Is She or Isn’t She? Mariah Carey Sports Maternity Wear

08/25/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Mum’s the word on whether Mariah Carey may or may not be expecting, but the singer has stirred up further speculation by stepping out in Sao Paulo wearing A Pea in the Pod‘s Spaghetti Strap Halter Maternity Maxi Dress ($140). We spotted her last Thursday leaving a steakhouse in Brazil in the brown dress from the maternity chain.

While Carey, 40, remains quiet and husband Nick Cannon plays coy, the singer’s rep Cindi Berger shares, “I spoke to Mariah from Brazil. She is very superstitious — and when the time is right for her and Nick to announce something, she will.”

Orlando Oliveira, Courtesy of A Pea in a Pod

— Samantha McIntyre with reporting by Liz McNeil

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Allegra on

While I think it’s possible she is pregnant, I also think it’s possible that she just liked the dress. I had no clue it was a maternity dress when I first saw the pictures of her in it. Just looks like a long flowing dress to me…

sky on

I take her rep’s statement as a veiled confirmation. Besides, I really don’t think a celebrity would wear a maternity dress if they weren’t pregnant. Celebrities in general are paranoid about being perceived as overweight and wearing a Pea in the Pod dress doesn’t exactly scream stylish and trim if you aren’t pregnant.

Margaret on

I agree with Allegra’s comment, the dress just looked cute to me too! Without the bump it would look just like any other maxi dress. I would wear this dress…if Mariah is pregnant she is prob just waiting until 5 or 6 months along when she feels safe to announce it. We will all just have to wait and see! Won’t be longer than next May….

Megan on

I personally think she is preggers. I wouldn’t think a celebrity would wear maternity clothes if they are not expecting; and especially Mariah Carey for that fact. Also, look at her face; it looks a little puffy. She is beautiful either way and I am sure her baby (whenever she does have one) will be beautiful also!

Marilyn on

Why would she be looking at A Pea in the Pod dresses if she wasn’t pregnant? Wouldn’t she look for non-maternity dresses?

Mary on

As soon as I saw this picture I knew she was pregnant. Let’s think. It’s Mariah Carey. What else does she wear but cleavage baring mini dresses? There is no other reason for her to wear this type of dress, other than being pregnant.

Candace on

I think she wants a baby in the worst way so she thinks if she wears materninty clothes she will get pregnant.

Lissette on

For sure she is pregnant! The rep’s statement is very telling as is her choice of clothing! Congrats to them! Cant wait for her to make the announcement!

SD on

Mariah wearing a skirt that is more than 2 inches past her crotch? Gotta be preggo.

J Dub on

She’s gotta be, espcially considering how she usually dresses. I’m happy for them! I have several maxi dresses, and you don’t have to shop at a specific maternity store just to find nice ones.

Mandy on

Um. Who cares. Leave her alone, and let her enjoy the first tri in peace.

DebbieLG on

She’s pregnant – her rep said it without saying it. Good for them – that will be one spoiled baby!

Shannon on

I saw another photo of her in Brazil. She was wearing a statement t-shirt during a concert. Totally could see the baby bump. I’m gonna say 5-6 months along. I’ve been pregnant twice. I know what a bump looks like ;p Besides, if she isn’t pregnant, she is getting pretty plump. Her face ives it away…totally pregnant face.

eyzwdeshut on

I definitely think her rep’s comment speaks for itself. She didn’t deny anything, after all…

MariahFan on

I think her rep’s statement just gave it away! Its usually safer to wait until the first trimester is over b/c that’s when chances of spontaneous abortion or other pregnancy problems that may lead to it decrease by a significant portion. So her rep says she’s “superstitious” meaning she wants to wait until the third trimester to announce her pregnancy.

TB on

She has kind of been out of the spotlight lately, i bet she is preg. Can’t wait to hear the news from them.

kerry on

I agree with Allegra’s comment, the dress just looked cute to me too! Without the bump it would look just like any other maxi dress. I would wear this dress…if Mariah is pregnant she is prob just waiting until 5 or 6 months along when she feels safe to announce it. We will all just have to wait and see! Won’t be longer than next May….


