1 Trend, 3 Ways: Stylish Diaper Bags!

08/25/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Even celebrities can’t escape diaper duty on-the-go! But as Hollywood moms including Ashlee Simpson-WentzDominique Geisendorff (in Dante Beatrix Stroller Tote, $140) and Jennifer Garner prove, baby bags don’t have to be drab.

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Are you in the market for a stylish diaper bag? We’ve pulled together some options that could double as some seriously chic arm candy.

Check out our top picks — for any budget — below!

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus


What’s not to love about Not Rational‘s Hansel Diaper Bag ($660)? Made with a luxe snakeskin-print leather, this roomy tote features loads of outer pockets and plenty of storage space inside.

And it’s so drool-worthy, you’ll find yourself using it again (and again!) long after your tot’s out of diapers.

Courtesy of Bed, Bath, and Beyond


We’re going ga ga over Go GaGa‘s Slide Diaper Bag ($120). Thanks to the ergonomic strap that spreads across the shoulder, heavy loads feel lighter. Plus, there’s a handy foam divider inside that keeps all your mommy and baby essentials organized.

Courtesy of Target

Bargain Buy

With 13 inner and outer pockets, J.L. Childress’ Moxi Tote ($40) makes searching for baby’s pacifier much easier. Plus, the magnetic closures and adjustable buckle stroller straps keeps your cargo safe and close by.

— Anya Leon

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TC on

I love that you guys are showing more affordable baby gear. Although it’s not my style the 40 dollar bag is what I would consider affordable. The 120 looks like a purse and at 120 I wouldn’t consider that affordable.

M A Janssen on

This looks more like a product placement for the top brands. Us regular folk can’t afford to spend $120 on a diaper bag, no matter how wonderful it may be. We need ads for good things for reasonable prices, not at prices at only which celebrities and the rich can afford, esp in this economic climate.

pjd on

Have never figured out why some people want to wear/utilize reptile skins or any animal skins at all. That is truly creepy (pun intended). And why are the skins expensive? Reptiles and other animals of all sorts are plentiful, unfortunately. Complete the ensemble by wearing the teeth and toenails (claws) as a necklace. Yuk!

Donna on

Oh yes, $660 for a diaper bag, I don’t make that in two weeks and I support myself and two teenage boys, try Target or Walmart for about $30 and they look like a baby diaper bag and last and last. I don’t want my purse to look like a diaper bag, and I don’t use my good purses as diaper bags when the boys were small

e on

i have a not rational hansel diaper bag, which i bought at the online sample sale. if you join the mailing list, you can be notified of them. they seem to happen several times a year. i paid $300 for mine.

honestly, i find it to be too heavy and unstructured for use as a diaper bag. it’s hard to find things, except in the outer pockets, and the stroller straps don’t stay snapped if you place too many heavy things inside (like 2 jars of food plus a sippy cup and toy).

that said, i do find it to be a beautiful bag, and i frequently use it to hold my regular things. i don’t have a lot of bags, so i’m planning to use it for a long time. the leather is so soft yet holds up to a lot of abuse.

as an aside, i’m really tired of people complaining about the price without critiquing the item’s functionality. whether or not it’s attractive is a matter of taste (read bourdieu’s “distinction” if you want a critical study of taste and class), and obviously not everyone can afford a $100 or $600 bag, but these are not helpful comments for someone shopping for a diaper bag. unless, of course, this is all about shaming someone for being able to afford something you can’t.

Jennifer on

An affordable diaper bag is a bag you already own that does the job just as good. You don’t *need* a diaper bag at all.

That said, I bought a diaper bag as a treat for myself and I wouldn’t have wasted $120 on one never mind $660 – on a bag that’s supposed to carry leaky bottles and dirty diapers?! I got a Skip Hop Duo Deluxe and it cost me $30 brand new, on sale from $65. Now that’s affordable!

