Leelee Sobieski’s Big Apple Baby: Daughter Lewi!

08/20/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Brian Doben

For former teen star Leelee Sobieski, creating a nursery that her 8-month-old daughter Louisanna Ray — Lewi for short! — would find engaging was top priority.

After first considering a set of “frilly white bedding,” Sobieski, 27, and fiancé Adam Kimmel finally decided on a jungle theme. Why?

“If we were babies in a crib looking up, we’d like to see animals rather than lace!” she laughs.

And that’s lucky for Lewi, who owns at least three stuffed giraffes, including a self-standing 9-foot version.

“She touches it and she backs up laughing,” says Sobieski, who earned an  Emmy nomination in the ’90s for the TV miniseries Joan of Arc.

Brian Doben

Unexpectedly, Lewi’s room — tucked away at the back of their Tribeca loft — is padded with plush blue carpeting, but not because her parents were expecting a boy.

Sobieski and fashion designer Kimmel simply “both like the color blue” she says. “We both had blue painted walls when we were little.”

Brian Doben

In terms of her baby’s personality, the actress admits, “When I was pregnant, I kept praying, ‘Please give me a lovable and loving, mysterious daughter that I can be fascinated by.'”

So far, her dreams have come true. Whether it’s little Lewi’s fascination with “loud, booming noises” or her scrutiny of every new face, Sobieski says, “I’m really seeing her curiosity come out now — she just looks so smart. If she laughs, I laugh. If I heard myself talking a year ago, I’d be like, ‘So boring!’ But that’s what happens. My baby is really fascinating to me.”

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Brian Doben

— Thailan Pham

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me on

So gorgeous. I have always liked Leelee since Here on Earth.

Kimmba on

Lewi is adorable!!

KC on

I have always adored her. She seems so down-to-earth! What an adorable baby!

Kim on

Where can you purhcase the pink monkey shown in one of the photos of Leelee Sobieski’s daughter’s nursery? My friend adores it and wants to purchase for her daughter?

Thank you
Kim, NY, NY

Tatum on

OMG she is adorable!!!!!!!

tammy on

Her daughter must look like the father.

Sandra on

Oh my goodness, what a pretty little lady! With her face next to Mommy’s face, she looks absolutely nothing like her Mommy. She must look like Daddy. Even though Mommy is beautiful, she looks nothing like her. That was the first thing I noticed when I saw that beautiful little face! Congrats to the family and enjoy her immensely!

HeatherLeah on

Kit on

Ahhh, what an adorable baby!

jennrae on

Well, thank goodness she didn’t get a pedestrian, hateful baby who bores her. Leelee has always struck me as pretentious (like the baby beating her at chess) and weird for the sake of being different, but she really does sound like she from Mars sometimes.

Kika26 on

Yes she is beautiful and the baby is adorable!! I’ve always thought she looked just like Helen Hunt!

Jacki on

I just can’t get over how thin she is! I blew up like a pig with my kiddos and it took me a long time to lose the weight. Seems like these actresses loose the baby weight over night – ohhhh to that body type – and the money to hire the chef’s and personal trainers and the babysitters to see the personal trainers.

Valerie Cook on

you have a very adorable baby and i couldnt agree more with choice of decorations. congrats on being a new mom. you will do great…

Boricua on

OMG!!!!! She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen and mommy is not bad looking either…LOL Congrats to Leelee and Adam you guys did a great job at creating such an adorable baby. God Bless!!!!!

HilLesha on

I didn’t know she had a baby! Her baby is so adorable.


I was at the lowest weight in the longest time when I had my son. And, this was kind of surprising for me since most people have a hard time losing weight after pregnancy. I most certainly didn’t have a private chef or personal trainer, lol. I just watched what I ate since the eating for two is a myth. 😉

Erin on

Leelee, if I was within striking distance of Lewi’s adorable cheeks, I’m afraid I’d be one of those strangers trying to give them a little pinch! Your little one is adorable!

Jess on

So Cute! Leelee looks so grownup! Happy for her

Anders on

jennrae, come on. The picture of them “playing chess” and the others were probably taken for a photo shoot of some sort. And lots of parents worry about what they’re kid will be like before they’re born; Leelee, obviously, is no different. And she’s never struck me as being pretentious; just unique.

Chrissy on

She’s beautiful, just like her mom.

Rudy on

Congrats to Leelee! Her baby is SO cute! You can tell Leelee is just so happy beaming with pride. Papa must feel the same way too. So when are the wedding bells going to chime? She’s going to look SO beautiful in a wedding gown…and I hope the trane is 10 feet long!
I have seen almost all of Leelee’s movies and she gives her all everytime!! I miss her on the big screen. Hope she can find time to make a big one.

Jen DC on

Oh, she’s a sweet, chubby-licious girl!

I think everyone wonders/worries about their child’s personality. There is a certain fear there – whether you will actually *like* the person your child is and grows into being. Sure you love them right off (for the most part), but will you *like* them? Considering it logically, this person is a stranger. A closely related stranger, but a stranger nonetheless. On top of that, you, the parent, play a significant role in who s/he becomes. That’s some responsibility.

Barbi on

Congratulations! She’s adorable!

amsjll on

@HilLesha I gained 7lbs, after baby was out final weight, with my first. Thought “What is everyone talking about??”. Well God or karma got me for saying such things. I gained 40, again after baby was out, with the second baby. If I didnt eat every 2 hours or so I fainted. Tested me for everything under the sun a couple times over, I was fine. But OB saw me pass out a whopping 90 min after eating. It was bizarre! Be careful what you say and out loud is all I have to say!
Life has taught me over and over again to never ever judge anyone or assume anything, I haven’t lived their life.
In any case, cute baby with two parents that love her, what more is there to say? 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

She is adorable!