Catca on

If she wasn’t preggers, the extra material on a maternity maxi would look ridiculous. I have a Pea in the Pod maxi from last season and am mom to a 6 mo old. I can’t wear that dress anymore even though I haven’t even lost all the pregnancy weight. I can’t imagine her wearing it even if she thought it was simply cute. Having said that, I suppose if she wasn’t preggers and really liked the dress, she could have had it tailored…

Tara on

Dress or not, she is pregnant. You can totally see the change in her chest area and her face has changed too. Good for them..I bet they are over the moon.

Anonymous on

I’m pregnant, and I would never wear maternity clothes if I weren’t pregnant.

Julie on

She’s either fat or pregnant. Either way, she can eat all she wants while expecting and enjoy every moment of it! That’s exactly what I did.

Mel on

I totally agree with Mary…all she wears is tight hoochie mama clothes that expose her all over and considering that she’s covered up FOR ONCE (and thankfully) I’d say she’s expecting.

Jimmy on

Personally, I am going to wait until she makes the announcement herself before I believe anything, however, I think that if she isn’t pregnant, but liked the dress, she could definitely have one just like it made for her, but without the extra material needed for maternity clothes!!

Pamela on

Oh, I hope they are!!! I’d love to see a mini-Mariah or mini-Nick!! They would have a beautiful baby!

Lori C on

To me she has always been particular about her style and looks. I do not think she would wear a maternity dress if she was not expecting. She appears by several photos that I have seen to have that pregnant face and I am pretty sure it is not a random weight gain.

Urban Prep on

It does look as if she’s pregnant,but I can understand why she hasn’t made an official announcement-I’m thinking that she would be a high risk pregnancy and would like to wait until the initial coast is clear before letting the world know. Either way-she looks gorgeous!

stephanie on

She’s over 40 and pregnant so she’s probably a bit worried. I don’t blame her. The fact that she is dressing appropriately is a nice change though!

klutzy_girl on

I was 98% sure she was pregnant before, but the rep just swayed me to 100% sure!

I’m sure they’ll make an official confirmation when the time is right.

Lilly on

Mariah has always been a chunky girl. Whether or not this woman is pregnant is nobody’s business. Asking a woman if she’s pregnant is as personal as asking someone if they’ve had sex. Enough said!

Samantha on

She does look pregnant to me, but not so much in this picture as others I have seen from her concert in Brazil this past weekend. I really hope she is pregnant! She waited for the right guy and has been working tirelessly non-stop for the last 20 years….she deserves every happiness life has to offer…I love Mariah!

Cooper on

I’m so happy for them if they are expecting a baby!!
Love both of them.

ang on

please. she is so pregnant. i thought when i first saw the pic that her faced looked puffy and her boobs looked big. other than that, she doesn’t look it. I agree with sky: “I take her rep’s statement as a veiled confirmation.”

jessicad on

I think she is, otherwise they’d just say no, they keep saying when/if Mariah is ready she’ll announce it. I saw a few other pictures the other day and she looks like she has a small bump, congrats if so!

Andrea on

I have noticed that recently Mariah is wearing very loose no shape clothing which is something she normally doesn’t do…she was always about showing it all off and now she is not so she is more than likely in the baby way! Good for them! Just hope that she stops the diva act and is actually a good mother…

Hea on

Then maybe she’ll finally start wearing a bra.

acorr on

Just saw her online in Brazil and how cute she looks, she was wearing that statement t-shirt and you could see that her midsection is wide and full and hard for her to hold in, I remember that stage when I was about 3-5 months pregnant and then the belly just pops one day, she looks like she’ll carry high. I was always really low with my boys. I’m very happy for them!

Monica on

I am so happy for them if she is pregnant! It has been a long time coming for her to find happiness. She deserves it! xo

lw on

I also think she’s preggers. I saw the picture of her performing in Brazil with a t-shirt and a clearly visible baby bump. You can tell the difference between a pot belly and a baby bump at a certain point in pregnancy and she definitely looked like she’s past the early stages. Also, that carefully worded statement from her rep seems to be a confirmation that they are waiting to go public until she feels comfortable.

Annie on

No, celebrity or not, cute dress or not, I would not wear a maternity dress if I was not pregnant.

