Spotted: Bethenny’s Beach Baby Bryn

08/23/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Surfside snooze! Bethenny Frankel and 3-month-old daughter Bryn Casey catch a nap under the umbrella while lounging at the Montauk Yacht Club in the Hamptons on Thursday, Aug. 12.

Albert Michael/Startraks

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Brittany on

What a beautiful picture!!!!

Andrea on

So precious! Bryn is beautiful.

Jenny on

This is the cutest picture ever, adorable!

Elle on

This has to be the cutest picture I have ever seen on cbb. Adorable!

Jill on

This photo is breathtaking

Janna on

This picture could make it worthwhile to have people take your picture constantly. It is PRECIOUS beyond belief!!

Amber on

Bethenny, motherhood looks great on you…so does your two piece, btw!

Nicole on

Very sweet!

Giselle on

OMGoodness- one of the most beautiful pictures EVER. They both look so peaceful. I love it.

Michelle on

I really hope if a paparazzi took this they are cool enough to send her one. It is totally beautiful and she needs this. LOVE HER and I am so happy for all she has accomplished this year.

Terri on

Such a great picture.

Kate on

Bethenny is definitely not my favorite “celebrity” mom, but her daughter is adorable! Having your baby fall asleep on you like that is one of the best, most addictive feelings in the world.

ash on

Amazing photo! The love that Bethenny has for this little girl exudes in this photo.

SadieA on

This is one of those shots that is just beautiful and wouldn’t exist without the paparazzi, sometimes they’re a good thing!

Jennie on

What a precious picture. The baby is so sweet and adorable!

Bree on

Not a huge fan of Bethenny but this is an absolutly adorable picture!! Really hope that Bethenny and her husband are able to get a good copy of this picture.

JMO on

There’s nothing better then a little baby laying on your chest sleeping!! So precious!

D on

Very cute picture. I miss that stage.

Jackie on

Okay, when I first saw this picture I was honestly expecting to see a blurb from a magazine thinking it was an advertisement for something (baby bathing suit, hats for the beach, etc.). When I realized it was a picture of Bethany and her daughter I literally caught my breath. It is sooooo gorgeous! I hope that she looks past that it was taken by a paparazzi because this is defintely one for the albums/photo frames!

sky on

so cute, they look so peaceful. bryn has grown so much too. from what i can tell, she looks like her father.

jessicad on

So precious!! Makes my ovaries ache for another sweet baby girl:)

Marla on


Fifi on


Allison on

gorgeous pic, love it!

Mrs. R on

I honestly have no idea who the mom is, but the baby is seriously the most beautiful tiny baby I’ve ever seen. The picture is amazing.

Sasha on

Love love love this picture!

Anna on

I think it’s not just a coincidence this is such a good pic. It’s made by the Startraks guy that akways plans the photo ops with the celebs. And people even link to the yacht club site. Seems like an ad to me.

Minami86 on

Ok I need a mop because this picture made me melt!! So cute!❤

kmb on

Ah Bryn’s getting bigger! She definitely looks like her daddy.
Bethenny seems so smitten with that little one; so glad she finally got the family she wanted/deserved!

CMS on

Not a candid shot. Do you guys think the paps are allowed in the YACHT CLUB to freely roam about and photograph guests as they have private moments like these?

Don’t get me wrong — it’s a cute photo. But it’s clearly a staged photo-op, probably sent to the press by B.F.

Fiona on

Its cute and everything but I hope she put sunblock on that baby. Seeing babies at the beach with no hats or sunblock should be considered abuse.

Mo on

Love this pic!
i met Bethenny one time in florida 2008(she is a friend of my host mam)
she was very nice and funny. I´m happy for her that she got the family sshe wanted. VERY NICE PIC!

JLD on

It’s probably staged; any chance the paparazzi have a yacht club membership? Eh, maybe, but not likely-my guess is at some point the photographer asked if he could just get some shots of them. However, I think it’s an amazing photograph-it shows such extraordinary love…nothing is better than that.

tammy on

The picture is really cute, but what I want to know is where can I get that green diaper bag?? It’s adorable!

Honey on

Wow, this picture is so gorgeous!!! I remember her buying that suit on one of the episodes of BGM..haha!!

Macy on

I never comment on pics, but THIS ONE…beautiful!!
Staged or not…it’s a lovely keepsake of a precious moment.

Kate on

Someone mentioned sunscreen… babies aren’t supposed to wear it until they are 6 months old and Bryn is half that age. So if Bethenny is following that rule, hopefully they are under an umbrella? Definitely could use a hat and a rash guard.

meghan on

The blurb clearly says “catching a nap under an umbrella”. Let’s leave the rearing of Bryn to her parents. Why does there always have to be some helicopter mom ‘advising’ the celebs on what they’re doing?

