Kelly Preston and John Travolta Expecting a Boy!

08/25/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Michael Doven

Break out the blue balloons: It’s a boy!

Kelly Preston and John Travolta — who announced they were expecting this past May — are having a son, Preston’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.

On Aug. 8, the couple celebrated their happy news with some 40 close friends at a shower held at their Los Angeles-area home.

The intimate outdoor gathering, which featured a bird’s nest theme by Lady Liberty Catering & Event Planning and a three-layer cake from baker Dorie Kinney, “was a wonderful day,” says shower co-host Keisha Whitaker.

The joyful occasion marked continued healing for Preston, 47, and Travolta, 56, whose son Jett suffered a fatal seizure at age 16 in January 2009.

Says a family friend: “This baby is such a healing baby.” He will join big sister Ella Bleu, 10.

Michael Doven

For more details and exclusive photos of Preston’s shower, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Michelle Tauber

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klutzy_girl on

Awww, congratulations to them!

Lisa on

Beautiful cake. I am so happy for this family. They deserve nothing but the best. Do we know when she is due? Late septemeber early october?

jessicad on

Aw, how exciting! Can’t wait to hear his name, they pick such wonderful unique names:)

Laydacris on

Congrats to the beautiful couple. Jett will be smiling down in heaven. Wish them all the best!

Pamela on

I’m so happy for them; they have had so much sadness recently it’s nice to see them genuinely smiling and happy.

angie on

Awww, congrats to them! I can’t wait to see him and hear what they name him!

D on


LisaS on

Congrats and best wishes to the lovely couple. They’ve been through so much and deserve some happy news. This is one celebrity baby whose birth I’m really looking forward to.

NYC_Nona on

This is the first photo that I have seen of the two of them in awhile that they seem to have genuine smiles on their faces…babies have a way of reaching deep into a person’s heart and help heal…wish nothing but the best for John, Kelly and Ella!…Baby is going to be gorgeous (look at their blue eyes just sparking)…Congratulations to the Travoltas…

Lola Marie1 on

I really really hope Kelly’s baby is 100% healthy. Bless them.

This off topic I cannot believe one of my childhood crushes is 56!

Jewell on

I’m so happy for them, they are such a loving couple. I bet Jett had a hand in this..:-)

Shelley on

Congratulations to the Travolta family. I don’t know what made me think she was going to have a baby girl, but I guess I was wrong! LOL. I have adored this family for years now. Jett is bringing them a precious baby to love from heaven and to enjoy. He is looking down from above and is now giving them smiles on their faces again. All the best to them! Ella will be a big sister! Hooray!!

Erin J. on

so happy for them!!!

nacho on

Thought they were having twins.. oh well, regardless. they actually look happy.. I know they don’t believe in heaven, but I do, and I’m sure their son, Jett is looking down smiling.

EileenM. on

I am so very happy for the Travolta family!!!!

Deb Wesch on

That is so cool!!!! I am so happy for you.Cant wait to see pics and what his name is.

Lila on

Congrats to them. I know it must be bittersweet to be having another boy. Sending nothing but positive thoughts out to this family who has lost so much.

Michelle on

If you go to the Due Dates on the Celeb Baby Blog here:,,,00.html

it says that she’s due the second week of November.

Tracy on

Congratulations! John,Kelly and Ella on your new addition!

Honey on

They both look so happy…that makes my heart smile. Gorgeous cake too…just breathtaking…I really hope nobody comes on here with the usual bashing & banter in regards to her age or that this is a “replacement”…no child can replace one lost, I am so unbelieveable happy for this family & wish them nothing but the best with their sons arrival.

meghan on

They seem like such a loving and big-hearted couple, I’m so happy for them. I really thought losing Jett would kill John. I know their hearts will always ache for him, but the promise of a new life to share there love with is such a blessing. For Ella as well as John and Kelly.

tracy on

Maybe they could some how name him after Jett??

Emily on

How wonderful. After suffering such a sad loss, they are finally celebrating something so exciting. Congrats to them.

Lori on

So happy for the Travolta Family. Best Wishes!

RobininTexas on

Congratulations to the Travolta family! How wonderful and exciting. I don’t think that I have seen a more beautiful picture of them. They look so happy. My best wishes for a continued healthy pregnancy and delivery. Many, many blessings to the Travoltas!

anna on

May God bless you with a healthy baby and may He continue those blessings with much love and happiness.

Jackie on

Congratulations to you John, Kelly and Ella. You are a beautiful family and have been through so much and deserve all the happiness in the world. May your baby son be blessed with health & joy ~! Aloha, Jackie

nicole on

so happy for them.. this baby will bring some happiness back to them

Debra D on

To the Travoltas! I am so happy for you all! Such a wonderful thing, and you really deserve it! After all the sadness, you get to enjoy a new little life, and I know Jett had a part in it. May you get as much love and happiness that you have given us over the years! Congratulations!

B Panarisi on

Such a blessing, we wish them the very best…

Janice on


Caroline on

She looks absolutely gorgeous. Congrats to their family!

Jen on

Congratulations to them. What a blessing for a family that certainly deserves one.

Tracy on

I am so happy its a Boy! when I 1st read that kelly was having a baby I told my kids I hope its a boy! I felt so bad when Jett died. John and Kelly are wonderful parents and their daughter is just beautiful . I know she will love being a big sister ! With love to all! Tracy

Ldub97229 on

Wonderful! Best wishes to the Travolta family 🙂 With loving parents and a loving sister this baby will be loved so much 🙂 It is hard to get through tragedy but I am glad that they have this wonderful blessing to help them through it.

Nicole on

I truly hope they don’t name the baby after Jett. The child will forever live in the shadow of his deceased brother’s memory (having been conceived so quickly after his passing.)
I pray this child have it’s own identity, and brings the family to a whole new place, and new begining.

Sarah on

Congratulations to them! I think they’ll probably honor Jett’s memory when they name his baby brother. What a beautiful blessing.