Yes, she usually dress like a hooker (no offense but she does) so the conservative dress AND cozy sweater are telling.

Yes, her rep very graciously did not answer but gave an answer that was very open to be interpreted as an affirmation.

Yes, her face has that really bad pregnancy, bloat face women can sometimes get(again, not offense but it does). Poor Bethenny Frankel got it pretty bad. She made some really funny jokes about it.

Lastly, I agree with the person who said who cares. Leave her alone and let her enjoy her first trimester in peace. At her age, who knows what her situation might be. She may have miscarried before and/or had trouble conceiving and/or be high risk.

Good luck to them!

Cynthia on

There’s one thing for sure, TIME WILL TELL!

Laurie on

She’s totally pregnant, or she’s been eating Twinkies & Ho-Ho’s non-stop for the last 5 months.

Summer on

I have to agree with Sky!!

lindsay on

How can people say she is not pregnant? Who shops at a maternity store for clothes if they are not pregnant? Yeah, the dress is cute and I would wear it, but the point is I wouldn’t have been in a maternity store to see it.

Maria` on

I for one think she is beautiful and hope if she is pregnant, that she has a healthy and happy pregnancy. She deserves all the happiness in the world. She has been through alot in her life. As far as fashion goes, she is always up on fashion so yes, I believe what she is wearing is even more evidence that she is in fact preggars. Good Luck to her and Nick!

Kia on

She’s pregnant. Why would she wear a maternity dress? She’s just waiting to annouce it, and that’s quite all right. A lot of people are superstitious when it comes to certain things. They don’t want to jinx anything or make something turn from good too bad. Congrats to them if they are indeed expecting.

D on

I wore my maternity clothes when I wasn’t expecting. It’s not that big of a deal.

Maurice on

Either she’s doing it to drum up publicity, which she will regret later, or she actually is pregnant. I personally believe it’s the latter!

Niombi on

Mariah is a DIVA to the MAX. She is in BRAZIl, if she was not pregnant we would be seeing “SKIN”. I just say CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!

J on

This is Mariah Carey, she’s gone off the deep end before so buying and wearing maternity clothes if she isn’t pregnant doesn’t seem that surprising for her. She probab;y thinks she’ll get pregnant faster with wishful thinking and wearing maternity clothes if that is even a maternity dress.

Ashley on

I def think she is pregnant. I don’t know how the weather is in Sao Paulo, but if she wasn’t pregnant, she would NOT be wearing that outfit. She wouldn’t not have the coat, or a long loose dress on.

Vanessa on

I’m happy for her and Nick, I think she is pregnant. I hope and pray that she carries the baby full term. She is a very talented singer, I wish her all the best! Many people should leave the negative comments to themselves. People in the world today or either racists or negative. The world is in a very bad state we should try and uplift each other not tear each other down. Congrats MC!!

Tatum on

No matter how cute the clothing I would NEVER wear maternity clothing while NOT pregnant.

Scarlett on

What is the big deal? So, if Mariah is pregnant, she will let everybody KNOW!! Some people don’t want to say they are pregnant until the first trimester is over. SO, EVERYBODY LEAVE MARIAH ALONE!! SHE WILL LET PEOPLE KNOW WHEN SHE IS READY TO TELL THEM!!

Lola Marie1 on

I understand her fears, but LOL Nick has pretty much confirmed it in his own way 🙂

He has said everything but “yes” and most importantly he didn’t deny it either. I have been a fan of Mariah’s nearly my whole life so I am very happy for her.

Dani on

I hope she is, if that’s what she and Nick wants. I don’t find anything wrong with wearing a flowing dress if she isn’t. I kinda like the dress either way. She does seem to have put on some weight so it does seem possible. Good luck if you are!!

Lola Marie1 on

@Niombi, I totally agree! Mariah is neither coy nor demur and yes she would be showing off all her assets if she weren’t preggers.

sue on

Maybe that’s why he gave her a diamond pacci for her birthday!!!

