Bachelor Baby for Jesse Csincsak & Ann Lueders

08/18/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Jesse Csincsak

Why wait?

Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders, former contestants on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, aren’t expecting their first child until the winter.

But they tell PEOPLE they’ve already picked out a name, Noah, and have doubled the size of their family in the meantime by adopting two Siberian husky puppies.

“We thought, ‘Hey, let’s just take the hit all at once,'” says Csincsak, 28, a pro snowboarder who won the fourth season of The Bachelorette (though his relationship with DeAnna Pappas didn’t last).

“So, you get all the puking, vomiting and peeing on the carpet out of the way all at once, and then buy new furniture, all at once!”

The couple first met last year on a cruise for former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants. Then, this spring, Lueders, 28, who was on Jason Mesnick‘s season of The Bachelor, found out she was pregnant.

“It was exactly what we wanted to happen,” she says. “It wasn’t a reaction of, ‘Oh no, what are we going to do?’ It was great news to us.”

After learning they were having a boy, they chose Noah for a name. “I wanted something that I didn’t hear every day,” Csincsak says, “but I wanted something that, 20 years from now, will still have a ring to it. And I just feel like Noah will.”

The couple, who officially got engaged Aug. 6, are now looking forward to Noah’s arrival – which will also be good news for Jesse’s personal-hygiene habits.

“I’ve caused Jesse hygiene problems,” admits Lueders. “Anytime he uses Listerine or wears cologne, I feel like I start to get a little sick!”

— Cynthia Wang

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Lis on


I’m glad they are excited, it does just come as a bit of a shock…
Congrats tho!

Beth on

Who are these people and why should I care???

Jennifer on

Actually, Noah is a very popular name.

Devon on

Jennifer, in their area the name Noah could be few and far between, but I agree that Noah isn’t the first name I’d think of as being uncommon!

Carol A. on

Jesse strikes me as rather immature. Hope this new phase of his life will help him to grow up, at least he’ll have to be less of a ‘party’ person, because of the baby.

Anonymous on

I don’t know who either of these people are, but I’ll echo the “huh” sentiment expressed by Lis. The entire interview sounds…strange.

And Noah is a pretty popular name.

HL on

I love the name Noah, but it is pretty popular in the area I live.

Kayte on

These bachelor/bachelorette people treat relationships like swap meets. They take turns dating and being engaged to each other. Kind weird, but I wish them luck.

madison on

That’s funny about Noah – it is a very popular name. I just looked up on the SSN babynames site and it was the 9th most popular boys name used in 2009. He may not hear it much with older generations, but I can guarantee he’ll be hearing it quite a bit when his little guy is at the playground, pre-school etc!

megan on

I don’t think that waws the best idea to get two puppies right now. Not to be a downer, but what tends to happen is “Oh oops, a new baby & two new dogs was too much for us to handle. Anyone wanna take our dogs ? Nobody ? Okay, animal shelter it is” : /

nikki on

I have to agree with megan, gettting two puppies when you find out your pregnant is probably not the best of ideas. Especially husky puppies, huskies are born and bred to run and pull, the amount of work to train them and keep them entertained is incredible. They won’t be buying furniture because the dog peed on their furniture, it will be because they ate their furniture and anything else not put away.

Jennifer on

It is kind of funny….Jesse is from Colorado and the #3 most popular name for a boy in 2009 for the state of Colorado is…..Noah!

HeatherR on

I can totally relate with Ann! I am also pregnant and hate the way my husband’s cologne smells. Also can’t stand the smell of the hairspray he uses 😦

miche on

FOUR Noahs in my daughter’s preschool class and 1 in my son’s. Very popular name.

Luna on

Oh my gosh, there are soooooo many Noahs in our area, I hardly feel its uncommon. In fact, It was in the top ten most popular names for babies born in 2009. Hard to beat that. And I agree with Megan. Congrats though.

Jill on

Enough with the Bachelor/Bachelorette baby stories. IMO, they are not celebrites…..they are people who were on a reality show. Period. That does not make one a celebrity. A celebrity is a widely known or famous person. I asked 5 people if they knew who these people were and they all said, NO.

sophie on

I have to echo the comment that getting two Husky puppies wasn’t a great idea. Not only are puppies in general a lot of work but Huskies are one of the top breeds of dogs listed for dog bites. Not a breed I would personally get if I were having a baby and would have young children (both my own and my children’s friends) around. Noah is also a very popular name around us.

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to them! And I hope it works out for them with the huskies. When I was a kid, my family was friends with a family who had TONS of dogs, including two huskies. They also had two kids…..and they got along with the huskies just fine. They were actually two of the niciest dogs I knew….and the worst either of them ever did to me was when one chewed up my shoe (and that was only because I was stupid enough to take it off and leave it where the dog could get it!).

The family owned a dog sled, and in the wintertime they were always going dog sledding with the huskies (they even invited my family over to go dog sledding with them a few times!). I hope that Jesse, Ann, and Noah will have just as postive of an experience with their huskies. 🙂

Lacy on

“It was exactly what we wanted to happen,” she says. “It wasn’t a reaction of, ‘Oh no, what are we going to do?’ It was great news to us.”

Your goal was to have a child out of wedlock. Wow nice goal, but then you chose to be on that stupid bachelor show, so I guess your decision making process isn’t the best.

Jill on

There is nothing wrong with getting pregnant before marriage for some people…me included. Everyone has different opinions of what their thoughts are on that. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t make it wrong, Lacy.

Angela on

I am just glad they were close to a hospital for an emergency C-section. These are the same people who wanted a home birth close to a helipad, right?