Double Take! Megan Fox Takes Stepson’s Tees for Herself

08/22/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
GSI Media; Flynet

Talk about mommy and me style!

Megan Fox has been borrowing clothes from the unlikeliest of places — stepson Kassius‘ closet!

We’ve spotted the actress, 24, wearing the 8-year-old’s fanboy-style graphic tees on not one, but two occasions.

On July 27, she wore his green Voltron Defender of the Universe T-shirt ($24) during a lunch date with husband Brian Austin Green in Sherman Oaks, Calif. And in July 2008, she rocked the same Star Wars-inspired shirt (below) — complete with Darth Vader — to the Fox All-Star party in Santa Monica.

But while they’re roomy and kid-appropriate on Kassius, they look like crop tops on Fox.

Tell us: What do you think of her hand-me-down style?

Nikki Nelson/WENN; Fame

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juliet on

huh. she looks sort of ridiculous. i like wearing kid-sized tees, but they have to be longer, so that your stomach isn’t exposed. That just looks out-dated. Plus i feel kind of bad for the kid, having his stepmom wearing his shirts. They’re his, you know? she should buy her own if she thinks it’s so cute.

A. on

That’s just creepy! Megan Fox is so gross!

Liz on

that’s embarrassing.

Blythe on

all i have to say is that, i hope midriff tops aren’t making a comeback.

Jill on

it’s a bit creepy if you ask me…..

Alexa on

That looks silly, in my opinion. Especially the green tee.

Madeleine on

That is a really weird thing to do…This is the first time I have heard of any adult borrowing clothes from a young child. So strange.

Xan on

I think it’s a cute idea, and she certainly has the figure for it. Once we both became teens, I took a pair of my little brother’s old sweats, cut off the bottoms, and now wear them as capri length pants. I love them and I know nobody suspects they were once worn by my kid brother🙂

amy on

honestly…i can’t decide if that’s weird…or cute! lol more towards cute…

Tess on

I think that’s a bit strange.

Caitlin on

Wouldn’t this be more of a hand-me-up? Very weird.

emilyc on

just silly

lizzielui on

Those do not look like the same shirts to me at all. Look at the neck and sleeves on both shirts. They are not the same size or design. It looks to me like Megan has the Baby T version of both shirts.

Shannon on

Looks silly and outdated to me.

Leigh on

I’d have to imagine that it’s probably some sort of joke between the two of them.

I’m twenty-three and have a six-year-old little brother and several of my tees from when I was his age (and younger!) have made their way into this pajama drawer over the years.

There was one that I insisted never should have hit the memoribilia pile because I was sure it would still fit. It did, even if I needed a little help pulling it off.

So, to make a long story short, he had a brand new Batman tee (I liked Batman when other girl’s were playing with Barbie) that I swiped to see if it would fit. It did, so I wore it. No big deal. He thought it was pretty funny actually, and now tells me whenever he gets something new if I can wear it or not.

Thanks, kid, but I’m pretty sure your shoes won’t fit me.

Manal on

i think its funny and cute!!! shes so tiny!!

Lacey on

I love this!

Samantha on

You know truthfully I don’t see anything wrong with it. She’s an attractive woman. It’s not as though she’s in her 40’s or anything she’s young and still got an incredible body. Why is it ok for the Kardashian’s to strut around with almost every part of their bodies exposed but it’s not ok for a step mom to see a t she likes and borrow it from her younger step son? Why not I mean it doesn’t look trashy or anything it looks great!

Alice on

They’re not the same t-shirt! They are totally different sizes – look at the sleave length. She just has the same design in a woman’s style.

Elle on

I think her wearing his shirts that he can probably still wear is odd! If she bought the same shirt so they were matching would be a much cuter idea. But if she is like Kassius I don’t have any clean clothes let me wear your shirt today that is very strange!

Hea on

Wow, some people seem to think she’s taken these shirts from him. As far as we know, they could have bought them together just for the fun of it or she borrowed them. I think it’s cool. In this day and age when people shop ’til they drop and hardly ever use a piece of clothing more than, what, ten times before they throw it out? I bet Mother Earth is bouncing with joy at any kind of recycling we do.

Me on

I agree, they’re not the same tees. Hers is cropped, but fitted. If she was wearing his, it would be tight, but not fitted to her body like the ones she’s wearing. Take a look at the sleeves, hers fit properly and have some room, not tight like they’re too small.