Jill on

I think she is but the person who made the comment “she’s always been chunky”…that’s RUDE! She’s always been curvy and proud of those curves. DO I think she’s pregnant? I do. But I think that when you’re over 35 and having a baby, you’re medically high risk. I can see waiting til the 1st trimester is over or whatever and it’s her news to announce. We’ll have to wait and see. After, it is none of our business…were something to happen, it’s much easier to mourn privately than to have the world in your business.

momof2two on

I think she pregnant…this is a woman who in the year 2010 still wears tight mini dresses/skirts all the time. It will be nice to see her dressed in some current fashion outfits! NOT 1980’s stuff. Let it go Mariah, Let it go!

Honey on

Based on Nicks comments yesterday & hers after her show…I do belive Mariah is FINALLY pregnant…I am very happy for them…they will be great parents & it is sure to be one beautiful child…all the best to Mariah & Nick….

Gisele on

I saw Mariah here and our close to her belly and really pregnant! very happy for my diva!

deb on

Does anyone remember JLo’s big announcement? For heaven’s sake, she was big as could be with twins, and everyone knew it, before they said anything. Then they announced it on STAGE! How crass.
I hope M and N issue a statement discreetly through their publicist. Better sooner than later, to avoid all the paparazzi chasing her at every turn to get The Big Scoop. Pick the time yourselves, kids. Don’t let the press break the story for you.

Anne on

Wow, she’s wearing a dress that isn’t 2 sizes too small. Good for her!

Melissa the NY'er on

Can’t blame her for not wanting to say anything. I think that between the comments her rep & Nick Cannon have made, she most likely is, but it’s ultimately her decision. And while 40 isn’t old by any stretch, it is oldER to have a child & there are increased risks that come with being of advanced maternal age (technically speaking). I wish her well & hope she has a healthy, happy pregnancy.

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

I think she is pregnant, because no woman would wear maternity if she wasn’t expecting.

becca S on

If she’s barely preggers why is already in materinty clothes? Ummm, that wouldn’t make people want to ask is she or isn’t she. The woman needs a bra and some common sense in my opinion

Happy Mom on

What a world we live in, where we need to know everything about everyone. I feel sad for Mariah. She doesn’t want people to have to know her business. It is sort of obsessive that everyone needs to know. Moreover, why did someone from People do the research to find out her dress is from Pea in the Pod? Been watching too much CSI?

grace on

considering she dropped out of tyler perry’s new movie and looks pretty pregnant from the brazil pictures, i say congrats! enough of the over 40 pregnancy risk commemts, be happy and supportive of a woman finally having the opportunity to have a baby.

Happy Mom on

Mariah needs a lightweight cardigan sweater, to flatter her, and not this bulky one, for this summery maxi dress.

guest2010 on

Mariah’s wardrobe is usually VERY skimpy and reveling and the fact that this dress is LONG and NOTHING revealing is showing except her shoulders leads me to believe that she’s pregnant.

Kim on

Maybe she is..maybe she just liked the dress. Honestly, some maternity clothes don’t really LOOK like maternity clothes anymore and could be worn by anyone. I actually have a really cute maternity top..and I’m not pregnant..and never have been. Just love the top. Nobody ever guesses it’s a maternity top! Shows what you know LoveCrazyBeautifulLife!!

Lisa on

What’s the saying? If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck…? I’m pretty sure the question has been answered in pictures. She looks pregnant, and she’s wearing maternity clothes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out, people. Now can we move on?

Donna on

She’s pregnant, this girl doesn’t ever wear anything that she isn’t hanging out all over, more like 2 sizes too small. Never would she wear something like this because the average women thinks it cute and comfortable, Mariah goes for tight and not able to breathe or bend over. Especially when it can be easily identified as a Pea in the Pod dress if she weren’t pregnant.

Maya on

She’s definitely pregnant and owes us no response. Also, being that she’s in her 40s, the pregnancies are usually high risk, so I don’t blame her for not having people all up in her business like that. The only thing she needs to worry about is taking care of her baby and that’s it.

Kat on

Congratualtions to them both.
I hope she won’t kick ol’ boy Nick to the curb once her dream for motherhood is fulfilled, I’m just saying… you never know with celebrities.

lady Caroline on

I saw that picture, last week or whenever it was, and I immediately thought, OMG Mariah is pregnant! I’m a mother of two and she has the glow about her, it wasn’t even about the dress. The day after I saw the pic, said is mariah carey pregnant? Yep, I think she is.