Michelle Ohara on

If any 2 couple deserve happiness it’s John & Kelly, I am so happy for them & so would jett, I am happy everything worked out well for them I wish their family nothing but happiness always:)

Rose on

What a wonderful blessing for this truly deserving couple. I can imagine that Jett is smiling down at them. Congratulations to both of them and warmest wishes for a healthy little boy.

Jennifer Schaefer on

That is wonderful news. I hope they are blessed with a healthy baby boy. They seem like good, loving people whom have lived through such a tragedy. Many Congratulations to their whole family.

Happyforthem on

I am so happy for them. God Bless this family and continue to stay strong. This baby is a blessing for them and I am happy for them. God Bless and wish y’all well.

chevjuls on

Congratulation to the Travolta family on this joyous blessing. so happy for them.

Roony on

This is really wonderful. 🙂 Best wishes and congratulations to them!

Dawn on

So happy for them. Best wishes for a healthy little one – I am super excited to see this little guy!!!!!

Mary Ann on

Finally, some good news! I couldn’t be happier for them! Out of heartache, comes joy!

Linda Wolf on

So happy for both of them! I pray all goes well for them, they deserve to be happy again, after such a terrible loss! They both look so Happy!

Sky on

Congratulations to the couple! We all know that losing a son would be the worst experience parents could ever go through. This baby may help the healing and bring some more happiness into their lives.

Sandy on

I am so happy for them! It is so good to see a smile on their faces! God is watching over them!

Ginelle on

Congratulations times a MILLION!!!!
So happy for you all :)))

dallas on

life works in mysterious ways even though they lost there son they will blessed with something sent from above

bcox on

The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh away…. This baby boy is great news.

Miranda Luchsinger on

Congratulations!! You can’t help but think that Jett had something to do with this 🙂 They are a wonderful couple and this baby is going to bring happiness into such a sad situation.

guest2010 on

I still think they are trying to replace Jett with another child. They were fine with the size of their family until Jett died and then they decided to have another child. Why didn’t they plan to have another child while Jett was still alive?

Deinse on

i AM so happy for John and Kelly and thier whole family. God Bess you and he sure has. What gift to give you another son.

Jody on

I’m so happy for them!!! Love ’em!

Donna on

I am so happy for them. I once heard a doctor say that all the celebrity women in their later forties are using donor eggs, yet that seems unlikely when many women have conceived “mid-life” babies naturally and usually by surprize. In any event, my gut tells me Kelly is the biological mother and that God has been very loving to them after such a tragic loss.
May their family thrive.

Deb on

The BEST to this beautiful loving family!!

Karen on

I’ve been praying for a boy for them! Yay!

Donna on

To “guest2010” if you really cared instead of insulting, you would have known they tried and tried to have more children, maybe God and Jett blessed them with a new little boy to love! They both look so very very happy, eyes shining. I love the cake, what a wonderful idea for a baby shower. Best wishes to the entire family, I’ll bet Ella can’t wait to play big sister too!

L.D on

What a beautiful picture of the two of them! I wish nothing but continued healing for the family, and many blessings when the new addition arrives! And by the way-that is an amazing cake, I love the bird’s nest theme!

Nicole on

@guest2010 – Actually, Kelly HAD mentioned before Jett’s passing that she had always wanted to have a third child but that it had just never happened for them. Stop being so judgmental and just be happy for them like everyone else.

Congrats to the entire Travolta family on this amazing blessing!

kasey howe on

I am so happy for them

Kim on

guest2010, do you know them personally? How do you know they HAVEN’T tried to have more children before now? Do you work for their doctor? Privy to their medical records? Peep through their window at night to see if they’ve been having sex? No? Then STFU. Congrats to Kelly and John!

Ericka on

What a blessing…its amazing that the new baby is a boy. When one life ends another begins…truly amazing. I wish them nothing but the best ❤

Erika on

Congrats to them! Having another boy is bittersweet. Ella will have another brother and the Travolta’s will have a son again but I’m sure it will be hard yet healing at the same time. I’m happy for them and I hope all will go well with the new baby.

Kelly Linton on

As I sit here and read all the wonderful things posted about the Travolta’s, I have tears in my eyes. Its so nice to share in their happiness with them. My heart aches for them and has since the death of their beautiful son. I feel that Jett has blessed them from heaven with the joy of another baby, All their hearts will be mended a little more once this new life fills their lives with its sweet innocent love. John, Kelly and Ella..I hope you are reading all the wonderful things and smiling! You are all so loved by many. God Bless!

Marilyn on

Lisa: Entertainment Tonight said she’s due around Thanksgiving, but I think she’s due a little before that.

natalie on

I am so happy for them. They seem like wonderful people. She looks amazing at 47 too!!

Sandy on

Congrats to all of you. What great pics. God Bless this family.

Erika on

guest2010- I am sure they are not replacing their son. After having one child for 16 years, there is no possible way to replace him. They had said they wanted more children even before his passing, but regardless of when they decided to have this child, a baby is a blessing and he is being brought into a loving family with parents who are stable and happily married and a big sister, who I’m sure is excited for his arrival. I’m sure if you have never lost a child, you can’t imagine the pain and they deserve every bit of the happiness that this new baby will bring.

mommyof2 on

wanting to wish them all the happiness in the world!! what an amazing blessing to two wonderful parents!!! i pray that she has a wonderful delivery and a healthy baby boy!!!

Purelica on

Congratulations to the Travoltas! This is Kleenex news. 🙂

stef24 on

Wow, I have to say that when I clicked on the comment section for this story, I was fully prepared to read people ripping this family apart for this pregnancy. (yes, a few did but the majority of the comments are so nice and sincere!) Does it really matter if they had this baby because Jett passed away? (although I personally do not believe this is true) This is a very loving family. This boy is going to be so loved by his entire family!

Ari on

WOW! It is about time they had wonderful news! Bless them all. Our hearts have ached with them at the loss of their precious Jett and also of their dogs. So from now on…only the best for the Travoltas! I have never heard anyone who knows them speak of them in other than positive terms. I could not be happier for all four of them.

Kailey on

Best of luck to the Travolta family. Jett will proudly be looking down on his new little brother. its a little piece of Jett going back to his family.