Jacqui on


A on

Get real people. Hasn’t anyone on here ever heard of baby T’s? The shirts might have the same design, but it’s obvious they are not the same. If anyone is dumb enough to believe she actually borrows shirts from her step-son, you need mental help.

Kat_momof3 on

it’s cute… on a teenage girl… on a stepmom… just weird… sorry but there it is.

Cesar on

actually not same t-shirt… you can make custom t’s on the star wars website and apply on any shirt… for all we know they designed and wanted to match. The sleeves and necks look diff. No biggie…

Elle on

It doesn’t look like she’s wearing his green t-shirt. The image on hers looks less faded and the font looks different, too.

At the end of the day, it’s just a t-shirt!

hmrpotter on

Am I the only person who notices that Megan’s Voltron shirt looks a lot newer than Cassius’ does? Not to mention that Meg’s look like women’s fitted tees, and are not shaped like a boy’s shirt would be. These people need to get a life.

JMO on

Not a Megan Fox fan. But I have to say if you have the ability to put on a kid shirt and rock it then go for it! I think she looks kinda cute! Hope she got permission from the kid first!!

And I agree the second shirt is actually a bit different.

Nicole R. on

I disagree with the suggestion that she is wearing women’s “baby tee” versions of her stepson’s shirts. The only reason the sleeves and neckline look different on her is that she fills them out (very) differently! A true baby tee is cut for a woman, and wouldn’t bunch up under the armpits or ride up over the bust. The colors seem very slightly different, but that’s due to the exposure setting of the photographs.

I think it’s kind of cute that they can wear the same shirts, and she should do it while she can still pull it off. I also ardently hope that cropped tops are not making a comeback!

Karen on

Haha sorry but Megan Fox is not borrowing clothes from Kassius, she has the women’s baby-t version of the same shirt. Whoever wrote the article must not’ve looked that close at the pictures cause the Star Wars shirt is obviously different, the coloring is way off just look at darth vader!

J on

Mental help A? Get over yourself.

Ines Opelt on

Embarassing for the kid, I’d say:\

špela on

it could be the same shirt or not – maybe her husband thought it would be funny and bought identical shirts for both his wife and son😀

i think she looks fine wearing them… i just hope (if it’s one shirt for both) that she doesn’t stretch them too much on the front side😀

Kelly on

Did it ever occur to any of you that maybe HE borrowed HER shirt?? Maybe he was out of clothes and she likes boy tees, so he borrowed it. Having stepkids, I can tell you that it’s easy for them to run out of clean clothes, especially with her being a new stepmom and not used to having to make sure he has plenty of clothes.

Luella on

Whether it’s the same shirt or not I think it’s cute!

Lori on

Hey, she has the body to wear it, why not..
I think its cute

Lori on

Hey, she has the body to wear it, why not! its cute!
May she bought ones like his..

Lorus on

She’s young, has a great body, and isn’t hurting anyone so why not? I bet Cassius loves that she borrows his shirts.

melissa on

thats not even the same star wars shirt, look at darth vadar!

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

That is a little embarrassing. She’s just disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!

JM on

i will never understand why men find megan fox attractive. i have no problem admitting when another women is attractive but i just don’t get it with her. she looks plastic, generic and boring. it has just amazed me that she has been increasingly tipped as one of the sexiest women alive and i just think she looks very ordinary and would be even less without the cosmetic surgery.
i wish people would recognise real beauty, someone like nicole kidman, now she’s attractive.

maeve on

it would totally be cute if it wasnt her stepsons clothes, thats kind of weird

maeve on

theyre not even the same shirt!! the one on the bottom darth vader is filled in on one and just black and white on the other

Nina on

ok i certainly hope that the prior comment was correct in saying that they are two separate t-shirts because that would be cute if the pair got matching shirts. however, if she really is “borrowing” shirts from her stepson that is really inappropriate. I know for a fact how awkward it can be to have a stepmother but having her take your clothes on top of that? I mean, seriously come on.

Anonymous on

Nina I agree! This is strange. Imagine how his mother feels sending her kid to that house and having step-mom wear your kids clothes. Some things are personal and your clothes is one of them! She can get her own clothes, she is rich enough and between Brian, Megan and the kids mothers money, he should not run out of clothes and neither should she.

