Round-Up: Post-Baby Shapewear That Really Works

08/23/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy of Baboosh Baby

Swimsuit season may be almost over. But for women who just had a baby, squeezing back into a sexy suit is a bit daunting at any time.

Fortunately, new moms are getting some much-deserved help with comfy tummy wraps, hip shrinkers and shapewear.

Worn around the midsection, they’re designed to guide your body back to its pre-baby form while keeping everything in.

Check out our top picks below.

Baboosh Baby

After searching high and low for an effective (and comfy) post-pregnancy belly wrap during her last pregnancy, mom-of-four Brooke Burke decided to design her own.

The result: Taut ($56-$62) — an adjustable wrap that should be worn for the first 40 days and nights after delivering to help shrink the uterus and reduce water retention.

Not a new mom, but still want to get back into pre-baby shape? Try the Baboosh Body ($43), an exercise wrap which you can wear to trim your belly while you work out.

Courtesy of Couture Cinch

Couture Cinch

Every woman needs some support after baby is born. Immediately after delivering  — and up until six weeks postpartum — the Couture Cinch ($79) from By Anew works as a gentle pressure wrap, holding the stretched muscles in place.

Added bonus: The company is offering our readers an exclusive discount — 15% off plus express shipping. Just enter code: CINCHIT at checkout.

Courtesy of Glamourmom


The company’s Nursing Bra Tummy Control Tank ($49) helps minimize the all-dreaded “muffin top” and pulls together excess post-partum skin to help reduce stretch marks. It also encourages proper posture while supporting the lower back.

Even better? You can wear it while nursing.

Courtesy of Shrinkx Hips

Shrinkx Hips

A new baby, means wider hips. Ease them back into their pre-pregnancy place with the Shrinkx Hips ($55) compression belt. While taking advantage of the hormone Relaxin — which loosens pelvic joints and ligaments for childbirth and stays in your body eight weeks after birth — the belt can narrow your hips significantly.

Dennis Quaid actually gave them to an audience of expectant moms on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Mother’s Day.

Courtesy of Wink


We’re big fans of Wink post-pregnancy shapewear. Not only do they hold you in and slim you down, but they help your abdominal muscles return to their natural shape after delivery. The full line ($28 – $150) is available at

Designed by a mother of three, the collection also features comfy pregnancy styles, including the Support Belt ($28).

— Anya Leon

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Hea on

That Wink-thing looks like one giant diaper.

Ashley on

I’ve read that in other countries, it’s a centuries-old tradition for women to wrap their bodies after pregnancy. Apparently you can get the same results by simply using an ace bandage or something like that.


WINK IS A MIRACLE. I don’t know what’s in that material but whatever it is it works. Loved to see this post about it!

Shelby on

I agree that the Wink looks terrifying especially the snaps…no comment.

However, I have Brooke’s Baboosh Body for working out and I love it!! The band encourages a ton of sweat and after 4 weeks, I’m slowly seeing a difference (in addition to proper eating and exercise). It’s nice to help speed up that process!

Sara on

Does anyone know what kind of workout CLOTHES brooke is wearing in that picture. I am trying the wrap after this 4th pregnancy, but I also want to know where those cute workout clothes are from, i’d buy those!

Moore on

I wanted the Wink or a bely bandit but Ashley, that’s what I’m planning to use. An Ace bandage. Does the work and doesn’t cost near as much as these. It does crack me up though. In my googling to figure out how to use the Ace, I read Brooke used a bandage originally too. Proof that it works just as well right there.

etsy on

Does it work or do you end up relying on the shaper instead of using the muscles to ‘do the work’?

Lola Marie1 on

I’m thinking of getting one and I don’t have any kids 🙂

Talia on

I’m getting the Wink, my belly felt like jelly after my last baby and I heard it works. I feel like it will hide the best under my clothes, so excited.

angie on

Loveee the Glamourmom tummy control long tank – that picture is a different product but I absolutely love. A built-in bra and shapewear tank for nursing, genius!

emilie on

I do not know about wink, but me belly bandits did wonders!!! I wore mine diligently and was in a bikini this summer. ((My baby was born Feb 9) I was in pre-pregnancy clothes within 2 wks. I am 37 and this is my 2nd child. My recovery with our first (and I was 28) was much tougher–probably because of the tummy bulge. It’s amazing what a small belly does for a woman’s self confidence.

amy Kaller on

I used the belly belt from It really worked and was affordable. They are only online though so you can’t try it on until you get it.

Mindy on

I wish Cinch had the promotion when I bought it. I had my baby 6 months ago and my Ob recommended me the Cinch Tummy Wrap. This is the best advice anyone could have given me. It has tension control so I can control the amount of compression that is right for me. The best part is I can readjust to the position and size I like. It even works as a hip shaper too. Save your money. You only need one Cinch to slim down. I am so happy with the results I don’t care I paid full price. As long as it works, its worth every penny.

Mindy on

I am due in a few weeks. I could not make up my mind for the longest time. All the moms at had Cinch Tummy Wrap as their favorite. This girl CuttieNYC aka Katie lost her baby weight and swears by it. After reading Mindy’s comment, I have finally made up my mind. I can’t wait to wear the Cinch after my doctor’s ok.

Thank you People. I love your blog. I am going to tell the moms at baby center there is a coupon code for the Cinch. Can anyone use it or just Celebrity baby readers?

Meredith on

I tried the Shrinxhips and it took inches off my hips, just not as much as I had hoped. I still have to wear a shaper under my clothes, but then again my baby is only two months.

Debbie Muncrief on

Oh this is so cool. I just order my shrinkx hips and wink. I am going to look good now


Lina DeLeon on

This might sound gross but I’m practically back to my pre-pregnancy size. All I have to do is just suck in all of that extra skin and viola! But I obviously can’t do that all day and I wanted to fit in back to my old clothes. So while reading your comments, I realized I had an Ace Bandage. I just used an Ace Bandage and oh goodness!!! This is sooo much better for me! Now I don’t have to spend so much on a cinch or something else! Whooo! Thanks Ladies!

cstarks6 on

I disagree

Tara on

Great list, I would add the Bellefit.
It is a great girdle, especially after the c-section.