Sarah on

I think Lewi’s winning.

Anonymous on

jackie, celebrities lose weight easy because since they’re in the public eye, they know they can’t just sit around gaining weight like your average person. if you took care of yourself before your pregnancy, its only natural you’d take care of yourself during & after your pregnancy. don’t speculate about celebrities and their chefs, get off the computer and go walking or something.

Anonymous on

p.s. she’s pretentious because she’s posing with her daughter pretending to play chess? would you like her to pose with her daughter watching spongebob? haha geez, let the people who want to raise their children in stimulating environments (or pretend to for people lol) do it. not everyone is like you 🙂 (thank god)

Emily on

What a cute baby girl! They both look genuinely happy.

marlee on

Cute baby. How do you pronounce her full name? Is it LEWI ANNA?

Carly on

Awww, such a beautiful mother and baby!

Kim on

How cute is Lewi. I have always like Leelee she seems so sweet and kind.

Jessie on

she’s so cute

lanam on

Her baby is adorable, but LeeLee is so gorgeous. i really love the baby’s name Louisiana, probably bc thats where I live – born and raised in New Orleans. I was surprised when I saw she named her baby Louisiana, I think its great. Motherhood really agrees w/LeeLee she looks absolutely stunning and her baby is so precious- you can tell LeeLee is enjoying her so much 🙂 I really miss LeeLee on the big screen, I hope she starts making movies again, of course whenever she’s ready.

Rita on

lanam, her daughter is named Louisanna (like Louise-Anna), not Louisiana 😉

fedecy on

she looks happy, good for her

AnonyMouse on

I’m pretty sure her name is pronounced like Louie. By the way, she’s unbelievably cute

Terri on

Wow, she’s really lost that baby weight fast!

mh on

Not every Hollywood star hires a trainer to loose the baby weight. Some women are just naturally thin and once they have the baby they probably go back to being thin. When I had my first daughter, I lost 20 pounds. THen after the first couple of months, I regained that weight and then only put on 7 more pounds. After my daughter was born I returned to the weight I was before getting pregnant and I didn’t have any trainer, I just lost the weight on my own. Don’t judge every star by the ones who have trainers.

Sarah on

Weight loss after pregnancy can be common with some women who breast feed. You burn 600 calories a day breastfeeding!! Then again if you are a celebrity you can afford to hire trainers and nannies.

Aerinne on

I also have a fast metabolism and only gained 12-15 lbs with all three of my pregnancies. I dont exercise and i dont diet, not rubbing it in – just stating the fact that some women are just able to return back to their shape naturally postpartum without intervention. Its not nice to say mean things about those women, i cant tell you how many rude hateful things were said about me by haters.

Lisa on

Love the lion clock…where can it be purchased???

Sarah M. on

Rita – I was thinking it was ‘louis-anna’ and not ‘louise-anna’, as louis and louise are to entirely different names in and of themselves. I can see where laman would have thought it was Louisiana. I thought that’s what it was at first, too. As did the vast majority of the commenters that posted when her birth was announced. She’ll no doubt have to deal with that her whole life.

Does anyone know if Leelee’s done an interview where she’s said Louisanna’s name aloud? I did a google search and can’t even find a site that has this name on their list. All that I’ve come across automatically change it to ‘Louisiana’.

She is a gorgeous baby! Leelee looks great, too!!

torgster on

The age old excuses….if you’re overweight and out of shape it’s not because you had a baby! Chances are you already were “before” getting pregnant, or you just got lazy and let yourself gain too darn much “when” pregnant. Or both. It’s called denial – and don’t hate on me for saying it because I speak from experience lol. And did I learn my lesson after struggling for ages to get into shape after my first baby? Nope.

Maria on

I can honestly say that is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen! She has such a precious glow about her!

Adolph on

Such a gorgeous woman, good for her… on the other hand, that guy is a lucky son of a… hhehehe, just kidding, just a little jelous 😛

Benny on

Sarah M.:

LeeLee was on a local news show. She said that they made up her daughters name & call her Louie for short. I forgot how she pron. the baby’s full name.

June A. on

That baby is beautiful, she has the most cheerful face I have ever seen on a child. She is absolutely adorable, and she looks like she is lots of fun.

Chloe on

She is gorgeous I remember when her mother was in here on earth i always thought Leelee Sobieski was gorgeous her and Chris Klein and Josh Hartnett as a couple was amazing. So to see her baby is even more adorable…she’s gorgeous just like her mom. Love the name too very original. =) It’s good to give babies original names. Good luck to both so precious. =)

Danielle on

Both of them are so cute 🙂


Leelee, you’re still a stunner!! What a beautiful baby you’ve brought to this world!!! Enjoy!!

Mary McGinn on

What an adorable baby girl! Congratulations to one and all!

Charity on

Since I saw Here on Earth and Joan of Arc, I have loved her! She is so goregeous! She is getting prettier and prettier! Not to say that she wasn’t pretty long ago! She has always been so beautiful, Lewi is GOREGEOUS and what an adorable name!

guest on

that baby is sooo pretty!! what a doll

linda Rose Berretta on

She is adorable – where can I purchase the Lion’s Clock in her nursery?

Anonymous on

What a beautiful little girl 🙂

Anonymous on

Kim in NY, NY– The pink monkey is a Blabla… http://www.blablakids.com. Her name is Lollie. We LOVE Blablas!

Samantha on

OMG!!!! Spitting image of her daddy Lewi is. Just amazing, that precious face! Leelee looks incredibly happy. Motherhood will do that to you. Best of ….. ; ))