Elle on

JM, hasn’t Nicole Kidman also had her fair share of plastic surgery? She looks plastic!

well on

if he doesn’t have a problem with it, neither should anyone else

Silvermouse on

They’re different shirts! I like them, but I wish they were longer on Fox.

missnorcal on

I see no issue with it. If I had her body, I would do it too. “Baby doll” tops for young women are form-fitting and tend to be cropped. The child shirt ends up being like a baby doll top on her. As long as she asks permission before borrowing any of his tops, I am all for it. I think she looks fantastic.

Michelle on

Those are so not even the same shirts. The white one is VERY different, look at the design carefully and you will see how different it is. And the green one, while it does look more similar, is obviously not the same shirt.

mommytoane on

Meh, most of hollywood is fake. Nicole Kidman included. She has had some work done. Not as noticable. But check out her cheeks and her lips. Definately work done there.
IMO, its just weird. I can’t imagine wearing something identical to my child (or my child’s clothing)…unless it was for some family photo or something. As for wearing a child’s clothes. Heck, as a teen maybe. LOL I stole my mom’s stuff and my mom occasionally stole my stuff, but I don’t think I’d dig through my 8 yr old’s closet for a fresh teeshirt.

Haleiwa on

I can’t stand an article full of lies masquerading as the truth, especially when the evidence is crystal clear. They are not the same shirt. They may have the same design and same fabric, but they are clearly two different cuts.

Sam on

I agree with everyone that said these are not the same t-shirts – the arm lengths are not the same. This is a decent young woman and I don’t think she needs to wear her stepson’s shirts. ‘Celebrity Baby blog’ usually does a better job then this, better research with their pictures!

Bethan on

You can’t see the difference with the green one as much as the white, but it’s so obviously a different shirt. It’s fitted, for a start.

As for the Star Wars one, how can anyone think they’re the same shirt? Look at the design – the Darth Vader on the kids shirt is more blue than Megan’s, which is black.

Marisa on

why is everyone so critical it makes me think y’all are green with jealously. lol i think it looks really cute and yea its actually a fad this summer

Jen on

I venture to say if it was just about any other celebrity, there wouldn’t be so many commenters here being ‘disgusted.’ The fact that it’s Megan Fox (which let’s face it, is a shapely and sexy woman that men really enjoy looking at) is what is making some of the mommy’s here rather uncomfortable. There are PLENTY of women that share clothes with their kids, moms and daughters do it a lot–it’s hardly something to be so uptight about.

Personally I think they are different shirts, but even if they aren’t what’s the big deal? It’s not like she ripped it off the kid so she could make him cry and go look hot. :p

JustMe on

When my kids would outgrow their T’s (size 10/12 or 14) I would wear them… back when I still could! LOL
I think it’s fine even if what I think about it doesn’t matter.🙂

Kit on

She looks cute🙂 I’m sure Kassius has plenty of clothes and finds it fun that he bonds with his stepmom in this way.

Terri on

I think it’s cute. I bet he thinks it’s pretty cool that his stepmom digs his t-shirts.

Kay on

It looks like they may be 2 different shirts to me but even if she is wearing his tees, we don’t know why and for all we know her intentions were to bond with her step son. Maybe they bought the shirts together, maybe he asked her to wear them, maybe he thinks it’s great fun. If this is a way to bring a step mom and step son closer together I say go for it!

meg on

Wow, in that picture of Kassius with the green shirt, he really looks like his father in that one! In the Star Wars shirt picture, I can see more of his mom, but that first one, he’s just all Brian!

torgster on

Cropped tees and jeans cut that low are way out of style regardless. Reminds me of Britney Spears, but five years ago! That being said, that is one handsome boy, but I’ve always thought his mom is gorgeous so no surprise. He’s going to break some hearts!

Hea on

JM – If anyone looks plastic it’s Nicole Kidman. That woman has not been able to wrinkle her own forehead for years! I am willing to bet that even when she gave birth to Sunday, she didn’t even frown. Not because she’s necessarily has a high threshold for pain but rather because it’s physically impossible due to all the botox. Nicole was beautiful once though. No doubt.

Question – Why exactly is Megan Fox “gross” and/or “disgusting”? She’s beautiful. She’s been with the same man for, what, 5 years and she’s obviously a big part in his son’s life.

Mina on

I think there is entirely too much emphasis on it being “cool”. Megan is his step-MOTHER, not a babysitter or older sister. She should act like an adult. Kas is going not going to respect her authority in the years to come if she keeps acting like a child. She is young and beautiful so she doesnt have to dress old or motherly (especially since it isnt her child) but she shouldnt go as far as borrowing personal clothes from her 8 year old stepson!