Tracie on

They’re due in November? I hope Kelly delivers on the 7th – that’s my birthday!!

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

Aww. Lovely cake and I’m excited that they’re having another boy. Jett is smiling from heaven right now. I wonder what they’re gonna name him.

Lynn on

congrats to John Travolta and Kelly Preston. i am so happy for them. they deserve to be happy after such a heartbreaking tragedy. can’t wait to see the new bundle of joy. Ella is so excited i bet.

Penny on

To guest2010 and any other nay-sayers, why can’t you just say congratulations and leave it at that?
Congratulations to John, Kelly & Ella!!

Jen on

Health and happiness to the Travolta family! Will be praying for nothing but joy for such a lovely family.

laura on

Such wonderful news 🙂 A little boy – what a blessing 🙂

Fouzia on

I’m sooo happy for this couple..It brings tears to my eyes. Thank you Allah for your mercy!!!!

Alex on

How wonderful! Wishing the family all the happiness in the world.
Hugs and kisses to their new little dude along with big sis Ella Blu as well as mom and Dad. xo

Kim on

I am happy for this family and their addition to their family. For the person or persons who comment about how Jett is being replaced, I will speak to you from a total understanding of what this family went through. When my son died, I knew I wanted to get pregnant again. In fact, as soon as possible. The truth is, it’s not replace the person, it’s to fill the hole that is in your heart as a parent. There can’t ever be a replacement kid. If anything, the fear will forever be there, “what if the same thing happens to the new baby”. But we still try for another because the circle of our family is now incomplete. My husband and I lost our son seven years ago and I’ve tried ever since to get pregnant again. Our son was supposed to be our last child. But I guess, that was not the plan for me. Though that fact saddens me, specially since the Travoltas were able to, I know that everything happens for a reason. But this family in the grief, and I can tell you for certain it’s a grief you don’t ever think you’ll recover from, is devastating. A new baby is an affirmation of life. Jett will be mentioned to this baby. Jett’s name is already mentioned all the time. You don’t stop thinking about your child. They are a part of you. Just in a different way now. I hope that this new baby knows how lucky he is to have had such a wonderful big brother. I am not a religious person, but I can’t imagine Jett not being the greatest…after all…why else would God want him so early.

Julie on

Wishing them nothing but complete happiness, they ALL deserve it.

JessKnight on

God bless them. Wonderful news for this family to be blessed with another child.

deb on

I am so happy for John, Kelly and bigsis that my eyes are misty ! They truly deserve all the happiness possible !

amanda on

Scientologist do not believe in God so Jett smiling from Heaven and having a hand in this baby’s birth I cannot believe as so nor do I presume they do either. However I wish them all the best and do believe God uses the worst of circumstances and finds ways to bless us and help us heal.

Jenn on

How WONDERFUL for them and what a blessing I think that it is a boy (well, boy or girl as long as it’s healthy). I hope the baby helps them heal that much faster! Jett would be a wonderful middle name to carry on the love they have for him, and his memory : )

Kristina on

That is awesome!!!! very happy for their family

JMO on

I never doubted it was a boy! Jett lives on 😉

MQ on

Oh that’s wonderful news! John & Kelly are beautiful people in the whole world so do Ella too! Jett will be very happy to have his new little brother in Travolta/Preston family. Congratulation, congratulation to John, Kelly & Ella!!

Sahari on

Just want to add to the possibilities: that might BE Jet returning for another round — who knows? Best to them in their love.

Cheryln on

Congrats to the happy couple! They’ve been through so much with the death of Jett, so this baby is definitely a blessing. Out of all the celebrities, the Travoltas are my favorite – they are low-key…you don’t see them out partying, drinking, and cheating. Their daughter is out of the spotlight. I wish the whole family many more years of love & happiness & health!!!!

Joanne Olson on

I too lost my son the day before mothers day last year he was 18 and died in a tragic car accident. It was only 3 weeks before he was to graduate high school. Life is never fair but we do our best. I am so happy for the travolta family. I would give anything to be able to have another child. They are blessed and this baby will bring so much to their family. I will continue to pray for them. Godbless

Jennyy on

I am so happy for them. I really hope they name him SKY, it is becoming a popular name. It is the perfect name for a new Travolta baby.

Linda Cotterly on

I am very happy for them, they must be very excited, they have been thru so much, Congratulations Kelly and John

Mayra on

Awww….This is so nice may god bless them with many more blessings.

Trish on

I am so happy for them. I know what it is like to lose a child. No amount of children you have afterwards will ever replace the one you lost who was so dear and precious to you. I do know that the joy of having a child after losing one is indescribable, and really does help the healing.

Kim on

Congratulations to their family! I’m so happy for them.

Fab&Forty on

Lady Liberty Catering & Event Planning is AMAZING! They did my Big 40th Birthday Celebration. Start to finish nothing but unique and creative ideas!

minnie on

Its nice they’re having a boy, but I dont think he should be named after Jett, this is a new begining, a new life, a new name. Its a time to look forward not back, thats not to say Jett should be forgotten, but this boy can’t be in the shadow of his older brother for ever, and giving him a similar name would do that.

Everyone nos how much John and Kelly loved Jett. Thats all the honour he needs.

Sarah S. on

Awww, how wonderful for them! She’s due in November? I’m hoping for Nov. 13th (same day as my son who’s turning 13 this year). How great they’re having a son again!! I’m sure that Ella Bleu will be a fantastic big sister!

Rose on

That’s wonderful news! …..I thought they were having twins. Maybe I am confused with someone else. Either way a baby is a beautiful thing and I wish them lots of health and happiness.

Anonymous on

How awesome. they should name him Jace Preston Travolta

Sarah on

If you knew the Bible then you would know there are no tears in Heaven so no one looks down on anything! That would be too sad!



victoria on

WOW Kelly looks AMAZING!~ dang i hope i look that good at almost 50!
I was interested birth for scientologists- they use a quiet birth I beleive-and after giving birth naturally at home more than once I cannot imagine going though it without making any noise!

Barb on

I love this beautiful couple! Congratulations!!!! They deserve all the happiness in the world. I know Jett is smiling down on them from Heaven. Wishing many, many years of love and happiness to the family.

