…just no…

Annie on

Those outfits hurt my eyes.

Kamila on

God those dresses are tacky and hideous and something Theresa Guidice (from the NJ Housewives) would make her girls wear.

Ellea on

hideous. floral and leopard?

anna on

Oh my! These have got to be the ugliest clothes out there! What was she thinking! Very tacky and cheap looking. And what is so vintage about these clothing?! I would not spend my money on these clothes. I checked out the site, and it says that 3% of each sales go help Juvenile Diabetes. I’m pretty sure no one will buy these clothes, so might as well just write out a check to the Juvenile Diabetes organization.

Jill on

She is branching out from being the Bachelorette? So sick of these Bachelor and Bachelorette’s getting so much press time. Move a long. they are not real celebrities. They had a picture of a guy on the Bachelor on here because they were expecting a baby…..not a celeb….

Melissa on

Somebody call Teresa Guidice, these outfits are right up her alley! Looks like Trista’s getting back to her “dancer” roots with these special ensembles. Can’t imagine anyone living outside of a doublewide purchasing these dresses. People, please stop covering this annoying couple!!!

Me on

Talk about a hot mess! I would never put any of those things on my precious baby girl.

Shelby on

Ugly, ugly, ugly. I’m afraid Trista struck out on this one.

Laura on

Haha the clothes are TERRIBLE!

mary on

The girl on the left reads, ok I’m a professional, smile and wave boys, smile and wave, then get me the hell out of this dress’! Agent oh agent!!!!

marina on

there is some nice things in the collection, but most of the clothe is kinda ugly. It just hurt eyes to see those mix!

Lissette on

I hate to sound mean but let’s face it those clothes are almost ugly and tacky. I thought it was a joke when I first saw the picture.

Tricia on

Yeah that is perhaps the most hideous clothing I’ve seen. There is fun and funky and then there is this. It just tries too hard. The girl on the left looks like she’s saying, “This is the ugliest crap I’ve ever worn.” The girl in the middle is screaming to get out. The girl on the right looks like she’s forcing a smile while looking for somebody to save her. Meanwhile Trista looks like she is laughing at the fact that these girls’ mothers actually dressed them in these designs.

Anon on

So glad I’m not the only one thinking these outfits are pretty hideous! Not to mention ill-fitting on Trista’s own daughter & one of the models!

Moore on

Without a market for them, they wouldn’t have been made so I guess its good that someone somewhere will buy them if only because some proceeds are donated. Unfortunately, I checked out the site previously and they aren’t my style so I wont be buying them. There’s too much going with the mixed prints, lots of colors. Like I said, they’re for someone just not me.

Hea on

I’d rather have my kids wearing sackcloth.

Kat_momof3 on

I’m not opposed to animal prints or florals… but man… these outfits do NOT look good… too much going on and the bright colors paired with the animal print does NOT work… what was she thinking?

Paige on

I think everyone’s misunderstood. It’s her new Halloween collection.

TC on

You guys crack me up! I love the comments from the people trying to be polite🙂

Just out of curiosity I’d like to know how much these outfits are going for.

I personally wouldn’t buy them because they are not umm my taste. I prefer a little more subdued look in children’s clothes. On a positive note the hairbows aren’t too too bad. Again not something I would buy but they aren’t as busy as the outfits…or maybe because they are small it doesn’t look to busy

Sara on

Ok, ladies, we get it, you hate the clothes! Get over it. I think it gets rediculous when moms (Mary) start ragging on the models…who are kids!!

D on

Sorry, but it’s not doing anything for me. I wouldn’t wear any of it.

D on

I really like her, but does she ever close her teeth, when she smiles?

Lola Marie1 on

I try not to post negative comments but those dresses are not very attractive or appealing. I’ll check out her website, maybe she has better options.

Lola Marie1 on

Bobby Jo I checked out the website and to me it is not just the zebra striped background that hurt the designs. It looks as if this store specializes in offbeat colors and designs. I saw a few cute pieces but I’d pass overall.