Jill on

People need to learn to read before throwing out words like abuse. They are under an umbrella.

Bebe on

Awww… what a beautiful photo, they look so peaceful! I remember when my 5 1/2 year old was this tiny, she loved to sleep on me like this. Those amazing moments that will always stay with me!


Sarah M. on

It also drive me bonkers when moms try to ‘parent’ other people when they are out with children. I don’t have any children of my own yet, but have been working with children for over 10 years, the last 5 have been nannying with several different families. I went to the zoo with one of my charges one time and ran into a mom that I had gone to church with. She looked straight at me and said ‘I hope you have sunscreen on that baby!’ Like I was a 5 year old left alone to wander around aimlessly with an infant without any supervision. She got me on a bad day, so I had to bite my tongue NOT to respond with ‘Of course I don’t! Are you crazy?! I want to see how red she can get!!!’ I am a grown woman and know how to apply sunscreen. (In reality, I probably went overboard with the sunscreen. We were there for almost 4 hours and it was put on AT LEAST 3 times!) And, really, if you could SEE the sunscreen on the skin, then it isn’t applied correctly. Also, as others have said, it says right in the article that they were under an umbrella. Perhaps people should FULLY read an article BEFORE they comment, or not comment at all. They just make themselves look bad in the end.

Rant over! Sorry, that’s something that just REALLY annoys me. I saw this picture and about died. It is beyond adorable! There is nothing better than having a baby fall asleep on you. Or the feeling that it gives you when you know that, sometimes, you were the ONLY person that the baby would settle down with long enough to even fall asleep with.

frannie on

i love her show

Amanda on

AWWWW. I really don’t care for Bethenny but Bryn is so adorable! She’s gotten so big! I remember her from when she was a tiny newborn baby!She is such a cutie. I can’t wait to have kids and have them fall asleep on me!❤

Brandy on

Why is that people want to assume it’s a staged pic. All of the other photo ops that Bethenny has put out she has been looking at the lens this on she isn’t wearing any make-up. What WOMAN or CELEB do you know that takes a planned pic w/o a stitch of make-up…Come on.

Kactus-Kat on

Bethenny & darling little Bryn! They’re my fave celebrity & baby to find in pictures! I am just thrilled Bethenny her little daughter, and I enjoyed her show this season more than anything else I’ve watched! She makes me laugh with all her dry but hilarious jokes, and cry with the insane & emotional moments – so much so that I feel like a kindred spirit!

I have a daughter, too, and all I can say is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take time with her every second you can, pour that love into her every day, and treasure the love she’ll give back a thousand-fold! They really do grow up way too fast!

Anonymous on

so adorable

Paula on

Just gazing at this picture…It’s the most sincere Love between a mother and child. I love this picture, if she is ever to see it, I would ask for a copy and have it framed. BEAUTIFUL!

Tina on


Theresa on

That is just too cute for words!!!! She looks like Jason in this pic!

Stephanie on

So beautiful , you should frame this one beth. your daughter is gorgous and so are you . Great job girl !!!!

L.L. on

This photo is beyond words…
I don’t have any kids yet and it makes my ovaries ache for one.
I will remember this picture and make sure my husband takes a picture like this when we do have one.
Congrats B you two are beautiful and that moment is just breath taking.

Janie on

Gorgeous photo but it is obviously a photo op.

Kristy on

She’s getting soooo big. Last pic I saw, she was so tiny. Beautiful picture. I love it…. Bethenny is such a great Mommy, and Jason is a wonderful Daddy.

jessicaq on

OMG So adorable…I heart Bethanny…:)

Sophia on

Aw, that is just precious! What a sweet baby🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Brandy- Very well said! Likely Bethenny would have made sure to be looking right at the camera and wearing make-up. Also, the paps don’t need to be walk into the Yacht club to get these photos. We’ve seen plenty of times that the paps can be very sneaky when it comes to getting photos.

They’ve been spotting taking pictures from up in trees, over fences, through windows, etc. And they have some amazing lenses, so the photos they take from those areas can look as if they were right next to the celeb. And maybe they do have a membership to that Yacht club. From what I’ve seen, it seems like paps will do just about anything to get photos.🙂

Paula M. on

I just recently saw the picture of Bethenny & Baby Bryn so adorable and so cute the both of them and. And the only thing I have to say is this I love the picture I also have no kids (by the way working on it), anyway I love how much Bethenny loves her daughter and her husband so treasure what you have because it’s such a blessing to see someone as Bethenny so happy and content with her life she deserves it and deserves all the love and respect so I just want to say I am so happy for you bethenny that it just makes me happy that you’re happy with your life and your daughter may god bless all of you with all the joy in the world Amen.

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