AMY on

congradulations to kelly and john. Gob bless them with a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

Tara on

Congratulations as well but I do want to say that as the mother is 47 years old, and if they have wanted to have another child and have been trying for 10 years (Ella’s age), I wholeheartedly believe this pregnancy is a result of scientific intervention. If that is in fact true, I would love for the couple to publicly state it because it is unfair to give the impression that a 47-year-old women is naturally inclined to get pregnant after years of unsuccessful attempts; especially unfair to much younger childless couples who must face reality. As such, since gender selection is now possible with fetuses, I believe that they quite possibly may have chosen to have a baby boy. Not to replace Jett, but merely to have a son once again. I do not deny any extent that today’s celebrities will go to … particularly in light of the outrageous headlines we hear on a daily basis.

MissAlexa on

we love you Travolta family! all the best!

Chrissy on

Congrats to the Travoltas! I hope that eventhough they lost a child, they can find some happiness and love with the birth of the new baby!


John and Kelly look so happy! I can only imagine the unspeakable grief they have been living with since Jett’s tragic death, but this may help them move forward by taking Jett’s spirit, their never-ending love for him, and sharing it with Ella Bleu and their new son. Jett will always be with them … May they feel the warmth of his love with the sun and feel his kisses on their cheeks during a soft and gentle breeze. I wish John and Kelly every joy and happiness. God bless!

Billie jo on

AWWWW,I am so happy for them,they seem like such wonderful parents,and love the cake!They are both two of my favorite actors,Congrats to you both!MMMMMMWAAAAAH!

catharine on

Just because Scientologists don’t believe in God does not mean God doesn’t believe in them Isn’t God just waiting for each of us to turn to Him. So congratulations from me to the Travoltas. I’m extremely happy for your news that a son is expected. Love him, love him, love him, and be kind to him, for we know not what the future holds.

meghan on

Beautifully stated, @Kelly Linton. I’m really glad that the majority of posts have been congratulatory. I saw the number and got nervous that the naysayers were judging these lovely, loving people. I have been a fan of John’s since I was about seven and it’s obvious to me that he is a warm, generous and big hearted man, who wears his love for his family on his sleeve. I was heartbroken when he and Kelly lost Jett and I wondered if he eyes would ever sparkle again. Now they are and it’s beautiful to see that hopefulness.

Jen S on

I cannot even fathom the pain of losing a child. I hope this new life gives them some peace. Any parent will tell you that you absolutely could never replace a child. I have to think that if, god forbid, I lost one of mine, a new baby may help fill that stab wound in my heart (as another poster mentioned)

Laura on

What a wonderful thing. God bless them.

That cake is precious. I wouldn’t have wanted to eat it.

Rebecca on

How wonderful for them! We have friends who lost their son at age 3 around the same time that Jett died, and they too have been praying for another child to help fill the hole in their hearts. They are IN NO WAY trying to replace their son, they just want another child to love, much the same way that I’m sure John and Kelly do. Sadly, our friends have not been able to fulfill their dream yet. I’m so glad that John and Kelly have been!

sallie on

Mazel tof!!! you deserve the best and this little boy will bring much love to you.

Tammy on

Congratulations to the both of them. I truly hope everything is alright with the baby. They’ve had so much heartache already. Having a baby this late in her life has to come with extreme issues to the baby. Hope all is well.

mary jane Henley on

So Happy for all three of you::)) Ya’ll deserve a healthy baby boy:):):):) Mary Jane

Krissa on

Guest2010 – they had said 3 or 4 years back that they were going to try for a third child starting that summer. I actually remember reading about it on this site (before they sold it off to People – boo!)

Wonderful news about a new baby boy, although I imagine it is a very bittersweet time for them. I am thrilled for them that they are able to feel joy and happiness once again.

mary on

She looks stunning!

Amanda on

guest2010 and any other lowlife jerks- pick on someone else, maybe yourself for saying something so low! This is a happy time for them and Jett had 100% of a role in this! This is their healing and their son saying they need to move on and he knows they love him forever. This little baby is nothing but pure joy for this family!

Congrats to John, Kelly and Ella!

I hope this new baby brings alot of joy back into your life.

Jett will live forever in the memories of everyone!

ang on

I am so happy for them Congrats!

Momma on

Good for them. They seem like such a nice family.

TB on

Oh how wonderful. May God bless them and their family.

Maria on

I am happy for them, but it has to be a donor egg for the Travolta baby. She is 47, and the chances of her having a healthy baby from one of her own eggs is less than 1%.

Rosanna on

I am so very happy for John and Kelly, they experienced
every parents nightmare:( This baby will bring them much
joy and happiness:) Congratulations!!

Annika on

Many blessings for baby and family 🙂 They’re such great folks, they deserve all the happiness in the world.
Um…but does every article mentioning them and their joyous news HAVE to dredge up their tragedy with it? Everyone knows, it can’t be easy for them to see that printed everywhere…certainly not conducive to the healing process, and a big, out of place eyesore in an otherwise happy article.

Tisha on

Im so happy for the Travolta family, babies are such wonderful little blessings.

Rosemary on

I really love this family alot and i’m so happy for their joy. God bless them.

Andrew on

I am so happy for them,

They lost Jett. I know it doesn’t replace him but he would be smiling down to see that they are being blessed with life.

gdfg on

Where does Ella get her middle name from? Is she named after bleu cheese?

michele on

I am so happy for them. they suffered so much, and are such OBVIOUS great, loving parents! God bless baby boy, ella, john and kelly!

leliann on

While I certainly bear them no ill will, and I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child, is it necessary to have a baby shower with an elaborate cake covered by a magazine? Maybe not the best choice…

Carol on

Yay! God is good! May God bless Baby Travolta. I’m so happy for John and Kelly. It is so touching to see their joy. Its like good news for all of us!!