Rye on

oh my god. make it go away. make it go away.

Jen on

Ick!! I don’t see anything cute or attractive about these outfits.😦 I’m all for unique clothing for children and breaking tradition, but ugly is ugly I don’t care how you try to market it.


The one thing that makes me mad is for some reason all celebs assume people want to dress like them. Most “real” fashion designers spend years going to school and learning the in’s and outs of fabrics and about cuts and designs. They sometimes move abroad to Paris or Milan to hone their craft. Just because you have the financial backing and a good stylist doesn’t make you a fashion designer. That’s like saying because I give my kids aspirin when they’re not feeling well, I should be able to call myself a pharmatist.


What happened to my comment?

Annie on

Paige – ROFL.
Melissa – My first thought was Teresa Guidice too!!!

Kitty on

Gaudy, tacky, loud. Yuck!

Tara on

I think she should’ve flexed her “creative muscles” a little harder–those outfits are horrendous!

Mrs.B on

I love the family but these clothes are a big mess. The cut is not that bad just the fabric choices and color combinations are strange/ugly.
If I remember correctly Trista used to design handbags.

Tianne on

Yikes…my daughter wouldn’t be caught dead wearing those clothes…sorry…not cute

Lorus on

Looks like a tacky version of Baby Lulu. The animal print doesn’t go AT ALL.

Jessica on

So, I went to the website and clicked on shop now to see what they have…cute picture of 6 little girls all in their funky outfits, all smiling except for the one in Trista’s dress. She looks pissed. I just can’t stop laughing! To each his own, I guess.

Lauren on

Adorbale! I can’t wait to get these for my girls! Well done Trista!

Fan of MVB on

I LOVE this collection and will be buying it as fast as I can log on and grab my credit card! And no… I do not live in a doublewide! I shop boutique and upper end children’s lines and actually this collection is very consistent with trends. I love the colors, and Trista looks AMAZING! Hello???… she is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Mouth open or closed… she looks very real and like someone that I would like to have a girls night out with.

fuzibuni on


Amanda on

The only thing vintage about those is the old lady window treatment floral print. I’m not opposed to florals, animal print or polka dots…just not together. I’m sorry Trista, I think you struck out on this one. You know what I really wish would happen? I wish someone would design clothes for 7+ year old girls that are cute, fashionable and age appropriate. I cannot find anything for my oldest daughter that doesn’t look like it should be on a teenager or older. Cute, modest sundresses would be wonderful! A girl can never have too many of those.

Lola on

Not cute at all. too busy for my taste

torgster on

She looks different somehow – I think she’s had a little “work” done and I don’t mean sewing those awful clothes either lol.

Beck on

Considering the taste of her baby name for her daughter (Blakesley, whom I don’t think she will be able to pronounce her own name until she is, oh, around 10 years old. I can’t even even my own tongue around it most fo the time!) I’m not surprised that her taste in fashion is just as ghastly. The rose print in itself is nice but maybe just by itself in a pretty dress and the opacity toned down a bit.

Anna on

The clothes are hideous, the kids are cute though.

Lauren on

These are prescious!!! Funky and fun!!!! I can’t wait to order!!!

Carrow on

Wow and some people like this…”its trendy right now”??? I’d let the rest of the herd have at it on this one.

I wouldn’t let my daughter wear something I wouldn’t be caught dead in myself. If I wouldn’t choose those patterns for me then I wouldn’t for my girl. Way too busy. What was she thinking???? I saw this on a local website here in Oregon and the reaction was the same there. If her line is still around in a year I’d be shocked.

angie on

So sad how people dis others and peoples unique designs. I totally get it! If you don’t, then maybe Target is better suited for you. I bet all you people just wear one color at a time too! HA! The vision looks to be something different. For the kids and moms who don’t want to be like every other plain person out there!! And I don’t blame them! I wouldn’t want to be boring like all you all either! Think outside the box a little.

