Family Photo: Casey, Jamie Lynn and Maddie’s City Walk

08/19/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

She’s getting so big! Maddie Briann Aldridge, 2, looks cozy in dad Casey Aldridge‘s arms as he and Jamie Lynn Spears, 19, stroll around Universal Citywalk with Spears’ parents Jamie and Lynne (not pictured) on Saturday in Los Angeles, Calif.

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Crystal G. on

Maddie is a very pretty baby !!

Martha on

She is adorable, like a small version of her momma!

skipsie on

maddie is so incredibly cute! love her pigtails

sgv on

she’s a doll!!! beautiful baby

Lilith's mommy on

What a cutie! She is so big!!!

Raina on

Wow Maddie has changed since the last picture I saw of her! She looks like a little person now and is the spitting image of her momma! Jamie Lynn looks great too!

Lisa on

We haven’t seen her in so long. She is adorable! I thought Casey and Jamie Lynn broke up and I’m so happy to see them together! I got to give Jamie Lynn and Casey a lot of credit. She has kept her child out of the limelight and is supporting her child while maintaining a relationship with her daughter’s father (romantic relationship or not.) Maddie has such a nice skin complextion nice and tan skin! I also love how they dress. Just so simple and such a sweet picture and it’s so good to see them all healthy out and about.

iluvperfectparents on

Awwwh she is such a pretty little girl.

srp on

Maddie is adorable. I hope she got to hang out with her cousins Preston and Jayden while they were in LA.

kayla on

aww shes adorable!

Alice on

She’s so cute!!

Bb on

Maddie is precious. I love her hair bunches. It’s nice to see how her parents keep her out of the limelight.

Mia on

Cute-I think she looks like her daddy!

Shannon on

Are they back together or just spending time with their daughter? Either way it’s nice to see. Maddie is adorable. I think she looks like both parents now; before she was all Casey!

tracy on

WOW! I’m not a Jamie Lynn fan, but that little girl is just adorable!

Ellea on

she’s a cutie.

Sophia on

Maddie is just precious! She used to be a carbon copy of her dad, now she’s starting to look more and more like her mum. Seriously, what a cutie!

Mina on

I think she looks like a wonderful combination of both parents. At birth it looked like Maddie had her dad’s eyes but now I can see the Spears eyes comming out.

What is up with Jamie Lynn’s getup tho lol. I like the pink Wayne’s World shirt but it doesnt go with that brown leather jacket. The jacket would nice over a white shirt, and the pink t-shirt and jean shorts she is wearing underneath would look adorable alone.

CelebBabyLover on

Maddie is adorable! I can’t tell who she looks like, though. I don’t think she really looks like Casey, but yet she also looks nothing like her cousins Preston and Jayden either, so that means she doesn’t look that much like Jamie Lynn (Jamie Lynn looks A LOT like Britney, and the boys, especially Jayden, have the general “Spears” look to them). I guess she’s a mix. 🙂

Kim on

Maddie is ALL daddy. 🙂 I couldn’t pinpoint who she looked like until I opened the “Related” story link under the picture. She is Casey’s spitting image! What a cutie!! Can’t believe how big she’s gotten. So sweet.

Jennifer on

She is very cute! But does anyone else notice how tan she is for such a little girl? I worry for her skin.

Kelly on

Maddie is such a cutie pie! So happy for Jamie Lynn and Casey to work things out for their daughter. I admire her for keeping her out of the spotlight but it is nice to see a pic of her after so long! 🙂

nicole on

I think she forgot her pants ;P

Bancie1031 on

Maddie is so cute! It’s been so long since we’ve seen her! Jamie-Lynn, Casey and Maddie all look great ……. I’m glad to see both parents spending time with Maddie 😀 It is hard to tell who she resembles …..

lilly on

So pretty…Shes beautiful that little girl, i think she looks a lot like britney when she was that age. She looked a lot like her dad when she was first born, but now can see the spears in her.

Terri on

I think Maddie looks like her daddy, and she’s adorable. Little cutie pie.

Lola on

It’s good to see that Jamie Lynn seems to be making an effort to keep her daughter away from the spotlight. Many celebrity parents use their kids as a publicity stunt, but she seems to more or less be keeping the paparazzi away from her daughter so she can just be a kid. It’s so sad that she got pregant at such a young age and her own “kid experience” was cut short, but she seems to be doing a great job.

Kirsten on

OMG! Maddie is so cute. I think, she’s one of the cutest celebrity kids. And, yes, she looks a lot like Casey, but you can also see little Britney/Jamie in her … As a baby, she looked a lot like her daddy … at least that’s what I thought, until I saw a baby picture of Jamie-Lynn … that girl is a complete copy of her mom! I mean, you can’t find a picture of Jamie on the internet (exept on YouTube in one of videos), but JL looks a lot like Brit, so here’s a picture of her as a baby/little girl:

She looks just like Maddie B., exept eyes, those are clearly daddy’s!

Shannel on

Too cute!