Linda Noton on

Kelly and John are such a totally gorgeous couple.Congratulations to you and the family. I have lost 2 babies while still in tummy 1st baby was 81/2 month old and the last child I was pregnant with was only 14 weeks old and I tell you that the 4 that made it out successfully has not taken their place.It has however made the pain less but make up for their loss ” NO WAY “. I wish you great health Kelly and Both of you keep that beautiful and handsome smile on your faces and know things happen for a reason.God is walking beside you and when you feel you can’t go on any longer he will carry you. Peace and love to two of my favorite stars and your daughter and things will be ok.Sincerely, Linda

SAR on

That’s lovely! Now they will have one of each again.

I know some people who lost a son…when their second son was born, they gave him the other son’s first name, as his middle name.

gregorio l. banadera on

i want too say its a wonderfull life too have a baby have a bleesing for all of you and too your baby!!

torgster on

I’m bothered by how too many of these comments, while well intended, seem to focus as much on Jett as they do on the new baby. This is a NEW little life and he is going to be his own person, and have his own unique place in his parents and sisters’ hearts. He shouldn’t have to grow up in his dead brothers shadow – they are not one and the same. Life goes on – please let Jett rest in peace and givee this baby his rightful due.

Kristin on

@ GUEST2010……Just when I was about to respond to your comments I saw half a dozen other comments from people who expressed my thoughts better than I could. To Kim, Donna, Nicole, Erika, and Penny; beautifully said! And to Guest 2010, I’m hoping that this will put an end to the judgement, harshness, and thoughtlessness and that the next time we hear from you your comments will be much more positive, encouraging, and kindly.

Kathie on

Congrats to John and Kelly and Ella. May your new son come into the world healthy and well. He will not replace Jett, he will be his own person in your wonderfull family. You are truly blessed.

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to them! For some reason, I always felt they were having a boy. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

nacho- It’s Celine Dione who’s having twins (she announced her pregnancy around the same time as Kelly announced hers, and she’s older in terms of child-bearing age, just like Kelly, so I’m sure people get them mixed up a lot!).

Also, right after Kelly and John announced the pregnancy, there WERE rumors that they were expecting twins……but they were qucikly denied by the Travoltas.

Tab on

Wow does pregnancy agree with Kelly…she looks beautiful. I am so happy for the Travolta’s.

Emily on

Wow I was really expecting it to be a girl but a boy is awesome. They are such a beautiful family and this baby is such a blessing for them.

Kelly on

Speaking from experience, you can never replace a child. We lost our first child, a daughter, to hypoplastic left heart syndrome many years ago. We then went on to have 3 wonderful healthy sons. None of those children was conceived to replace our daughter. They were conceived out of love, and the wish to have children, period. My sons are all grown men now, and I have a 6 year old grandson and a new grandbaby on the way. None of these amazing children that have come into our lives were meant to replace my daughter. I miss her all the time, and I rejoice every day in the love I have for my sons and grandchildren.
Sincere congratulations to John, Kelly and Ella Travolta. This child will be loved for who HE is….as he should be.

Melissa on

This story makes my heart smile. This is such a gift from God. He gave them a son to replace their loss of Jett. I pray that they find the healing that they need through this new bundle of joy. I can’t imagine two better people getting this blessing! I wish them the best!

Brenda on

Congratulations! You all deserve the happiness a new life can bring. We are all wishing you a healthy baby boy!

Mary Gannon on

I cried when I heard about Jett dying..I thought it was so tragic!
Now they are going to have a new baby boy. How wonderful, and how
blessed they are! I know they are Scientologists and don’t have
the same belief system as most people..but they seem to be really
decent human beings and a loving family. I have been watching John
Travolta since I was a little girl & he was on Welcome Back Kotter.
I wish I could meet him and his wife & lovely little daughter & tell
them in person how happy I am for them. Life is short–shorter for
some than for others. I am sure that no baby can replace Jett, but
at least they had him for 16 years before he left this world. I hope
they have a healthy baby boy and that their family remains as loving
and decent as they seem to be. I wish them well..congrats Travoltas!

Mary Gannon on

I hope they have a healthy baby. That’s all that matters.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to John and Kelly ….. they both look great in this picture.

Anna on

So now god is good, where was (s)he when Jett died? You never have explanations for that. Personally I don’t believe in any god and as kelly is 47 it’s more likely nature had a little hand of science in conceiving this baby.

Hope everything goes right for them from now on.

booboo on

Congrats? 47 and pregnant??? More power to them…..

sam on

So wonderful…so happy for them. To those however that say Jett is looking down from heaven ….you do realize that they don’t believe in heaven?

ILuvPerfectParents on

*\O/* Congrats to the Travolta. I pray they have a healthy, safe and easy labor and delivery as well as a healthy baby boy.

ana on

Many blessings to the Travolta family. Congratulations and best wishes always

Patti on

That is wonderful… I would like to offer you a name suggestion of Skye Bleu. May he be everything and more to you and your family.. Warmest regards, Patti

Anna on

@Tara: It’s not John and Kelly’s job to dispel any fertility myths other people with fertility problems might have. It’s up to those couples to do the research and figure it out. If there are seriously infertile couples who are looking to celebrities for information rather than doing research or talking to people who are actually in the medical field then it’s their own fault they have false information. It certainly isn’t John and Kelly’s fault. And how they got pregnant is absolutely no one’s business but theirs anyway.

samantha on

I believe everyone is happy for them and wishing them the best…their religion believes that a departed soul can be re-incarnated immediately into a new life…hummm?? do they think that this new baby could be their dead child? hopefully not!! each soul is special and different from the next…a new life not a reincarnated one…*~*

Cyndi G. on

I’m truly happy for the Travolta family. May God continue to smile down on their little family and bring them much love and happiness in the coming future!

Lindsey on

SOOO happy for them. I can’t get over how beautiful she looks.

Cyndi on

Congratulations to the whole family!! No-one deserves this joyful news more than them! Much luck and success to them both. Hopefully, with God’s touch, this new addition will be of full mental health. The last thing John and Kelly need is the added stress of caring for another autistic child! As much love as they showered on Jett I’m sure it was very difficult as well. Good luck to all!!

