Spotted: Taye Diggs and Walker’s Farmer’s Market Fun

08/24/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Hitchin’ a ride!

Walker Nathaniel Diggs gets a lift from dad Taye Diggs while enjoying a day at the farmer’s market with mom Idina Menzel on Sunday in Los Angeles.

The 11-month-old is the only child for the Private Practice star and his wife, who recently appeared on Glee.

What do the pair call their son? “Skywalker, Walkman, Walkathon, and Little Papa,” Diggs, 39, laughs.

But their favorite is Swirl, “because he’s chocolate and vanilla swirl … and then on the back of his head he’s got a little swirl.”

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Bree on

What a total doll!! This little man could be nothing but adorable considering who his parents are but still managed to be even cuter than expected!! I love to see pictures of this family!!

LPW on

Swirl? I see they are hung up on the mixed-race thing. But he is adorable!

J on


What’s wrong with being proud of a mixed heritage? I am very proud to be Native American and Caucasian. I applaud them for confronting the issue head-on and making sure that their son knows belonging to two different races is a positive thing and makes you a more interesting person.

Caryn on

OMG he is too cute! I can’t believe he is already 1 year old! Seems like yesterday they announced she was pregnant.

Luella on

He is too cute! ADORABLE!!! As for them calling him Swirl! That’s what he is. He should (and will) be proud of BOTH his races!

Lis on

DANG! He is CUTE!!!!

meghan on

He’s getting so big! Yankees fan. Yes!

@LPW I think a nickname like swirl actually makes the mixed race thing seem like it’s not a big deal, just a matter of fact.

SY on

OMG he is so adorable…but then again his father is gorgeous and so is his mom.

Janna on

I’m practically in love with Taye Diggs! And what the heck, I’m practically in love with Idina Menzel, too!

Is there a more precious celebrity family? I don’t think so!

The nicknames are so cute… Skywalker, Swirl… So funny and genuine and real and… well, just everything this family is!

Caroline on

Oh my goodness, he is so precious!

LPW on

@J: I actually think it’s a myth that being biracial makes one more interesting than people who are not biracial. It does make you exotic, but interesting is another thing entirely. Anyhoo, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud; I just don’t necessarily think you need to romanticize it to the point of calling the baby “swirl.” Besides, race probably won’t be much of an issue for a child born to celebrities in 2009.

Caryn on

Taye also pointed out that they called him ‘Swirl’ due to the fact he had a swirl on the back of his head. I am sure that was the main point of the nickname and then they realize that he was a kind of a ‘swirl’ himself being the child of an interracial couple, so they played on it. I hear them call him ‘Walkie’, ‘Peanut’, and ‘Little Man’ more than ‘Swirl’ which is probably not something they call him on the regular.

I don’t see what the big deal is. He IS a biracial child. Them exposing him to it at an early age isn’t exactly a bad thing.

ForeverMoore on

My son has a little swirl in his hair as well, so cute. I love Walker’s Marley shirt too, I want one for my son!

Selene on

Oh I could just eat him up, and little Walker too, haha.

I would love to see Taye on Glee as well, I think it would be great if he came on as one of Rachel’s dad’s, John Barrowman being the other. Anyway enough of my crazy Glee dreams.

Idina looks fabulous, her and Taye are such a good looking couple. Little Walker is just beautiful.

Elisa on

doesn’t she look pregnant?? indeed their baby is so cute!! congrats!!

CTBmom on

My FAVORITE celebrity family!! I love Taye and Idina….and little Walker is (not surprisingly) gorgeous!

Kat on

What a sweetie pie! And good for his parents for not teaching him to ignore who he is.

CMB on

Idina doesn’t look pregnant to me, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she is. She turns 40 next year. I am sure they want more than one child since they mentioned how they would like Walker to have siblings.

They all look great. Walker really is an adorable child, but considering who his parents are it isn’t really a big shock.

BR on

@Elisa—that pic is just a weird angle. There are lots of pics from this day and she doesn’t have a belly in any of those. So, no I don’t think Baby #2 is on its way yet…but I do hope they decide to have another🙂

Tiffany on

He’s so cute! And he should have a beautiful voice when he grows up with such musically inclined parents.

Mia on

Wow he is cute!-look @ that face.

Maddie on

I *adore* this family. Idina Menzel is just gorgeous, she will always be my favourite Elphie🙂 I constantly listen to the Wicked soundtrack in the car! I’m a massive Private Practice and Glee fan, so it’s win/win for me, haha. Little Walker is so cute, and so big! Hard to believe he is almost a year… I hope they do have more children, they obviously have some beautiful genes, as well as looking like totally natural parents🙂

Lola on

he is fricken adorable!!!!

Honey on

Oh quit trying to start stuff LPW…goodness!!!!!

They are such a gorgeous family…ahhh..too cute for words…Walker is such a doll, love the Bob Marley tee =]

Jill on

He’s so adorable he doesn’t look like either parent right now. I love his tuggable ears!

LisaS on

Aw. Such a gorgeous little boy.

And I love how they look like such a normal family out at the market–Taye’s wrinkled shirt and Idina with her hair just tied back and little or no make-up, and carrying Kleenex around! I wonder if they have a nanny. Not that there’s anything wrong with it (I’d have one if I could afford it) but they don’t seem like they do.

cassie on

great pics i love idina

LisaS i am almost sure that no they don’t have a nanny going by what Idina said in interviews.

at the tony awards she mentioned that her mom was in town to give her a hand with Walker while Taye was out town working.

and in another one she talked about being away at 5:30 and singing silly song to him.

there is others as well

Alisa on

LPW sounds like your upset because they want their son to be proud that he’s mixed. Giving him a nick name isn’t romanticizing anything. His parents being celebs or being born in 2009, won’t let him escape racial issues.

CMB on

Walker has a nanny. Taye has mentioned her before. I think because neither show was being filmed and one of them could be home full-time, the nanny wasn’t needed as much during the summer. Besides I don’t see why they would need their nanny with them on a family outing. I think they can handle their one child alone, haha.

LisaS on


Thanks for clearing that up for me. I think that’s great. Baby Walker is one lucky little guy to have such wonderful parents.

Emma on

People on this site can take things so seriously. It’s exactly the same as calling a kid tow head…exactly the same, just making light of a characteristic. Yes it’s 2010, it’s still ok to have fun.

Emma on

It’s interesting to me also that people go on and on about kids having blonde hair or blue eyes, and the minute somebody pays attention to any other totally cute characteristics, people go off on these wierd tangents. Ugh!

guest on

From interviews I think they need to have a nanny/babysitter at least intermittently, since both Taye and Idina are still working on different projects.

CelebBabyLover on

I’m really confused! Some people have mentioned that Walker DOES have a nanny….But another person mentioned that Idina said at the Tony Awards that her mom was helping her with Walker since Taye was working. Why would she have her mother help her with the baby if she had a nanny?

cassie on

– CelebBabyLover this is the videos

i am only going by what i have heard Idina say.

guest on

They’re spending most of their time in CA, far away from both of their respective families. I don’t think it’s an all or nothing thing, I think they need babysitters like any family where both parents work do!

But this is taking away from the adorableness of the photos, I love the Yankees hat. They really are trying to raise a New Yorker in Los Angeles!

J on


Being Caucasian and Native American does make ME a more interesting person, because I can partake in and speak intelligently about 2 different cultures. It’s a shame that you are obviously a boring, one-dimensional person who is full of bitterness.

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