GO TRISTA! I love your design. Don’t listen to all the narrow mind-ness out there.

Eron on

OMG! So precious!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I was also a HUGE fan of Trista’s diaper bags…so naturally I love her designs🙂 Just checked out the website and fell in love with My Vintage Baby!!! Its hard to find high end children’s clothing that’s actually cute!

Jean on

I was actually at the fashion show last week, and this line is SO ADORABLE!!! I have already made my order🙂 Way to go Trista!!! Keep it up!

AM on

one word for these clothes…FUG!

Janna on

angie, why put down the people who just don’t like the clothes. If you like them, that’s great. Not sure why you feel the need to insult everyone who doesn’t like them.

To me, they’re hideous. To you, maybe they’re beautiful. God bless America!

Jean on

I think the collection is adorable! I’ve loved My Vintage Baby for years… and Trista is a GREAT addition! Perfect team! Love you Trista, keep up the good work!

Keep your chin up, there are obviously a lot of rude people posting… how pathetic is your life that you have to attack someone you don’t even know!

Jean on

Thank you Trista for donating a portion of your proceedes to Juvenile Diabetes! Not only are you a talented designer and mom, but you are kind hearted and will help bring money and attention to a heartbreaking disease!

Shannon on

Whether you like the clothes or not, the little girl on the left is just beautiful beyond words! Those piercing blue eyes and that warm smile.

kazumi on

the ones on this picture are pretty tacky, but when you visit the website, there are actually a lot of nice pieces that are really beautiful because of the intricacy of the details. Stop hating people, Trista might just have chosen the wrong clothes to take a photo with but the article did say that it was a collection so these are not the only ones that she designed

sue on

I am just blown away by all the mean and rude comments. Everyone has a different opinion and some people are going to like this and some aren’t – but to be so mean – i’m appalled. I think the clothes are adorable and after checking out the website – i am so impressed with all the different designs. Trista is just trying to do what makes her happy and I’m happy for her she’s found a passion in design. Good for you Trista!!!

Melissa on

It’s amusing that there are suddenly a few overly-positive comments right in a row– Trista’s PR team must have caught wind of the bad reactions to this line of clown-wear and began posting some fake reviews. They could get in trouble for that…

Amber on

Apparently, you guys on here haven’t heard of My Vintage Baby. These outfits are very typical of the entire line and believe it or not, these outfits are very popular all over the US. I don’t like them whatsoever, which is why I started an alternative fashion children’s boutique, but to each their own.

It seems like a lot of children’s styles are now going towards patchwork looks and I think it’s awful. I honestly don’t see what inspiration Trista added since most of the collections at MVB look like this. I have a friend who sells this line at her store, and it does rather well.

On that note, I don’t get why Trista Sutter is still being treated like a celebrity.

sara on

Not my style at all. I would rather give my money to a friend who sews.

Karen on

YIKES! — I can’t imagine what her “boy” collection looks like. I’m not to fond of her after she commented that she’s done having children because she has the “American Dream” by having a boy & a girl.

Erin on

I hope she’s color-blind…and maybe pattern-blind, because there’s no other explanation. Blech!!!

Vicki on

There is no excuse for the all the ugly and hateful remarks. If you don’t like the fashions, then move on to another site that you do like and put your time and energy there. The clothes are cute, and the some of the proceeds going charity are great!

At least Trista and Ryan stuck it out and worked on their marriage from the reality show, and had two beautiful children together. The other couples have made idiots out of themselves embarrassing their families, friends, the producers and each other all for their fifteen minutes of camera hungry fame and so called fortune. ( they hope).
Now that Trista is doing something she loves, leave her alone! I wish I had a daughter to dress in her beautiful clothes, but I do have two precious grand-daughters who would love them, ages 4 and 6. Keep up the wonderful work Trista, and don’t let the ” haters ” get you down. 🙂

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