SunnyDay on

Scientolgists do not believe in heaven, but they do believe in a re-birth process. There is an article at this link ( entitled “The Afterlife for Scientologists”). Since the Travoltas are avid Scientologists, if they follow the principles of Scientology as set out in this article, perhaps they believe that Jett will be reborn…as their new baby. Before you attack me as being insulting to the Travoltas, take time to read this article…it is an interesting read. I wish the Travoltas nothing but the best with their new baby boy, and know that they truly love Jett and Ella and will welcome their new baby boy with the same, if not more, love and caring. They are a wonderful family.

teresa on

I too lost a daughter 5 years ago and was able to conceive @ 40 years old with healthy twins, boy/girl. They are not a replacement but makes the whole in my heart less, it helps her brother and our family go on daily…they saved my life. I truly believe my daughter is watching over us and was very much involved with the healthy pregnancy. My daughter is spoken about daily and is a special sister to her siblings, I totally understand the Travolta’s decision to have another child. Until you lose a child you do not understand the pain so deep that never heals, God bless this beautiful boy and their family.

Kelly on

Awww congrats to the Travolta family! I’m so excited for them and can’t wait til he’s born and hopefully some pics to follow!! 😀

Peggy on

From Patagonia, wishing the most greatest and blessing congratulations to both of you!!!! GOD BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!! all the best!!!!!

KC on

All the best to the entire Travolta family

Liz Ramos on

I am so excited for the Travolta Family!!! God works in mysterious ways….Nothing but the best and continued blessings for this most exciting event in your lives.

Mom Of Twins on

I’m just so happy for them, and a boy. How wonderful? I lost a daughter 13 years ago, while 8 months pregnant. Three years later I was blessed with twins (boy/girl), there are such things as happy ending. MANY BLESSINGS TO THE TRAVOLTA FAMILY.

Denise on

Im very happy for them too! i must admit i was shocked when i heard she was pregnant,but this is defintely a blessing from above! They deserve happiness! Congrats to them! lol at john being a childhood crush he was mine to once i saw him in welcome back! as vinnie and then onto grease and saturday night fever! So Happy for them!

amber on

awh, congrats!

Angie on

Congratulations! you 2 always have so much love to give and this is such a blessing for you both.

Annie on

I’m soo pleased to hear this great news for John and Kelly and I wish them so much happiness on the news they are going to have a son. Love to them all x x x

Mike on

My wife and I were fortunate to meet them in Ocala, Florida. They have a home near here. They are both so nice and great with their fans! I took tons of pics of them after the “Bolt” movie. I then had them sign some pics I took, after the last movie that Kelley was in with Miley Cyrus. I asked John to say “Hi” to my wife on my phone, and he spoke with her on my phone…he surely did!!! What a cool guy! I even took a pic of him speaking with my wife on my phone!! May Kelley and John have “many blessings and joy” with their new son!

Traci on

Congrats to John, Kelly and Ella.

This baby boy was sent to them from Jett. I truly in my heart believe that. It happened for a reason and Jett is the one who made this happen.

Love the Travoltas 🙂

Karin on

I don’t believe that I have ever been more happy for someone in Hollywood or anywhere else for that matter. They are wonderful parents and God felt that they needed to have one more to bless.

Anonymous on

I love it! Good for them 🙂

gail on

This couldn’t be more of an inpirational story…..I love these two and have followed them for years….best to the entire family!

Erin on

wow, a 48 year old having a baby? i didn’t know she was pregnant! i remember their son passing away. i am happy for them, they seem like wonderful parents. but i cannot imagine having a baby at 48. i hope to have a grandchild at that age!



may on

God Bless them both !!

nanczee on

Congrats to them both…couldn’t imagine bringing a child into the world this late in life..But they have plenty of cash and hired hands to do whatever it takes…

tanya on

Congratulations to John and Kelly! They are such a wonderful couple.

Victoria Wilson on

Would love to see them incorporate the name “phoenix” somehow….out of the ashes rose the Phoenix….so fitting for this lovely family

grandma on

I’m so happy for them. God bless them all.

Kay on

Congratulations as well but I do want to say that as the mother is 47 years old, and if they have wanted to have another child and have been trying for 10 years (Ella’s age), I wholeheartedly believe this pregnancy is a result of scientific intervention. If that is in fact true, I would love for the couple to publicly state it because it is unfair to give the impression that a 47-year-old women is naturally inclined to get pregnant after years of unsuccessful attempts; especially unfair to much younger childless couples who must face reality. As such, since gender selection is now possible with fetuses, I believe that they quite possibly may have chosen to have a baby boy. Not to replace Jett, but merely to have a son once again. I do not deny any extent that today’s celebrities will go to … particularly in light of the outrageous headlines we hear on a daily basis.

– Tara on August 25th, 2010
Sorry, Tara, but I don’t see that the Travolta’s have any obligation at all to those couples.

froggy on

So,guest2010, aren’t you glad you expressed your ridiculous & insensitive opinion? Ditto to Kim, Amanda, Penny & Erika. Tara that was very boring. Just take your soapbox to another site & have a nice life.

Melissa on

That is GOD working right there. AWESOME!!!!

CocoluvsMJ on

It could be a mixture of them wanting a child from years ago, or it could be the fact that they are still grieving for the loss of their son. Its not uncommon for parents to try to have a child to try to fill a void from that. So why go off on a person voicing their opinion. Anyway, I hope this baby is healthy and give them the closure they need. No it will not replace their son, but atleast it could minimize some of the sadness they are feeling.

Gail on

I am so happy for them!!! They are so deserving of this wonderful gift. May God continue to bless the Travolta Family.

jimmil62 on

This is excellent news, I’m very happy for them. I wish them all the best and happiness throughout their lives.

janet on

god moves in mysterios ways. though it will never replace their son jett it is a very happy moment in their lives which the family deserves. congratulations

J.E.B. on

God bless John & Kelly, and family! Sincerest best wishes for infinite happiness!

grace on

the travolta’s pregnancy is private and personal. be happy for them as they suffered a loss and will soon be celebrating a new life. they do not owe the public any explanation. if couples need help having a child, seek professional help from a fertility specialist. every woman is different and unique, you cannot speculate from one case to the next. i honestly believe this couple did not scientifically chose to have a boy but to have a healthy baby. ugh, isn’t it always the same names we see that are negative on this site? rip apart a topic worth attacking like our crappy economy!