Anonymous on


MiB on

I don’t understand why this is such an issue, and as to calling clothes too personal for borrowing? I mean, really! Under garments yes, but t-shirts? I grew up wearing many of my cousins old clothes, I have borrowed clothes from my mother, my stepmother and my father, not to mention my little brother and basically all of my friends and some of my boyfriends (more or less with their permission off course), and at least my frinds, mother and stepmother have borrowed clothes from me (my brother still has a bag and a T-shirt that is mine…). Hand me downs is normal (and environmentally frindly), everything new for every child is a quite new concept and very bad for the environment. The only thing I can say, is, that if she has his permission to use his t-shirts, I see nothing wrong with it, it might even be a way for them to bond.

Mari Mari Quite Contrary on

They are different tees. As long as Megan Fox had the grace to ask her stepson, Kassius, if he was ok with her wearing the ‘same’ tee – I see nothing wrong with her wearing them either.

Bancie1031 on

I don’t think they’re the same t-shirts ….. if you look at both set of pictures one shirt is more faded than the other ……

Anna on

Mina, how is she acting like a child by wearing his shirts? She seems pretty grown up to me. She has been in a relationship with his father for the better part of his life. It’s not like she is just some fling.

Valerie on

I agree- they don’t look like the same shirts. Even so, it’s kind of weird, especially since hers is cropped like that.
And to Samantha- I thought your comment was hilarious.. “She’s an attractive woman. It’s not as though she’s in her 40′s or anything she’s young and still got an incredible body.”- as if 40s is ancient!!

Cel on

I think that they just have matching tshirts because the shirts don’t look exactly the same. So instead of borrowing clothes from his closet, they probably just got matching shirts. You know, bonding.

Dee on

I find it incredibly creepy when moms wear their kid’s (or stepkid’s) clothes.

bleck… get your own clothes and act your age not your underwear size.

Jen on

I agree with lizzielui… The shirts look different… Same graphics but if you look at the star wars shirt, the coloring on darth vader is lighter on Megan’s shirt than her step son’s… I just think she has the same shirt…

Kaleigh on

RUDE! She is going to streatch them out so that he wont be able to wear them again.

Hea on

Boy some of you guys are dense…

Jennifer on

I think that if I was his mom I’d be a bit peeved. But I guess there is the possibility that she bought them for herself and he borrowed them?

And they are the same shirts – the lighting is either very different in each shot or that kid needs to see a doctor.

Jennifer on

I would never wear my sons t-shirts. Yes, Megan is a beautiful girl with an amazing figure, but really, “defender of the universe” belly shirt? It looks kind of odd.

Mina on

Anna, having a parent or step parent dress like an 8 year old girl, boy, or teen is embarassing and immature. Since Megan isnt “old”, its hard to see this. I call it a midlife crisis. She had her chance to be 8 years old and dress that way. Now she needs to dress like a 24 year old young woman/step-mother. Children look to the adults in their life for guaidance and appropriate and acceptable behavior. I would love to know what the boys mother thinks of this situation.

Jeanne on

They’re not the same shirts people! They probably just got matching ones, and I think that’s cute. That style of t-shirt is popular for people her age. And just because she’s married with a stepson does not mean a 24 year old has to dress older than her age. Honestly. I’m not a fan of hers but I’m sick of everything she does being picked apart like this.

Mina on

She doesnt have to dress older than her age….she should dress her age (24), and not like an 8 year old. Even if she wasnt married or a stepmom she should dress her age, but being married and a prominent adult in a childs life, she REALLY should.

It seems like young girls these days are trying to be older, and older women are trying to be young again. She should accept her age, position, and status and realize that she came into a relationship where her every action is going to affect a young boy. No doubt she loves the boy and his dad, but it takes more than that to parent properly and I think she is too immature.

SadieA on

Who cares if it’s his shirt? The real issue here is what the shirt says. How DARE Megan Fox wear a t-shirt that says “Defender of the Universe,” she’s not the defender of MY universe! I’m INFURIATED!!

Jeanne on

Mina, apparently you didn’t understand my post. That style of shirt is popular with girls Megan’s age. I see them every day, so I know for a fact that she IS dressing her age. I’m NOT saying I like it. Just that I’ve seen many women in their early 20s dressed like that and I fail to see why it’s being made into a problem for her.