Jennifer on

Good grief… Some of us want to see products at a higher price point and I appreciate this sites attempt to show something for everyone. If I can afford the higher priced bag should I piss and moan that a site was only showing cheap ones from discount stores (not that there is anything wrong with those)? Head to Kmart ladies while I admire that Hansel bag…

TC on

unless, of course, this is all about shaming someone for being able to afford something you can’t.
I detect a hint of of snobbishness. I personally could afford to spend much more than 600 bucks on a diaper bag but I was raised better than that. I find that a 30-50 dollar bag is just as adequate and the money I save can go into my retirement account or college fund. When it comes to baby items I splurge on the important things…like the car seat and the crib not a bag to hold items for a couple of years.

JM on

pjd i agree about the animal skins, i mean even when they’re fake they look so tacky, not classy at all. i have never liked leopard print or reptile skin (even the fake kind).
i agree with what other people have been saying, i could afford the expensive bag but i know i can get something just as good that is much cheaper and use the money i would have otherwise spent on something more worthwhile….

Caitie on

Don’t forget too, ya’ll, most of these celebrities are gifted with these bags. They get HUGE gift baskets of all different varieties when the baby is born and, in the case of Cam and Dominique, they got several more baskets when Everleigh turned one. I’m sure the others did too, but I remember seeing on a website that Everleigh was wearing a hair bow from one of her birthday baskets in one of the paparazzi photos back in May. So yes, these things are expensive, but not every celebrity is dropping the money on them. Free product + celebrity using it = free advertising.

denise on

I don’t like the styles (and the first price tag), what about petunia pickle bottom diaper bags or pink lining? I adore mine, they are trendy and I find them more practical than my usual handbags. I’ve three diaper bags and I guess if I have another child I’ll get another one.
Nobody is forced to buy a special diaper bag or one at all but why complain about CBB recommending more expensive suggestions?

MiB on

While neither of these bags is to my taste, I shudder when I hear people rave about diaper bags that look like diaper bags, now if there is anything more hideous than those pink or blue things with “baby” on them, or teddy bears…. I have also never found any of them practical at all. I love the skip hops, but the thing that always worked best for me was a diaperchanging pad with some pockets for diapers and some ziploc bags in a messenger bag or back pack. But hey, that’s just me!

MiB on

The Dante Beatrix bag Dominique carries is cute though!

Devon on

I honestly don’t see the point in buying a diaper bag. You already have your handbag so why add another one that looks like a piece of crap with all those animals over it (you know the cheap crappy ones from Wal-Mart or Zellers) or ones that look like a piece of luggage (like the cheapest one above)? Splurge on a nice tote or satchel and keep your baby things in there with the rest of your items. You look great without being overloaded with bags. Plus who really keeps a dirty nappy in their bag? Ewww.

Erin on

I’m with Jennifer-
Is it completely necessary for people to complain about the site advertising more expensive items, when “regular” people can’t afford it?
Can’t you just skip the items you can’t afford and go to the ones you can, while the rest of us splurg?
If you want to see “affordable” items, go to Kmart or Walmart. It’s probably not the best idea to be looking at a site which focuses on celebrity style- style, I understand, most people can’t afford

L on

Try J.J Cole Mode Tote. Personally, I considered my an investment, I wanted something I loved, would want to carry and would be able to do everything I wanted it to do. I paid around $60 for mine and love it.

korismom on

let me tell you – i used the free one that the doctors office gave me and any fashionable huge handbag I can find after that…who wants to carry two items at a time anyway…oh and hubby and I keep emergency bottles stashed in the car (bottles with formula powder no water)…no worries…

Lauren on

There is nothing wrong with being aware of whats available regardless of the price tag. And quite frankly, I know there are a lot of things that I will be giving up for my baby. Regardless of the fact that i am delighted to do so, Should i choose to spend a few hundred dollars on an absolutely amazing diaper bag that would not only be functional but stylish and durable as well i would do it without a moments hesitation! Its only deciding which one that would take much time lol. And as for all you i can afford it but i was raised better than that people… well obviously you weren’t raised all that well or you wouldn’t be so judgmental and catty!

dd on

The price of the bag, since it will be a gift, is of no concern to the mom I am shopping for. But she DOES want to see better quality bags that scream “Baby Boy”. She wants to carry a boy’s diaper bag – not another stylish purse! When she goes off for her career or break from mom duties, the bag stays with the BABY!! And the baby doesn’t need “mom style”. Function and features is what we are shopping for, and it’s slim pickings in that department this year!