Danielle on

I am really happy for them. It will not replace their son..but they have a way to move on and have some more joy in their life. I hope everything will be fine and that they have a great life.

zoe on

Congrats to them! They seem very happy!

Barbi on

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for them! I pray the baby is healthy and has the gift of laughter and joy. Congratulations to you both.

Paula on

Congratulations to my favorite Hollywood couple! I wish all of your family great health and happiness. You certainly deserve it! I cannot wait to hear the name you have picked out for him. Enjoy every minute of this wonderful gift you have been given.

AShe on

This is no doubt divine intervention…Congrats to the Travolta’s! I am sure that Jett is smiling.

CelebBabyLover on

About the twins thing, as I said last night, there were rumors, I repeat, RUMORS early on that they were having twins…..but they denied them right away. So in otherwords, they never were expecting twins. That was just another one of those tabloid rumors! Bottom line: Don’t believe everything you read! 🙂

It’s also possible that some of you have her confused with Celine Dione, who is also on the older side for having a baby, announced her pregnancy at the same time as the Travolatas….and is expecting twins (and twin boys, to boot!).

Also, as far as the Scientology belief about re-birth is concerned….When Kelly and John first announced the pregnancy, there was an article about it in PEOPLE magazine, and they addressed the re-birth thing (since a lot of people did wonder, just like some of the commentors here, if they might view this baby as a re-incarnation of Jett).

They quoted one of the Church of Scientology’s officals (they did give his name, but I forget that at the moment) as saying that Scientologists DO believe in re-birth….but what they believe is that, when someone dies, they are IMMEDITELY re-incarnated. In other words, according to what Scientoligists believe, Jett’s soul (or whatever Scientologist’s refer to the soul as) left his body and was re-born in another body (or a “hosts” as Scientologists refer to it as) the minute he died.

So, in plan English, no, this baby wouldn’t be believed by Scientologists to be a re-incaranation of Jett, since he was re-incarnated immeditely after his death. 🙂

Karla San Miguel on

Congratulations!!!!! John Travolta and Kelly Preston God Bless you

Karla San Miguel on

Congratulations !!!!!! God Bless all of you

LInda on

That gorgeous cake was created by my talented neighbor and cake artist, Dorie Kinney!
Her cakes are so beautiful it is almost a crime to eat them — but they taste so wonderful, it’s a crime to not eat them!

whit on

Best wishes to the Travoltas!! they are a great and talented family and only deserve the absolute best after all they’ve been through! Congrats and Good Luck!!! 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

grace on

i just checked out the cake website and dorie is so talented. now i am craving chocolate cake. kelly’s cake looked so unique and beautiful. congrats again!

Cici on

Anna, sweetheart, we all die so are you mad at God for not allowing us to live forever? Or maybe you don’t like freewill? The Travoltas treated their son’s health issues in the way they saw fit and maybe those decisions led to his early death, but we all have the right to make our decisions based on our belief systems. They had freewill and did what they felt best. I never understand how people can want freewill then complain when God doesn’t fix everything?

Jett is Jett and, while I don’t like the Travoltas, I can’t imagine them thinking one child could replace another. Also so what if she had to use donor eggs because of her age? With Jett having autism and autism running in families (especially with males) it is probably a good thing that donor eggs were used, but if they weren’t used, then that’s the Travoltas’ decision too. They wanted another kid and they got another kid, so who really cares how it happened? They have no responsibility to other infertile couples or young couples who put off breeding. They’re celebrities, not public health officials.

Donna on

SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you!

Anna on

Cici, you have no idea if an how they treated their son’s problems. I never understand how people can parise their god for all the good things in their life and when bad things happen than god had nothing to do with it. What about children being molested? Is that a choice they make too?

If your god is so almightly surley he coould stop some of the terrible things happening in this world. I know you’ll say that all a result of people’s doing. I’m saying that having a child is too, it has nothing to do with any god.

Helen on

I reckon the baby will have Jett as a middle name x

Susie on

I love this.I couldnt be happier for them.God bless this little guy.

halley on

AWW couldnt have happened to a sweeter couple – Gods Blessings

eydie on

i honestly wonder about the wisdom of having a baby at 48. my doctor said even late 30’s is pushing it. i have my opinions about why this baby is being born, but i won’t share them. i just hope kelly and the baby don’t suffer because of her age.

grace on

ugh, eydie i am sure kelly has thought this plan through. she is an intelligent and successful woman. thanks for expressing your negative concerns on what is such a joyous event for a family who is about to celebrate life after loss. i only wish that you, anna, guest 2010, etc. would take your negative self-rightious comments to another blog.

C.W on

How awesome, they totally deserve it! I can only imagine how they felt when they found out it was a boy… after losing a son and now the universe is blessing them with another, this is going to be a very special little boy. Kelly looks so amazing in that pic!

Rhonda on

I know this will be blasted as a negative comment, but I, like everyone else, have a right to my opinion…sorry if u don’t agree…that is your right.
I too question the reason for this pregnancy. Was this in their plans before the death of Jett? If this innocent baby is an attempt to replace Jett, it will never happen. I know he was very special to them, but they kept the child in hiding, due to his condition. They seemed to be in total denial. What were they ashamed of?
Whatever their reasons, a new baby is a glorious celebration of life and I wish them the best.

Just me on

Congratulations to the Travoltas. They seem like all around great people and with having lost Jett i hope this will bring them some happiness.

Joan on

I am so happy for the Travolta Family . Life is so precious ! Need to enjoy every moment . God is giving them another beautiful child . Congrads and much happiness !

Me on

I saw many pictures of Jett. They never seemed to have him in hiding to me. And maybe they were trying to have a baby before Jett died and maybe they decided to add to their family after he died. Either way, I think the child will be loved.
Of course, conspiracy and negative motives can be found in anything if you want to look for it. I’ve never figured out why some people always want to look for the worst motives, but they do.

christine on

well congratulations go to the travoltas and i really hope there lives are blessed with their new son and may the world be their oyster.