Brooke on

They most DEFINITELY the same shirt! No doubt about it.
I very highly doubt she would go out and buy the same shirt as her stepson… twice. She obviously just thinks it’s cute and stylish.
The green one looks trashy and just really bad. Too much stomach. The white one works fine.
Someone said the sleeve length isn’t the same!? Haha. Of course not!!! Megan is a grown woman and Kassius is a little boy! Her arms are bigger than his so the sleeves are going to be shorter on her.
And someone else said that one looks newer? They look freaking identical! The lighting it different in the pictures though, so that probably makes it seem like it.
Geez, people.

Anne on

If the kid doesn’t mind then I think it’s a sweet thing to do. I think it’s a nice bonding gesture to have something in common with the step son. She looks good!

OP on

OK, to those saying its not the same shirts….are you people on drugs or pretty must THAT stupid?

Of course it’s the same shirt dummies! You can OBVIOUSLY tell that the sleeves on the Star Wars shirt IS rolled up! How can you NOT see that! I mean the picture IS right there! I swear some of you people are so stupid its not even funny even when the physical evidence is right there.

I’m sorry if I sound so rude and bitchy but it just bothers me that grown people reading & seeing this (highschool & up) can’t even look at a picture correctly or are so quick to jump to her defense. How do you people deal with everyday life if you can’t even see something SOOOO obvious. Geez…

courtney on

how do we know she didnt by the same shirt?

Bethan on

OP, no offence, but look at the design on the Star Wars shirt and tell me it’s the same shirt. Or can’t you distinguish between colours?

Silvermouse on

To those who are saying that the shirts are the same:

They’re not. The Star Wars one is clearly a different shirt because the outlines on Vadar are WHITE on Megan’s shirt, while Kassius’s shirt depicts Darth Vadas as being outlined in BLACK. No amount of washing one shirt would cause that much difference in coloring.

Valerie on

If it’s the same shirt, then that is just plain creepy. It would be all stretched out, especially in the chest area- how awful.
It just doesn’t look like the same shirt to me though.

Bugs on

I don’t know but most of you need glasses, starting with the OP. They may look the same at first glance but for pity sakes they’re NOT the same shirt. Megan is clearly wearing a WOMAN shaped T-shirt! When you buy clothes, don’t you notice the difference between boy and girl clothing???

What she’s doing is simply getting the same design, to bond with him, or whatever, but Kassius is wearing a boys t-shirt while Megan is wearing the female version of it. And it’s the same in both occasions. Is that so hard to see?

I don’t know if the OP was just trying to be funny but i can’t believe you people can’t see the difference between a boy and woman’s t-shirt.

JJ on

Girlfriend is a hot mess :)!

christina on

I think she looks great!
Have fun!!!

Jeanne on

Wow OP, that’s just so beyond offensive. Chill out.

And let’s face facts, if the stepmom in question were a more wholesome looking woman, like say Kate Hudson, I have a strong feeling the words “disgusting” and “inappropriate” would not be thrown around with such glee or even used at all.

CurlyQ on

When my 40 something yr. old dad divorced my mother and remarried 6 months later to a “girl” in her early 20’s, I was 8. On NUMEROUS occasions I would notice that my shirts weren’t in my laundry basket even though I knew I had washed them. Go to investigate and see my new stepmonster WEARING MY SHIRTS!!! I asked her to stop wearing my clothes. But she continued to wear my t-shirts as a “cropped” belly shirt. It disgusted me that she was wearing MY clothes… Clothes made for a child, and trying to look sexy in it. I said something to my dad and he just said I was making a big deal out of nothing. I said it’s not nothing, it’s MINE and she should get her OWN clothes.

N on

I’m so tired of the jealous people on this board that denigrate other women. Why can’t we just support each other and stop terrorizing every single beautiful woman for the decisions she makes?

N on

If you are all such fantastic parents, why don’t you stop trashing Megan Fox and go parent your own children.

Luciana on

She’s sooo beautiful.
If I had her amazing body I would wear short shirts too.
It’s obvious that they have the same shit but in different sizes, and that’s soooo cute! It shows that they really get along…

Anna on

This is just kind of weird. It’d be different if they fit her properly, but she’s sort of sexualizing them by showing so much skin.

Payton on

In all honesty i don’t think they are the same, at first i did, which i why when i came across a pic of him wearing it and one of her wearing one i looked it up to make sure, but seeing them right here, i mean i know megan fox is skinny, but she’s not the same size as a skinny 9 year old boy, it’s a little baggy on her so it looks like a crop top or a short baby T but the shirts fit him perfectly, the T-shirts are special order ones, so I think she just got some for herself when he got his.

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