Meg on

The dress all but gives it away. She wouldn’t wear a dress from a maternity shop for any other reason.

lady Caroline on

As soon as I saw her in this pic I thought she was PG, then the next day there are all these rumors. She’s got the glow! I think she is PG!!

Kim on

I reckon shes pregnant, why wear a maternity dress, like its an obviously famous maternity brand, its not really her usual style either of clothing, and her reps statement about her being ‘superstitious’ really sounds like shes waiting for the 12 week mark to announce it but then if you didnt want the world to know you’re pregnant why wear a maternity dress?? If shes pre 12 week mark she wouldnt really need one anyways?

JMO on

She’s totally pregnant. Her breast are fuller, face is fuller, and I agree most people do not shop or look at maternity clothes if they’re not pregnant!! I can’t wait to hear the “official” announcement!

Sharon on

I am sure she will let the world know soon if she is pregnant, she cannot hide it forever. If she is pregnant I wish her all of the best.

Kim on

It’s very hard to say whether Mariah’s pregnant or not. That’s why I am going to wait and see.

Amanda on

Maybe she is just fat? I know of people who wear maternity clothing just because they are either overweight or the outfit is cute.

Nicki on

Mimi got on a sweater and dude next to her got on shorts. I know when I was pregnant in August, I was doing a mixture of winter and summer clothes.

Mimi pregnant. yAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY. Its long overdue. And I think she’s having twins. Just because I want her to. lol.

Lisa Lu on

uuhhh….non pregnant women DONT shop at maternity stores….?????? She is so TOTALLY giving it away..PREGGERS!!!!

Kerra on

I think she looks pregnant- her face looks a little swollen, like she’s gained a little bit of weight?

leha on

i hope that she is pregnant… she and nick make an adorable couple.

Colorado Girl on

What’s up with that sweater???? Makes her look frumpy! Dress okay….

E.S.D on

Who cares! She is finally covering up her body! They have been trying to have a child forever so they will tell us when they are ready!

torgster on

Smart move by Mariah and Nick to play it coy! They’re celebs and like all celebs, know how to keep people interested. Once the news is confirmed, she’s just another preggo star and the paps will be on the hunt for a new target lol….and no doubt in my mind she’s at least halfway to her due dste!

Lamb on

Congrat to Mariah , After 20 years of woking ,she finally starting a family. she willbe the best mom ever. People need to leave her alone, she will announce it when she is ready.

CelebBabyLover on

The rep’s comment has made me offically hope on the pregnancy train! I think she is! 🙂

Kat- Mariah didn’t even want to be a mother before she met Nick (in interviews pre-Nick, she was always saying she didn’t want kids). So most likely, it was a case of her meeting Nick and then wanting to have a baby with him, rather than wanting to have a baby and looking for someone to be the daddy!

Brenda on

I think she is but she has had issues w/carrying past the 1st trimester. Her being superstitious or not, I would also wait to announce it. Also, it’s really none of our business anyway. But if she is, Congratulations Mariah and Nick!

Bancie1031 on

Well I think her rep just confirmed it for us! If she wasn’t pregnant then there wouldn’t be something to be very superstitious about …. the rep would have just said NO she’s not pregnant. 😀

Bobbie on

She does look prego her face is huge!!

tracy on

they were saying on tv she’s ab out 4 months along.
Too bad celebrities have to hide their good news. All the stalkers in the world, I’d freak out a tad bit too.

jay jay on

Mariah never wears anything flowing. Lol. She is preggers. Looking forward to the new XMAS album. Nothing like Christmas with Mariah. Happy for MCC and Nick. She’s simply the best!

Franci on

She has put on weight and she is wearing a Maxi dress. She is definitely pregnant. She ALWAYS wears skimpy or tight fitting clothes.

Sabri on

I think she has been gaining a bunch of weight. She’s been gaining weight since she gor married. She could have gotten that dress just cause it’s nice and loose. So she is either pregnant or not watching what she eats.