CelebBabyLover on

Rhonda- As other posters have mentioned, they talked about wanting to try for another baby a couple of summers ago. So my guess is that they’ve been trying all this time.

As for Jett, I honestly think they were just trying to protect him. Maybe, due to his disablity, he had trouble handling the paps? Also, the sad fact is that not everyone is kind when they see someone with a disability. And other people act as if the person with the disability is contagious or are scared of him/her (I can understand that last part a little bit, though. I have a cousin who is quite severely disabled, and because of the way she looks and some of the rather odd behaviors she exhibits, I was quite scared of her when I was a kid. Now, of course, I understand why she is the way she is, and I’m not scared of her anymore!).

Bottomline: The world can be a very cruel place for people with disablities, and I certainly understand the Travoltas wanting to be protective of Jett if that was indeed the case. I realize this is a bit off-topic, but I also think that even more needs to be done to raise awareness about various disabilites. If more people knew more about disablities, they’d realize that people with disabilites aren’t scary or contagious or anything like that.

They’re people just like everyone else. The only difference is that they look different, have difficulty performing tasks that most people can perform quite easily, are unable to do certain things (for example, walk), and in some cases have health issues due to their condition (and in a lot of cases, obviously, some combination of the above is the case).

Chloe on

I lost my 7 year old child 3 years ago now, and we had a baby 18 months after she passed, another baby girl and I always felt she was sent from God and Emily. While Frankie in no way was a replacement for my beautiful Emily, she brought a much needed joy and light into our lives, and we treasure every second that God and Emily gave us with her.

madelyn on

Congratulations to both of them. We see and hear very little about their daughter- there are no pictures of her at this baby shower? How is she doing after everything the family has been thru? There seems to be only brief mention of her, and few pictures. You would think she would also have attended her mother’s baby shower. I worry for her

Kelly on

I don’t really pay attention to celebrity pregnancys but actually found myself a bit choked up when I heard they were expecting. How wonderful – congratulations to them! Who could be anything but happy for parents who have suffered such a terrible loss. Best wishes to the Travolta family.

K on

I hope if this one is sick (which they risked by conceiving so late foolishly)that they give him the proper treatment this time. Their so called religion basically killed that poor young man because he wasn’t given the proper meds for his condition. Sad..I hope they do the right thing, they are good people.

Romaine Balistreri on

Love is on its way again to the Travolta Family. One tiny buddle of joy. You are a wonderful family

grace on

K – how inappropriate and politically incorrect to use the word ‘sick.’ i think it is you who foolish to assume that they did not take the proper precautions – for all we know she used a donor egg.

heather on

So THRILLED!! for BOTH Parents, to be big sister Ella and Family.
I’m betting John is Over the Moon! A much deserved Blessing from Above for a family whose been through alot. I’ve known John as an actor since a child he’s was my Favorite and I’m only young for being a fan of his. I loved him in ” Look Who’s Talking”.. I think it show’s his true self. The love of planes and children. My dad loves planes, cars, ect. So I think that’s one reason I like him.. plus he’s hilerious like my dad is. Plus so darn cute. I’m sure this little guy we’ll be added on to the celebrity cutest babies as sure as he’s born! Cannot wait to see him! Also see John have a happy outlook to his life again.


Just wanted to add my congrats to the Travolta family !! What a blessing he will be…. The picture of them looks so beautiful, they actually have a loving and peaceful look on their faces , a look I hadnt seen recently. So very for them.

tricia on

i am very happy for this family!!!!
anyone know where she got that awesome dress?

Misty Marie on

All best wishes go out to the Travolta family as they await the arrival of their precious new son. How and why he was conceived is nobody’s business but theirs. All anyone needs to know is that they wanted him, they are having him, and they already love him. Isn’t that enough for us to know?

athena on

what a blessing! I am so happy for them and can’t wait to hear the news of their son’s birth. He will be loved so much, and what a welcome blessing for this family who has been through so much pain.

Sandra on

Congratulations! I love the baby shower bird nest theme, it is so popular nowadays and very cute idea.

Terri on

So happy for them. I just saw John on the opra show and he still looks great.
Best of everything to a wonderful family

Glenda on

God sent an angel! Bless them

April on

I hope everything goes well.

Lori on

What a wonderful blessing, I wish them all the best! Congrats to the fam! When I found out about there son passing I had just given birth to my first son and it truck me how sad it is. You can never replace a child, ever! God will give them nothing they cant handle and knew now was the time to give them a gift, doesnt matter when or how. They will always have 3 children and I wish nothing but the best for there whole family XOXOXO

Enid Alicea on

Congrats, My family and I were so very happy when we heard the news. Many Blessings.

Robin on

Such a beautiful couple….I wish them the very best. Congratulations to their family. A true sense of the healing this little miracle will bring!

Anonymous on

Best of luck to you Jon and Kelly!! What a blessing

Anonymous on

I have always had so much admiration for this couple and their devotion to each other and their family. It is thrilling to see true happiness reflected in their eyes again. I remember the deep sadness I saw in them after Jett’s passing. Such a tragedy very often rips a family apart. But Kelly and John not only made sure their relationship continued, they are moving forward and continuing to embrace life by bringing another baby into the world, to be loved and cherished. Losing a child is the greatest tragedy one can endure and the loss is never forgotten. I admire and am inspired by the abiding love this couple continues to show to the world. May God bless them, Ella, and their new little one.

becky on

Okay i like john and kelly but how did she manage to get pregnant at her age?? You can not replace one child with another and now they are looking at major health issues with this baby. I pray all will be all right for them but Elron Hubbard’s the writer of john’s beliefs will watch over them. John read the bible think about what it says and come up with your beliefs thru God’s word.

Lori on

Hey first off congrat’s to the Travolta Family and their new baby boy. This baby is a blessing to them and their family. As for the comment that she had to have had a donor egg regardless of how it happened a woman can have a healthy baby at any age not always does a older woman experience issues with their baby. And that is really no ones business anyhow. But regardless everyone needs to read up on these things. Good Luck to the Travolta’s and their family..