Star on

I think she’s pregnant BUT because she is older she might be having some difficulties or something and doesn’t want to say something too early on then unfortunatly lose the baby and then have to deal with the public knowing she had a miscarriage. Leaver her alone it’s no ones business but hers and nicks if she is pregnant. It’s not like her pregnancy (if she is) is gonna change your life or something

Mary on

I think it is sad that People Magazine (and this blog) has slid into the tabloid business. If Ms. Carey is pregnant and wants to tell the world she is pregnant, then she will but until then, it is no one’s business. Leave the woman alone.

del on

Why on earth would a woman who finally gets pregnant, and at her age, it would be considered a high-risk pregnancy, be flying all over to foreign countries to perform ? She should be lying low, resting, and make the pregnancy her first priority. I know I did.

Dotsie on

Leave Mariah and Nick alone. Let them announce it when they want to. If you announce it too soon – it will drag the pregnancy out forever. We will have the paparazzi screaming at them ‘when are you due’. 40 weeks is a long time and when you get closer to delivery it seems like the hours just crawl by. I wish them well. I hope they are blessed with a baby.

Allie-Rose on

I wouldn’t normally jump to the conclusion that a woman is pregnant just because she’s wearing a maternity dress. I had a friend who’d shop maternitywear even though she wasn’t pregnant, just because her boobs were so big and she had a big belly because of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), so maternity clothes and underwear was the only stuff that would fit and support her boobs and cover her belly. Needless to say, people would ALWAYS assume she was pregnant.

Then again, it’s Mariah we’re talking about here, who’s known for wearing skimpy outfits despite her fluctuating weight. Considering that, plus her rep’s statement, one can safely assume, however, that Mariah is pregnant

Maddie on

I think she is pregnant, particularly after seeing the pictures of Mariah in Brazil. I adore Mariah, and a baby would be a fantastic blessing. She always seems like the kind of person to have children, she seems to have a very warm and loving heart. *If* she is pregnant, she will tell us when she’s good and ready.

Given her age, the pregnancy might be high risk or have complications. I can totally see her doing an Isla Fischer, and just letting the Belly do the talking. Then maybe we’ll see a birth announcement.

I respect that, but at the same time, Mariah is one of the most famous and recognizable people on the planet. The public are bound to be curious. Pregnancy is an incredibly personal experience for a woman, and it’s not something that Mariah should be forced into telling.

If Nick and Mariah have told their families and friends, then who else really needs to know? She is probably trying to protect her child to the last second possible. Mariah knows the kind of media storm that swirls around her – I can’t say I blame her for not saying anything.

Anonymous on

If she really is pregnant, I am so happy for her and her finally true love!!! Mariah would be such a warm and loving mom <3<3<3

Kristi on

For the poster who queried as to why she would be wearing maternity clothing so early:

1. She may have had later losses or trouble conceiving. I lost my first pregnancy at 14 weeks. This would account to the superstition.

2. When pregos hit about 9 weeks plus, squeezing into those old pants can be a challenge, especially if one has a propensity toward the skimpier fashions; those booty flashers just won’t squeeze over the bump once the uterus hits grapefruit sized. I am at the beginning of the in-between stage and it double super sucks.

Anyway, this chick is definitely knocked up and she’s cute as a button. They are going to be extra adorable parents. Kudos and happy wishes to them.

Sandra on

Congratulations if she is or isn’t pregnant.

kelly on

she dont got to be pregnant to wear maternity dresses. She could just like it. i have a few tops and dresses that are and looks like maternity clothes and im a size 4. If i like it i’ll buy it, their cute sometimes.

jennybmarks on

Maybe she has problems staying pregnant. Its tough 2 have miscarriages privately — publicly has 2 be brutal. I am short u can’t always hide the nly direction is ut. 🙂

nursing tops on

What a fantastic idea and we DEFINITELY need some transitional pieces. With a 2 year old and a 4 month old I am in-between maternity clothes and my old ‘skinny’ clothes, and don’t always want to wear baggy unflattering nursing tops! Some flattering but practical postnatal feeding tops would be wonderful as those currently on the market seem to double as maternity clothes too. Nice idea, though I somehow don’t like spending too much on maternity wear. Thanks for sharing with us.